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Shiva Dancing

Shiva Dancing Unfolding a rich tapestry of custom and tradition Shiva Dancing takes us from the arid desert plains of Northern India to the bustle and charm of San Francisco to modern day Calcutta as a spirited wo

  • Title: Shiva Dancing
  • Author: Bharti Kirchner
  • ISBN: 9780452278820
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback
  • Unfolding a rich tapestry of custom and tradition, Shiva Dancing takes us from the arid desert plains of Northern India to the bustle and charm of San Francisco to modern day Calcutta as a spirited woman seeks to reconnect with her past.Meena Kumari was seven when she was abducted from her village in Rajasthan Though she managed to escape a life of slavery, she was unabUnfolding a rich tapestry of custom and tradition, Shiva Dancing takes us from the arid desert plains of Northern India to the bustle and charm of San Francisco to modern day Calcutta as a spirited woman seeks to reconnect with her past.Meena Kumari was seven when she was abducted from her village in Rajasthan Though she managed to escape a life of slavery, she was unable to find her way home, and was adopted by a wealthy American couple.Now thirty five, Meena has a flourishing career in San Francisco, but she lacks a personal life and keenly feels the separation from her heritage Lonely and homesick, she sets out to find her old village, and the man designated to be her husband in a childhood arranged marriage But her mission is complicated by her growing involvement with Antoine Dobson, a sexy American novelist, who seems to find in Meena the same soulmate she seeks for herself As she embarks for India, she begins a journey that will change her life forever, and renew her faith in herself.

    Shiva Nataraja Lord of the Dance Ancient History The great Hindu god Shiva has many guises and many representations in art, but perhaps the most familiar is as a dancing figure within a circle of fire, that is as Shiva Nataraja, Lord of the Dance. Shiva Dancing School of Yoga Join us for thrilling, informative sessions aimed at hour RYT status recognized by Yoga Alliance USA Courses currently taught in USA, Haiti, and India. Nataraja Hindu mythology Britannica Nataraja, Sanskrit Lord of the Dance the Hindu god Shiva in his form as the cosmic dancer, represented in metal or stone in many Shaivite temples, particularly in South India Shiva Nataraja at the Brihadishvara Temple, Thanjavur, India. Nataraj Symbolism of the Dancing Shiva Learn Religions Nataraja or Nataraj, the dancing form of Lord Shiva, is a symbolic synthesis of the most important aspects of Hinduism, and the summary of the central tenets of this Vedic religion The term Nataraj means King of Dancers Sanskrit nata dance raja king. Shiva s Cosmic Dance Part YouTube May , This cosmic dance of Shiva is called Anandatandava, meaning the Dance of Bliss, and symbolizes the cosmic cycles of creation and destruction, as well as the daily rhythm of birth and death The Shiva as Lord of the Dance Nataraja article Khan Academy Shiva as Lord of the Dance Nataraja , c th century, Copper alloy, Chola period, . x . cm The Metropolitan Museum of Art A sacred object out of context The art of medieval India, like the art of medieval Europe, was primarily in the service of religion. Shiva as Lord of Dance Nataraja Indian Tamil Nadu Shiva s dance is set within a flaming halo The god holds in his upper right hand the damaru hand drum that made the first sounds of creation His upper left hand holds agni the fire that will destroy the universe With his lower right hand, he makes abhayamudra the gesture that allays fear. Dancing Shiva Online training certification program in MoreLife Market Experience the yogi superstore for premium Ayurvedic products to support your yoga practice and to live an evolutionary life. Nataraja BBC Religions Hinduism Shiva Aug , Dance is an important art form in India, and Shiva is believed to be the master of it He is often called the Lord of Dance The rhythm of dance is a

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    1 thought on “Shiva Dancing

    1. In general, this is pretty good and kept me moving along throughout. It's a nice depiction of what it might be like to be caught between two cultures (in this case, India and the U.S.). But some of the writing is terribly bad, especially when the author puts guide-book-speak (or worse) into her characters' mouths: "This complex culture, so alien to my Western experience, tests all my beliefs." (p. 321) - who *sounds* like that, seriously? The author needs to show more, not tell. Still, a good re [...]

    2. I grabbed this from the American School library for the plane ride home. The plot held much promise: Meena, kidnapped from her hometown in rural India on the day of her wedding at age seven, winds up in San Francisco with adoptive parents. The story finds her again when she's thirty five and traces her inevitable return to India. Unfortunately, the characters are two-dimensional and wooden. The book served its purpose, which was to keep me engaged enough on the plane, but it left me unsatisfied. [...]

    3. This is a really good book about a young woman named Meena, who at seven years old and on the day of her wedding, was kidnapped by bandits and later adopted by a couple who never really learned to love her. Now, at 30 years old, she decides she wants to travel back to her village and track down the man she was once married to. The only thing she doesn't know is that he is tracking her down as well With many funny, witty, annoying and classic characters, Shiva Dancing is a very good read about ho [...]

    4. This book starts out pretty weak -- I was surprised I kept reading after the kidnapping, which sets up the flat character of Meena and the robotic prose that narrates you through an action-novel plot. These things didn't change over the course of the book, but the action, and perhaps the 8th grade reading level, kept the pages turning.Endings are foreseeable and terrible.(view spoiler)[The author lives up to her Indian first name and Western last name -- Meena ends up with the white guy (foresee [...]

    5. The premise of this book sounded so interesting: Meena, a seven-year-old Indian child bride is kidnapped by bandits on her wedding day. She escapes, but has been transported far from her village and no one knows where to return her. She's raised in San Francisco by Americans and wants, as an adult, to return to her home. So that made for an engrossing first quarter of the book. The last quarter is her return, which is intermittently interesting. Unfortunately the middle half is dull chick-lit. M [...]

    6. I've been a an Indian-American novel jag lately, so this one fit the bill. Not the greatest writing, but engaging enough. I found the male love interest, Antoine, to be a bit romance-novelly in description and tone. The author gives him lots of attention in this story, so the book ends up being almost as much about him as it is about the main character (an Indian-American software programmer named Meena). The third character of interest, Meena's childhood love, Vishnu, who lives in Calcutta, doe [...]

    7. I'm about halfway into this book and loving it. It's also given me a great new term "administrivia" - all that vaguely important administrative stuff that gets done in office work - like checking email and returning phone calls. :)The ending talks about having to go back to where you came from before you can move forward. I've wondered that myself sometimes - whether the past you left behind sometimes keeps you from fully moving forward until you confront (or meet it) in some way.

    8. Very nice story that gives you a glimpse of Indian culture (not Native American, by the way). This might be the Indian equivalent of an Amy Tan novel. In a nutshell: young girl in India is forced into marriage to a boy she barely knows. By accident, she is able to escape to America where, years later, she falls in love. However, she's drawn back to the India of her childhood.Turns out her husband isn't such a bad dude. Now she has a real dilemma.

    9. A really lovely story that outlines the cultural differences between the West and India very well, as well as the difficulties faced in relationships between the two cultures. It's also an enjoyable read - the characters of Vishnu and Meena are very strong. Sometimes, the plot is a little too 'perfect' but it didn't detract from my enjoyment of reading the story. If you love India or are interested in it, and especially if you've been in an inter-cultural relationship, then this is a must-read.

    10. I liked the places and the people but felt like they were a bit two dimensional. The lead character, Meena, needed to be more fleshed out. We needed to go into her mind and emotions more - taken more risks with her. was a fun read though.

    11. Received this book from a coworker who cleaned out her bookshelf. It was great read and very well written. I might even read it again!

    12. Amazing story about a girl who was kidnapped at age 7, adopted and raised far from her home and who finally tries to reconnect with her roots.

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