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Girl, 16: Pants On Fire

Girl Pants On Fire Jess and Fred are finally an item Until one fateful morning in the park just before term starts when Fred casually mentions that he is not sure that he wants to go out with Jess any and Jess is outr

  • Title: Girl, 16: Pants On Fire
  • Author: Sue Limb
  • ISBN: 9780747582168
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jess and Fred are finally an item Until one fateful morning in the park just before term starts when Fred casually mentions that he is not sure that he wants to go out with Jess any , and Jess is outraged

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    1 thought on “Girl, 16: Pants On Fire

    1. Hilarious situations, friendship, stalking your ex, and much more. There is never a dull day in Jess her life!When I bought this one at Boekenfestijn, I didn't really know this was the 3rd book in the series. If anything I thought it was the second (and only because of the blurb). Thankfully you don't need to have read the other books. Sure, it was a bit confusing at times, but mostly I could make sense of what was happening, and also understand what happened before the events of this book.I ins [...]

    2. Jess and her boyfriend, Fred, get into a huge fight and break up. The school year then starts again after a long summer. Jess and Fred continue to ignore each other and try to make each other jealous by talking to other people. School starts to be a big struggle for Jess.Her English teacher tries to change her attitude, but she continues to make the same mistakes. A lot of things have changed within six months, the good and the bad all made quite an interesting end to this novel. I recommend thi [...]

    3. Fred has gray eyes. The cover has them as blue.Re-read. Fred sure is cute and Jess gets herself into such angsty positions. Has typical slow build up to a good ending.

    4. The adventures (or, rather, misadventures) of Jess Jordan continue in this sequel to Girl, Nearly 16: Absolute Torture. Fred and Jess are going back to school, and Fred is a bit concerned about how other people will view their relationship. He says something regrettable to Jess about it, who is hurt, and both end up confused and barely speaking. Jess gets in trouble almost right away with her new teacher – Miss Thorn – who doesn’t think much of Jess’ sense of humor. She winds up with res [...]

    5. Sue Limb`s novel, suggestively entitled "Pants on Fire", was recommended to me as the best thing to fill my boring afternoons with. Although in the beginning I was a bit weary of reading something I would normally classify as "cheasy teenage drama", little did I know that I was about to discover a book which was so funny and "as comforting as a hot chocolate".The book tells the story of a girl named Jordan, for whom every day of life as a teenager is a challenge. She starts the new school year u [...]

    6. Girl, Going on 17: Pants on Fire by Sue Limb, continues the story of the beloved Jess Jordan. Things had been going great during the summer, her visiting her dad and his significant other, her relationship with Fred, and Granny throwing the ashes of Grandpa out to sea. But her bliss doesn't last long once the summer comes to a close. A huge fight with Fred, her moms Japanese pupil learning English, and the new language arts teacher, Miss Thorn. With Jess being on the LOL List, loss of leisure, t [...]

    7. I started reading this series when I was 15, I think, and I remember the first book was hilarious, the second one not so much, and this one is just no. In the first book Jess was in love with Ben Jones, only the most popular guy and the hottest guy in her school. She spent half of her time imagining scenarios about her crush and thinking about how small her breasts were (which she named Bonnie and Clyde! I mean really, Jess is out of her mind.)The second one is about Jess going on a road trip wi [...]

    8. Une série à laquelle je suis très attachée.Cette fois Jess apparaît vulnérable, par la faute de son petit copain qui lui joue un vilain tour la veille de la rentrée. Elle qui flottait sur un petit nuage connaît la chute libre, de plus son prof d'anglais est en arrêt maladie et remplacé par Miss Epine, alias Tyranosaure. Ajoutez que sa meilleure amie Flora décroche le rôle que Jess convoitait, plus ce garçon très sexy, qu'elle adorait l'année d'avant, ne cesse de la coller, ce qui [...]

    9. When Jess' boyfriend, Fred, jokes that he wants to keep their relationship a secret at school this year, Jess isn't so sure it's a joke! Suddenly they are at war and as usual, Jess' topsy-turvy life makes the entire thing funnier than anyone would have guessed.This book was my least favorite of the trilogy. It attempted to rehash old ground from the first and the second books, without any new illumination and with few new characters. Fans of the trilogy will enjoy it, but browsing readers will t [...]

    10. Having listened to the first two books in this series, I was actually pretty excited to read this one. They don't have it available on audio but that was okay because by this point I was pretty into the characters, especially Jess and Fred. I was a little bit surprised by how they break up in the beginning but I thought the whole book was well written and very engaging. Jess is a likable protagonist and even though she keeps screwing up, you can't help but root for her. I liked the story lines t [...]

    11. First of all you have to read the previous books to get the full jitz of this book because I'm seeing reviews that they havnt heard of the Jess Jordan Series yet before they picked this book up to read so read Girl 15 Insane and Girl going on 16 Torture (not the full titles just some key words)Anyway this was hilarious. Jess' life is so complicated you wanna laugh yet cry for her at the same time. Her imperfections can also relate to many other girls. I recommend this if you're a fun person who' [...]

    12. What a fun, funny book. Jess Jordan is a British teen, a little overweight, but with a huge sense of humor. Unfortunately, she gets into so much trouble on the very first day of the new school term, that it looks as if her life is doomed. Jess deals with her problems the way she knows best, by being outrageously funny. A good read for 7-8th graders. They will need to know a few British words, like loo and knickers.

    13. So funny! Summer's over and school is starting again, but Fred and Jess have a major row, and then there is the horrid new English teacher, who want's to eat Jess for lunch, and her Mom is dating someone young enough to be her son will Jess ever cope? Watching Jess deal with all the traumas in her life and creating many of her own, is a delight. These books make me laugh so hard. I love British humor.

    14. I really enjoyed this book.It had some realy funny parts, and I always laughed when Jess got into a scrape. I would recommend this book to everybody with a sense of humor.One thing that bugged me about this book was Fred. I thought that after Jess knowing Fred for so long, she would know his personality better. For example Jess should know when Fred is mad and when he isn't, because twice in the series they have had misunderstandings.

    15. After a tedious first chapter that tries to bring you up to speed (its a sequel novel), I started to really enjoy the character in this book. By the halfway mark her antics had me laughing out loud. Ending was predictable but isn't that what you're looking for in a novel of this sort? I'll read the next one (or the one before it) if I happen across them.

    16. Sue Limb is Queen of Hilarity. She is just awesome! Every book i have read from her, (so far it stands at three books) has a part in it when i have to laugh out loud. Unfortunatly, i was reading Pants on Fire yesterday a shop. Bad idea. I laughed so explosivly that the book fell out of my hands. Not cool. Vee xD

    17. Ugh, used the word "retarded" as a slang for "foolish" within the first few pages. I know teenagers use that word, but seeing it used in this book is like confirmation that it is OK. Authors, it's not ok - EVER.Wouldn't even give it away. Charity bin for this one.

    18. As it is with most books I didn't find Sue Limb's 3rd book about Jess as intriguing as the first. It was still very entertaining though. I had to stop reading several times to avoid having the book taken by a teacher.

    19. Im almost done with the book and sad there is no more to the series, because this book is so good i wish it was made into a movie. Anyone that enjoys a good laugh and a sob story should more then likely read this book.

    20. This was as far as I got with the series - I guess I grew out of it and lost interest before the author finished writing! If I remember correctly, this was my least favourite of the bunch, but, again, another easy teen read and a great one for fans of British humour.

    21. How can a girl get so unlucky in one school year? Jess has a lot of embarrasing moments and some a really recognizable.

    22. This one was definitely more engaging than the first two in the series. I still wouldn't recommend it, though.

    23. I am a little embarrassed about it, but I love this series. It is so juvenile and irreverent. Perfect reading for de-stressing.It won't let me, but I give it 4 stars.

    24. An astute reader noticed that I'd put the review for Pants on Fire by Maggie Alderson. Mistake fixed now. Nothing to see here. along please.

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