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Sterkarmin poika

Sterkarmin poika Andrea Mitchell on antropologian opiskelija joka saa ainutlaatuisen ty paikan h n siirtyy Aikatunnelin kautta luvulta luvulle Sterkarmien vieraaksi H n on Antreija haltijapiika ja asuu S

  • Title: Sterkarmin poika
  • Author: Susan Price Kristiina Drews
  • ISBN: 951311693X
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Andrea Mitchell on antropologian opiskelija, joka saa ainutlaatuisen ty paikan h n siirtyy Aikatunnelin kautta 2000 luvulta 1500 luvulle, Sterkarmien vieraaksi H n on Antreija, haltijapiika, ja asuu Sterkarmien suvun linnassa Sterkarmit kutsuvat 2000 luvun v ke haltijoiksi ja monet heid n vanhoista tarinoistaan kertovat haltijoiden ja ihmisten kohtaamisesta Tarut muutAndrea Mitchell on antropologian opiskelija, joka saa ainutlaatuisen ty paikan h n siirtyy Aikatunnelin kautta 2000 luvulta 1500 luvulle, Sterkarmien vieraaksi H n on Antreija, haltijapiika, ja asuu Sterkarmien suvun linnassa Sterkarmit kutsuvat 2000 luvun v ke haltijoiksi ja monet heid n vanhoista tarinoistaan kertovat haltijoiden ja ihmisten kohtaamisesta Tarut muuttuvat todeksi, kun p llik n poika Per Sterkarm ja Andrea rakastuvat toisiinsa Mutta miten k y, kun ihminen joutuu haltijoiden maahan Per haavoittuu sukujen v lisess kahakassa niin vakavasti, ett Andrean on pakko vied h net sairaalahoitoon 2000 luvulle Tapahtumat ry st ytyv t k sist , kun yhti , joka on Tunnelin rakentanut, ei haluakaan p st Peri takasin kotiinsa 1500 luvulle Yhti n ainoa tarkoitus on hy dynt 1500 lukua sumeilematta Edess on kahden eri kulttuurin ja kahden eri aikakauden v ist m t n v lienselvittely Andrealle ja Perille se merkitsee vaikeita ja ristiriitaisia valintoja kenelle olla uskollinen, rakastetulleen vai omalle ajalleen Sterkarmin poika on kiehtova ja henke salpaavan j nnitt v romaani, jota ei malta laskea k sist n Susan Price on julkaissut yli 30 lasten ja nuortenkirjaa, ja h net on palkittu useilla arvostetuilla kirjallisuuspalkinnoilla.

    • Free Read [Spirituality Book] ✓ Sterkarmin poika - by Susan Price Kristiina Drews ✓
      439 Susan Price Kristiina Drews
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    1. I give this Science Fiction/Fantasy story four stars. I thought the story could have been a bit more developed in areas. I also know that there are two more parts to this story."Outlander" fans might enjoy this story. And if so it can be used as a stepping stone for younger readers to get into the series.It was a fast paced read and worth a try.

    2. I really really enjoyed this when I was at school. I don't remember much of the story now (school was some time ago haha) but at the time I remember it affected me - I just thought it was so inventive and imaginative because I hadn't read anything quite like it before. A real dissection of human nature and greed - with a bit of sci-fi and romance thrown in. Good stuff. I wish it was available on Kindle now :(

    3. This was a gripping yarn! I have no fingernails left after reading this book. It reminded me of Diana Wynne Jones' multi-dimensional story, Hexwood. It had a lot in common with the Owl Service, by Alan Garner. In this story a 21st C company sets up a time tunnel to go back to the 16th century. Their purposes are to exploit the vicious tribal people they find there, living on the border between Scotland and England. An anthropologist is sent back to live with the Sterkarms and to find out more ab [...]

    4. A prize-winning YA novel that combines convincing historical detail, smart, engaging storytelling, and a simple science-fictional premise to produce an exciting, highly readable and morally complex tale. Andrea, an English anthropologist of the near future, has been hired by FUP, a powerful international corporation, to study and live among the residents of the lawless 16th century borderlands between England and Scotland. Having established a time-tube between the periods, FUP intends to exploi [...]

    5. “To them, to kill in revenge was a duty; to forgive the killing of a kinsman sin.”Excellent science-historical fiction mashup. Avoids the time travel paradox by having travelers visit a past in a world a few dimensions away from our earth, but recognizably similar. “… always worrying about someone getting hurt, as if people could keep from getting hurt.” Changes point of view often--paragraph by paragraph--but with sufficient clues to keep the reader oriented. Deep into the minds and e [...]

    6. I liked this book tremendously when I read it a few years ago. Someone else mentioning The Gideon Trilogy made me think of it. This takes place in Britain too, but at a very different point in time. This is quite YA, but I recommend it for those interested in a fresh and different sci-fi/time travel melange.

    7. I told a friend I'd just read a really good book set in the Scottish Borders in the 16th century, and she asked "Is it a fantasy novel?". "Oh no," I replied. "It's realism. Apart from the time travel."

    8. I've had this book since I was a teenager, and I find myself telling people about it over and over again. I recently returned to read it for the first time in years, and I think I enjoyed it even more than the first time.This novel is based on a brilliant concept that blurs futuristic sci-fi and hsitorical fiction. It looks at issues like colonialism, cultural superiority, romanticization of history, and exploitation of natural resources. Alongside all of this, it's a good, gripping story. None [...]

    9. Andrea Mitchell works for FUP, a 21st century company who has developed a time-travel tube back to the 16th century. As a researcher, she lives among the Sterkarms, a border clan known for their bravado and treachery. In this 16th century England countryside she falls in love with the clan head’s son and when FUP starts negotiating about “trading” with the Sterkarms things start going terribly wrong. The Sterkarm Handshake has a bit of a slow start, but once the action kicks in, it does so [...]

    10. From the blurb of the cover, I thought this would be a great, interesting book, but the way it was written was very slow. I could barely get into it. I only finished it to get it over with, not because I was actually enjoying it. I just never get engaged in the story, even though most of it is pretty much non-stop action. I also didn't see it as a young adult novel. It just felt like more of a adult novel to me. Its not that teens can't handle it, its just the tone.

    11. Andrea Mitchell, a somewhat plain and friendless anthropologist for a slightly futuristic British corporation, is forced to join an expedition to the 16th century so that she can assist in exporting mineral resources. What her employer does not expect is that she soon prefers the natives to her own co-workers I realize now this would be good to read in conjunction with The Sparrow. Four and a half stars.

    12. Imaginative time travel adventure. Corporate paid researchers go back to the 16th century to exploit the resources, only to find they are no match for the so-called primitive people they try to take advantage of, the Sterkarm clan. Which group is more civilized? More treacherous? It is up for debate.Researcher Andrea prefers the Sterkarms, and one of them, Per, prefers her. Why are Scots always portrayed as being so lusty? Maybe it's in contrast with the English.

    13. This book started really well and then, about two thirds in, went rapidly downhill.The premise, of showing how 21st century people saw the 16th century, and vice versa, was really well done. I found many of the questions raised really interesting. Particularly the different kinds of violence. Twenty first century Andrea found it hard to parse the way in which violence was part of everyday 16th century life, and hard to know how to judge her 16th century friends. Are they "good people" or are the [...]

    14. Why on earth is this book not a film? It would be a corker. I read this many years ago, came across it again recently and decided to re-read, remembering only the vague outlines of the story and that I had quite liked it. I liked it even better this time. I tend to avoid time-travel stories, because, generally, the author feels obliged to explain how it works, and the explanations are inevitably ridiculous. One of the things that won me over to this story early on was that, as none of the protag [...]

    15. This would have been four stars, but it was just too long and repetitive. The same situations were repeated again and again, but the writing was interesting enough to keep reading. However, if the story had been better edited/shorter, I think it would have been miles better.The characters were interesting, I LOVED the violence, which I've heard was controversial for a lot people given this was technically a children's book, but I'm pretty sure I read this as a kid and I'm no worse for it ;)The o [...]

    16. Kind of an Outlander-esque set-up, but it goes in very different directions from there. Lots of fun, cool interesting ideas, some fun language play and playing with changing perspectives.

    17. Ok, here's one I wrote earlier - 19 years earlier in fact, when it was first published. I'm rereading as the third and final volume has at last made an appearance. Here goes - In the near future, a commercial organisation has developed a Time Tube. They have gone back to the 16th century, and, explaining their presence by taking on the identity of Elves, have purchased a tract of land on the borders between England and Scotland. The plan is to make money by arranging package holidays back in tim [...]

    18. I started with 5 stars. Because of the below reasons.1. Wonderful imagination of setting the plot 2. A good number of well-sketched characters.3. The environment building is great4. (view spoiler)[When the mediaval characters go to modern world, there impression is really awesome (hide spoiler)].Then Why did I gave it 1 star?BecauseAndrea Mitchell. She is the most annoying protagonist I ever had the misfortune of reading. She is a. annoyingb. zero self-respect.(view spoiler)[Goes to sleep with a [...]

    19. I was lured into buying this book because it had sparkly sticker saying it had won the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize. That sounded promising. In addition, I was further enticed by the blurb on the back cover which mentioned fantasy. Hook, line and sinker, as they say.There should have been some sort of mandatory warning that the glittery sticker was false advertising because, throughout the book, I was at a complete loss as to how it could ever have qualified in the children's category. I wa [...]

    20. A woman I know on LJ sent me this last year, when she was doing a book clean-out and offering to send people books. She didn't mention titles, just asked for people to sign-up and she'd send what she thought we'd like best :) So I received this and Agatha Christie's Murder is Easy. And I finally got around to reading this one, one of the last few on my 2011 shelf.I'm really surprised that it's listed as a children's book! It was SO bloodthirsty, none of the characters were that young: all grown- [...]

    21. I read this book in my teens. It reminded me of the 90s movie Stargate. I remember reading this book and being totally amazed by it. I would love to read it again if I ever find a copy. It's about a group of intellectuals going through a gateway to study these people who have a different language, back into time. And the audacious bold Andrea.

    22. I often think that the hardest part of writing a sci-fi novel is having to address every little difference from reality as we perceive it today, and all the effects of these differences. It's a train of thought that rapidly gets overwhelming. The solution is, of course, not to address or include everything. Draw a line in the sand (or the hypertensile upper reaches of interdimensional space, as the case may be), arbitrarily or not, and simply focus on what is relevant or pertinent to the story. [...]

    23. This is listed as fantasy but the fantasy element is thin, it is more science fiction with the obligatory romance and some historical and political facets. I found the action excessively violent and it was for this reason that it took me so long to finish this novel; I would frequently have to stop and read something else and I am not a fan of reading multiple books at once.The story is about a modern-day corporation that invested in a large amount of land in the 16th century that is known as Th [...]

    24. A 21st-century company has found a way to travel back in time to 16th-century Cumbria in a a parallel dimension, and plans to exploit its mineral resources and anything else they can find. But Andrea, the young woman who is sent to liaise with the barbarians, falls in love with the chieftain’s son, and the Sterkarm clan proves difficult to subdue.This is a refreshing kind of time travel Scottish/English borders romance. The 16th-century clan are predictably violent, but they are also very emot [...]

    25. I liked the concept: an unscrupulous 21st century corporation intends to use a time travel tube to exploit resources in the 16th century. The Sterkarms are a 16th century clan on the Scots border who don't realize the threat they are up against but think the people coming through the tubes are elves from Elfland, because this is what the 21st century people tell them. Andrea, an anthropologist from the 21st century, infiltrates the clan and falls in love with Per, the good-looking son and heir o [...]

    26. This book was labeled YA, but I'm not sure why - only one of its characters might be a teen; the others certainly aren't. This book is somewhat difficult to find. It was recommended to me years ago and I'm glad I sought it out. It's a time travel story (written in the late 1990s) about a British corporation that wants to go back to the 16th century to tap into ("rape" would be a more appropriate word) the natural resources of that period, especially gold. The Sterkarms of the 16th century aren't [...]

    27. I thought this was a very well imagined time-travel fantasy which places us in alternative future where a "time tube" has made it possible to travel back in time from the 21st to the 16th Century.Andrea is an unlikely employee for a soul-less corporation who moves to the 16th Century and lives among the Sterkarm clan. She seems to be someone who is isolated amid the modern world, slightly awkward and under confident however, she takes to life in the 16th - learning their language and about their [...]

    28. Whenever I go to the Library, in addition to taking out four books to read, I also look at the books that have been released from circulation. Hardcover books re one dollar. Not bad, if they are something I might enjoy. I bought this one becasue of the title, cover and description. It sounded intriguing, and I liked it very much. It got off to a bit of a slow start but soon turned into a page -turner and was very tense. There were impossible dilemmas. Andrea, an anthropologist, has gone through [...]

    29. I agree with the reviewer who said this is a good time-travel book, but not nearly as great as Connie Willis'. The mechanics of how time travel might work, and the fact that it's an alternate-universe 16th century that people travel back to, are unique and interesting. The 16th century and the bellicose Sterkarms who inhabit the border between England and Scotland are terrific. The book just seemed slow going to me because so few of the point of view characters were sympathetic. Andrea, the anth [...]

    30. This is one of those books that you read and can still remember years later. I loved this book. It had a wonderful premise of time travel. The characters were learning to see the effect of what time travelers would have on the outcome of world events if people from the future would travel back in time. Would it affect how our world is now? In what way? The book was riveting for me. I read this in 2001 when I was studying library sciences taking a children's literature course. This was a book tha [...]

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