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Murder on Black Friday

Murder on Black Friday Whip smart Boston governess Nell Sweeney discovers that wealth and dark secrets go hand in hand when two of her employers friends are found dead after the gold market crash

  • Title: Murder on Black Friday
  • Author: P.B. Ryan
  • ISBN: 9780425206881
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1869 Whip smart Boston governess Nell Sweeney discovers that wealth and dark secrets go hand in hand when two of her employers friends are found dead after the gold market crash.

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      313 P.B. Ryan
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    1 thought on “Murder on Black Friday

    1. Review written July 9, 20174 Stars - As always a excellent good Nell Sweeney time for me. A favorite series.Book #4 — Another part in the Nell Sweeney Mysteries series I always enjoy. 6 hours narrated by Leigh Ryan in a pleasant way. **********************************************The fourth part Murder on Black Friday is set in Boston the autumn 1869.« On Sept. 24, 1869, the gold market crumbles, and fortunes are lost in a matter of minutes. When two of Boston’s most prominent men are found [...]

    2. The author is really digging her own grave by making the books in this series shorter and shorter. It's as if she wants to get over it and finally finish the series. Unfortunately she is also reducing the quality - I'm not amused at all.Apart from the fact that I wasn't really interested in the crime and mystery in this book, there was no advancement in the main characters' relationship and the ending left a really bad taste in my mouth. I know that she will probably "make it right" in the next [...]

    3. What a heartbreaking ending! I'm now absorbed in these characters lives. Nell & Will's love story is what makes these mysteries so compelling. Books 5 & 6 are on Kindle, so I could read the end of the series & see what happens----at this point, I'm pretty sure it would be a satisfying ending. But I'll hold out a little longer to see if those books get added to Audible. I'd love to hear narrator Leigh Ryan giving Nell & Will's story it's proper ending!

    4. Giving this 4/5 stars just on the basis of the last few pages of the story! Can't wait to start #5 in the series. Was interesting to learn that the term "Black Friday" goes back to 1869 with the Gold Ring conspiracy. Speculators and investors (including some very high place government officials) plotted to drive up the price of gold and then when finding out (possibly by US Treasury Secretary, George S. Boutwell; although it was never proven) sold off and the market dropped, causing trading hous [...]

    5. The fourth book in the Nell Sweeny Series. I'm *still* in love!I hope Nell's "ex-" husband gets taken out! I really really want her to be happy and as long as that guy is still bouncing around, that won't be possible!I love where Will and Nell's relationship is going! I love how they take their time. I ADORED how such a small moment can have SUCH an impact!!!! I loved how sexy and intimate and wonderful it all was, despite being just such a small second in a lifetime! Mrs. Ryan, THANK YOU! WELL [...]

    6. Hwellll, the romance took that necessary step forward in a lovely way and again I didn't know the culprit until the end, but the reason for the investigation - Will's professional pride - made it pretty distasteful to me how the two went about getting confessions from those concerned, resorting to clear blackmail again - not to help someone out (no one is HELPED by what they find out, except maybe that a woman's pride is broken in such a way that she'll finally let her fiancée help her out wher [...]

    7. If I don't like a book or something in it, I can go on and on about it, but if I like a book I don't know what to write. I liked this book.It was kind of like the previous one in that they went around talking to people until the truth came out, but it was much better this time. Possibly because it took place over a longer period of time than the previous book or because they did have a bit more crime scene like detecting going on.Will's brother Harry keeps getting worse and worse, I almost feel [...]

    8. The Nell Sweeney series has really grown on me. Each book has been better than the last. In this one, there are two deaths related to Black Friday, the day the price of gold crashed in 1869. Will performed the autopsies and enlists Nell to help him investigate the supposed suicides. There are plenty of people with motives to kill and secrets to cover up. I didn't figure it all out before the end, and it's always pleasant to be surprised.Will and Nell's relationship is so full of impossibility an [...]

    9. 3.5 stars.This was my least favorite of the series. It felt like there was very little sleuthing done. They made about 4 interviews and everything was revealed. I felt they were also way too harsh with Miriam, and accused her without sound evidence. There was also very little character development. It was interesting to have the book revolve around a real-life historical event. But otherwise, I felt like it was just a filler, just a book to put certain plot lines (which I will not say for those [...]

    10. Being in Mallorca my reading habits is slightly different. More like; you take what you have. I do have a small library here, but most of the books I have already read, but there are of course still some. It would not be me if there wasn’t a TBR shelf or two!Then there is the iPad where I save books for a day when no actual paper books are appealing. Being on a holiday it is nice with some easy going novels to spend the days in the sun. I subscribe to some newsletters who offers free or very c [...]

    11. Quoted from my review @ misscz.wordpressComments: Will is currently teaching medical jurisprudence at Harvard Medical School, with the condition that he be allowed to conduct postmortems on any of the interesting corpses in Massachusetts General’s morgue. By interesting, he means those individuals who’s death were violent or unexplained. That’s how he ended up performing autopsies on Noah Bassett and Philip Munro.The two men’s deaths were as different as their lives. Noah was a member of [...]

    12. This installment of PB Ryan's Nell Sweeney/Will Hewitt series was wonderful! Two deaths occur after the gold crash engineered by robber baron Jay Gould -- both look like suicides due to financial ruin -- but are they? Will has performed the autopsies and suspects foul play, engaging Nell to help him solve the mystery. This one intricately weaves historical fact and fiction in a much more deft way than previous books have. You get a real feel of the crash of 1869 and the effect it had on families [...]

    13. Not my favorite of the series. The plot was a bit scattered, and didn't completely hold my interest as it did in previous books. I think what kept me clutching the book till the end was (big surprise) Will and Nell. This book, I feel, focuses more on their growing relationship than it does on the mystery itself - which I was fine with, for the most part, though a tiny part of me wishes the mystery they were solving was as fascinating as their will-they/won't-they interactions. There were also pa [...]

    14. Still very much enjoying this series. I didn't find the mystery of this one as engaging as the others until the very end. I was sure I figured out the whodunnit for once in this series. But no. I still didn't figure it out. And the solution was elegantly simple. I think I was a bit disappointed in the actual detecting part of the story because most of what they learned was through various visits and conversations with people who were remarkably forthcoming. And a major bit of information comes, [...]

    15. I still really liked this book but I am getting a little annoyed by the fact that no one in this series seems to have any issues with cheating on their spouse or sex outside of marriage in general. There really aren't any details for the most part but there seems to be more of it talked about in book 4. The people with the most restraint and morals are the two main characters who have their own pasts they are trying to overcome. There is some language in this book but mainly from one character a [...]

    16. The series is very good, and I love the lead female, but I have one huge issue with it: how many times is the author going to repeat the same information? Oy every book reiterates the same basic plot summary, and sometime multiple times per book. Seriously, if the reader hasn't figured out the characters by book four, then the issue is with the reader. As much as I love the characters, I do not have to read, yet again, why Nell can't get married, why Will has deep issues, or why Harry is a decre [...]

    17. Noah Bassett, the Hewitt's friend and Phillip Munro are found dead, thought to be at their own hands. Until Will Hewitt does their autopsies and nothing adds up. Will and Nell set out to learn the truth and in doing so uncovers lies, secrets and the truth behind the two men's death. Noah Bassett an upstanding man in the community and loved by all has lost his fortunate in the gold crash. Phillip Munro, a man who has made his wealth from new money, isn't accepted in the old world rich and famous [...]

    18. This is Gilded Age Mystery #3. Nell Sweeney, an Irish governess, who lives with the Hewitts in Boston in 1869 dabbles in investigating murders. September 24, 1869 was the original "Black Friday" when the gold market crashed leaving thousands of people's fortunes in tatters. Two acquaintances of the Hewitts are found dead, presumably by their own hands, and the Hewitt's son Dr. William Hewitt who performed the autopsies is doubtful that both men, who are linked, committed suicide. Nell accompanie [...]

    19. Besides the first, I think this is my favourite so far. The romance aspect grows more intense and subsequently more complicated, particularly for Nell. This was the first mystery I knew the answer to before it was properly solved, but it was the revealing of all the elements that went into making it happen that really intrigued and surprised me. I'm learning to truly loath Harry Hewitt (as if I didn't have reason enough before) and to like Will all the better. All the little looks and hints and [...]

    20. Nell is surprised by a visit from Will, who in his position at the University is given some of the "choice" deaths to look into. When the man his younger brother, Harry, is brought in from an alleged suicide, Will knows his injuries are not those of a man that has killed himself. Enlisting Nell's assistance, Will launches an investigation into two deaths happening on the same day and believed to have been brought about the bottoming out of gold. Things also begin to heat up between Nell and Will [...]

    21. This fourth installment in the Gilded Age Mystery series was filled with twists, turns, and intrigue. Family secrets buried to preserve "status" in society make solving the mystery of two deaths difficult. Nell has free time to work with Will, while her charge is away with her adoptive mother. The romance is still sparking between Nell and Will, but she is still trapped by her marraige to a brutal man who remains in prison. I loved the story and look forward to more. Like other reviewers I hope [...]

    22. Red Herrings AplentyIn my review of Patricia Ryan's book 3 in the Nell Sweeney Mystery Series I stated that I thought I was beginning to figure out the paternal of the author's red herrings and that I could figure out the culprit sooner. I was wrong. 'Murder on Black Friday' is chock full of potential killers, all with reasonable motives for murder. I think I enjoyed this entry in the series as much as I did the first book which I found to be a rare delight.Well done, Ms. Ryan.

    23. A more engaging and intricate mystery than the last book. I liked how some of the characters had layers to their personalities that emerged only gradually. The villain is intensely villainous without one redeeming quality, but I suppose if you have to have one flat cardboard character, you might as well make it the villain.Four books in, I will say that there's a lot of rapes. Besides Nell's backstory, I think a woman is raped in every book so far. Perhaps it's realistic for this time period, bu [...]

    24. Another blah part of the series. This one reads like a dime novel. And one thing I really hate in a book are typos. There were any typos in this book that make the book seem like a cheap book. This story is when market crashed in the 1800s and there was a suicide and murder. The main characters, Nell and Dr. Hewitt jump right into trying to solve it all. I am hating the character Nell and her hesitation of showing affection toward Dr. Hewitt that they both feel. Once I'm through with this series [...]

    25. A good book, but not somehow not as intriguing as the first three. I figured out who did it, and how they covered it up almost from the beginning, but there were still a few twists that were unexpected (although I'm not the smartest amateur sleuth). Still a good read, and the attraction between Nell and Will grows even more apparent, but the reader knows they are doomed lovers, if they ever get to that stage.

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