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Il giardiniere dell'anima: una favola senza tempo

Il giardiniere dell anima una favola senza tempo L autrice condivide con i suoi lettori la pi bella favola della sua infanzia Uno zio di origine ungherese giardiniere di professione e prodigioso raccontastorie amava ripetere la storia dell alberel

  • Title: Il giardiniere dell'anima: una favola senza tempo
  • Author: Clarissa Pinkola Estés Maura Pizzorno
  • ISBN: 9788876843914
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Paperback
  • L autrice condivide con i suoi lettori la pi bella favola della sua infanzia Uno zio di origine ungherese, giardiniere di professione e prodigioso raccontastorie, amava ripetere la storia dell alberello nato in montagna, portato in una casa a Natale e da l in cima a un grattacielo

    • Best Download [Clarissa Pinkola Estés Maura Pizzorno] ☆ Il giardiniere dell'anima: una favola senza tempo || [Religion Book] PDF Å
      258 Clarissa Pinkola Estés Maura Pizzorno
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    1 thought on “Il giardiniere dell'anima: una favola senza tempo

    1. Simply deeply wonderful.This book can easily be read in one sitting and it'll touch your heart and soul and make you smile and cry. Excellent.

    2. Life is full of invitations to feel hopeless, especially in the face of real darkness and suffering. This book is a powerful tonic against despair. I keep it in the medicine cabinet.

    3. Magical, hypnotic story weaving as only Estes can. New seed is faithful, it comes on the wind whether you want it or not and it roots in the places that are the most empty.Stories came into the world because God was lonely.

    4. AudibleAfter sobbing my heart out, I ended up staring at the wall with tears still running down my face, having so many thoughts, remembering my childhood, my 'uncle', my stories, the stories of those I love, their changes and their empty fields. A wise tale indeed. Short but unforgettable and very powerful, one I'd like my child to know as soon as he's old enough to understand. Thank you, Sofia, for uncovering such a jewel and bringing it to my attention. ***5 stars***

    5. New seedis faithful.It roots deepestin the placesthat aremost empty. A little light in the dark. Short but powerful. Hopeful and deeply moving.I will keep it close to me.

    6. reading clarissa pinkola estés is an opportunity to sit at the feet of a master storyweaver and teacher of the art of living, honestly. this one is no exception. here there is a tale about the alchemy that transforms trauma through storytelling through families, cycles of creation, the value of fallow fields and the way that to see and touch constant death/change is the way to know that which can never die.

    7. The language in this book is fantastic. The descriptive metaphors create a mental picture and a mood."Squeezed together like canned plums in a pint-sized glass jar, we rode the interminably hot train all the way to Chicago."The time is shortly after the close of World War II. The place is in the United States where refugees from German camps are trying to learn to live again."What does it mean to live with a war and memories of war inside oneself? It means one lives in two worlds. One looking fo [...]

    8. The Faithful Gardener is one of the most powerful books you can read in one sitting. Estés weaves stories around her uncle Zovar, a war-torn refugee and lover of gardening and storytelling. It's a hopeful, heartbreaking, beautiful book.

    9. I don't know how many of my lives, past, present, or future, that this book acted as a balm for, but reading it was quite a profound experience that left me feeling kinder toward my own war-weary heart.

    10. This is a nice little hopeful book about stories - stories about a man, a tree, and that which will never die.

    11. Amazing experience. The book is simple and simply magical. Easy to read for any person who reads with the heart open.

    12. If allowed, I would rate this book as a 10/5.Beautiful. The tales are inspirational and encourage strength and the sage advice to embrace inevitable change with positivity. Tyrannical adversity and tragedy are conquered with the power of having the ability to control ones response, reaction and inner perception of not only that very moment but that change, if inevitable, can have a positive outcome even if only in one's perception. The author grew up in a home filled with refugees from World War [...]

    13. This book (while extremely short) was a DNF (did not finish). It has a great message to it, especially tying in the story of the author's WWII horrors with stories of gardening. I actually wanted to like it, and skimmed for the parts about her uncle. Those were fascinating. But the writing was horrible. Have you ever heard a hippie speak? That traditional "love the trees, god is good. I don't like complete sentences but live in another world cause i'm high outta my mind". Well that's the voice t [...]

    14. This book doesn't take long to read and it does. I read it fairly quickly the first time around in March and knew I would want to read it again. And again. Stories are an intricate thread of the fabric of our lives. If you think of a tapestry, on one side you see the big picture, finished, and in harmony. The other side, you may find a thread ending; loose and at odds with the rest of that side; or as a beginning. Both sides tell a story and from that, we learn some lesson. So it is with stories [...]

    15. This book was a beautiful 1 hour read with a big and powerful message. Living and dying and how both serve purpose and in essence are just as beautiful and purposeful as each other. This book echoed the beautiful memories I have of my own mum reading us kids her favourite story 'The Giving Tree' When we were young. I loved this story so very much!

    16. Meh. Self-conscious, at times clumsy, underdone, and ultimately underwhelming. I'm sad because I expected a tiny gem of treasure and got what seems to have been a stop-gap. There were moments of brilliance but sadly, a potentially wonderful premise has been allowed to slip by without being fully developed.

    17. What a delightful little book! It's a quick read, but don't expect much. It's really just a 60-page family story. I loved the title fable, reminded me of a Hans Christian Andersen story, The Fir Tree, only with a happier ending.

    18. This is a deeply profound and moving story about beauty rising out of the ashes. I absolutely loved the depth of truth and wisdom. It is a beautifully written and thought provoking book. It can be easily read in one sitting, but I will be thinking about it long after. I highly recommend it!

    19. Easy to read in one sitting. Good inspiration to never give up, and to roll with the changes that life brings your way.

    20. Un magnifique petit ouvrage que nous offre encore une fois C.P.Estès. Un joli conte qui me parle, et nous parle très certainement à tous-tes.

    21. Have loved all her books that I´ve read. I´m now reading The Dancing Grandmothers: to be young while old, old while young. I can´t find it here

    22. What a strange little book. I picked it up today at a fundraiser book sale when we were paying for a bag and still had a bit of space left. It seems like every book I grab after just looking at the cover ends up being about war, and this followed the pattern. The largest section of the book is dedicated to a retelling of Anderson's "The Fir Tree," with a bit of a twist at the end, not much. The rest is about the author's uncle who survived WWII in Hungary. It has some wonderful paragraphs and ne [...]

    23. This slim volume is worth reading, especially in today's America. It's a reminder of both the pain of the refugee experience and the beauty of story. It's also a lovely metaphor for the ways we can provide for and allow new growth in our lives. I read it slowly, to savor the stories. I encourage you to do the same.

    24. Nikako da nabavim toliko hvaljenu knjigu „Žene koje trče sa vukovima“ ove spisateljice, pa sam u zamenu uzela ovu drugu njenu knjižicu na preporuku knjižnićarke. Kratka po obimu, ali snažna i nezaboravna, to su priče u priči (koje se kao i babuška, slažu jedna u drugu), koja u pozadini krije toliko tuge, patnje, ali i nade. Već u samom podnaslovu na koricama se nazire da spisateljica želi da nešto poruči: „Mudra priča o onome što nikad ne umire“. I već na samom početku [...]

    25. Thought provoking and loving short story from a revered "cantadora". Ultimately, it asks what role do each of us have in our relationship with earth/creation/Eden? and what role do each of us play in our human relationships - especially in the stories told generation to generation, passing on wisdom and creating enduring kinship.I wonder if we are in peril of losing both when we are focused on quick communications with no substance and are quick to value only the latest "advances" which threaten [...]

    26. A sweet fable with a good message that I "get" but I think I need to read it twice to understand the 5 star ratings of other reviewers and their need to give this book as gifts to everyone. (I even read all notes & epilogue to gain some insight.) The tale of the fir tree was new to me (Estes notes that there is a Hans Christian Anderson version). For me, the tale could be an allegory of American War heroes - even modern day veterans. I will say, I am envious of those who have many traditiona [...]

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