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Dear Mr. Holmes: Seven Holmes on the Range Mysteries

Dear Mr Holmes Seven Holmes on the Range Mysteries Big Red and Old Red Amlingmeyer have starred in five novels rustling up award nominations and fans aplenty as they cracked mysteries using the methods of their hero Sherlock Holmes How did these Old

  • Title: Dear Mr. Holmes: Seven Holmes on the Range Mysteries
  • Author: Steve Hockensmith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Big Red and Old Red Amlingmeyer have starred in five novels, rustling up award nominations and fans aplenty as they cracked mysteries using the methods of their hero, Sherlock Holmes How did these Old West drifters first discover Holmes, though And how did their early, awkward stabs at deducifying turn out These seven short stories provide the answers In Dear Mr HoBig Red and Old Red Amlingmeyer have starred in five novels, rustling up award nominations and fans aplenty as they cracked mysteries using the methods of their hero, Sherlock Holmes How did these Old West drifters first discover Holmes, though And how did their early, awkward stabs at deducifying turn out These seven short stories provide the answers In Dear Mr Holmes, Old Red first gets the itch to turn detective and just in time, too, because a killer s stalking him and his brother along a Kansas cattle trail In Gustav Amlingmeyer, Holmes of the Range, Old Red s attempt to settle down and open his own cafay goes haywire when one of the customers gets a side order of arsenic with his steak and potatoes And the adventure continues in five stories most originally published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine If you re a fan, you won t want to miss these rollicking peeks into the Amlingmeyers past And if you re not a fan, there s no better place to start

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      286 Steve Hockensmith
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    1 thought on “Dear Mr. Holmes: Seven Holmes on the Range Mysteries

    1. I am going to make this quick. Are you familiar with The Amlinger brothers, Big Red and Old Red? They are cowboys in the American West of the 1890s. Big Red has read Sherlock Holmes stories to his older brother who can not read and Old Red has taken them to heart. They both believe (as Arthur Conan Doyle would have hoped) that these are actual cases, not fiction. We see the brothers trying to apply Holmes' methods to their troubles. Steve Hockensmith is very good in setting this up in his books: [...]

    2. Any fan of Steve Hockensmith's Holmes on the Range series will love this collection of seven short mysteries featuring Old Red and Big Red Almingmeyer. These seven stories cover about a year in the lives of the cowboy detectives, starting before the first book Holmes on the Range and ending just before the fourth The Crack in the Lens. The author is even nice enough to point out where each of the three novels should have come in at. The obsessive reader will notice a few inconsistencies but if w [...]

    3. "Holmes on the Range" stories are about two cow-punching brothers who read Watson's stories about Sherlock Holmes and then use similar deductive techniques to solve mysteries in the Old West. More correctly Old Red solves the mysteries a la Holmes and Big Red writes the stories up a la Watson. Author Steve Hockensmith says in the introduction that he was trying to think of a way to write Holmesian stories in an unusual way when his wife asked him to go hiking. He realized that the Old West and V [...]

    4. The Description of this book on is wrong. These aren't HOLIDAY mystery stories. But rather, seven short mysteries featuring Old West detective Old Red and his brother, who wander about the old west attempting to apply Holmesian techniques to solving mysteries.As with any story collection, this one is a bit uneven. Meaning that some of the stories are pretty good, have the right hooks and flavor to keep the reader reading. These were in the front of the book. It is almost as if the stories towar [...]

    5. Got acquainted with Steve Hockensmith's books with his "Tarot" series. Since I also like westerns I decided to give this series a "look/see". I'm super glad that I did. Old Red (ripe old 27 years) and Big Red (his younger brother) meet Sherlock Holmes by reading about his adventures. This happened when the "Reds" were on a cattle drive. Since Old Red couldn't read, he left school early to support his younger brothers and sisters, Big Red read (okay, ha-ha) the stories to all the cow punchers aft [...]

    6. I have enjoyed the full length stories about Old Red and Big Red and their "detectiving" efforts. This collection of short stories fills in some gaps before and between the novels. All were entertaining and told in a style more reminiscent of Mark Twain than of Conan Doyle, at least in my opinion. But of course they are definitely American stories, and the American style is appropriate even though Old Red idolizes "Mr. Sherlock Holmes."If you like Twain, or 19th century American mystery tales, o [...]

    7. Entertaining, but not Holmesian.These stories are interesting enough, but they cannot hold a candle to Conan Doyle's writings, not those of Craig Stephen Copland, Nicholas Meyer, or August Derleth.

    8. I generally don't gravitate towards short stories. I prefer the longer engagement of novels. Yet I am a Hockensmith fan, and an Old Red and Big Red fan, and these stories were well worth the read. The appeal was no doubt the shared characters and themes amongst the tales, along with Hockensmith's usual humor and charm. Just plain fun.

    9. Lovely, evocative writing. I thoroughly enjoyed these short stories. A delicious mix of dark humour and tradtional 'western', with two very engaging characters at the heart of the tales.

    10. Somewhat entertaining, not so much as as Sherlock pastiche, but a glimpse into life in the American west in the late 19th century.

    11. Absolutely brilliant - and laugh-out-loud!I seriously hope someone turns this into a (very faithful) TV series I'd be a number one fan!

    12. Sometimes I just want to have fun while I'm reading, and when that mood swept over me this month, I found myself turning to Steve Hockensmith's collection of seven short stories about the Amlingmeyer brothers-- the cowboy detectives of the Old West. It did not disappoint. When reading the author's collection of Christmas short stories, I learned to read everything included so I wouldn't miss a single laugh, and the same thing holds true for Dear Mr. Holmes. Since most of these stories were origi [...]

    13. This is a fun and enjoyable adjunct to Steve Hockensmith's five excellent "Holmes on the Range" mystery novel series, reprinting seven short stories featuring his range-roving Sherlock Holmes wanna-bes, Big Red and Old Red Amlingmeyer reprinted from various mystery magazines.If you've never heard of Hockensmith or his characters, this is a great introduction, including the very first story to feature his crime-solving cowpoke brothers. And if you've read the novels and hunger for more, this is a [...]

    14. Whether or not you've read any of the "Holmes on the Range" books yet, you will love this set of stories set in the 1890's west with adventure, mystery and humor. I'll bet afterward you'll be stamping at the bit for more.Most of these seven stories were originally published in a nationally-known mystery magazine, but because I don't read that prestigious periodical, they were all new to me. The author was kind enough to send me this book to review, and since the Amlingmeyer Brothers are two of m [...]

    15. Book ReviewI really wanted to read this book (and any of the Holmes books by Hockensmith) after reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls (Quirk Classics) and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After (Quirk Classics). I love Sherlock Holmes tales, but I have never read anything that would be considered Western, still this series intrigued me and reading the short stories seemed like a great way to get an introduction to these characters.Big Red and Old Red are [...]

    16. Having finally read all the Holmes on the Range books, my final verdict is that the first two novels and a decent proportion of this short story anthology are five star material, but if you're looking for what I'm looking for in a series, better to ignore the rest.These short stories were written before the third book, and it really shows. Most of the stories were exactly what I was looking for in this series - solid and funny writing, a vivid narrative voice, and a strong yet plausibly contenti [...]

    17. If you're a fan of Hockensmith's "Holmes on the Range" novels featuring the Amlingmeyer brothers, then you'll want to read this too; it's a collection of short stories, I think most of them originally published in Ellery Queen Mystery magazine. I'm not a big short story fan, but I enjoyed these easily as much as the novels.I love the entire series, especially the audio versions of the novels narrated by William Dufris, whose the narration is over the top (which matches the voice of the narrator [...]

    18. I love the "Holmes on the Range" series, and this short-story collection works for the die-heard fan as well as those just meeting Old Red and Big Red for the first time. For the novice, this is a wonderful introduction to these cowboys and their detecting and storytelling skills. For those readers who have devoured every word of this series, these stories remind us why we love these two characters and what made them so special. Of course, this collection really justs whets one's appetite for mo [...]

    19. I'm not a huge fan of short stories -- mostly because I usually want to dig in for the long haul when I get into a story. But, I really enjoyed these. I liked the letter-format a lot and think it added a hint of mystery to the story. Where would the brothers turn up next? The whole combination of cowboy, humor, and detective made this irresistible. I'm not going to immediately download Holmes on the Range right now, but definitely will in the future. I recommend this one to anyone who likes char [...]

    20. I had never read any of the short stories about Old Red and Big Red, although I've read all the novels. So I enjoyed getting to go back and find out about some of their other cases. This collection of 7 short mysteries is fun for fans of Sherlock Holmes or Westerns.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    21. I'm a big fan of the Holmes on the Range novels. While these short stories are well done mysteries that stay true to the Holmes on the Range premise, I found it difficult to stay with the whole book. I kept leaving it between stories. I enjoy the novels more, probably because I can get into the world and then stay there for a while.

    22. Love this series, and these didn't disappoint. I don't much like the short story format, as a rule, but these were great. It helps a lot that they're part of a larger series, so they weren't packed too full of cumbersome exposition, which is what I generally hate about short stories.

    23. My mom bought this for my husband for Christmas but I had to read it first! I prefer my Big Red and Old Red in novel form, but this was super fun. Dear Mr. Hockensmith, more Holmes on the Range novels, please!

    24. Seven short de-ducifying mysteries in the form of letters. This filled the need for some Sherlock like stories as it doesn't appear the author will be writing another book about these two brothers for awhile.

    25. Excellent stories from our detective cowboys. The stories explain what happened to the brothers in between the books. More mysteries and misfortune for the boys. Someday their ship will come in and big Red will get credit for his deducifying and get a job worthy of his skills.

    26. I am neither a Sherlock Holmes fan or much of a fan of Westerns, but this book tickled me. It may be my Wyoming roots and growing up with cowboys. Regardless, this is a fun collection of short stories. Lots of colorful descriptions add nicely to the tales.

    27. Clever little mysteries set featuring cowboys. If you like westerns and you like classical puzzle mysteries, give these a try.

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