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The First Dragon

The First Dragon Restoring the Archipelago of Dreams comes with a precious price in this final volume of the critically acclaimed Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica series To save the world Charles the Grail

  • Title: The First Dragon
  • Author: James A. Owen
  • ISBN: 9781442412279
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • Restoring the Archipelago of Dreams comes with a precious price in this final volume of the critically acclaimed Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica series.To save the world, Charles, the Grail Child Rose Dyson, and Edmund McGee must travel deep into the past to discover the identity of the mythical Architect of the Keep of Time However, even if that tower can be reRestoring the Archipelago of Dreams comes with a precious price in this final volume of the critically acclaimed Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica series.To save the world, Charles, the Grail Child Rose Dyson, and Edmund McGee must travel deep into the past to discover the identity of the mythical Architect of the Keep of Time However, even if that tower can be restored, the Archipelago of Dreams is still missing Somehow, the first Dragon must be found to restore the lands to what they once were But fulfilling their mission may be giving the Echthroi exactly what they wanted all along In this chilling conclusion to the critically acclaimed Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica series, the Caretakers will have to trust those who were once enemies, defeat the worst within themselves, and discover what may be the most important truth of all where there is hope, and will, and courage, redemption is always possible.

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      142 James A. Owen
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    1 thought on “The First Dragon

    1. What a great finish to a great series.Although I'll admit that I've been confused at times, this was a great ender to the series. Time travel tends to hurts my brainz, but Owen seems to have a good handle on it, so I sort of just follow along, and latch on to the characters that I love most. The best part of this series is that there is so much going on: with each re-read, you're able to read something new, follow a new character's journey more closely, and see more of the bigger picture.I thoug [...]

    2. Got it last night, read it from cover to cover in one sitting. As always with James A. Owen's books, I think I can predict where it's going and every time I am proven wrong in the most marvelous of ways. Forget Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, etc,THISis hands-down my absolute favourite fantasy series!

    3. Series finale. It's always difficult to say goodbye to a good series, but a part of me was glad that everything (or most of it) was wrapped up and the characters could finally get their well-deserved rest.

    4. I merely pretend to be a Geek. Sure, I have some qualifications, but here are my shameful confessions: I don't like Monte Python and can't quote it. I didn't read all of Tolkien until I was 32, and I hated the Silmarillion. I don't play chess. Or Risk. I've never seen even the first Star Wars movie. The shame. Fantasy books are extremely hard for me to read. I have to take notes. When I'm reading for pleasure, it's usually some horrible, girly, realistic book. But I try. I spent the evening of o [...]

    5. The LAST book from an amazing series! As promised, every questions are FINALLY answered in this book, and all the secrets have been revealed. I remembered while I was reading the other books, it felt like I was racing against time. My heart was beating so fast and I was at the edge of my seat, reading with excitement BUT for this last book, it was different. I was calmed, and I didn't rush through the stories. I took my time, savour each word and in the end, when I finally read the last page, it [...]

    6. Mr. Owen has led me into a world of imagination, wonder, and magic that has enchanted me for years. I was hesitant at first to read the first of the series "Here There be Dragons" but was hooked immediately with the first illustration. I was elated when the second came out, and devoured the rest.I was unable to buy "The First Dragon" when it was released unfortunately, but the very moment I had money (Christmas) I was determined to possess it.I was as afraid to read this novel as I was with the [...]

    7. Everything came together beautifully! There be dragons and my favorite color too! I adored this whole series, the author did a superb job with the characters, the story and all the wonderful themes. I beieve that a story sticks with you, when you can relate. Who can't relate to making choices good orbadans having to deal with them? What about growing up, learning about life, love and responsibility. Not only making friends and finding their place, also how to confront the darker side of human na [...]

    8. A interesting (and surprising) end to the series. In this volume all the loose threads (some you probably missed along the way) were all tied up and wrapped up in a bow for the reader. This volume is way more biblical in its characters adventures, but in a good way for the story. The wrap up novel to the series still has some nice twists and some definite surprises contained in it's pages. And the actual last few pages are a wonderful honor to John the main character (and his real life counter p [...]

    9. A few years ago I discovered the novel Here, There Be Dragons by James A. Owen. This is the first book in the 7 books series known as the “The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica” which follows the lives of Jack, John and Charles as they battle the forces of evil in an effort to save the World. Quite a tall order for three unknown gentlemen from Oxford.This is a wonderful series of books that draws on many of the known myths and histories laid out in our most treasured stories. The boo [...]

    10. Há tempos que estava na expectativa para ler este último volume da série das Crônicas da Imaginarium Geographica. Quem acompanha o blog sabe de como, a cada novo livro eu ia me apaixonando mais e mais pelos conceitos e pela forma como Owen construiu todo o seu mundo. E agora, finalmente chegamos ao grande final, tentando descobrir como amarrar todas as pontas soltas que foram sendo deixadas ao longo da saga – os pequenos e grandes mistérios, o futuro de tantos personagens fantásticos.Qua [...]

    11. This is the first book in the series I've rated four stars. In this book, there was something which didn't have a lull. I felt that in other books there wasn't as much connections with characters. Yet in this one, perhaps as a byproduct of this being the last book, I felt the connection. Or perhaps the connection was the strongest at the epilogue, which I think was absolutely beautiful. The characters said some great things, as they always have been saying throughout the books. These seemed less [...]

    12. I am not sure where to begin. I have truly enjoyed this series since I first found it by chance several years ago. The first book had me intensely hooked, more so after the end revealed a rather pleasant surprise, the hero's were rather well known authors. It continued to hold me, even after several turns which I really didn't agree with but, accepted. My favorite in the end seems to be The Dragon's Apprentice but, each and every one of these books has been well worth the read.Now to this the la [...]

    13. If only I'd had time to reread each and every book in the series before starting this last book, I think it would have made me love it and appreciate it even more. That being said, though it took a few chapters to refresh my memory, I ended up loving this conclusion to the series. I would love to do a reread at some point! I think it would help clarify some things for me, to connect all the little things together. The book begins with the caretakers in quite a mess. The destruction of the keep h [...]

    14. Finally, and ending to a series drawn out far beyond what it was capable without breaking at some point. That is not to say I dislike it overall, but it wasn't anywhere close to what I envisioned when I first read the reviews and decided to purchase all seven books. Disappointing, if not without merit. Somewhere along the way, the author lost his trail of thought and started dealing out convoluted concept after convoluted concept in hopes of bringing the series back on track, which never really [...]

    15. At least it has an ending. To be honest if this hadn't been the last book I might not have bothered. The plot, binding the novels into a series, was becoming confusing, twisting through alternate futures and changing pasts. Trying way to hard intertwine every single myth and work of fiction through all of history. Cheating death so that authors from all generations could coexist at the same time and corrupting actual historical people into something other than they were, all for the sake of plot [...]

    16. Oh my God. I am speechless. I have no idea what to say. This was the perfect ending to a perfect series. All the threads tied together perfectly. Heroes proved themselves, villians redeemed themselves and the links from the beginning to the end of time all joined together in a way that felt perfectly whole. I adored this book, and the series as a whole. It will stand as one of my favourite fantasy series ever. I recommend it to anyone that enjoys fantasy. This series is tender, thought provoking [...]

    17. The Chronicles Of The Imaginarium Geographica series comes to a conclusion with The First Dragon. Taken from the book. "To Save the world, the Grail Child, Rose Dayson; the new Cartographer, Edmund McGee; and the caretaker CHarles must travel deep into time, before the creation of the Archipelago of Dreams itself, to finally discover the identity of the Mythical ARchitect of the Keep of Time."At times hard to follow and a bit of a dry read. Still worth three stars because so much was explained a [...]

    18. This is a very easy five stars. Reading Owen's flagship series has been a six-year voyage (took him eight to write it, I came late to the party) and while at times the scope of the series opened so wide that it became hard to keep track of every little thing happening, he always brought it together with such clarity.Being that it's the seventh in a huge series, there's little more I can say beyond that the characters had satisfying, well-earned endings, depicted with a poetic flair that gives it [...]

    19. Originally posted on BlueAnteaterThe last in the Imaginarium Geographica series.It started with a plot twist, and ended with one. Again, supremely confusing time travel intricacies, but all dangling story lines and character threads are neatly solved, and this “real life fan fic” series (according to TV Tropes) ends on a good note. The world Owen created is indeed fascinating, and one I should like to visit again – perhaps in a more modern setting.

    20. All I can say is Wow!!! This ending was incredible. So many aspects of the story I did not expect, so many plot twists I never saw coming. The resolution was rich, and fitting. It wrapped up an incredible saga so very well. This was one of my favorite book series, I loved the incredibly deep and layered mythology. I also enjoyed how so many elements of so many well known and well loved stories were reinterpreted and fit together like a giant cosmic jigsaw puzzle. Amazing, amazing stories.

    21. Maybe it's because I've forgotten so much, but this series simply stopped grabbing me. It took a due date to make me read its finale, and I was relieved to finish. I've lost any connection I might have had with the characters. Owen admits in the afterword that he veered off from where he originally intended; perhaps that explains my confusion and disinterest. I can't remember or understand how we got to where we are, and I don't follow the reasoning of several characters.

    22. Pure greatness. This entire series is a must read. James A. Owen is a master of storytelling, whose works are right up there with, if not surpassing, the stories written by the characters in his books. Adventure the likes of which you cannot put down. Carve out some time in your schedule for anything he writes, you'll need it!

    23. I loved the whole series, I just did. I can't count the times I gasped or spoke to the book, or simply set it aside to I could grasp what I just read. I loved all the characters, of course, and I thought the author did a great job wrapping everything up. It was genius and wonderful to see so much redemption in the end of the book. But what better way to wrap things up?

    24. I can't believe this series is over. It was worth it in every way to read these books. The way it end breaks my heart, to see the changes in everyone since the beginning of the series. The first and forth book will be my favorite of the whole series. These books will be something that I will enjoy and reread for years to come.

    25. Best book of the series in my opinion! Although it wouldn't have been if the rest of the books didn't tie together. If you can read this series as a whole, in one go, not stopping to judge the books individually :) well written

    26. This book series is absolutely brilliant. When you've read most of the literary classics of the past few centuries, this incredible conclusion to the series just makes you smile. This is the best book of the entire Chronicles.

    27. sketchiest theology of all the books, but still an excellent read. the previous book was a bit tedious, so I had a gap between the two. but this last installment references the previous book and completed many questions raised in the last book, so I want to go back and reread both books.

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