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Nine Princes in Amber

Nine Princes in Amber Amber A kingdom beyond imagination where brother fights brother to succeed to the throneWhen Corwin awoke in the hospital he remembered very little Except that he d been in an automobile accident that

  • Title: Nine Princes in Amber
  • Author: Roger Zelazny
  • ISBN: 9780722194393
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amber A kingdom beyond imagination where brother fights brother to succeed to the throneWhen Corwin awoke in the hospital he remembered very little Except that he d been in an automobile accident that wasn t an accident at all Then he discovered his name and the fact that his strength was superhuman And that was enough to send him on a journey that started in NewAmber A kingdom beyond imagination where brother fights brother to succeed to the throneWhen Corwin awoke in the hospital he remembered very little Except that he d been in an automobile accident that wasn t an accident at all Then he discovered his name and the fact that his strength was superhuman And that was enough to send him on a journey that started in New York and swiftly flung him into the fantastic realm of Amber where eight brothers fought for the right to be crowned king For Corwin was the ninth Prince his royal colours, black and silver who had been exiled to the shadow world of Earth Now Corwin had returned to claim the throne from his sworn enemies, his own flesh and bloodNine Princes in Amber is a dazzling evocation of an alternative or parallel world, a tour de forceof Science Fiction at its best.

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    1. Roger,No, it would be no problem at all! I'd be happy to respond to the first draft of your new fantasy novel. Lets start with the good: I enjoyed your method of immersing the reader in your fantasy world. The protagonist's case of amnesia makes it so he must learn all the same things the reader needs to know. Protagonist Corwin regains his memory gradually, creating a sense of mystery throughout the first hundred pages that is quite entertaining. Then. . . well, you lost me. I mean, it's so eso [...]

    2. Man, all the good stuff has been said to let me be brief:OVERALL FEELING: One of my favorite fantasy pieces; sort of starts out as a PI man who lost his memory and has to figure out that he's the prince of another world. CONCEPT: What if Gods who looked like people created this world and all the other worlds through their Godly thoughts? And what if their father disappeared and there was a fight for the throne which shook all the worlds? And what if this Godly war led to doorways being opened wh [...]

    3. All roads lead to AmberNine brothers fight for the inheritance left behind by the disappearance of their father. The ultimate prize is the throne of Amber, the one real world, of which all other worlds are mere shadows and reflections.Nine Princes of the Amber is an interesting fantasy introduction with an intriguing concept. I really enjoyed reading the early parts, where the prince Corwin wakes up in a hospital on Earth with no memory of his past. I expected a more traditional fantasy when pic [...]

    4. See my review under the one volume (omnibus) set of my favorite series. This is another classic that ought to be called a classic!Update:I read this one first. when. It was in the 1970s. I have since grown a bit, aged quite a bit andpossibly even matured a little. I still love these books. I have also discovered audio books (this too happened some years ago and has been detailed elsewhere. My wife became very ill and was bed fast a long time, she also came to the point where she really couldn't [...]

    5. Kada citam neke od ovih starijih knjiga prosto mi je tesko da poverujem da za ovih 40 godina nisu ostavljeni u prasini i da su pojedine (mnoge) knjige bolje od danasnjih.Ako uzmemo ovu knjizicu prosto je neverovatno da na svega 170tak strana imamu pricu dubine i tezine daleko vece nego mnoge epske knjige na 400 i vise strana. Mada sa druge strane moglo bi se reci da je minus sto imamo malo likova ali su barem svi odlicno razradjeni.Ako niste citali obavezno overite, ako jeste vreme je za obnovu [...]

    6. What a weird, weird book.Nine princes in Amber begins with the protagonist, Corwin, waking up in an hospital room, with no memories of himself or his past. Soon after that he realizes he's been drugged for days and flees the building, meanwhile collecting bits of informations about his former life.Within a few chapters he learns he's one of the nine living princes of Amber, the only true world (of which every other world is but a Shadow. Literally.) and that this makes him basically a god.These [...]

    7. I remember, like it was yesterday, the moment I picked up this book in a library. Only it wasn't yesterday, it was about 15 years ago, but what is time when you're in love. I did fall in love with this series. Having read this book for the first time all that time ago, my initial reaction was a very favourable one. I thought this novel was absolutely mind-blowing. My thoughts today? They’re pretty much the same, in all honesty I can say that my original impression never really changed. If anyt [...]

    8. currently reading for the September 2009 read for the Zelazny group. Wow! It's still a fantastic read after all these years. That's amazing.I re-read this every 5 years or so. It's the start to one of the best series I've ever read. Zelazny is a super writer & this book started a series that has spawned a lot of other books. There are 4 other books that follow this one with Corwin as the hero, then Zelazny did another 5 about Corwin's son, Merlin. Gregory Betancourt is up to book 4 (let's ho [...]

    9. kompletan prvi dio Amberskih kronika je jedan stvarno izvrstan fantasy i tu nemam više riječi dodati osim da je Zelazny majstor majstora kada je u stanju napisati i izvrstan SF i izvrstan F.opća kultura - pročitati obvezno!(kad mi već GR nutka da ovo pročitam da mu napišem kako sam već i zaboravio :) )

    10. Odlično!Ovakav fantasy još nisam pročitao . Orginalna priča sa dovoljnom dozom misterije , zanimljivim 'storytellingom' , odličnim razrađenim i zanimljivim likovima i to sve spakovano na 231 stranice , što je u današnje vrijeme izgleda nemoguće , a da knjiga nema jedno 600+ stranica .

    11. There must be some bad chemistry between Roger Zelazny and I. I read his award-winning novel Lord of Light and was seriously underwhelmed. I explained why in my review, but still got pasted for bad-mouthing an American classic from an Indian viewpoint. Anyone interested in seeing the roasting I got can visit the comment thread on my review of that book.I thought well, maybe I have been less than fair: this gentleman being one of the greats in the field of SF and fantasy, I should give him anothe [...]

    12. This was a great short fun adventure fantasy. I particularly enjoyed the dialogue in the first half of the book. The banter was witty and quick and full of laughs. I thought it was an interesting world complete with an interesting family and set of characters. I very much liked the protagonist and was rooting for him even when he didn't know what he was trying to do. There were lots of surprises which I always appreciate. I'm not sure I see where the next books are going and I'm not sure I'll ju [...]

    13. Add this to the list of fantasy series and authors I had never read. I picked up a volume that includes this book and the next one, from a used book store in Georgetown, SC that has since burned down along with most of the downtown.Luckily, I had rescued this book by purchasing it from the obscure science fiction and fantasy corner in the attic, along with a Catherynne Valente. It has a child's bookplate with a unicorn in the inside front cover, and this really made it feel like a living book!Th [...]

    14. Originally Posted at FanLit.“I’d get what I needed and take what I wanted and I’d remember those who helped me and step on the rest. For this, I knew, was the law by which our family lived, and I was a true son of my father.”When Corwin wakes up in a private hospital after driving his car over a cliff, he has no idea who he is. When he realizes that he has healed too fast and that he’s being drugged so he’ll stay unconscious, he decides that he better find out what’s going on.The t [...]

    15. I hate, hate, HATED this book. I hate this series, but at least the other books are better than this horrendous beginning.Nothing in this book makes any sense. The system of magic (if there is one) has no parameters or rules--one minute the prince can travel between worlds in a car that he can also change around at will, the next he can't do anything, the next he's walking through doors drawn in the walls, the next he's doing something else weird and nonsensical. The only motive anyone has in th [...]

    16. A couple of weeks ago, I posted a review of Les Trois Mousquetaires, where I argued that it was the spiritual father of the modern French trash novel. Since then, I've been having three parallel discussions with my wife, Jordan and notgettingenough about what it is that makes something into a trash novel. Three out of the four of us incline to the view that it's the quality of being mass-produced; a trash novel is one that has been hastily constructed according to an existing formula, with a min [...]

    17. 4.o stars. Excellent novel that, despite its age, retains much of its originality and all of its fun. A pioneer among the novels involving the "multiverse," this story portrarys multiple dimensions (or multiuple realities) in fantasy rather than science fiction terms. Corwin, an immortal and powerful (think god-like) prince of Amber awakes in a hospital with no memories of who he is or how he got there. He quickly escapes and comes to learn that he is heir to the throne of Amber (the one true wo [...]

    18. Zelazny may just become a new favorite of mine. A while ago I read some of his short stories and I thought it was excellent. I saw some reviews on here and decided to give this story a read. I loved it. Great characters and really cool SF elements that make for an exciting read. Plus Zelazny's writing is interesting without being overly flowery so he doesn't waste words telling the story. There is very little filler. A great book.

    19. One of my favorite stories, written & narrated by one of my favorite authors, so I thought I'd love it. Unfortunately, there is too much background noise. It's supposed to be sound effects to enhance the story, but they're too intrusive & soon just became overwhelmingly irritating. No thanks. I'll pull out my old Avon paperbacks next time.

    20. Full Review at Tenacious Reader: tenaciousreader/2016/1I was incredibly impressed by how well this book has aged. It is a portal fantasy, so parts of it are set in the “modern” day we know, but with the exception of the absence of current technology and a few references to hippies, I could not have told you when it was written. It still feels very modern even though its 40+ years old.The story begins with Corwin, who has woken in a hospital and seems to be suffering from amnesia. Now, I have [...]

    21. A quick read that gives an introduction into the intriguing world of Amber. A friend has wanted me to read this series for a while now and he is super happy that I got into it. And I have to say I am too. Each book looks to be a quick read, but I think the author does a nice job (at least in the first one) providing details about the world while still leaving a lot left to be learned. Looking forward to reading more about Corwin and his quest!

    22. "If danger was the price of memory and risk the cost of opportunity, then so be it. I'd stay."- Roger Zelazny, Nine Princes in AmberLet me throw my biases out in front. I am not a fan of fantasy. I have a sister-in-law who reads a lot of fantasy and has shelves and shelves of elves and elves and I mock her almost to tears about it. I view a lot of the genre filled with derivative crap. But, I have found a couple gems. I loved Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, White's The Once and Future King, and [...]

    23. TL;DR ReviewFine, whatever. 3 stars because it wasn't a total disappointment as I predicted when I first started.More reviews @ The BibliosanctumLonger ReviewNarrator: Alessandro Juliani | Length: 5 hrs and 31 mins | Audiobook Publisher: Audible Studios (July 31, 2013) | Whispersync Ready: No\The 70s and 80s must’ve been a time to be alive if you were SFF author. Despite how I may feel about the books that came from that era, a unique crop of stories emerged from that time. Thanks to a recent [...]

    24. “Besides, I like libraries. It makes me feel comfortable and secure to have walls of words, beautiful and wise, all around me. I always feel better when I can see that there is something to hold back the shadows.”Nine Princes in Amber is the first book in the Chronicles of Amber series. My initial reaction to the novel is a positive one, as it reflects upon the better aspects of pulp fantasy fiction from the 1970s and beyond. In many ways I feel that this novel is what Michael Moorcock was a [...]

    25. A relatively short book, Nine Princes in Amber proves why Zelazny is a master of the craft. The book started with a scene I've definitely read before in some other book--only in that book, the doctor holding the patient against their will was a female, and I half-wondered if I'd actually read this book before and just didn't remember. But as the story went on, setting up a world, Amber, and its reverse, Rebma, I realized that I'd definitely never been there before. This book doesn't have the tra [...]

    26. *3.5*I'm not one for strict fantasy novels. Or at least, I haven't been up to this point. Lately, I've wanted to give the genre another go, inspired by a huge tome that caught my eye every time I visited a bookstore: The Great Book of Amber. Having now finished the first installment, I'm not sure how to rate it. Nine Princes of Amber sets off at a gallop with a daring escape. A first person account characterised by swift plotting, it's riddled with questions our amnesiac narrator can't answer. U [...]

    27. This starts out with a great premise -- a prince from a large, scheming royal family wakes up with amnesia, and after getting a vague sense of his situation he decides to pretend that he knows what's going on so none of his siblings can exploit him. This results in lots of great moments where the protagonist strings someone along with deftly chosen filler responses ("of course," "you know me," etc).But then, halfway through, he regains his memories, and instantly everything loses all traction. H [...]

    28. After reading Lord of Light, I thought I knew what to expect from Roger Zelazny. I was very wrong. That was in the third person, this was in the first; that was in a distant fictional world, this starts in our world and expands to a multiverse of worlds; that was a story told in a single volume, this is part of a lengthy series. I wouldn't have even guessed it was the same author had I not known he wrote both books.As for this book, the plot reminded me of three other books* -- The set-up of the [...]

    29. I read this many years ago and, by happenstance, re-read it (not for the first time) again recently. I absolutely love the way that Zelazny starts this novel and, by extension, this series. The challenge in fantasy is always to introduce the alternate reality, and Zelazny meets this challenge by starting his main character, Corwin, start with amnesia, so that he himself must discover the nature of reality along with the reader, even though he himself is centrally placed in this universe. The sto [...]

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