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Pure Sixteen year old Katie Wickliff lives quietly in the small town of Elspeth s Grove unaware of the troubled past that forced her grandmother to flee Russia with her when Katie was only a child When pe

  • Title: Pure
  • Author: Catherine Mesick
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sixteen year old Katie Wickliff lives quietly in the small town of Elspeth s Grove, unaware of the troubled past that forced her grandmother to flee Russia with her when Katie was only a child When people in the town begin to disappear, and Katie s own home is attacked by a terrifying creature, Katie and her grandmother return to Russia to find answers.Pursuing them is thSixteen year old Katie Wickliff lives quietly in the small town of Elspeth s Grove, unaware of the troubled past that forced her grandmother to flee Russia with her when Katie was only a child When people in the town begin to disappear, and Katie s own home is attacked by a terrifying creature, Katie and her grandmother return to Russia to find answers.Pursuing them is the handsome William who just might be a vampire Katie discovers that William is indeed partially a vampire, but he is also one of the Sidh, an ancient clan whose members are gifted with great power a clan to which Katie s long deceased mother also belonged.Soon, Katie discovers that her mother s seemingly natural death was actually murder, and she is forced to confront the question she wants to face the least Is William her otherworldly protector, or is he the dark creature who killed her mother eleven years ago

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    1 thought on “Pure

    1. Don't miss this fabulous Giveaway!YA Fantasy - Perfect Fall Reading - Win the PURE Series -eBooksClick on Banner to Enter - International - Ends Nov 23, 2015Since her mother’s death, her grandmother had always been extremely protective of her, yet there was something in Katie’s past that could not be avoided. Enter the world of Catherine Mesick’s Pure and discover that some secrets just can’t stay hidden forever; they will catch up with you, no matter what. Katie is a teen living in a sm [...]

    2. What a wonderful storyThe story is told through the eyes of Katie, a young high school girl. She has visions and when people begin to disappear she is thrusted into a mystery. A mystery of ancient secrets and monsters who stalk the night.

    3. The only person i liked was katie Gm i wana have a gm lyk that she reminded me of that actress from the movie red with the sport car ,any way the story was Okaaaay its a light reading but I wasn't attached to the mc that much don know why -_-, katie was a good girl and she had depth, and i learned new stuff about Russian culture so yeah if you want to read something light and fast based you should try Pured the romance was cute !

    4. I won this trilogy over two years ago and it took me that long to read this one. The beginning was interesting and the ending was fine, but the entire middle was boring. I didn't like GM.

    5. Cute storyThis story was cute and intense. It was fast paced and the mythology was interesting. I loved the characters and the twists were interesting.

    6. I mentioned this in many other reviews; I am sick of the romantic vampire. Read my words carefully; “the romantic vampire”. Meaning, I’m just sick of a romance complicated by one of the people being a vampire and the other a regular human being. I’m one-hundred percent fine with a different twist on the overly used plot of romantic vampires. And I am much more than fine with a story that just uses vampires with little or no romance. In Catherine Mesick’s “Pure”, she does just that; [...]

    7. Katie’s your typical teenage girl living in a small town. She lives with her grandmother (both parents died) whom Katie refers to as GM, has her circle of friends who she confides in and lives a pretty mundane life. That is, until people start disappearing and she starts seeing things in the mirror.What’s happening to me, she asks herself. Am I going crazy? But when she starts to investigate the disappearance of her classmates, she steps into a world filled with vampires, demons and all thin [...]

    8. Strange things have been happening around Katie Wickliff lately. First, her grandmother has a pair of mysterious visitors late at night. She starts having visions, a man's face in mirrors. And people from her school have started disappearingPure has a number of elements to it. There's a lot of paranormal mystery, some romance, maybe even some coming of age YA. It's also a book of two halves, the first set in the States, where Katie and her grandmother have lived for a decade. The second half has [...]

    9. In Pure, Katie is a normal girl who lives with her Russian-born grandmother after the death of her parents. Katie begins to see strange, shadowy visions, and witnesses strangers visit her grandmother in the middle of the night. Then people she knows begin to disappear, and she worries for her own safety as she plunges into a world of the paranormal of which she is an important part. I loved this book. The plot is fast paced and always remains interesting, with new surprises and mysteries in ever [...]

    10. Folks in quaint Elspeth's Grove where teenager Katie lives are vanishing. Katie’s home is also invaded. Katie doesn’t know why her grandma escaped Russia with her when she was very young. Estranged friends from the old country come and inform her grandma that she needs to head back to her homeland. Get ready; there’s going to be upheaval and disruption in Katie’s life. This was a fun YA read with lots on suspense and mystery intermingled through it. The ethnic aspects of Russia as well a [...]

    11. Pure is the first book in the new Pure series by Catherine Mesick. The book opens with Katie, an average teen girl dealing with nothing more pressing than an overprotective grandmother, a complicated relationship with her guy BFF and and even more complicated situation with her girl BFF. But everything changes for Katie when people start disappearing and strange things start happening. Katie was a great lead character, as was William, although I wish there had been a little more to him. He was a [...]

    12. I got this book from the author free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side!At fir st I would like to thank Catherine Mesick, author of Pure for giving me this opportunity of reviewing her book, I'm really glad!The story is great and takes a new turn in the paranormal genre. The characterization is remarkable and the background is well described which gives you a clear view of the progress of the story.The main character Katie is adorable and just fab! Her quest of revealing her a [...]

    13. Maybe it was the need to escape into a new world of fantasy, or just the desire to get away from the stresses of school and work, but either way, I couldn’t put Pure down!Although the book starts off as if life is normal in the small town of Elspeth’s Grove, things are quickly turned upside down when unexpected guests arrive in the middle of the night. The visitors lead the main character, Katie, to draw the conclusions she had only previously suspected.Unlike the typical ‘vampire’ or si [...]

    14. This was a very unique book that I really enjoyed. The storyline was extremely creative and there were twists and turns around every corner. Simon? eh, I could do without him. William? yum, he is definitely a keeper. He is hot and haunted. What girl doesn't like the tortured bad boy?I liked the change in scenery halfway through the book. The author did a good job mapping out two solid locations for the story to take place. Katie and GM start out in the U.S. and end up in Krav, Russia.The charact [...]

    15. Pure was a new twist in paranormal reads with supernatural characters including vampires, fey, and more. I finished it a couple of weeks prior to writing this review and found I had to go back to the book to check out what I liked and disliked to be able to write it. What that said to me was the book was okay, it was good, but it was just not a memorable read. I did enjoy the cultural twist with visiting Russia and delving into the family history and legacy that fuels this story and mystery. I e [...]

    16. I loved this book and read it in one sitting! I was pulled in from the opening pages where the main character Katie (short for her Russian name “Ekatrina”) and her Grandmother (GM) flee Russia and start over in America. Then some mysterious things start happening and Katie meets William, and there is definite chemistry there. But he may or may not be bad, and we just have to read to find out. I thought the story was really easy to get lost in and felt pretty original especially for such a sa [...]

    17. There were a lot of things I liked about “Pure” by Catherine Mesick, and a few things I though needed some tweaking. I won’t rehash the whole plot (the synopsis tells you what it’s about), but I thought the premise and the setting was very unique and creative. I really enjoyed the world that Ms. Mesick created and characters we could connect to. I enjoyed Katie, and although she was flawed, I like that better than the perfect Mary Sue characters. I liked the grandmother too (GM), and tho [...]

    18. 3.5 stars"Pure” by Catherine Mesick is a YA paranormal romance that is much different than many I’ve read lately. It has quite the cast of characters and many various supernatural beings, and some new ones. The names are all very unusual, as is some of the storyline. It was a definite nice change of pace. But while I thought the plot and characters were all very good, the writing was a bit too simplistic for my tastes (the sheer number of paragraph that led with “I” is staggering). I enj [...]

    19. I was given this book for exchange of a review.I simply felt that Catherine Mesick did a great job at creating a new form of paranormal that I hadn't read about before. The Sidth.Ms. Katie Wickliff is a 16 year old girl born of Sidth and Human although she has no clue what she is as her grandmother GM has hid it from her up until many occurrences happen. They had moved to Elspeth's Grove when Katie was young from Russia after her parents died, and for the GM to keep her from the mysteries for wh [...]

    20. This was more like 4.5 starsInteresting premise and the characters are engaging. The story was fast-paced and felt refreshingly different and I enjoyed the unexpected twists and turns. It was a quick read (read in one evening) and easy to get lost in. I read a lot of paranormal romance and this had some new creatures I’ve not yet seen, and I liked the story behind them. There were many layers to the plot, but it wasn’t confusing. You can see how the author is setting it up for the rest of th [...]

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