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A Gift of Hope

A Gift of Hope In her powerful memoir His Bright Light New York Times bestselling author Danielle Steel opened her heart to share the devastating story of the loss of her beloved son In A Gift of Hope she shows

  • Title: A Gift of Hope
  • Author: Danielle Steel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In her powerful memoir His Bright Light, 1 New York Times bestselling author Danielle Steel opened her heart to share the devastating story of the loss of her beloved son In A Gift of Hope, she shows us how she transformed that pain into a campaign of service that enriched her life beyond what she could imagine For eleven years, Danielle Steel took to the streets withIn her powerful memoir His Bright Light, 1 New York Times bestselling author Danielle Steel opened her heart to share the devastating story of the loss of her beloved son In A Gift of Hope, she shows us how she transformed that pain into a campaign of service that enriched her life beyond what she could imagine For eleven years, Danielle Steel took to the streets with a small team to help the homeless of San Francisco She worked anonymously, visiting the cribs of the city s most vulnerable citizens under cover of darkness, distributing food, clothing, bedding, tools, and toiletries She sought no publicity for her efforts and remained anonymous throughout Now she is speaking to bring attention to their plight In this unflinchingly honest and deeply moving memoir, the famously private author speaks out publicly for the first time about her work among the most desperate members of our society She offers achingly acute portraits of the people she met along the way and issues a heartfelt call for effective action to aid this vast, deprived population Determined to supply the homeless with the basic necessities to keep them alive, she ends up giving them something far powerful a voice By turns candid and inspirational, Danielle Steel s A Gift of Hope is a true act of advocacy and love.

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    1 thought on “A Gift of Hope

    1. I read this book long ago before . It was pretty good. I was very surprised that Danielle was involved so closely with the homeless. It made me respect alot more. Especially as she wanted no recognition for it and wrote the book long after the 10 year involvement with the homeless. I know first hand how horrible it feels to be homeless even though I was never on the street I had friends and relatives to help me and then I went to rehab. And I was only homeless for about 6 months. It is also inte [...]

    2. I have no idea what the point of this book was.It was well written, hence being awarded 2 stars but I have nothing else positive to say for it - possibly because I just don't understand what the point of the book was.For 11 years Danielle Steel helped the homeless going out on night visits with friends and colleagues to hand out goods she had personally paid for. This finished over 2 years prior to the book being written. There is constant mention of the fact that the author wanted no praise of [...]

    3. Author Danielle steel tragically lost her son to suicide after many years of battling bipolar disorder. Having lost her son and trying to deal with her broken marriage , she found herself in a very desperate and low place in her life. She spent a great deal of time sitting in the quiet of a church lighting candles and asking God for help. The answer she felt she received was not the one she was looking for or one that she felt that she wanted she felt she was to go out into her city of San Fran [...]

    4. I was disappointed with this book. I felt like I read the same thing over and over again. Danielle is such a good storyteller that I think she would have done a better job at turning this into a story about one of the people living on the street. This is a serious issue that needs addressing, but I was not inspired by this book.

    5. Heart wrenching readHaving never really considered the plight of the homeless before this is a very eye-opening book. I don't know how she managed for eleven yearswish there were a way for her ministry to carry on. A definite must read.

    6. Haven't been a Danielle Steel fan for years. Read "His Bright Light" and loved it. very informative about Bi-polar disorder. Her son's death was the event that lead to her surprising passion for helping the homeless. This was a real accounting of a person's passion to help. My favorite of Steel's writings

    7. I do not read Danielle Steel's usual genre, but in this memoir she recounts her 11 years of working with the small team of people she assembled to help hand out much needed coats, gloves, socks, shoes, and sleeping bags to the homeless people she found on the streets of San Francisco. Ms Steel kept this mission of hers quiet for many years; after the suicide of her mentally ill son, she asked for guidance in what she could do to help herself find healing. The answer she received was not what she [...]

    8. A Gift of Hope is just one story out of Danielle Steel’s life. In A Gift of Hope, author Steel shares with us the ten years she spent helping the homeless. I really appreciated how author Steel, in her kind and thoughtful way, introduced readers to the good, the bad, and the ugliness of homelessness. I had the opportunity to work with the homeless and was fortunate in having taken a workshop about understanding homelessness. The workshop enabled me to understand and relate to the ups and downs [...]

    9. I have never read anything by Danielle Steel and came across this book by chance. I should say by Providence because all things are part of Gods will whether direct or indirect. While this was not a page turning novel it was something I hated to put down and if this book serves no other purpose in my life than to remind me of the dignity of each person and that there but for the grace God go I. Then it has been worthwhile.

    10. A great little book. Ms. Steele relates some poignant experiences in her eleven years of assisting the homeless in San Francisco. I was touched, indeed almost brought to tears at one or two points in the book. You couldn't read this book and not come away with a much deeper and more humane appreciation for the plight of the homeless in America. This book can easily be read in one sitting.

    11. I enjoyed the premise of this book but it was due back to the library before I finished it and I didn't bother to renew it. Found it rather repetitive- there was even a couple times I had to make sure I hadn't bookmarked wrong since there was some wording that I swear was an exact repeat but only a chapter later. Could have been written much better

    12. Not sure what she hoped to achieve with this story. She said she didn't want anyone to know what she was doing for the homeless but I felt that all she was saying. While what she did was very commendable, I did not get the point of it. Also very repetitive.

    13. Easy and quick read. This book helps in understanding author's life. How author started working for the homeless. What is important to note is the "hope" factor that author believes.

    14. Um relato autobiográfico de como proporcionar apoio aos mais desfavorecidos ( sem-abrigo) transforma a dor da " perda" em algo enriquecedor

    15. I've never read any Danielle Steel novels, but this audio is a memoir of her experiences of taking to the streets of San Francisco to help the homeless. Quite a courageous and generous woman!

    16. A Gift of Hope by Danielle Steel When you hear Steel's name, you visualise a long feminine novel. A damsel in distress and an emotional and interesting plot but this one was a non-fiction based on author's first hand experiences. Thus you can not expect to find any grueling plots, relatable characters or some fantasised stories. You may not get to see an impeccable use of language as well. What you will though find is a memoir of author's 11 years of helping out the homeless on the streets of Sa [...]

    17. This is is a very interesting bookk about the homeless. It was very cool to read the stories of the people that Danille Steel helped after haer son's death. It was interesting the people that she remembered. it was also scary because there was a few incidents that were scary for the crew that she had working with her. They got locked out of a van one night and were surrounded by the homeless. she made the book more real by quoting some of the statistics of the homeless and listinng some of the o [...]

    18. Este não é um livro de romance como os habituais que Danielle Steel costuma escrever, mas sim um relato real e contado na primeira pessoa sobre a altura em que a autora, juntamente com um grupo de amigos (grupo esse que foi crescendo ao longo dos tempos), se dedicaram a fazer uma acção de voluntariado a favor dos sem-abrigo que existem espalhados pelas ruas.O retrato cruel do mundo real, sem floreados e sem ocultar a dura realidade que se vive nas ruas, a qual muitas das vezes preferimos ign [...]

    19. I was very surprised to read of Danielle Steel's involvement in helping the homeless and find it commendable that she with others were able to supply them with warm coats and sleeping bags for a long time. What I couldn't understand is her insistence throughout that she didn't want to know their stories and how they came to be on the streets. Somehow I feel knowing how this could happen to a person would bring about a better understanding of what is wrong and could be corrected in our society.

    20. A Noble BookWhat a charitable person. The author makes one aware how helping others can give a person so much satisfaction. She is to be commended for her adorableness to the needy. She used her son's death and her religion to help others and this in turn assisted her in her grief.

    21. What a pleasant surprise to happen upon this book in the library -- in the non-fiction section! Come to find out, this author had her own homeless ministry for eleven years, to honor her son who passed away due to mental illness. She believes at least 80% of homeless people suffer from some form of mental illness. This is not a large book and was very easy to read.

    22. A rambling and often repetitive memoir of Danielle Steel's work with homeless people, after the suicide death of her son.The theme throughout, is how it could be any of us, that ends up in this position, "there but for the grace of God (go I)".

    23. This book A Gift Of Hope was great. You do not realize the people that are in need of help . It was amazing the people she helped

    24. HomelessIts a cruel world we live in but this woman stands out. From heartache to helping others after losing her son

    25. I particularly enjoy memoirs and non-fiction books that deal with relevant social issues. I also think Danielle Steel writes a good story. A Gift for Hope: Helping the Homeless is Steel’s memoir of 11 years of volunteering anonymously on the streets in support of the homeless. It seemed like the perfect holiday choice to read during a time of year when “giving” and “sharing” is what it’s all about.Perhaps my expectations were too high but I ended up being disappointed. I think the bo [...]

    26. I've never read any of Steel's fiction works, as romances aren't my cup of tea, but this nonfiction work of hers appealed to me. In 'A Gift of Hope', Steel is still dealing with her son's death after a lifetime of mental illness, and during a time of prayer, she feels inspired to do something to help the homeless. Having never given much thought to the homeless, she wasn't sure exactly what she could do for them, but knowing that mental illness is a big reason why many people end up on the stree [...]

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