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Duffy and the Devil

Duffy and the Devil Duffy and the Devil was a popular play in Cornwall in the nineteenth century performed at the Christmas season by groups of young people who went from house to house The Zemachs have interpreted the

  • Title: Duffy and the Devil
  • Author: Harve Zemach Margot Zemach
  • ISBN: 9780374418977
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • Duffy and the Devil was a popular play in Cornwall in the nineteenth century, performed at the Christmas season by groups of young people who went from house to house The Zemachs have interpreted the folk tale which the play dramatized, recognizable as a version of the widespread Rumpelstiltskin story Its main themes are familiar, but the character and details of this piDuffy and the Devil was a popular play in Cornwall in the nineteenth century, performed at the Christmas season by groups of young people who went from house to house The Zemachs have interpreted the folk tale which the play dramatized, recognizable as a version of the widespread Rumpelstiltskin story Its main themes are familiar, but the character and details of this picture book are entirely Cornish, as robust and distinctive as the higgledy piggledy, cliff hanging villages that dot England s southwestern coast from Penzance to Land s End.The language spoken by the Christmas players was a rich mixture of local English dialect and Old Cornish similar to Welsh and Gaelic , and something of this flavor is preserved in Harve Zemach s retelling Margot Zemach s pen and wash illustrations combine a refined sense of comedy with telling observation of character, felicitous drawing with decorative richness, to a degree that surpasses her own past accomplishments.Duffy and the Devil is a 1973 New York Times Book Review Notable Children s Book of the Year and Outstanding Book of the Year, a 1974 National Book Award Finalist for Children s Books, and the winner of the 1974 Caldecott Medal.

    • á Duffy and the Devil || ☆ PDF Read by ☆ Harve Zemach Margot Zemach
      306 Harve Zemach Margot Zemach
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    1 thought on “Duffy and the Devil

    1. This was interesting, but not quite my style. This is a Rumpelstiltskin retelling featuring a lazy woman named Duffy who has lied and said she knows how to do spinning and sewing and so on. A devil makes a deal with her to do all these chores for her, but, if she doesn't guess his name than he gets to take her away in three years. If you enjoyed Rumpelstiltskin, then you may enjoy this as well. Unfortunately I just wasn't wild about the illustration style which is a matter of personal taste.

    2. Source: Rumplestiltskin shelvesDuffy and the Devil is a Cornish version of Rumpelstiltskin. A young girl, Duffy, tells Squire Lovel that she “spins like a saint” and “knits like an angel.” Squire Lovel’s current housekeeper is no longer able to knit well, so he brings Duffy home with him in hopes that she will help his housekeeper with the knitting. Duffy does not really know how to knit and makes a deal with the devil to have him do all of her spinning for three years. If she is unab [...]

    3. Duffy and the Devil is a Cornish version of Rumpelstiltskin. This book won the Caldecott Medial in 1974. I liked this book because it was easy to connect to the version of the tale I am familiar with, but it was different enough that it was still interesting. The Squire Lovel of Trove is an older man who takes a new maid, Duffy, to help his existing maid with spinning yarn and knitting clothes. She promises to be an excellent knitter, but in truth has no idea what she is doing. So the devil come [...]

    4. This was a new version for me of the Rumplestiltskin story. More narrative and more complicated language so I think older children (8-9 year olds) would enjoy this version. Illustrations are wonderful and done by Margot Zemach.

    5. This must be the Cornish version of Rumplestiltskin. At first glance, I didn't really care for the illustrations, but they do have some fun details. I did love the words used in the story, though. Too fun! Some of my favorites: confloption, gashly, oogly, squinny-eyed, whillygogs and whizamagees.

    6. Duffy is a woman hated by her current mistress, but the Squire Lovel of Trove is in need of a helper for his housekeeper Old Jone who cannot see very well. The Squire takes Duffy back to his house and she begins her work first at the sewing machine to make him new pair of stockings. She can’t figure out how to spin thread and becomes so frustrated that she cries “The devil can make Squire Lovel’s stockings for all I care!” And a little horned creature appears! He agrees to do all of Duff [...]

    7. This children's book follows Duffy, a woman who quite frankly is lazy. One day she makes a deal with the devil that he will do her work for 3 years and after that time is up, she must go home with him forever unless she can tell the devil his name. In a panic Duffy must find the devils name so she can stay with her husband. As she always seems to do, she gets others to find the information for her in attempt to save herself from the devil. I personally didn't like this book. While I know that al [...]

    8. This book is almost a spin off from the original tale of “Rumpelstiltskin”. Within this book, the main character Duffy agreed to make clothes for Squire Lovel to wear, although she knew that she had no idea how to sew or knit. This is when the Devil character is introduced, informing Duffy that he would willingly sew and knit all of the clothes for Squire Lovel. This agreement was only in place if Duffy was able to guess the name of the Devil within three years. Years had passed and she was [...]

    9. Summary: Duffy and the Devil is a play that was preformed in Cornwall. It is a Rumpelstiltskin type story line. The lady, Duffy, helps the Devil by making him new socks and clothes. The devil deceits Duffy though and does her wrong. Evaluation: While this book could teach a good lesson, it would be hard for students to comprehend. The book uses vocabulary that is far too difficult for most children; the words are also used in ways that context clues could not be used to decipher the text. The bo [...]

    10. • 1974 Caldecott Winner •This is a Cornish twist on Rumpelstiltskin. Pretty fun and I like the ending. The watercolor washes are really lovely! I love the New York quote on the back of the book: "Margot Zemach draws like an intoxicated angel." Hahha If that doesn't make a parent pick up this book, I don't know what will. Materials used: unlistedTypeface used: unlisted

    11. This is an interesting take on a Rumpelstiltskin story. It has many similar aspects. In this version his mane is Tarraway. As a reader, you almost feel sorry for Duffy, even though she continues to pretend to have made the stockings and other articles of clothing when really "the devil" makes them. This would be a great book to discuss honesty. This would be a great addition to a fairy tale unit. Although it has a beer reference and a practically nude Squire at the end.

    12. My first impression of the book came from just the title, which is also what enticed me to read the story. Why is there a children’s book with the devil as a character? How did a book with a devil character win a children's literature award? I found after reading the story that having the devil as a character was not as bad as I thought. He is not scary, but of course acts mischievously. The audience recognizes his naughty nature as we find a girl's deal with the devil can only be broken by wi [...]

    13. “Duffy and the Devil” by Harve & Margot Zemach is based on the Rumpelstiltskin story where the character in the story named Duffy agreed to knit clothes and make wonderful pieces for the Squire Lovel to wear. The only problem was that Duffy didn’t know how to sew or knit. This devil character appears and states that he would create all the clothes for Squire Lovel to wear if only Duffy could guess his name in three years time. If she didn’t get his name right then he would take her a [...]

    14. Grade/interest level: Upper elementary (4th-5th grade)Reading level: Lexile Level 860LGenre: Picture book, Multicultural (old Cornish foltale), FantasyMain Characters: The Squire, Duffy, Old Jone, Tarraway the devilSetting: The rural countryside of old time CornwallPOV: 3rd person narratingThe story begins with the squire looking for an assistant to help his old housekeeper with the spinning and knitting. He comes upon an argument between Duffy and her employer because she said that Duffy doesn' [...]

    15. Brief Review: This fairy tale was the winner of the 1974 Caldecott award. I thought this book was alright, the illustrations in the book were pretty decent, but in my opinion they weren't Caldecott worthy. The story is just a different version of the story of Rumplestiltskin, so to anyone that knows that story the plot was quite predictable. However, the story is still enjoyable and a fun read. I do think children will enjoy the humorous ending.Content areas: This book would be a good book to us [...]

    16. So I thought the concept of this book was very good. I couldn't wait to find out what happened with the devil at the end and if she would really have to go with him. I do like how it seems to teach something at the end, with the clothes turning to ash. if they hadn't then there would be no repercussions from making a deal with the devil

    17. Choice #1 Duffy and the Devil: A Cornish tale retold by Harve ZemachCaldecott Award Winner: 1974This story is about a woman, Duffy, who was asked to be somewhat of a maid for a squire. When she admits to herself that she was unable to do some of the work that the squire has requested, such as knitting and spinning, a devil appears offering to completely assist with work, in exchange for an agreement. However, the agreement is one that leads to high stakes for Duffy. Duffy soon enough deals with [...]

    18. Duffy and the DevilBy: Harve ZemachIllustrations By: Margot ZemachDuffy and the Devil is an interesting twist on the classic story of Rumpelstiltskin. An, evidently, lazy woman is conned into making a deal with the devil for immediate gratification. She quickly finds that although the devil was helpful, his intentions were of malice. As you flip through the pages the interesting illustrations depict very busy pictures with many blotches of mute colors. The illustrator used, what looks like, wate [...]

    19. Duffy and the Devil by Harve Zemach and with illustrations by Margot Zemach is a wonderful children's book. It is about a girl who finds herself in quite a pickle and makes a deal with the devil. It makes her life very easy and she is quite pleased with herself, but in the end is it all worth it? I won't give it away, but you should read it to find out! This book is a Caldecott Award winner, which is much deserved for it's time. While it may not compare to the technology enhanced images that we [...]

    20. This book is a Cornish retelling of the popular Rumpelstiltskin story. It is about a girl (Duffy)who goes to live with Squire Lovel of Trove because she claims that she was knit, work and spin like an angel. Of course after she gets there she cannot do any of these things and starts to panic. This is where the devil walks in and offers to do it for her for 3 years. After 3 years she is to tell him his name or else he will take her away. The rest of the story follows Rumpelstikskin mostly with a [...]

    21. This story is based off a Cornish (the Southwestern coast of England) folktale, but it is also a variation of Rumpelstiltskin. I will admit that though I have read tons of fairy and folk tales over the years, I have never heard this version before. It was an interesting story, though a bit long-winded. This book won the 1974 Caldecott Medal. Squire Lovel is in search of a maid to do the knitting and sewing when he runs into Duffy and her mother having an argument. He decides to take Duffy home a [...]

    22. Duffy and the Devil is a story about honesty and taking responsibly for what people expect you to do. Duffy is a young lady who is hired by a man to help his housekeeper with her duties because she is getting old and going blind. When she realizes she is not cut out for the chores she is assigned she calls upon the devil out of anger. The devil in this book does not represent what most people think the devil is. In this case the devil says I will knit and spin all your assignments, but you have [...]

    23. Citations: Zemach, Harve. (1973). Duffy and the devil. Straus and GirouxGenre: Children's picture book / Folklore Format: Picture bookReading level: 3Theme/topic: Character valuesGender: femaleIn-class activity: I would have an activity where the students could color a person and give him elegant clothing like the clothes the devil was making for Duffy and her husband. Summary & Critique: Duffy and the Devil by Harve Zemach and illustrated by Margot Zemach recreates an old folktale about a d [...]

    24. Duffy and the Devil is also set in the renaissance era however, the illustrations within this story are much different than the last. Margot Zemach the illustrator made the pictures look as if they are drawn and colored with pencil onto the page. They are also much more cartoon in their appearance. The reader is able to tell the time period by the clothing the characters are wearing but the characters themselves are somewhat cartoonish, as well as the things surrounding them. For example the hou [...]

    25. "Duffy and the Devil" is an old English version of the Grimm fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin. According to the book, this was originally a popular play in Corwnall in the nineteenth century. "Duffy and the Devil" has the same basic plot of Rumpelstiltskin, but there are a few major differences. First, the main characters are different. A young woman named Duffy is hired by Squire Lovel to spin, sew, and knit his clothes for him. Duffy has lied and, in fact, can not perform these tasks. The "devil" sh [...]

    26. Funny twist on an old fairy tale. Duffy and the Squire Lovel is a lot like Rumpelstiltskin. A girl is brought by Duffy to his house to help his housekeeper. She hides her secret that she can't spin or knit by having a little creature do it for her. He promises he will do it for her, but in 3 years he will be able to take her away with him. Duffy agrees and enjoys her life with the Squire. After some time she marries the Squire and begins to get upset as the three year agreement begins to end. Sh [...]

    27. 1974 Caldecott Medal WinnerThis book has detailed ink pen drawings filled in with watercolor.It's a Cornish take on the Rumpelstiltskin tale in which a Squire hires Duffy, a maid, to sew his clothes. Duffy doesn't actually know how to sew, so she makes a deal with the devil that he will sew all of the clothes for her. If she can't guess his name within three years, he will get to take her away.The Squire likes her sewing so much that he ends up marrying her. Right about when the devil is going t [...]

    28. This book was a bit strange but it's message was loud and clear. Duffy and the Devil is about a girl who cheats her way on knitting and stitching by making a deal with the devil. The story continues throughout the time period of the deal and when the time is up Duffy has to keep her end of the deal. Duffy must get help from old Jone in order to keep her deal. In the end the Devil takes back everything he knitted for Duffy and disappears. The theme of the story is to do your own work and get help [...]

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