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Birds of a Lesser Paradise: Stories

Birds of a Lesser Paradise Stories A heartwarming and hugely appealing debut collection that explores the way our choices and relationships are shaped by the menace and beauty of the natural world From a prizewinning young writer whose

  • Title: Birds of a Lesser Paradise: Stories
  • Author: Megan Mayhew Bergman
  • ISBN: 9781451643350
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A heartwarming and hugely appealing debut collection that explores the way our choices and relationships are shaped by the menace and beauty of the natural world.From a prizewinning young writer whose stories have been anthologized in The Best American Short Stories and New Stories from the South comes a heartwarming and hugely appealing debut collection that explores theA heartwarming and hugely appealing debut collection that explores the way our choices and relationships are shaped by the menace and beauty of the natural world.From a prizewinning young writer whose stories have been anthologized in The Best American Short Stories and New Stories from the South comes a heartwarming and hugely appealing debut collection that explores the way our choices and relationships are shaped by the menace and beauty of the natural world Megan Mayhew Bergman s twelve stories capture the surprising moments when the pull of our biology becomes evident, when love or fear collide with good sense, or when our attachment to an animal or wild place can t be denied In Housewifely Arts, a single mother and her son drive hours to track down an African Gray Parrot that can mimic her deceased mother s voice A population control activist faces the ultimate conflict between her loyalty to the environment and her maternal desire in Yesterday s Whales And in the title story, a lonely naturalist allows an attractive stranger to lead her and her aging father on a hunt for an elusive woodpecker As intelligent as they are moving, the stories in Birds of a Lesser Paradise are alive with emotion, wit, and insight into the impressive power that nature has over all of us.

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    1 thought on “Birds of a Lesser Paradise: Stories

    1. Onvan : Birds of a Lesser Paradise: Stories - Nevisande : Megan Mayhew Bergman - ISBN : 1451643357 - ISBN13 : 9781451643350 - Dar 224 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2012

    2. I'd rate this 4.5 stars if I coulddarn you, whole numbers!Megan Mayhew Bergman's short story collection, Birds of a Lesser Paradise, is a definite find. Sometimes moving, sometimes funny, sometimes insightful, these stories depict women's interactions with nature in its many forms—biological, zoological, and psychological—and how sometimes you just don't understand its influence.There are a number of terrific stories in this collection, but among my favorites were "Housewifely Arts," which t [...]

    3. If you could read only one book this year, my vote would be for this one. (As an aside, I'm not sure why that would ever be the case; what's wrong with you, only reading one book? But let's not digress.) From cover to cover, not a page goes by where the reader won't find instances of wonder, awe, and grace. This is fiction at its finest, and yes, I'll say it: paradise.

    4. I don't know what to say about this book that won't end up sounding overly personal, other than I loved it and thought it was a great collection of stories, really well done. I know lots of people like writing super-subjective reviews, but I'm not one of them.But. There are a number of themes running through these stories that shot me right through the heart: Being a mother. Having a mother. Slowly losing a parent to dementia. Loving animals slightly irrationally. The tug of wanting to rescue th [...]

    5. Un’altra ottima raccolta di racconti proposta da NN Editore, con un’altra bella copertina. In queste brevi storie, Megan Mayhew Bergman parla di donne che amano gli animali. Fotografa i suoi personaggi in un momento cruciale della loro vita, la cui importanza può non vedersi dall’esterno ma è fondamentale per la loro vita interiore e la loro identità. Gli animali che popolano questi racconti influenzano, guidano o accompagnano gli eventi che ridefiniscono i personaggi.Sono storie con tr [...]

    6. I read this book because 1) I liked the cover; 2) I like animals and 3) I went to Wake Forest and so did the author. I had concerns that I would not be able to relate to many of the stories since I am not a mother and it appeared that many of the stories related to motherhood. It is true that many of these stories dealt with these types of issues but the stories are written in a way that everyone can relate. I especially enjoyed the stories involving the a child dealing with aging or death of a [...]

    7. Confession: This book falls outside my comfort zone. It does not have monsters or time travel or time traveling monsters. There were a couple reasons I picked it up. 1. Megan and I have the same agent (the tenacious Julie Barer). And 2. That goddamn cover. Geez that’s a great cover. So I read the first short story (this is a collection) with not a little trepidation. But it was the last line of that story (Housewifely Arts, which was included in The Best American Short Stories) that forever ma [...]

    8. I got a review copy of this audiobook from the publisher. I wasn't sure what to expect; I was new to the author (this is her first book, although she has previously published short stories) and had no expectations. The book came out in print in March 2012, but the audiobook was new in November. The title is apropos - while the stories aren't about birds exactly, most of them do seem to include animals in some way - many birds, but also ferrets, dogs, sheep, cats, even a chinchilla. The author is [...]

    9. Fatto assodato: la raccolta è la sorella minore de ‘Il paradiso degli animali’ di Poissant. Lo dice nel titolo. Lo dice nella serie malandata di personaggi e animali che mette in scena. Lo dice nella citazione sulla quarta di copertina dello stesso Poissant, che quasi se ne fa nume tutelare. Però, se è sorella minore, non è solo perché è stata pubblicata dopo. Lo è perché tanto l’uno mi era arrivato dritto allo stomaco (che, come ormai sapete, è il mio organo preposto al giudizio [...]

    10. I really, really wanted to love these stories. However, while reading them it became apparent to me that they probably would have sat with me much better had they not been bundled together in a book, reading one right after another. The characters and narrations are all too similar--mostly middle-aged, middle-class women with mom problems. I don't mean to simplify the stories so bluntly, but this feeling was exactly what I was left with after reading the book.Her crisp, clean, perfect writing st [...]

    11. Il racconto è un sistema complesso. Per me che non lo capisco ancora del tutto funziona che: (1) a volte mi prendo bene e penso che sta andando tutto alla grande ma poi arriva la fine, troppo presto, e mi resta un po’ di insoddisfazione;(2) altre volte vado avanti senza particolari coinvolgimenti ma poi l’ultima riga mi fulmina e allora faccio “wow”;(3) a rileggerli, poi, potrebbe cambiare tutto.È sempre un casino insomma quando ci si gioca tutto sulla breve distanza. Questa è una buo [...]

    12. After some thought, it was ok is the best I can say about this collection of stories. I've read Bergman's later collection, Almost Famous Women, and liked it very much. The common factor there were women on the fringes of fame, the might-have-beens. I liked the diversity of the stories. The common factor in Birds is animals and the women who care for them. I like animals as much as the next person and the idea had me intrigued. I even like most of the stories, individually. But they're so simila [...]

    13. La vita, lo sappiamo, è una continua scelta, una crescita interiore, un accumulo di sbagli e rimedi, un affollarsi di persone sbagliate; la vita è lasciarsi andare, ricominciare, partire e tornare. Soprattutto, la vita è Amore. La forza di questa autrice è nel raccontare tutto ciò con delicatezza, estremo garbo, eleganza, quasi sussurrando all'orecchio del lettore."Posso spegnere il mio cuore quando voglio, aveva detto. Per anni le avevo creduto. Ma ora so qual è la verità. La verità è [...]

    14. Le madri ci intossicano. Le idolatriamo, le diamo per scontate, le odiamo, biasimandole ed esaltandole più di chiunque altro faccia parte della nostra vita. Setacciamo le prove del loro amore, per rassicurarci del loro affetto, della sua origine biologica. Possiamo rubare e mentire e scappare, loro ci ameranno comunque.

    15. Years back, I had a discussion with a friend where I argued that writing a good short story is not necessarily less difficult than writing a novel just because it's shorter (granted, I've never written a novel, so I admit that I'm full of shit in some extent here). You need to create a powerful story and characters in just a few pages, whereas more pages mean more time to do set-up, more time to build the readers' connection with your story and your characters.Part of the reason I made this argu [...]

    16. I have had this book on my radar for quite some time, but pushed it up on the list when it was mentioned on the Literary Disco podcast. This is an excellent collection of short stories that makes the connection between individuals and nature. Each story contains some aspect of nature whether it is an animal or going out into the forest. I think what appeals to me in this collection is that there is an honesty that comes through with each character. The voice of each character is strong and compl [...]

    17. Gli Usa ogni tanto ci regalano donne bellissime con grande talento per la scrittura. Questa è una di quelle. La Bergman ha una penna profonda che usa come un coltello affilato. Stupisce per le ambientazioni e la fantasia, per lo svolgimento e l'asciuttezza della narrazione, sempre intelligente, con rarissime sbavature. Rapporti tra coppie a volte sfilacciate, animali nello sfondo che sempre escono con maggiore dignità degli umani, che nonostante tutto ci provano, ma con evidente fatica e rare [...]

    18. This book is a treasure and was a joy to read. I moved through it slowly, wanting to savor each story and the characters. Three weeks after having finished it, as I re-read some of the stories for this review, the smiles and tears returned as fresh as the first reading.I think what Ms. Bergman grasps and illustrates so accurately is the human capacity to feel joy, pain, despair, guilt, pleasure, fear, and love, all within a millisecond of each other. This complexity of "human-ness" is difficult [...]

    19. In some ways Bergman does everything right in these stories. They are well crafted with interesting characters and their plots move along with a good amount of tension. However, reading them one after another I began to sense the craft too much -- the subplots surfacing just at the right time, the backstory slowly unfolding, the hard earned direct statements. By the end, I longed for a rambling, poorly plotted that would just break the mold and challenge me.I think I would have liked these stori [...]

    20. This is a wonderful set of short stories, all of which deal with women and some form of relationship with animals. The prose is direct, yet packs an emotional wallop for the most part. The initial story, about a single mother who travels with her young son to visit her dead mother's parrot so that she can hear her mother's voice again (the parrot consistently imitated her) is worth the price of admission all by itself. She feels compelled to do this even though she and her mother did not get alo [...]

    21. I can't put into words how much I absolutely loved this collection. Each story was lovely, haunting, and heartfelt. The stories were also the perfect length-long enough that you cared about the outcome, but short enough that no word felt wasted. I found myself fighting back tears as I repeatedly tortured myself by reading this in public. And it wasn't even necessarily the events within the stories that moved me (though they often did), but just the beauty of the language.Let me put it this way- [...]

    22. I'm usually not a big fan of short stories because I always feel like something is missingt so with this wonderful collection! Tremendous gems, her writing is amazing. One of my favorite books so far this year.

    23. Uno di quei libri che ti fanno stare bene, capaci a fine lettura di lasciarti qualcosa, un piccolo pensiero da coltivare e fare tuo!Una serie di racconti che uniscono l'uomo, l'animale e la natura, in grado di focalizzare l'attenzione sulla variante quotidiana delle scelte, sulla difficoltà di unire istinto e riflessione.Senza una fine ma con la grande bellezza della vita, della quotidianità, dell'imperfezione umana e della forza della natura, il rispetto e il futuro del pianeta, un nuovo gran [...]

    24. Going WildBirds of a Lesser Paradise by Megan Mayhew Bergman (Scribner; 240 pages; $24). In Birds of a Lesser Paradise, Megan Mayhew Bergman explores how we are shaped by nature and how, in turn, nature shapes us. Sometimes our relationship with nature is beautiful, but sometimes it can turn brutal. Bergman's short story debut collection, which consists of twelve stories, is deeply moving and intensely thought-provoking. Many of Bergman's stories concentrate on the theme of motherhood. Bergman t [...]

    25. There’s this thing that happens to me when I read certain books where that book strikes right at the heart of something I’ve been feeling or hadn’t realized I’ve been feeling. And to most people that’d seem like a good thing. The book has made me feel something! I’ve connected with it on a personal, intimate level! That’s what every author wants, I think. But sometimes it’s not what I want. Especially when the feeling the book taps into is this weird funk of melancholy and dissat [...]

    26. I'm so glad my partner came across this gem on one of our weekends away, in a little bookstore in Mystic, CT. I believe any reader could find something to connect with in these stories, but I felt a particular bond to the overall importance of place in Bergman's writing. I was raised and educated in South Carolina (Clemson MA with creative writing emphasis) but sought the progressive liberalism of Northern Vermont in 2003. In the years following our move, as life in VT became natural and even su [...]

    27. High 3, rounding to a 4.Deeply moving collection of stories packed full of memorable, unique leading ladies. Not particularly the "type" of story collection I return to and think of again and again (that tends to be more of the sci-fi/speculative/dark genre), but each of Bergman's stories were profound and beautiful. Bergman's writing, both flawless and fluid, was the highlight of this reading experience for me. Many of her stories struck a chord. I believe the best in the collection include "Bi [...]

    28. This book was reviewed inThe Boston Globetoday in glowing terms. They proclaim Bergman, the author a "top notch emerging writer". Although short stories are not usually my first choice, the comments written were enticing!**********************************************************************Unfortunately, I did not get too far with this book because the library requested that I return it. Better luck next try

    29. Have only read 2 stories and already have a book-crush. This is one of those books where you have to re-read sentences because they are so delicious.

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