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A Secret in Her Kiss

A Secret in Her Kiss Remember this name Anna Randol Destined to be a superstar of historical romance fiction Anna makes a spectacular debut with A Secret in Her Kiss a heart soaring romantic chronicle set in the heart of

  • Title: A Secret in Her Kiss
  • Author: Anna Randol
  • ISBN: 9780062025807
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Remember this name Anna Randol Destined to be a superstar of historical romance fiction, Anna makes a spectacular debut with A Secret in Her Kiss a heart soaring romantic chronicle set in the heart of the Ottoman Empire This is the story of a sultry and adventurous romance between an independent lady fiercely determined to live life on her own terms and a handsome soldiRemember this name Anna Randol Destined to be a superstar of historical romance fiction, Anna makes a spectacular debut with A Secret in Her Kiss a heart soaring romantic chronicle set in the heart of the Ottoman Empire This is the story of a sultry and adventurous romance between an independent lady fiercely determined to live life on her own terms and a handsome soldier willing to break every rule he believes in for a love he never dreamed possible A Secret in Her Kiss is exciting, exotic, and original colorful and glorious a treat for fans of Loretta Chase, Sherry Thomas, and Stephanie Laurens with nary a ballroom or hedgerow to be found This is not your typical historical romance.

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      315 Anna Randol
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    1 thought on “A Secret in Her Kiss

    1. I wanted to give this book 3 stars. I really did. Anna Randol's a debut author, and every struggling writer knows that it takes years of experience to get your feet under you. She even took a risk, setting the story in Constantinople instead of a collection of boring London drawing rooms where rakes and innocent misses exchange significant glances over tea. [image error]GIFSoupGeorgian England loved giving some significant glances.So, yes, I wanted to take it easy on A Secret in Her Kiss SO MUCH [...]

    2. I loved this booka Regency historical sent in Constantinople. Unique and intriguingwith a secondary plot line that neither overshadows nor disappears in the wake of the main love story.

    3. Obviously the biggest thing that drew me to this book was the unique setting. The entire book is set in Constantinople and with that came the lush descriptions of the land and fashions, which were done very well. I really enjoyed our strong heroine, Mari and her belief that she can protect herself even though her life has been in danger before due to her secretive drawings. When the overbearing, Adonis looking Major Bennett Prestwood arrives to protect her during her last mission, the gloves are [...]

    4. Às vezes arrisco. Sem ler críticas/opiniões ou sem um segundo olhar atento para uma sinopse, vejo uma capa e decido que quero ler um livro. Felizmente, muitas das vezes, surpreendo-me pela positiva como aconteceu com Um Segredo no Seu Beijo.Categorizada como uma narrativa sensual, a história de Anna Randol cumpre os predicados deste género de forma eficaz, ainda que breve, através de descrições repletas de paixão e ao mesmo tempo, para minha satisfação, faz um relato de época maravil [...]

    5. viv-omundoencantadodoslivros.bEste foi um livro que me surpreendeu bastante! A sinopse revela um pouco da história, mas há algo que permanece no escuro e que no momento da leitura me deixou presa ao enredo. Estas palavras podem parecer um pouco estranhas, mas é o que sinto neste momento e não consigo encontrar outra forma de o dizer. Anna Randol foi uma novidade para mim, desconhecia o seu trabalho e penso que também nada da autora tinha sido publicado antes no nosso país (espero não esta [...]

    6. 3,5Ok tenho que admitir que o livro é bom, a história em si é boa, mas tinha outras expetativas para este livro.O que me chateou? A atração fatal instantânea.Bolas! Uma pessoa que anda a ser perseguida, a fazer de espiã, com inimigos em todos os cantos, sem saber se o traidor (ou traidora) está mais perto dela do que ela pensa, lá pensa no kamasutra?Pelo amor de Deus!!!!Tivesse a autora tornado esta atração fatal em algo menos forçado e mais natural, o livro seria MUITO MELHOR!Quanto [...]

    7. Not bad for a first book. The setting, descriptions, characters, and historical detail are fantastic (as is the stunning cover). Bennett made a great stern, honorable hero, and Mari is an intriguing mystery-- a blend of cultural influences and conflicting motivations, a bit spoiled in some ways (her tricks on Bennett are occasionally childish), but she's good-hearted and brave, and she's got a head on her shoulders. The intrigue, was a bit lacking for me-- not that there's no tension in the book [...]

    8. *sigh!* that's how it made me feel at the end! It was sweet and you really feel that they've gotten to know one another and see how they fell in love. I really like how every single character was well thought out. There were nobody in here that I didn't feel like they had a past, present, and future. So yeah I felt like I was lying on a settee with my hand to my forehead and just sighing. *sigh* Wonderful debut by Anna Randol. I can't say enough good things.

    9. Gostei bastante desta historia , achei-a bastante exótica por se passar em Constantinopla e as aventuras de espionagem e o romance também foi muito bonito ( nada muito rápido levaram o seu tempo a apaixonarem-se) e com muita aventura á mistura ;)

    10. I absolutely loved this book. Fresh historical setting? Check. Interesting characters? Check. Great writing that pulled me in and helped me escape kid-induced insanity? Check. Can't wait for more from Anna Randol!

    11. Claptrap. I don't know whose is the bigger mistake - the author's for writing it, or me for actually reading it.

    12. Originally published at torimacallister on May 24, 2012I adore Regency romances because the time period is so fascinating. The early nineteenth century shaped a country in a state of flux, one that was either experiencing the Napoleonic Wars or recovering from them, and the whole nation was poised on the brink of an industrial revolution which would change the world, to say nothing of Great Britain itself. From a writing standpoint, social strictures were still a little looser, a hold-over [...]

    13. Para ser una literatura sencilla estuvo buena. Te entretiene a pesar de que es predecible algunas situaciones.Cada tanto me gusta leer novelas con historias sencillas que te hagan pasar un buen rato.

    14. I reviewed this for Night Owl Reviews - Rated 4.5 Stars Top PickRaised in the East, Mari Sinclair knows it’s time to end her career as a British spy when she narrowly misses a bullet. Unfortunately, those in power need the information she’s been obtaining for them and they’re not above blackmailing her and forcing her to work for them.Given a “protector” to ensure she survives and completes her final mission, Mari becomes infuriated. Her guardian, Major Bennett Prestwood, is too dedica [...]

    15. elcabodelolvido.eEl comandante Bennett Prestwood de la 95 de fusilería está a puntito de regresar a su casacesita regresar a su casa lo antes posible por su hermana. Sus deseos se ven truncados con una nueva misión, una nueva ordenoteger a la señorita Sinclair. Cosa que al principio parece simple, pero que al final le costará más de lo que se imagina. Mari Sinclair es una mujer devota a los suyos, tanto familiares como amigos, y hará lo que sea preciso para protegerlos, ya signifique ser [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book! Not only did it have a great romance, but it was witty and exciting. The setting was really unique—the Ottoman Empire after the Napoleonic Wars. You could tell that it was well-researched, but you never feel like you’re getting a history lesson or reading a travel guide—the setting and historical aspects were really well-integrated into the story. And there’s so much adventure in this book. This is definitely not a romance novel where all the characters do is [...]

    17. I skimmed this book in paperback while my iPad was waiting for a replacement charging cable. I was roped in by the unique and interesting plot. The heroine, a Mari Sinclair, is an artist who works for Britain in the war effort by drawing flora and fauna with hidden details of enemy lines microscopically drawn into her pieces. She is at risk of being discovered in Constanipole and Major Bennett Prestwood, a handsome blonde Adonis, is assigned to protect her life. They decide that he will play at [...]

    18. Author Anna Randol's "A Secret in Her Kiss" is a smashing debut work--a terrific historical romance that is both refreshing and rewarding for the reader! An intriguing and involving story line with unique characters who are both strong and vulnerable--each has their own emotional wounds--make this a very pleasurable read. Set in Constantinople, with the British Empire showing its widespread grasp, this is a Regency Romance without the usual fripperies and folderol. Mari Sinclair is a talented ar [...]

    19. A Secret in Her Kiss is a great debut, and a wonderful read. The story takes place in a different setting then most regency romancy readers are used to and it is such a delightful change in scenery. The Ottoman Empire after the Napoleonic Wars sounds to be a very delicate and politically scary place to be in, and our characters are plopped right down in the center of the conflict. I loved the heroine Mari, who has been forced to be independent and is loyal to those she loves. Our hero, Bennett, [...]

    20. I was excited to read a Regency novel set somewhere unusual. I was hoping for tasty historical detail and different social conventions.What I got was the uneasy feeling that the heroine was secretly a time-traveler from this century, out to thwart everyone and make them crazy. Where Heyer's Grand Sophy knew that she was defying conventions, and did it on purpose, Mari doesn't appear to be operating under the rules for English OR Turkish ladies, nor does she appear to notice. She walks home from [...]

    21. This was a very enjoyable debut novel from Anna Randol. I found this story from a recommended list of historical romance novels not set in London and was able to meet the author at Passion & Prose 2012 (she’s very nice in person, too!) which were encouragements for me to give this novel a try. I’m really glad I did this story a try because it was great. It had a lot of original elements in it that made it historical romance that can stand out from the others. Not only was it set in the O [...]

    22. I am more than half way through the story and started it only on Thursday.The premise of the story is great as is the setting, Constantinople. Her descriptions are good, and the spy element is great.Then we come to the love story portion. To me this almost crosses line and becomes borderline soft-core pornography. I am disappointed that the author thought she needed to add such detail to make her book sell. It is unneeded and uncalled for. I hope there isn't more as I finish this book as it will [...]

    23. I loved this new debut book by Anna Randol. The book begins as Major Bennett Prestwood is on his way home from years of fighting at Waterloo. His commanding officer in the ranks wants him to do one last job that involves important military information that is needed. Major Bennett is to seek and protect a British spy named Mari Sinclair. Even though someone tried to kill her, she is blackmailed in to continuing her spying duties. When Mari meets Major Prestwood, she thinks he's too dedicated, to [...]

    24. I was looking for a good beach read and a mystery set in Constantinople, with a love story in the middle, seemed to be a good choice. But I must say that the author overdid the love story and didn´t put enough mystery in the book.Mari Sinclair is a half English, half Greek woman living in the Ottoman Empire and spying for the English. She draws plans of important army facilities, but when she is nearly killed by a mysterious sniper, the Brits decide to hire Major Bennet Prestwood, a Peninsular [...]

    25. This was a surpising book, I don't know if it was the cover or the title, but thankfully my first impression bit the dust after the first few pages. Right away I knew I'd enjoy wherever the author was going to take me because the writing was soooo wonderful. I fell Mari and Bennet immediately, both are strong, overly self-sufficient and uniquely vunerable to each othere they're falling in love. I really liked the way they opened up to the possibilty of love in spite of miscommunication and under [...]

    26. My rating was a 3.5 that I rounded up to a 4. The parts of this story that were good had me reading furiously in glee. The other 30% had me yawning.I really enjoyed the hero - Bennett - the strong and silent type, but he opens up a bit and he didn't feel overdone. His motivations made sense and I respected him for that.Similarly, Mari was an appropriate heroine - bold in general, and certainly for the times, but not over-the-top with amazing skills. She is smart, but has her blind spots.Recommen [...]

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