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The Burned Tower

The Burned Tower A truck driver on a lonely stretch of road a hitchhiker and an ancient curse a brilliant and moving tale steeped in folklore by the masters of modern Fantasy In The Burned Tower was awarded t

  • Title: The Burned Tower
  • Author: Marina Dyachenko Sergey Dyachenko
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A truck driver on a lonely stretch of road, a hitchhiker, and an ancient curse a brilliant and moving tale, steeped in folklore, by the masters of modern Fantasy In 1999 The Burned Tower was awarded the Interpresscon as the best short story of the year on the international SF convention in St Petersburg Now, for the first time, in English.

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      261 Marina Dyachenko Sergey Dyachenko
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    1 thought on “The Burned Tower

    1. Picking up everything I can get my hands on from Sergey and Marina Dyachenko, I feel like one of those snotty fans of obscure niche bands who pride themselves on being a fan before the band was "discovered." The Dyachenkos are big names in Russian SF&F, but thus far have only three works translated into English: Vita Nostra, The Scar, and the short story/novelette The Burned Tower.The Burned Tower was originally written in 1998, but has recently been translated and published by Tor. (You can [...]

    2. This is the second piece I've read by Maryna Dyachenko and Serhiy Dyachenko. The first being Vita Nostra, which I loved (or I did once I'd sat on it long enough to figure out what the heck was going on). The Burned Tower didn't disappoint either. It's a creepy, modern folk tale using familiar mythical creatures to tell a thought provoking story of redemption and forgiveness. There is a fairly lyrical quality to the writing that only has a tendency to fall apart on occasion. However, I strongly s [...]

    3. reviewstaphorosis 3.5 starsGuy, driving through the forest to deliver caged animals, stops by the side of a road deep in the forest. There, against his better judgment, he picks up a passenger who has the look of the folkoric Piper he's been warned about. As he feared, the trip gets complicated.There's no question this story is Russian. Translated by one of the authors, it has the sound and the feel of recent Russian SFF, which gives it a wordy, slightly exotic feel in English. It's a bit strang [...]

    4. I was not prepared for how good this story was and really it is closer to 5 stars. The use of the character of the Pied Piper seems quite strange from Western eyes, maybe there is a more developed Russian folklore involving him. Still though the story had a nice blend of folklore/fantasy and horror and as a short story was very satisfying in telling the story and not feeling cheated by only 30 or so pages.This short story was released for free and contains a chapter of the next novel to be relea [...]

    5. Славный парень по имени Гай попал в затруднительное положение, а появившийся вовремя Крысолов предложил ему сделку: мол, поможет он парню, если тот пообещает довезти его до города. И поостеречься бы Гаю, ведь какие только страшилки не рассказывают о Крысолове – но нет, не о [...]

    6. Sergey and Marina Dyachenko are solidifying themselves as some of my favorite authors. Their writing has this wandering, lyrical quality to it (even when their editors--at Tor, really, guys?--let them down) that you don't know where the story is taking you and you don't care, you're just glad to go along for the ride.As shorter fiction does to me, this one left me a touch more confused about everything that was going onbut then, so was the main character, so that may have been on purpose. I stil [...]

    7. Wow, I adored this. That's kind of shocking, since I haven't loved something I've read in a very long time. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised since this book is the product of the authors, who wroteThe Scar, which I also loved.It was a bizarre little story, but I liked how it was just unapologetically weird. I also admit that I was completely absorbed in the raw emotionality that the Dyachenkos are so good at delivering. (Even in translations from the native language, so kudos to the translator [...]

    8. An effective little modern folk tale. I wish I was more familiar with the Russian or Ukrainian sources, but they aren't necessary. I'm aware of the Pied Piper of course, but the characters seems quite different.The story has a very strong Weird Tales vibe with a sense of suspended dread all the way to the end. I'm sure something was lost in translation, but this was still very creepy throughout, and the themes of loneliness and guilt come through. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but one aspe [...]

    9. The Burned Tower is, like the Dyachenkos’ wonderful The Scar, essentially a fleshed-out fairy tale. Unlike The Scar, it’s a novella, not a full novel. This one leans on an existing tale familiar to Western readers—the Pied Piper. Set in presumably modern times, a college student driving a van full of beavers for delivery decides to cut a deal with the Pied Piper when he loses a valuable beaver (who better for rodent retrieval?). Of course he gives more than he bargained for.The Dyachenkos [...]

    10. Because it's a translation from Russian (and well done, but still pretty obviously a translation), I do feel that I maybe missed some of what the story was trying to say. Despite this though, I enjoyed it. The Piper was unearthly and creepy (and exactly how I imagine someone of his supernatural persuasion would act), and poor Guy's story weaves from being about an average schmo driving a delivery van to a series of questions about heaven and hell, life and the afterlife, reality and monsters, an [...]

    11. An eerie, modern retelling of the Pied Piper with elements of mystery and mysticism. The translation is quality but it remains a difficult read; it's so thick with symbols I imagine it's a challenge to even fully absorb the original. That said, it's still enjoyable even at the surface level. The writing, even translated, is gorgeous, and the imagery is darkly whimsical. Dyachenko effectively sustains an atmosphere that is ominous and dreamy with the feeling if one were trudging through a thick m [...]

    12. In the past few years I have gotten into Russian fantasy and sci-fi. The first author I was introduced to was, naturally, Sergei Lukyanenko. I loved all of his books and ever since I have read whatever new Russian fantasy/sci-fi recommendations I have gotten. I dont care what reviews they get, I will read them and make up my own mind about them. I have learned that foreign fantasy/sci-fi books and stories are often misunderstood or under appreciated by a lot of American readers.So when I was giv [...]

    13. Очень круто! Герой совершенно наш, хоть и не канонически черный. Вот ведь как! Для хорошей вещи не обязательно тысячу страниц написать. Иногда хватает и 80. Гаю очень сопереживаешь и настроение его очень заразительно, ведь не знаешь, что ожидать от Крысолова в следующий момен [...]

    14. This story was a bit puzzling. I think it was inspired by the Pied Piper of Hamelin originally, then set in a strange futuristic setting. I don't know whether it was my lack of imagination or something lost in the translation that left me scratching my head. A hired lorry driver transporting caged animals stops to pick up a mysterious hitchhiker and things happen. Then the hitchhiker leaves. The end.I loved their novel Vita Nostra, which earned one of the few five-star reviews I give. As a frien [...]

    15. I listened about Дяченко, and I was happy, when I have readen "Rat-Catcher" in annotation.But I have not book about HIM and his relationships with peoples (Only with one man). It is the book about hateful peoples, their hurtsRat-Catcher only navigator for main character and justice maker for all. But his methods not very good.Not good fantasy as fantasy, it like a winter folk story near fireplace.

    16. Ok. I realize this is a translation from Russian, and so there can be some things lost in that process. But this was not an enjoyable reading experience. Since it was a short book, I tried to give it a fair shot. However, the language was stilted, the exposition awkward, the dialogue and the setting confusing, and the plot too predictable. So, it sits on my Not So Good Nook shelf. I'll end up deleting it.

    17. This is a novella that I read as a free Kindle download. It is by the same Russian husband and wife team that wrote the excellent fantasy novel "The Scar" (which I read and reviewed earlier). I am very impressed with their writing - this novella is more horror than fantasy, but is just as good as their longer fantasy novel. Definitely a pair to keep an eye on!

    18. To me, this short story was okay. There were confusing parts where I went huh? and some I even had to reread. This book did feel like a folk tale and because the authors are Ukrainian, their folk tales will be different than what I am used to. Also, this book was translated into English from Russian.

    19. This is the third book I've read by the husband and wife writing team (The Scar, Roadside Picnic), and the most fairy/folk tale like. Very short, inhaled it in about an hour or so, and it will stay with me. A fable about forgiveness and the Pied Piper.

    20. I picked this up from for $0 on the kindle. First time reading anything from the Dyachechenkos. I will now pick up anything from them. Planning to get The Scar, when I finish what I am currently reading.The rhythm and characterization fantastic.Can't recommend highly enough.

    21. Loved it! A modern folktale with a powerful message: forgive others and YOU will be set free. Very well written for maximum suspense and it doesn't seem to have suffered any in the translation. Hoping to find something else by this author.

    22. The Burned Tower is a short story that fleshes out the legend of the Pied Piper. It was suspenseful and frightening and thought-provoking and compelling and I want more. Highly recommended for anyone who likes retellings/reimaginings of old tales.

    23. I don't remember why I downloaded this book, or even when. It wasn't what I thought it be. There's a sudden plot change in the middle and it turns out completely different from where I thought it was going.

    24. Interesting Russian fairy tale, with a modern twist. There are a few places in which the translation from Russian to English is shaky, but overall, a pretty good read.

    25. Really quick read. A modern folk tale of sorts. I felt so sad for the main character's past. :( I thought it was very interesting, sort of creepy. I also liked the super natural feel of the book.

    26. This was very interesting. I like how everything unfolded as the whole mystery slowly came into focus. I will be looking for more by these authors

    27. QuestionThere is one thing I do not understand - Why Guy needs to be forgiven too? And this must leave 20 words rule is dumb.

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