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Ghosting A dying drug kingpin enslaved to the memory of his dead wife a young woman torn between a promising future and the hardscrabble world she grew up in a mother willing to do anything to fuel her addicti

  • Title: Ghosting
  • Author: Kirby Gann
  • ISBN: 9781935439479
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • A dying drug kingpin enslaved to the memory of his dead wife a young woman torn between a promising future and the hardscrabble world she grew up in a mother willing to do anything to fuel her addiction to pills and her youngest son, searching for the truth behind his older brother s disappearance, are just some of the unforgettable characters that populate Ghosting, KiA dying drug kingpin enslaved to the memory of his dead wife a young woman torn between a promising future and the hardscrabble world she grew up in a mother willing to do anything to fuel her addiction to pills and her youngest son, searching for the truth behind his older brother s disappearance, are just some of the unforgettable characters that populate Ghosting, Kirby Gann s lush and lyrical novel of family and community, and the ties that can both bond and betray.Fleece Skaggs has disappeared, along with drug dealer Lawrence Gruel s reefer harvest Deciding that the best way to discover what happened to his older brother is to take his place as a drug runner for Gruel, James Cole plunges into a dark underworld of drugs, violence, and long hidden family secrets, where discovering what happened to his brother could cost him his life.A genre subverting literary mystery told from the alternating viewpoint of different characters, Ghosting is both a simple quest for the truth what exactly happened to Fleece Skaggs and a complex consideration of human frailty.

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      285 Kirby Gann
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    1 thought on “Ghosting

    1. A really excellent novel - right up there with the best I've read this year. Other reviewers have compared the novel to Daniel Woodrell's Winter's Bone, and the comparisons are apt, but Ghosting is a novel that stands by itself. The writing is so good, I found myself taking my time so as to really savor the sentences. Another thing I marveled at - there are no flat characters in this novel. Every character, however small a part they play, is fully realized. That's not something that's easy to do [...]

    2. Ghosting by Kirby Gann is a brutal book. But that’s not to say it isn’t worth reading. In fact, this book provides huge rewards for readers who can get past the brutality and harshness of the world Gann has created, a world where property is fenced in by “a parade of bones” and young men are made to cut the teeth out of dead men, a world that combines elements of the classic coming-of-age novel with lyrical writing and a cast of characters who make the ensemble on television’s Justifie [...]

    3. Mysterious Book Report No. 65John Dwaine McKennaGhosting by Kirby Gann is a new genre loosely termed “southern noir.” Noir, as regular readers of the MBR know, is dark, gloomy and generally concerns the troubled members of society, the outsiders, outlaws and outlandish ones among us . . . many of whom are involved in all types of criminal activity. Traditionally, noir stories take place in cities, but an increasing number of them are plotted and happen in the rural south: southern noir.Ghost [...]

    4. A story reflecting reality, unfortunately. Slow start but it pulls you in, like quicksand. I found myself involved with the characters even though I didn't like any of them. Some of this book really creeps me out. One, because it has some incredibly graphic violence. Two, because the descriptions of said are so real one wonders if the descriptions are of actual events. Three, either the author has witnessed some extremes of human behavior or it's all in his imagination. I'm not sure which is mor [...]

    5. If Winter's Bone was a short sharp blow to the temple, Ghosting is a knife stuck up to its bolster and twisted slow in something vital. Terrifying, humane look at the price loyalty extracts from one crippled boy moving weed and oxy through E. Kentucky. I read it, finished it, flipped to the beginning and read it again.

    6. Wow. This book is intense, sad, powerful, overwhelming, gruesome and hopeful. It is definitely outside of my normal fare, and honestly, I can't say I recommend it to anyone I know very well. But I absolutely will never regret having read it.

    7. An intense story, written by what must be a brilliant guy who's seen some dark things. Plenty to keep me turning pages -- but compelling without being very enjoyable.

    8. “A high-low cocktail of lovely prose and cruel deeds…. Gann populates his novel with darkly beautiful images. . . . [Ghosting’s] mysteries are its rewards.” —The New York Times Book Review"Tthe characters are fully realized—rooted in the land and veined with bad blood—and their motivations are complex and believable. Violent, bloody, and darkly beautiful, this is a fascinating novel depicting the seedy bottom of an America in decline.”—Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)“Un [...]

    9. In GHOSTING, a young man in 1990s backwoods Kentucky yearns to find his older brother who went missing while running pot for small-time (but big ego-ed) local kingpins. Gann's visceral prose engulfs the reader in its rusty quarries and weedy sink holes, but a more careful outlining of the plot itself may have served him better; at a moment when the story finally starts to get going, I looked down and my Kindle said it had taken 50% of the text to get us there. Similarly, the ending is ultimately [...]

    10. I still haven't caught my breath. What a beautifully written, yet harrowing story that I can't stop thinking about. The book started off with a slow boil, and a pervading sense of doom following the main character, James Cole Prather, who is looking for his missing half-brother, Fleece. Nineteen, a little sad and sometimes not too smart, Cole is just beginning to decide who he is and what he wants from the world. He becomes entangled with the very men who may be responsible for Fleece's disappea [...]

    11. James Cole has always been of two-worlds: the ho-hum middle class life of his aunt and uncle, and the hardscrabble existence of the lake, where his mother and half-brother reside. The latter prides itself on community, if not lawfulness, and the members of the lake always look out for each other. But when James’ brother Fleece disappears, no one seems to be able to help. Soon James must take his place as a runner for the local drug kingpin in order to get some answers. “With a plot as full o [...]

    12. I Got to page 125 and had to quit, and to get this far took multiple days. This is one very boring book and by this point in an almost 300 page book, something has to make the reader want to proceed. The characters up to this point are one dimensional and behave as stereotypical as possible.The author can write, he checks off as many of the MFA requirements that books these days feel the need to include, copying the styles of Cormac McCarthy and the descriptions by James Lee Burke, but mimicking [...]

    13. I wanted to like this book more. The writing was beautiful and portrayed poetically the difficult lives of the characters. The mood was dark and you could feel the gritty world Cole and Greuel's crew inhabited especially contrasted with Shady's charmed life. However the pacing was off for me. I didn't get pulled in fully until about halfway through and then everything seemed to happen at once. I did like the ambiguity at the end surrounding Cole but the final pages with Shady sort of fizzled out [...]

    14. oops, guess I didn't save my review. The thrust of it was this: wish I had written this book. Gann's Kentucky is dark, disturbing, and almost romantically decayed. My favorite line goes something like this (to describe the protagonist's junkie mother): Lyda doesn't remember so much as she free associates . . .

    15. This has been a very interesting read. The setting is dark and hopeless and the characters are fascinating. While I've really enjoyed this novel, it's taken me longer to get through than most. I find myself almost having to prepare myself for the read. It's a world filled with despair, one that I hope to never visit.

    16. I really enjoyed this book -- it's great writing, and I think the author did an excellent job at writing from various characters' points of view. It was an interesting story about a culture and place I know absolutely nothing about. There were some scenes where I felt like I was the characters -- very disconcerting!

    17. I really wanted to keep reading this one, but the overly ornate language is proving to be too dense for me right now. This book has all the qualities that I look for in a good read--gothic setting, complex characters with interlocking stories, and gorgeous prose--so I hope I can pick it back up again another time when I'm more ready to immerse myself.

    18. heartbreaking, grim, and beautiful. complex, sympathetic characters drive a plot with mystery at its heart. a tough book, and a good one. (full disclosure: i had the privilege several years ago of being in a workshop led by kirby gann. i read another of his novels, "napoleon in rags", and admired his writing then. after "ghosting", i still do.)

    19. Goddamned depressing. Unflinching, raw, beautifully written, so honest. And goddamned depressing. I can't get over how sad, but I would not want to unread it, it was just that beautifully written too.

    20. In one word evocative. Violent and bloody? Sure but on the scale of sopranos not american psycho. The prose is amazing, the characters and setting deep and delicious. In my humble opinion this constitutes great writing.

    21. Hmm. I liked this, despite some problems I had with the mystery part. The writing is just beautiful. But it's a little ornate and gets in the way of the mystery. I'm still not even sure what really happened mystery-wise --

    22. What an outstanding depiction of the dark and cruel underbelly of rural Kentucky. Complex characters, who inspired both empathy and revulsion. Wonderfully paced narrative, with skillful use of flashback to further unravel the mystery of Fleece's disappearance.

    23. In incredibly descriptive language, the author who is obviously very knowledgable about his subject matter does a great job describing drug abuse and surviving on the fringe. I probably would have enjoyed this novel more if I was not intimately knowledgable of this world.

    24. This book left me with alot more questions than answers. It was very detailed and well written, I guess I just expected something different than what it was.

    25. Nice piece of writing. Dark story revolving around a family mixed up in the underworld of Kentucky drug running. Well developed characters.

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