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Blood, Milk, and Chocolate - Part One

Blood Milk and Chocolate Part One After the last Dreamory Fable Axel and Shew want to learn about the Lost Seven and how the Huntsman fell in love with Snow White an exploration that will lead to dire consequences Meanwhile Carmil

  • Title: Blood, Milk, and Chocolate - Part One
  • Author: Cameron Jace
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After the last Dreamory, Fable, Axel and Shew want to learn about the Lost Seven, and how the Huntsman fell in love with Snow White an exploration that will lead to dire consequences Meanwhile, Carmilla Karnstein s diary falls into the hands of Lucy Rumpelstein, who is desperate to learn about the Queen s mystery and how she came to be who she is now a truth the shAfter the last Dreamory, Fable, Axel and Shew want to learn about the Lost Seven, and how the Huntsman fell in love with Snow White an exploration that will lead to dire consequences Meanwhile, Carmilla Karnstein s diary falls into the hands of Lucy Rumpelstein, who is desperate to learn about the Queen s mystery and how she came to be who she is now a truth the should have better been left untold Who is the Queen of Sorrow, and how did she turn into a cold blooded monster longing for her own daughter s heart When and how did the Huntsman fall in love with Snow White Is there such a thing as True Love

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      181 Cameron Jace
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    1 thought on “Blood, Milk, and Chocolate - Part One

    1. This story is simply unique. With each book of this series I fall more and more in love with it!I think, it is not comparable with any book I have read so far. Of course, their are lots of stories, fairy tales, and historical events that are well known to everybody. However, the emotions, paradigms, backgrounds, and the messages between the lines are so well-conceived and lovely written that the reader is carried away in a world full of magic, joy, and love as well as brutality and tragedy.Thank [...]

    2. Having just seen Snow White and the Huntsman with the evil queen bring portrayed by Charlize Theron, it has really whetted my appetite for more fairy tale retellings. Looking forward to this one!

    3. My Thoughts – This book is amazing. It is well written, the description within the pages is attention grabbing and just plain awesome sauce. If you have read any of the other books in the series you should know that these books are re-tellings of fairy-tales, but with Cameron Jace’s own twist.This book is actually two books in one if you want my opinion. Fable’s Dreamworld and The Queen’s Diary. The interesting part about this is that The Queen’s Diary takes place before Fable’s Dr [...]

    4. I really love this series!! Book 3 finally starts to tie everything together. You start to see more of the characters from the prequels. I can't wait to see what happens when all of the Lost Seven are reunited.If you love all the fairy tales, then you will love this series. You have every fairy tale character ever made up. Of course, these are re-imagined so there are some twists. Even some vampires thrown in for good measure. Relive your favorite fairy tales in a whole new light. Trust me, you [...]

    5. I have been waiting and waiting I wish I could a copy of this book but the publishing date keeps changing oh well !!!! Sigh of distress !!!!

    6. I can't believe I'm already done with this. I'm enjoying the side by side telling of The Queen's story and Fables' . I'm really excited to see how this ends. How it plays out with the Seven and Loki's heart.

    7. Great storyWow, what an amazing twist to the brothers Grimm story. Can't wait to read part two. Thanks for writing this

    8. this is an ARC review took me a bit longer to read this but i got it read . wow mostly this was about Fable and who she truly is and about the Queen of Sorrows . also Lucy gets Axel to steele the queens diary who is what . i know do you . if you have read so far up until now you know what Charmwell has turned the book into . also who all is the lost seven though i know all but one who is the Star . and will they wake Loki . and bring him back and if you are wondering buy the book then read it th [...]

    9. This one took me awhile to read - not because it was written poorly, but because I wanted to savor every scene and remember each battle and history of the Queen and on the opposite end, of Loki and Fable. Confirming what my suspicions were about the Queen, I liked how this book gave the Queen another dimension and made her a little bit more human. At the same time, Fable became a bit less of a ditz and more of a whole person in this story. This is a great trend in Jace's latest books, to really [...]

    10. This is really scary and lovely. Loved to see Carmilla's backstory and Lost Seven-though I still haven't figured out Star.I don't like Fable's role here. When she dresses up, gets powers, how she is called Fable when she is Gretel Style also irritated me, always pointing out obvious and having mistakes ( in one sentence, character should ask why red fruit is gold in Sorrow, but instead asks why it is red).Lucy just plain confused and irritated me, as did Axel/Hansel's interaction with her.I'm no [...]

    11. FrustrationsI love the characters and story arc. You play detective trying to figure out who each fairy tale person is but it gets old when definitely articles are missing from a sentence. It makes it seem like something written by a ESL beginner. I still have hope since there are less transposed words compared to the other books.

    12. Actually 3.75 starsIn this third installment, things pick up exactly at the end of its predecessor. This series less separate tales than a continuation of one long story broken into full length novel-sized installments. Also it must be read in order or you muddle through. The major threads in this outing both full, strong and distinctly represent their own progression in the story with the dream-world and input from the queen's diary and made sure all the characters were included. I guess it was [...]

    13. very delayed review as i finished reading this book early march.Jace is very good at providing a gripping story, although even though i can't wait for the next book in the series he is starting to lose some of the charm that the earlier books had, in some section of the book need a bit more editing for spelling and spacing between words.other than that if you like fairytales and are bored of the same stories then this series is great to read, it provides a whole different take on the characters [...]

    14. This one is good. There are a few errors in the book. Pros we get to see more of fable. Learn more of who the queen was. Negative I want to know why she needs the heart lol. Also, I'm eager for the next to see what happens. I'm upset about Loki and she's so far I thought they had the true. A little disappointed to see my beloved Captain Hook turned into a child who throws fits. Why is he fate?? But overall I am in love and want to see what happens next.

    15. Unbelievable!As the plot thickens and unravels we see that like life nothing is black or white. Are the lost seven heroes or villains? Is Shew and Lokis love true or a spell? Does the queen do these things because she's evil or because she's cursed ? So many questions and not enough answers Cant wait to find out what happens next!

    16. GrippingMy only bad comment is the odd typo but you can forgive them because this book like the ones before.ipping,I couldn't stop reading I really needed to know what happened next to fable and why the queen of sorrow is really horrible. So many questions and not enough answers makes me more eager to read the next book. Well done Cameron on an other fantastic book

    17. 3,5*Asi nejslabší díl ze série. Ovšem ne že by neměl své dobré stránky, ale královnin deník se hrozně vlekl. Zato scény ze současnosti a snů byly opět nejzajímavější. Sedm ztracených v akci. Nahlídneme do minulosti, i když spousta otázek zůstane nedopovězených. Existuje Pravá láska vůbec? To nevím, ale vím, že už se nemůžu dočkat pokračování Grimmovských deníků.

    18. Love How do you fall in love with a author so quickly. I will tell you reading a book and not wanted to put it down. This book was full of twist ,turn, love and confusion. A fairytales will never be the same. Such a page turner. Sorry I can't talk about the story but I'm so far gone u might know the book before you read it if I do. This is a fantastic read

    19. To Bring Loki back, Fable goes into the Dreamworld to get his fleece back. She discovers she is someone different than she currently believes. She gets to experience the past story unfold and she meets the Lost Seven. This book is also the first half of the Evil Queen's diary. You further understand her beginnings and the choices she is forced to make.

    20. Can't wait for the next one!Each chapter was a cliffhanger. It goes between Fable in the Dreamworld and the Queen of Sorrow's diary. I'm not sure whether this book answered questions, or just made new ones. It goes into Carmilla and Angel's past more, as well as Fable's involvement with the Lost Seven. Over all a great book, and I'm ready for the next one!

    21. I find this series very enjoyable to read, and i will definitely read the next books that come out. The reason I'm giving it two stars is because although this is a very nice story, I've seen better use of language and vocabulary.

    22. I found it quite boring and slow moving at the beginning but then it got better however it's not as good as the other books in the series. I didn't like the way the chapters at the end kept skipping between the stories, it made it very hard to get into

    23. Odd story that jumps. Story is a little hard to follow due to the jumosThis is the 3rd book of the series and may actually raise more questions than it answers. It does make it nevessary to read the next book

    24. Now that I have to wait for the next book, it has made realize just how amazing this series truly is. the amount of research and leaps of imagination required to truly retell age old fairy tales is truly mesmerizing. I am at the edge of my seat, breathlessly waiting for the next book!

    25. Beautifully written, I'm so addicted to this series. Cameron Jace really earned the stars. I couldn't stand the cliffhanger, but I guess it made the book very attention grabbing. There is a twist in every chapter that makes the story very interesting.

    26. These books at just so good!!! I loved the back stories that we got in this one and loved learning what happened. Look forward to reading the final chapter.

    27. Loved the insight to the Evil Queen, but really wanted to know what made her so "evil". I can't wait to find out what's really going between Snow and Loki! What a twist!

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