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A afirmação

A afirma o Peter Sinclair atormentado pelo insucesso e o fracasso Numa tentativa de evocar um sentido para a sua vida ele embarca numa autobiografia mas ele encontra se a escrever a hist ria de um outro homem

  • Title: A afirmação
  • Author: Christopher Priest Paula Reis
  • ISBN: 9789722100748
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • Peter Sinclair atormentado pelo insucesso e o fracasso Numa tentativa de evocar um sentido para a sua vida, ele embarca numa autobiografia, mas ele encontra se a escrever a hist ria de um outro homem em outro, imagina se, mundo cuja insidiosa atra o chama lo ainda mais para dentro.

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      227 Christopher Priest Paula Reis
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    1 thought on “A afirmação

    1. I genuinely can't decide if I liked this or not. I certainly enjoyed reading it, but doing so was somewhat like losing my mind. I also have a suspicion that Priest crafted the novel precisely to elicit this effect from the reader, which makes me respect it even more in an odd way. All in all, I'm very confused, but I still enjoyed it. The closest conclusion I can come to is that The Affirmation is a story about mental illness, or maybe alternate realities, or maybe self identity, or maybe someth [...]

    2. “There was a duplication of myself involved, perhaps even a triplication.There was I who was writing. There was I whom I could remember. And there was I of whom I wrote, the protagonist of the story.”― Christopher Priest, The AffirmationAmong the most remarkable novels I’ve ever encountered. Here are the opening lines: “This much I know for sure: My name is Peter Sinclair. I am English and I am, or I was, twenty-nine years old. Already there is an uncertainty and my sureness recedes. A [...]

    3. Oh, now, this is a rare gem! :)The blurb does NOT do it justice. Rather, try to follow me here, because this could get rather twisty, but what we've got is what seems to be a rather self-absorbed man trying to come to terms with personal tragedy, writing a manuscript that is all about learning who he is and getting over a girl, but it soon becomes an adventuresome trip through a bunch of very interesting islands, him having won the gift of immortality through a lottery ticket.The world-building [...]

    4. Not recommended for: people who like their books to be straightforward, easily understandable, and conventional. Also people who want their books to include Exciting Things Happening.Special Interests covered: mental illness, philosophy.--A plain description of the novel would make it sound like a firework display of postmodern literary exuberance; but in fact it is anything but. It's a surprisingly low-key work, in its prose (quite quotidian), pacing (very measured), and mood (ruminating). It d [...]

    5. I'm not sure what I just read but I am sure of two things: I loved it, and I will re-read it. I will read it again not just because I loved it, but because I want to understand it better, and want to pick it apart, and put it back together even though I'm not confident that it can be done.I was captivated at first with some fairly mundane parallels to my life, an easy attraction to an everyday protagonist that just happens to share some of my mannerisms, feelings, thought processes.Then around p [...]

    6. When I finished the last page of this book, I threw it across the room. I thought people only did that in anecdotes. Ironically enough, this book has turned me into a moderately implausible anecdote.You should read it. Read all his things. CP is my hero.(P.S the blurb is terrible. I assure you, this is not a book about a sad writer boy whose girlfriend left him. Everyone here is better than that.)

    7. I love crazy ambiguous puzzling books, and this is definitely one of them. By the time I was 75% through, I was racing to the end to see how all the pieces fell into place. However, my thought as I read the last sentence was "huh?" rather than "ah ha!". That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it just means that I have to do a bit more thinking after closing the last page. Read some other reviews and talk to other people who have read this book. The first 3/4 of the book was 4 stars, but by the e [...]

    8. This was a very engrossing book but it was also very confusing. And that is all I will say because I don't want to spoil something.

    9. of all the writers i don't like, christopher priest is probably my favorite. i first found him through his book The Inverted World, which was on david pringle's top 100 sci-fi books of all time list (and has since been re-released by nyrb books, one of their only sf titles). that was a dazzlingly smart book about a warped world where civilization was driven around on rails to stay at the center of a kind of gravity well or something, i don't know, told in a kind of detached, reticent manner that [...]

    10. This is one of those books I picked up in clearance for no reason other than it was cheap and I knew the author's name because he wrote The Prestige which later become a Christopher Nolan movie (RIP David Bowie). And also this is one bad-ass cover with that face-stripey thing going on.Not knowing anything about a story is actually one of my favorite things when I read, because I like not having any real expectations. The back of the book doesn't give a lot of information, though I found it appea [...]

    11. Having lost his father, job, home, and relationship, all in quick succession, Peter Sinclair is at his lowest ebb. He takes on some work helping to renovate a friend’s country cottage; inspired by his ability to turn his vision for one of the room’s into reality, Peter resolves to write his autobiography, in the hope that, by doing so, he can make some sense of his life. After trying various approaches, he decides that the best way to achieve what he wants is to write metaphorically about hi [...]

    12. My response at the end of The Affirmation was to read it again. The words are exactly the same as the first time, as they will be with every reiterated read but my thoughts though, my thoughts kept evolving from imagining schizophrenia to being stunned at its conclusion and finally surrendering to deep admiration for Christopher Priest’s 1981 Sci-Fi Masterworks. Reading this book was mentally immersive. Several times, I found my limbs locked in position, the tip of my thumb lodged between my t [...]

    13. Captivatingly enigmatic magic realist/sci-fi puzzle. I might have given it five stars if the main character wasn't such a sad sack. I don't have much patience for brooding protagonists who dwell on their broken relationships.

    14. This book resists all efforts to define and pin it down. I would say that essentially this is a story of a man and his troubled relationship with the people around him, in particular his lover Glacia, and most importantly his self. But there are elements and themes that one might well find in SF or fantasy.He attempts to define himself by writing down his past. But he is dissatisfied and rewrites it, each time becoming more abstract, more inventive until he constructs a fully imagined world but [...]

    15. Mira, Elías, solo he tardado seis meses. En papel. Aparte de eso, un buen libro, muy a la Dick, donde el narrador es tan poco confiable como se pueda ser. El estilo es bueno, algo difuso en cierto momento; un momento muy concreto, algo que seguramente es intencionado pero no acabo de tener claro si funciona bien. Pese a que parece que la idea es romper el libro en dos, para mí algo —algo pequeño, si quieren, llámenme princesita del guisante— se pierde en el camino. Solo el final, y por f [...]

    16. La afirmación'La afirmación', escrita por Christopher Priest en 1981, es una novela extraña con tantas lecturas posibles como lectores. Entretenida, pero lenta. Arriesgada, aunque muy convencional en el desarrollo de los personajes. Coherente en su desarrollo, y pese a todo nada predecible. En definitiva es un libro árido en ocasiones pero que te invita a introducirte en él con todos los sentidos, y te obliga a mantenerte alerta para seguir el hilo de la trama. Durante casi 300 páginas el [...]

    17. So far I have read 3 C Priest novels and I utterly love the style of the author and the books are so compelling that you do not want to stop, though The Prestige kind of faded quickly from my memory, while The Separation left me with a somewhat bitter taste ( on further reflection, i think that's a book that people with an emotional connection to Britain will enjoy most, rather than a pure nationalistic British book that I originally thought)The Affirmation gets back to the personal stage and fo [...]

    18. A dazzling meditation on memory and how it defines us, on schizophrenia, on reality and fiction, on the writer and his creation. The Dream Archipelago, The Islanders and The Affirmation are together a masterpiece of literary fiction. I cannot imagine a reader who (regardless of what she/he normally reads) is not touched and whose life is not a little changed after the encounter with these wonderful writings.

    19. Питеру Синклеру было 28, когда за считанные дни он лишился работы, дома, любимой девушки и родного отца. Не успел парень даже заметить, как работа неожиданно закончилась, квартиру продали новым хозяевам, отец умер от инсульта, а девушка ушла и попыталась покончить с собой. Ли [...]

    20. Depois de terminar a sua relação de forma dramática com Gracia, Peter Sinclair resolve escrever a sua autobiografia. Uma biografia baseada unicamente na memória com o objectivo de obter a mais pura da verdade, mas para isso Peter começou a usar a ficção pois a realidade não era suficientemente boa para descrever a verdade. Tudo isto é confuso mas no fim temos uma autobiografia verdadeira mas ao mesmo tempo ficcional.No seu manuscrito as pessoas que com quem se cruzou durante a vida tem [...]

    21. Christopher Priest is a genius, he writes in what we can call his own genre of science fiction. There hasnt been any before him and don't think there would be any after. And that tells you why this author remains one of the most grossly underrated among the literary giants we keep hearing in day to day life.The Affirmation is about our narrator (Peter Sinclair) for who has been struggling to somehow stabilize his life together. All this only happens till he decides to write about himselfFrom the [...]

    22. Imagine a short dream of two long memories that overlay and form a third dream--an interference pattern. Imagine it all being held up to a mirror so that(The story-telling was a little dry and slow at times, but it's not a long book and I'm just coming off a different-type-of/JG Ballard experience. However, the narrative structure, the Dream Archipelago, the mind-fuckery, and the fantastic ending will have me thinking about this one for a long time. I am very excited about Christopher Priest rig [...]

    23. The Affirmation is the eighth novel by British SF author Christopher Priest, originally published in 1981. As with his later novels The Prestige and moreso The Separation, The Affirmation is a book about identity, truth, perception and perspective which rewards multiple readings and is open to many interpretations of what is happening.A 29-year-old man named Peter Sinclair is tormented by the death of his father, an unhappy relationship with a woman named Gracia and the loss of his job in London [...]

    24. “As long as I could remember myself, then I existed. When I woke up in the mornings the first thing I’d do is think back to what I’d done just before going to bed. If the continuity was still there, I still existed. And I think it works the other way there’s a space ahead that I can anticipate. It’s like a balance. I discovered that memory was like a psychic force behind me, and therefore there must be a kind of life force spreading out in front. The human mind, consciousness, exists a [...]

    25. It was a tough one to get through at first, but this book rewards perseverance. The story got better and better, and by the end I felt like I immediately needed to re-read the book to fully appreciate what I had just experienced. The book has a surreal quality, and a tone that left me feeling contemplative about my own life. The story touches on a lot of issues that I've been thinking through recently, such as the fact that reality is all about perception, and how memories are not at all trustwo [...]

    26. Det er fantastisk å endelig ha entret Christopher Priests unike univers. Disse bøkene om drømmearkipelagoet er noe av det flotteste og merkeligste jeg har vært borti. Lag på lag av sterke historier pakket inn i et nydelig språk. Jeg tror jammen jeg må bruke resten av året på de andre bøkene i katalogen hans.

    27. Una novela difícil de reseñar, como muchas de las cosas que he leído de Priest. El tipo de ciencia ficción que escribe es mas bien introspectiva, muy centrada en los cambios que se producen en la percepción y en la personalidad humana ante lo maravilloso o extraño, aún cuando se trate de fenómenos que podrían tener una explicación racional, vulgar inclusive. El "sentido de la maravilla" propio de la ciencia ficción no está ausente pues, en su obra, pero Priest lo presenta de una mane [...]

    28. There are dreams that seem so real, that stretch so far in time, it feels as if years must have been spent threading the night's memories deep inside your head. So far, that no amount of coffee or unprescribed medication you were "given" by a friend can solve, they haunt you. Sometimes it takes days for the interwoven threads to melt away from your memories until they are no longer real. Scarier still are those that you know will never fade, that no length of years or circumstance will pull out [...]

    29. "There is a deeper truth in fiction because memory is faulty." - This is an unusual book about a young man, Peter, who is experiencing a crisis of identity. His girlfriend left him, his father has died and he lost his job. A friend of his late father organizes a run-down place for him to stay at, which he is supposed to renovate. Peter believes that to know himself he needs to write down his own story, something that will define him. He starts an autobiography that he increasingly fictionalizes; [...]

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