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The Hidden Alphabet

The Hidden Alphabet Open this unusual book and you ll be greeted by a striking image of an arrowhead surrounded by a simple black frame Lift the frame and the arrowhead will be magically transformed into the letter A An

  • Title: The Hidden Alphabet
  • Author: Laura Vaccaro Seeger
  • ISBN: 9780761319412
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Open this unusual book and you ll be greeted by a striking image of an arrowhead, surrounded by a simple black frame Lift the frame and the arrowhead will be magically transformed into the letter A And so it goes, from Balloons, Cloud, and Door, through Leaf and Mice, to Yolk and Zipper Bold distinctive images and a simple yet ingenious format make this a concept book,Open this unusual book and you ll be greeted by a striking image of an arrowhead, surrounded by a simple black frame Lift the frame and the arrowhead will be magically transformed into the letter A And so it goes, from Balloons, Cloud, and Door, through Leaf and Mice, to Yolk and Zipper Bold distinctive images and a simple yet ingenious format make this a concept book, and a gift book, to treasure.

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      465 Laura Vaccaro Seeger
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    1 thought on “The Hidden Alphabet

    1. Great alphabet book with beautiful illustrations! Found this little gem on a small shelf at the library. It's a lift the flap book, but you can see through each little window of the flaps, a picture of something that begins with the current letter. But when you lift the flap, the picture of the item beginning with that letter, turns into that letter! It's a really neat idea, and it's kind of a reverse alphabet book compared to the others, which usually have you reading the letter and then showin [...]

    2. This book appealed to me so I borrowed a copy for the grandchildren. Zenobia had a great time checking out her alphabet, enjoying the illustrations, and lifting the flaps. It's beautifully coloured and boldly designed - we both loved it.

    3. It's just an alphabet book, but it's a cool one: first you get an image appropriate to the letter, then you open out the die-cut page and see the letter.Library copy

    4. Beautiful illustrations partially hidden under flaps that reveal the letter underneath. A great one-on-one book that encourages questions and conversation with children learning their ABCs.

    5. The Hidden Alphabet was an interesting read that I with my reading pal. For each of the letters there is a word association with it. Through a square cut out readers get a glimpse of the object. After opening the flap, readers are exposed to the full image. I think this was a great read for readers that are just beginning. My reading pal enjoyed each of the images. However, there were a few more difficult words that the kindergarten student was unsure of. Overall, a very beneficial book that cou [...]

    6. Genre: Alphabet BookGrade: KFun way to get kids to remember letters, with fun patterns ingrained into each letter.

    7. Laura Seeger’s The Hidden Alphabet is a work of art posing as an alphabet book. Black lift-up flaps frame stunningly simple images of birds, mice, eggs, even quotation marks–setting these rather humble, everyday objects up as works of art in their own right. Lift the flaps and the objects reveal themselves to be a notch in a K, the hole in an R, or the curve of an S.The book’s only text is the name of the objects in the black frame. The result is a blend of short, unimposing text and famil [...]

    8. 1. Genre: Alphabet picture book2. Summary: This is such a unique book about the alphabet. It includes simple pictures hidden underneath lift-up flaps. This is such a great book for young children who can explore in order to learn.3. Critique:a.) This story has wonderful illustrations that make for a unique story. The beautiful illustrations are so simple but the colors and the images that are used are wonderful. b.) The thing that makes this book so great is the lift-up flap layout. This is such [...]

    9. LIBS 642 PICTURE BOOK LOGCategory: ALPHABETSource: 2004 ALA Notable book for ChildrenThe Hidden Alphabet is a unique concept book that explores the lesson of the alphabet in a way never before done. Laura Seeger uses bright colors against a black background to vibrantly display letters and illustrations that are composed to create a collaborative understanding of letter recognition within words and objects. Each image is creatively covered by a flap that can be lifted to reveal its corresponding [...]

    10. This interactive, engineered alphabet book provides readers with a new and innovative way to view the alphabet. A thick black frame surrounds each page and creates a window that reveals a picture beneath the frame. Each letter of the alphabet has a picture and word that matches. For example, the book begins with the thick, black frame surrounding a picture of an arrowhead for the letter A. The interactive and engineered aspect of this book comes into play as reader flips open this black frame an [...]

    11. In the “The Hidden Alphabet” by Laura Vaccaro Seeger the book is made for interaction, children can lift a flap to reveal the hidden letters of the alphabet, but this alone does not capture the children’s interest. The children are encouraged to find the hidden letter within the picture once it is uncovered. This book is good at teaching the alphabet since for each letter there is a corresponding object depicted in the pictures that’s name begins with that letter. For example, the letter [...]

    12. The Hidden Alphabet by Laura Vaccaro Seeger was such an enjoyable ABC picture book to look through. Based on the cover of the book, you can sort of tell that it is going have some special way of hiding each letter using rectangles. It did just that! Not only incorporating a way to hide the letters, but also each illustration used was an object used in the words. For example, letter B showed two balloons that when you flipped the flap up, you could see exactly how the balloons were incorporated i [...]

    13. The Hidden Alphabet is a interactive ABC book. It’s really quite fun for kids. The letters are hidden under each flap. For instances when you open to the first page you have arrowhead written in white on a black page with a picture of an arrowhead. When you life up the flap you see the big letter A. I like this because for younger children it keeps them entertained throughout the book. However a drawback I see to this is sometimes the letters are hard to read. Maybe for teaching the ABC’s ri [...]

    14. ABC BookThe Hidden Alphabet by Laura Seeger was a great book! This book did a great job at illustating all the letters of the alphabet. I really enjoyed this book because it was interactive. For each letter there was a hidden picture which made the letter behind a lift up black flap. Each time I was suprised about what the picture was going to be and how the letter of the alphabet was incoporated into the picture. The example words for each letter were great choices too! The words were not too s [...]

    15. Tags: alphabet book, square, black flaps, concept, moveable bookIllustrations are unique in that they use the object they are portraying to help make the letter. The arrowhead on the first page is used to form the inside of the letter A. Each page is completely black with a single word in white. An image is in the cut out portion of the page and when the flap is lifted the object helps form the letter while also representing a word that begins with the ltter. Images are done in watercolors."The [...]

    16. THe Hidden Alphabet by Laura Vaccaro Seeger is a great ABC picture book for kids in kindergarten and first grade. The interactive picture book allows children to lift flaps on each page to reveal not only a letter of the alphabet, but a work of art. Each letter of the alphabet has a word and an image to accompany the letter. This book is a fun and different way for young kids to explore the alphabet. The illustrations are simple yet beautiful, and each image clearly displays a letter and a pictu [...]

    17. Wordless books are a perfect opportunity for a child to practice both receptive and expressive language through the practice of talking. The Hidden Alphabet is a concept book which will help strengthen the child’s letter knowledge skill as each letter is discussed. This book also supports the child’s phonological awareness skills as the sound of letters can be discussed. Appropriate for a 3 year old, this book is another take on the alphabet, a concept which is the framework from which readi [...]

    18. 24 months - we enjoyed this one. O knows her alphabet and can identify the words pictured. We are working on connecting starting sounds with words/pictures and their starting letter and this is a good book for that. Some of the letters are altered just enough that it's hard for this age to make the connection with the symbol for the letter (the "H" doesn't look like an "H" to her). But it's still a great book an will have appeal for years to come. This book also appeals to my artistic side!

    19. This book was fun, it just wasn't what I was looking for. It's as thick as a chapter book, since there's one letter per page. The heaviness made the book difficult to manage while my toddler was on my lap. Maybe if you have a 4- or 5-year-old who's learning the alphabet or just wants to have a fun activity book, this might work for you.

    20. This is a wonderful book that helps children learn the alphabet. The author has made a game that allows children to see a word such as "arrowhead" and raise the cover that is over the picture to see the illustration of the word and the letter. The colors on the pages are eye catching! This books allows children to have fun while learning their ABC's. A great way to learn!

    21. William particularly likes this one. He knows two thirds of the letters and makes logical mistakes like X / K, V / Y, R / B. Its a fun way to talk about letters if you don't want the letters inferred in a story, which sometimes you don't. I don't like all the word selections (garden hose and quotation mark cone to mind), but the art is quite nice.

    22. Laura Vaccaro Seeger is such a creative author! This concept book is so engaging for young children, but older kids are likely to marvel at the hidden letters in these incredible images (almost optical illusions!) Publishers Weekly Review says: "Seeger makes an interactive game of the alphabet and fashions a sophisticated presentation."

    23. A lift-the-flap alphabet book.Cutouts on the flap show an object--arrow, partridge, toast, ukulele, etc. When you lift the flap, the letter's revealed. Fun! Not the first concept book I'd buy for your kid, but a good one to checkout or have kicking around the house.

    24. I finally bought this book because my 4-year-old would bring it home EVERY time we went to the library. Every, single, time. And she did this for MONTHS – she discovered this book when she was 3. It's a cute, creative book with pictures my kids love.

    25. This is a great alphabet book. It helps to introduce beginning sounds to students. They can guess what the pictures are and make sure that their guess starts with the appropriate letter. The cut out illustrations are very creative and ingenious.

    26. Great illustrations, especially for Junior Kindergarten age (4 years) especially. Students recognize the letters first (despite that the letters are what is hidden under the flap) and try to figure out what each letter represents. A fun exercise for young children.

    27. This alphabet book features windows that show each letter. Then, you lift the flap to discover a picture of an object that starts with that letter. The concept is not new, but I think it was better done in this book than in most I have seen.

    28. An earlier of Seeger's die-cut bonanzas, this journey through the alphabet with the pairing of a word of the same letter and its negative space (since it is once again conceptual, it's harder to describe in words), is fun discovery, guessing and then flipping of pages.

    29. We got this one from the library. My three-year-old son and I both enjoy the creativity of the letters hiding in an illustration of something that starts with that letter. Very clever.

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