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The Grass is Singing

The Grass is Singing This is an alternate cover edition for isbn The Grass is Singing focuses on the blighted life of a woman whose spirit is destroyed by a disastrous marriage and by the environment to wh

  • Title: The Grass is Singing
  • Author: Doris Lessing
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is an alternate cover edition for isbn13 9780586089248 The Grass is Singing focuses on the blighted life of a woman whose spirit is destroyed by a disastrous marriage and by the environment to which she couldn t respond More than any other white African writer of her generation, Doris Lessing is aware of the seductive cruelty of colonialism, and is one of the strongThis is an alternate cover edition for isbn13 9780586089248 The Grass is Singing focuses on the blighted life of a woman whose spirit is destroyed by a disastrous marriage and by the environment to which she couldn t respond More than any other white African writer of her generation, Doris Lessing is aware of the seductive cruelty of colonialism, and is one of the strongest, fiercest voices against injustice, racism and sexual hypocrisy Independent on Sunday

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      325 Doris Lessing
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    1 thought on “The Grass is Singing

    1. This book is a stunning exposé of why Zimbabwe has Mugabe and why he, evil as he is, is certainly no worse than that great white hope, Sir Cecil Rhodes. The whites in this book, with one exception, are all devotees of Rhodes and his brand of racism - Rhodesia for the whites, the blacks are suitable for being farm animals as they are all simpleminded thieves, liars and hate the white man. It's the same mindset as slavery really.The grass is singing cicada songs, songs of blood, songs of freedom [...]

    2. Doris Lessing's first novel has the precision of a fine short story and the depth of a much longer novel. This portrait of the psychological disintegration of a farmer's wife saddled with an ineffectual husband on a luckless South African farm is precisely realized and and completely convincing. The last quarter of the novel, however, is weaker than the rest. The character of the black house servant Moses is more of a symbol than a human being, and the ending--meant to be tragic--descends to mel [...]

    3. If this novel impresses from the very beginning it is because of the openness in which Lessing plays her cards in the first chapter. The voice of the omniscient narrator glows with the clarity of objective facts that is missing in the rest of the novel, replaced by an increasingly suffocating account of two doomed lives that slowly disintegrate in polarized madness.The tragic end of Mary Turner, a white woman, in the hands of Moses, her black servant, in a remote, hostile South African hell is r [...]

    4. In her first novel, The Grass is Singing (first published 1950), Doris Lessing begins with a short description of a crime on a farm in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe):MURDER MYSTERYBy Special CorrespondentMary Turner, wife of Richard Turner, a farmer at Ngesi, was found murdered on the front veranda of their homestead yesterday morning. The houseboy, who has been arrested, has confessed to the crime. No motive has been discovered. It is thought he was in search of valuables.For Lessing, the cri [...]

    5. The Grass is Singing is Doris Lessing's first novel, published in 1950. It is a savage and stark indictment of South Africa's apartheid system. It is set in what was formerly Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, and concentrates on Rhodesian white culture with its racist and prejudiced attitudes. The system of gross racial injustice dominates both the society and this story.The novel is told in flashback. At the beginning of chapter one there is a brief news report of the murder of a white woman plu [...]

    6. The Grass is Singing is a novel of colonialism, human degradation, and an uncomfortable view of the prevailing attitude of a time and place, and yet, to me it was more so a powerful portrait of a crumbling mind. Mary Turner is a hideous woman; bitter, cruel, entitled. What started out as a woman’s resentment over a boring farm life and a distant marriage soon turned into something deeper and much more unsettling. Sometimes people are broken so early in their life that it’s impossible to ever [...]

    7. “It is by the failures and misfits of a civilization that one can best judge its weaknesses.” -Author Unknown****4.5 Stars**** I was shattered with the outcome of this novel. Disturbing. Unflinching. Compulsively readable.

    8. Colonialism in southern Africa: both sides left in destructionDoris Lessing, winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize for literature, tells the incredibly haunting story of the disintegration and descent into madness of Mary and her husband Dick Turner, simultaneously revealing the scathing truths of apartheid-ruled life in Rhodesia. This was her first book, published in 1950. What a debut! I'm stunned, I have goosebumps; I'm unfit to do this book justice, to convey the claustrophobic, solitary descent th [...]

    9. Re-read after about 7 year's break.One of the unusual things about this, Lessing's first published book, is the extreme omniscient author position she takes. She describes a character's appearance to others, then swoops into her psyche to reveal her thoughts. She describes someone's response to another person's expression and then jumps to his companion's view of him. To emphasise her power even further, she shifts from objective descriptions of the landscape to characters' experiences of it. Ho [...]

    10. 2.5 Stars The Grass is singing by Dorris Lessing was a bookclub read.I found the book an ok read, I liked the setting of the novel and thought the author conveyed an excellent sense of time and place. The story at the core of this novel is about race and the racist attitudes of society at this time in Southern Rhodesia.The book is a challenging read and I found the characters quite dislikable and a relentless air of doom and gloom about the plot.The novel opens with the announcement in a local p [...]

    11. “The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.”----F. Scott FitzgeraldDoris Lessing's, the Nobel Prizewinning debut book, The Grass is Singing revolves around a youngish woman who after marrying a South African white farmer, and within a few years, looses herself and becomes a victim to immense loneliness as she realizes her husband's constant failure both in his farm as well as in their shared marital l [...]

    12. South AfricaThe novel is set in Rhodesia now Zimbabwe in the 1940s. At this time the country was governed according to the rules of apartheid, a system of institutionalized racism in which the white minority was socially, legally, and politically dominant over the black majority. I had a feeling this was going to be a challenging book for me.The opening chapter is very difficult to read, begins with a newspaper report about the murder of a white woman by a black man, a servant in her house.Th [...]

    13. I wouldn't say that I enjoyed this book (because how can you enjoy the telling of the slow but constant decomposition of a woman and her psyche) but I do have to say that it was an engrossing read. Although I could not identify with the characters and rejected their weaknesses and frailties, I could not put the book down. The author creates a wonderful psychological vortex in the hot and arid lands of the African bush and she is not afraid to take it to its ultimate conclusion. The book is also [...]

    14. "It is by the failures and misfits of a civilization that one can best judge its weakness" ~UnknownWas it civilization which led to colonization or was it the other way? Trying to find answer for this question would like trying to answer the ever puzzling question "Which came first: chicken or the egg? I am sure that there are apparently acceptable answers for the latter but not the former. Because civilization and colonization are confederates encroaching on the foreign lands, enslaving the nat [...]

    15. هذهِ الرواية مكتوبة بحنكة طبيب سايكولوجي عريق درجة الفهم للنفس البشرية والمرأة بالذات، وكم الحكمة في هذهِ الرواية صادم بالفعل. بدت لي الرواية أول الأمر مملة، لكن هذا التعمق في شخصية "ماري" تعمق غريب لم أصادف من قبل كاتباً يرى دواخل الإنسان بهذا الوضوح، كاتباً يكتب بهذهِ القو [...]

    16. Not the good time read of the year. In this book it's almost impossible to not pity and despise all of the characters. Set in Rhodesia, this is Doris Lessing's first novel and she pulls from her experience growing up in Africa.Page 1. Mary Turner has been murdered on the farm where she and her husband Dick live. That's about as pleasant as the book gets. So be warned. Lessing goes back from this gruesome scene to explain how Mary left her pleasant single life working in the city and ended up mis [...]

    17. This book grows on you. While I was reading it, it disturbed me. It has a strong emotional impact. What disturbed me was that the story is told. There is an omniscient narrator who explains everything, what happens and why each character makes the choices they make. We are told how they feel and why they do particular things. How as a reader do you react if you think other reasons could be the cause of a particular choice? I wasn’t quite sure if I believed what I was being told, so rather than [...]

    18. A remarkable book, given that it was first published in 1950 during a much different era than the current one in Africa. For me it is an extension, if you will, of similar racial prejudice and hardships experienced by the Jamaicans who migrated to England after the Second World War as described in "Small Island", written by Andrea Levy, as well as so many other authors reporting similar kind of circumstances. Their books, however, were based on historical events, where as Lessing's book was rele [...]

    19. العشب يغنيروايةدوريس ليسنجرواية ممتازة جدا، تحكي عن بدايات عصر استعمار دولة جنوب أفريقيا، وحياة الانفصال بين البيض والسود، من خلال تتبع حياة فتاة تضطرها الظروف للزواج من شخص وترحل معه من المدينة إلي مناطق جديدة يجري استعمارها بأيدي الإنجليز علي حساب السود، أصحاب الأرض.تبد [...]

    20. MISTERIOSO DELITTO.(dal nostro corrispondente).Mary Turner, moglie di Richard Turner, agricoltore di Ngelsi, è stata rinvenuta assassinata ieri mattina, sulla veranda della propria abitazione. Il “boy”, già tratto in arresto, si è dichiarato artefice del delitto, per il quale non è stato individuato finora alcun movente. Si ritiene che l’uomo fosse alla ricerca di preziosi. Un epilogo dà l'avvio a questa storia. Mary Turner, moglie di Richard Turner è stata assassinata da un giovane [...]

    21. My brother-in-law loves to spend his weekend drinking with his buddies. They drink and swap tales. My mother, sister, wife, our househelps and a lot of women I know all have their favorite soap operas, movies, gossips and daily topics for discussion. A brother of mine is a voracious reader; the other, addicted to historical trivia. All these are just varied ways to satisfy the great human need for stories.Great story, this novel with a title taken from T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land," that part wh [...]

    22. "The Grass Is Singing" was Doris Lessing's first novel, published in 1950 when she was thirty years old, had moved from Southern Rhodesia to London and had had 3 children by two husbands. Lessing wasn't born in Africa -- she came with her British parents as a young child from Persia -- but her early novels were based on her years on her family's struggling farm and as a young wife and mother in colonial Africa with its rigid constraints based on race, class and gender. While “The Grass Is Sing [...]

    23. القصة تحكي عن التمييز العنصري و الخوف و الفشل و كيف يمكن للخوف ان يسلبك حريتك ،كما تحكي الرواية عن خطورة الذهن و كيف يمكن لانسان نتيجة تخيلاته الخاطئة ان يدمر حياته و في رايي ان الكاتبة عملت على تركيبة نفسية و عصبية لخطوات كيف يمكن للانسان ان يصاب بالجنون نتيجة لسماحه بسلسة [...]

    24. Wow, mikä kirja! Ehdottomasti yksi kesäni intensiivisimpiä kirjoja tunnelmaltaan. Upea esikoisromaani tulevalta Nobel-voittajalta.

    25. Doris Lessing, hep okumak istediğim; ama ancak bu sene okuma fırsatı bulabildiğim bir yazar. Türkü Söylüyor Otlar okuduğum ilk kitabı, anlamının bol olduğunu düşündüğüm bir kitabı.Mary, küçükken anne ve babasının yaşadıklarından ötürü asla anne ve babasınınki gibi bir evliliğe sahip olmamaya kararlı olan bir kadın. Şehirde çalışıyor, kendi parasını kazanıyor ve keyifle hayatını sürdürüyor; fakat çevresindekiler teker teker evlenmeye başlaması v [...]

    26. This was my first book by the famed Lessing. It focuses on the relationship of a poor couple eeking out a living on a farm in South Africa. When I first started out on this book I was convinced that the story would focus on Apartheid in South Africa. There are different elements of these aspects in the book, but I did not find that race was the main topic. To my surprise the core of the book is about something completely different (from my perspective) in terms of life paths, dreams and expectat [...]

    27. While the title sounds rather lyrical the story is anything but that. This is the story of Mary and Richard Turner, who farm the land in South Africa in the forties when apartheid is the rule. Mary is an intelligent woman who makes a a fateful choice in Richard for her husband. Living with Richard, who is ineffectual and unsuited to the life of farming, soon leads Mary to depression. She grows progressively bitter and takes her frustration out on the black servants that help run the farm. In spi [...]

    28. For some reason I missed reading Doris Lessing before now. What an extraordinary first novel this is. It is quite painful to read Lessing's description of the wretched marriage of two people who should never have met, let alone married. That pain is matched with the dull horror of her descriptions of the exploitation visited on the native population by the occupying Europeans. Their attitude is summarised in one brief statement: "A white person may look at a native, who is no better than a dog." [...]

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