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Reversal This is the third title in the Curio Vignettes series follow up stories to the novel Curio Didier Pedra can read a woman s body like a book sense her deepest needs and satisfy her every craving It s

  • Title: Reversal
  • Author: Cara McKenna
  • ISBN: 9781419942259
  • Page: 203
  • Format: ebook
  • This is the third title in the Curio Vignettes series, follow up stories to the novel Curio.Didier Pedra can read a woman s body like a book, sense her deepest needs and satisfy her every craving It s his job, after all.But drop him in the center of Paris, the only city he s ever known, and he s lost, reduced to a trembling wreck by agoraphobia When the world feels too fThis is the third title in the Curio Vignettes series, follow up stories to the novel Curio.Didier Pedra can read a woman s body like a book, sense her deepest needs and satisfy her every craving It s his job, after all.But drop him in the center of Paris, the only city he s ever known, and he s lost, reduced to a trembling wreck by agoraphobia When the world feels too frightening, he eagerly escapes into sex, that realm he could navigate blindfolded Except one of his lovers Caroly, the only woman who doesn t pay for the pleasure of his gifts insists she prefers the real Didier to the capable, seductive fa ade She urges him to let her lead for a change, so he can confront the fears that haunt his mind through the familiar safety of his body.A night s cathartic reversal, when the masterful tutor submits to his student s darkest curiosities.

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      203 Cara McKenna
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    1 thought on “Reversal

    1. Holy cow this series gets better and better! Wow! Reversal is book 4 of 6 in the Curio series. If you haven't read yet, spoilers to previous books are aheadDidier Petra is an agoraphobe. He lives in safe little apartment, nestled in the heart of Paris. His lover, Caroly continues to lure him out, overcoming his fear of crowds, sounds, insecurities. Didier wants to share his feelings for Caroly by buying her a nice piece of jewelry but the sheer thought of venturing 20 blocks to the jeweler is da [...]

    2. A truly erotic short storyWithout a doubt these books have a smart and truly erotic feel to them.In this vingette Caroly takes control for the first timeThis one wasn't my favorite of the series - but across the board Cara McKenna has written a great series that I'll read to the endriads-sizzling-pagesspo - come visit me!Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews Sizzling Pages @ Facebook Twitter:@Sizzlingpages

    3. A short sweet erotic novella, 4 stars.I got tears in my eyes. He loves her, the woman who long ago stopped paying and comes to him over the weekends. He wanted to buy her a piece of jewelry but the city (Paris) scared him. Safe at home again she comes to him. He wants to give her more than his body.I take a deep breath, swallow, clear my throat. “I had a scare,” I admit. Simply speaking English is a comfort, a tiny taste of security, hiding behind the affectations of a different man.One nigh [...]

    4. Oh wow! Just wow That scene was . Incredible i think , i love Didier , hes such a great character, and i love to hear his voice and his thoughts

    5. Posted on Under the CoversCara McKenna takes readers back into the sensual world of Caroly and Didier. REVERSAL is written from Didier’s POV and it’s always my favorite place to be. Readers learn firsthand of his struggle with agoraphobia and experience the lingering effects that one terrible trip has caused him. But in the safe harbor of his home, Didier is slowly able to rein in his anxiety and panic to the point where he feels human again.Caroly returns with more than just a smile and goo [...]

    6. Another great erotic short story from Cara McKenna that continues the story of Caroly & Didier. Things have progressed between these two, but as his feelings grow - so does the need to push his boundaries. Only these ones aren't in the bedroom. Didier copes with his anxiety by becoming lost in pleasuring a woman, but Caroly is ready to finally take charge. Make him face his fears without the ability to drown them in sex. She's in control in this time.A fantastic little switch up to the dynam [...]

    7. This series just keeps getting better!Such a fantastic balance between smoking hot sex and beautifully authentic emotion. I am LOVING the progression of Didier and Caroly's relationship. The pacing, the emotion and above all, the intimacy gripped me from the first page of this novella. I'd love to write and gush some more, but I must be off to devour the next installment.

    8. Curio in Didier's voice is a heavy read. His fears, his hopes, his dreams; you're right there with him, rooting for him. And your heart is breaking as his heart is breaking. He wants so badly to be more, I can't help but tear up.That's the kind of power Cara McKenna holds over me. And knowing she'll only give us two more Curio vignettes after this one is making me want to hyperventilate. Seeing the story of Didier and Caroly come to an end is making me feel a little panicky. I laugh at myself fo [...]

    9. Beautifully written, a great male pov and McKenna's language oozes off the page. The novellete is as seductive as the two main characters are.

    10. My chest would have swelled with pride to know I'd made that trip by myself, walked those twenty-odd blocks on my quest and come home victorious. But quests and prizes are for knights. I'm no knight. Just some self-exiled wretch barricaded in his lonely tower.Oh Didier.It's selfish but I wish my infidelity hurt Caroly more. I wish she'd make demands of me, need more of me, refuse to share me.I had delayed writing this review and slipped right into the fifth vignette so I've totally lost the thre [...]

    11. So good. So good! Didier's perspectives are by far my favorites. There are a lot of erotic/romance authors out there trying to write sex as transformative therapy that can take a damaged or weak character and take their personalities, their ambitions to newer heights that heal and metamorphose them. A lot of these authors fail. Not Cara McKenna.Didier, and Caroly too, have grown as a result of their sexual relationship. And their sexual relationship has grown as a result of their social developm [...]

    12. This vignette is daring and surprising. Didier's perspective is so hot. He's driven to a frenzy of desire by Caroly who decides to push herself and spoil him by leading their encounter. He welcomes her choices that make him feel base, raw and vulnerable. They are so good together. It's heartbreaking that they both are so in love but hold back those words to each other due to fear.

    13. You know, I keep thinking that these shorts will start getting old or weird or I don't know. And at the beggining of the story I thought this would be the one to start going down hilld then it didn't and it keep getting better!I am just addicted to Mrs. McKenna's writing. Loved it!4 starsCarina ApprovedCarina RecommendsCarina Endorsed

    14. This is my book 3 of Curio. I enjoy the characters but have to admit in this book I'm getting a little tired of the not getting out of the apartment thing and noncommitment/commitment feelings. On to Confession next.

    15. I'm giving this one 5 stars but I actually would have given it more if that was possible :) I SO loved this one! We go back to listening to Didier's POV which is very different than we heard before and a little similar to the voice of Caroly in the first installment where she is so insecure, wanting yet afraid to reach and caress. Didier is the same, only his insecurities aren't in bed, but outside his bed and outside his flat. We got to listen to Didier's inner fears, inner torture, how much he [...]

    16. Reversal puts up back in Didier's head and oh my holy hell this book was deliciously wicked. Hot; featuring one of the mostrprising (?) and sexy scenes I have ever read. I just I can't even really let myself think on this one too long at one time because I fear my brain will overload.Reversal continues with Didier's struggle with his condition, and his desire to become a man who can live a full life with Caroly. One aspect I really appreciate about this series is that it's not an easy journey. D [...]

    17. I absolutely adore Didier and I really loved this little vignette. If you haven't read Curio, I definitely recommend it as well as the follow up vignettes (Coercion and Craving) to the original story that have already been released. This particular vignette is done from Didier's point of view and we really get a nice and sometimes frightening glimpse into his agoraphobia. We get to read how really debilitating it can be and how his clients just feed into the isolation. We also get to read more o [...]

    18. Not a standalone - start with Curio!I feel totally spoiled by getting Didier's POV again. He has such a great voice - I love when we get to see heroes be emotionally vulnerable, even if it's in their own heads. In this story, Didier (our agoraphobic hero) has gone out on an errand on his own and he became lost causing him to be extemely anxious and flustered by the time he makes it back to his apartment. When Caroly arrives, she decides that in order to not let Didier use her (and his skills in [...]

    19. 4 and 3/4 stars, would be 5 five stars if it was longer (I know it's a novella but I still want more!)Had to fan myself during the reading. Exceptionally sensual, tasteful yet so naughty it makes an adult female giddy. I feared Didier's surrender of the reigns will come out doubtful at best. Female domination is not quite my thing, at least in books, but I got swallowed up.I would also like to stress out my admiration for fleshing out Didier's problem, how well it is shown us. One can feel his a [...]

    20. 3.5 stars for typical mckenna awesomeness. the add-ons to the caroly/didier story have actually ended up being stronger than the original story, i think, because mckenna has continued to flesh out (<— see what i did there??) an implausible scenario and render it credible. she always had top-notch prose and fascinating, varied, fully realized characters, so now slowly watching the protagonists' story develop has been incredibly rewardingtty kills it again. brava.

    21. I just love watching Didier and Caroly. I love the affection between them, Caroly's curiosity, Didier's ability and willingness to indulge her this time, Didier submits to Caroly. It's unusual for Didier to open himself this much to a woman, and it's very out of character for Caroly to run the show. But both succeed with aplomb. And it was a bit sexy. :-)

    22. Love them always. I'm also starting to like Didier's POV better than Caroly's. He's just so fascinating to me. I still can't help but think these all might be better condensed into one sequel, but I enjoy them so much I'll try not to care so much.

    23. I love Didier's voice. He's so charming even in his panic and neuroses. I adore his willingness to give Caroly everything she needs, wants, or demands. Just love this pair and am devouring these stories.

    24. This is such an engrossing read. Didier is complicated and provocative and oh so endearing. As Caroly leads Didier out of his self imposed confinement, you never know what erotic adventures these two will have. It will be extremely hot, you can count on that.

    25. I just love Didier and Caroly I just hate the books are so short and pretty much are just one scene. I do love how you see how their relationship progresses including his disorder. Its a great series

    26. These books just have such a depressing overtone to them, plus it's in a strange perspective. There is also a lot of scene setting and thinking about the environment. I really don't care much for this serial much at all. Stuck finishing it though!

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