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Prince Puggly of Spud and the Kingdom of Spiff

Prince Puggly of Spud and the Kingdom of Spiff Weston is back in rhyming style with a book about princes and princesses kings and kingdoms and what it means to look good in polka dot bell bottoms Prince Puggly of the muddy supremely unfashionab

  • Title: Prince Puggly of Spud and the Kingdom of Spiff
  • Author: Robert Paul Weston
  • ISBN: 9781595145673
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Weston is back in rhyming style with a book about princes and princesses, kings and kingdoms, and what it means to look good in polka dot bell bottoms.Prince Puggly of the muddy, supremely unfashionable Kingdom of Spud is surprised when he receives an invitation to a lavish ball in the far trendier Kingdom of Spiff The poorly dressed prince is sure that the Spiffs will taWeston is back in rhyming style with a book about princes and princesses, kings and kingdoms, and what it means to look good in polka dot bell bottoms.Prince Puggly of the muddy, supremely unfashionable Kingdom of Spud is surprised when he receives an invitation to a lavish ball in the far trendier Kingdom of Spiff The poorly dressed prince is sure that the Spiffs will take one look at him and laugh him out of their kingdomAnd that s exactly what they do But then Puggly meets Francesca, the bookish Princess of Spiff, and together the two set out to teach Francesca s Spiffian countrymen an absurd lesson in style.

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      333 Robert Paul Weston
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    1 thought on “Prince Puggly of Spud and the Kingdom of Spiff

    1. I loved it! And if I had more time I would write a hilarious, rhyming reviewBut that would take more than a minute or twoTo express, exactly just how I felt About Prince Puggly of Spud, and his love of feltAnd other ridiculous, garish designs,his swampy kingdom-which he considers sublime- Plus Princess Francesca and her pillow towerWhich I confess I could stay in for hours Basically the point I am trying to makeIs that I have advice MG lovers should take-The second that this book hits shelvesI s [...]

    2. I can't believe the book was all in rhyme.It made reading it an excellent time.If Seuss and Dahl are something you like,then this book will fill you with excite.I'll recommend this to many a friend cuz the cutest part had to be the end.

    3. I received this book as part of the first readers giveaways in exchange for an honest review. I have to say that this book was so much fun! Written completely in rhyme, the author also uses the page space in fun and innovative ways. This book is great for children from grade 4-6, even for those who don't like reading much. It's also great for adults who like children's literature. The story is about a prince from a not so hip kingdom and not so hip princess from a very hip kingdom. I won't give [...]

    4. Clever. Funny. A longer slightly more mature Seuss-like read. Theme: Be your own person. Who you are can't be measured by what you wear. It's more important to consider the content of someone's character. My boys were reluctant to read "poetry" or a book in verse but it's one our summer reading challenges. And surprisingly, they both enjoyed it; the oldest reading ahead. The 10 year old rated it 4.5 stars and the 8 year old rated it 5 stars. Well worth it.

    5. Written in rhyme, very cleverAnd the creative text formatting makes it a visual treat as wellLots of great vocabularyLong reign Prince PugglyCan't wait to share it with my class

    6. This was wacky, witty, and wonderful. I loved it. It had detailed descriptions of the kingdoms (specifically of Spiff and Spud), the characters, and their clothes, which were often in the spotlight. The illustrations made the story even more entertaining; the only thing that could have made them better were if they were in color. I would love to see all the many outrageous outfits worn in the Kingdom of Spud. “In Spiff, every hairpiece was natty and neat, while in Spud? They seemed to be scrap [...]

    7. Prince Puggly of Spud and the Kingdom of Spiff is the second novel in verse from Mr. Robert Paul Weston. After reading Zorgamazoo and falling desperately in love with that book, I of course needed to read this second book in verse, not at all related to the plot and characters of Zorgamazoo.While Zorgamazoo was a pinch of Seuss mixed with a whole lot of Roald Dahl, Prince Puggly of Spud and the Kingdom of Spiff was a whole lot of Seuss mixed with a dallop of Dahl. Zorgamazoo was darker in tone a [...]

    8. I'm so glad Robert Paul Weston did another novel in verse after Zorgamazoo! It seemed a little simpler than Zorgamazoo, more a young child's fairy tale, but it works! It's about some small conflicts between the kingdom of Spud, where everyone wears crazy clothes, and the Kingdom of Spiff, where everyone wears the height of fashion. My favorite part is the moral: neither style is really better than the other, everyone should be free to try the clothes they want (as long as they don't get a rash), [...]

    9. I may be an adult (supposedly!), but this book was a ton of fun to read - I kept bugging my husband by reading verses out loud!You can't help it - if you're reading silently, you're voicing the verses in your head, and if you're reading out loud, you literally CAN'T keep from doing the different voices.I can't imagine a more fun book for reading to your children! Or any children! What an absolute ball!(And I don't even HAVE children - just 3 cats and a sometimes very annoyed and indulgent husban [...]

    10. I won a copy of the book through Giveaways.After I finished reading it, there was so much I wanted to say!I guess calling it delightful would describe it wellAnd I'm now a fan of Puggly's great-granny, that I can surely tell.The way it was written and the layoutImpressed me so much that with no doubtI decided to mirror the book and rhyme.As you can see I'm not as good as Robert Paul Weston, but that's fineBecause I just needed to highly recommend the book through this reviewAnd to say to and t [...]

    11. Robert Paul Weston’s novel-in-verse is delightfully adorable and entertaining! The Kingdom of Spud crowns Puggly their prince because of his outrageous clothing, but he is not accepted by neighbouring kingdoms due to their supposedly, stylish clothing. With the help of Princess Francesca from the Kingdom of Spiff, Prince Puggly helps everyone overcome their conceited fashion trends, all under his great-granny’s watchful eye.Short-listed for the 2015 MYRCA.

    12. This book is so FUN. I loved the story, the characters, the message, the vocabulary, and the best part - it's written in rhyming verse! It would be great to read with your kids, so they can see the fun fonts used, hear the verse, and learn new words. Super fun!

    13. I received this book for free through the First Reads giveaways, and it was a pleasure to read. The whole book rhymes! I can't wait to read it to Madilyn when she's old enough to understand it.

    14. This is a fun read-out-loud book. We enjoyed it greatly. Highly recommended for anyone who likes a clever story.

    15. OH MY Gosh!!! This book was so funny, patterns, and rhymes beautiful. When I was doing my review I was rhyming lol

    16. I liked this one better than Zorgamazoo -- more story in this one, and funnier. Better in every aspect, including more funny parts, and the rhyme still makes it neat and rather fun to read.

    17. Cute and poetic children's book that makes a fun read-aloud. It does sound kind of funny when you read it in your head, though! mytweendom

    18. Great fun for mid to late elementary students. Would be a terrific read aloud--rhymes and is full of wonderful vocabulary.

    19. Source: Received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.To be honest, I probably would have never picked this book up if it hadn't been sent to me for review. Not because it looks uninteresting but because I don't read much middle-grade unless it's by authors who are established in YA already. But I am so very glad that I had the chance to read this because I absolutely adored it!When I first started reading, I thought it seemed a little odd. That is because it is told in rhyme! Yes [...]

    20. I won this book from the First Reads program in exchange for an unbiased review.So I get the book and start reading it like any other book. About two pages in I stop and start over. You need to read slowly, to enjoy the rhythm and rhyme! So I get through those two pages, stop, then start over again. This time I'm reading aloud, it just demands it! In fact I can't resist finding someone to read it to!!This book was so much fun. There is the Kingdom of Spiff, where everyone wears the finest fashi [...]

    21. In this humorous tale with an important message, the bookish Princess Frannie of Spiff and unlikely Prince Puggly of Spud team up to fight their fashion-obsessed kingdoms. In the process, they show that it's not what you wear that counts, but who you are.I loved this one. The author's witty and frequently surprising word choices made me laugh out loud several times, and the moral that we should judge people by their personalities instead of their clothes is admirable. It was easy to relate to an [...]

    22. This book is a fast read and cleverly written. I really liked all of the different fonts used and the creative way text was displayed. The book is told completely in rhyme, which was a bit much for a book of this length. I commend the author though - amazing rhyming! I sometimes had to read stanzas more than one time to get the cadence correct, which I think is the only stumbling block. I think kids would enjoy having this book read aloud to them. I think rhyming things really lend themselves to [...]

    23. I gave this book to our granddaughters, ages 13 and 11, to read and review. Here are some of their comments:Melissa: It shows that clothes and fashion are not important but family is. How you act is very important. I like the way it rhymes and that the words take the place of pictures.Elena: It shows that fashion isn't everything. It's kind of annoying that the people are always insulting each other. I like that the words sometimes act like pictures. The rhyming makes it more interesting.I also [...]

    24. The kingdoms of Spiff and Spud couldn't be more different. One values fashion above all else while the other prides itself in its more humble and mismatched tastes. But not everyone in Spiff rejoices in uncomfortable fashions. The princess would much rather read in her pajamas than go to some stuffy ball. When Prince Puggly of Spud and the Princess of Spiff meet up they hatch a plan to teach the Spiffians a lesson in blindly following trends. This book is pure, entertaining froth. The light and [...]

    25. Perfect for a long-winded read aloud because of its rhyming lines and zany characters, this book contains the important message that we shouldn't judge individuals merely by the way they dress. Its too chief characters, the book-reading Francesca, the Princess of Spiff who prefers wearing pajamas to dressing up, and Prince Puggly of Spud, the would-be ruler of his unique kingdom, make a great team. Fans of underwear jokes and seeing adults get their just desserts are sure to relish this one, fil [...]

    26. The plot is almost beside the point here - it's the words, the typography and the idea that matter.Ostensibly this is the story of Prince Puggly (who is found by the people who run Spud after the previous King runs off) and his, um, eclectic wardrobe combinations, and the story of Francesca, the relatively normal (albeit pajama clad) princess in the sartorially snobby Kingdom of Spiff. Their lives in each kingdom and their relationship are relatively predictable but read this out loud. Look at t [...]

    27. While I appreciate the message here, and give the author props for a full-length book in rhyme, for me, it really didn't work. It read like an overly long Dr. Seuss book-with considerably less charm. Sometimes the book flowed along beautifully and sometimes it felt forced by the effort to find a word that rhymed. Sometimes a passage went on waaaay too long, which made me feel like the author had a bunch of rhymes written that he was enamored with and decided to use them all. Sometimes the book m [...]

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