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After the Dark

After the Dark Secrets and betrayals as the saga of Dark Angel continues In a chaotic world where the lines

  • Title: After the Dark
  • Author: Max Allan Collins
  • ISBN: 9780345451842
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Secrets and betrayals, as the saga of Dark Angel continues In a chaotic world where the lines.

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      494 Max Allan Collins
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    1 thought on “After the Dark

    1. I know, I know, but trust me after watching the TV series, which I will defend because I think it was really good, I needed to find out what had happened, did Max and Logan ever get together? Did Col. Lydecker REALLY die? What happened after the end of the second season when the series was unceremoniously canceled? Questions, questions, questions. So there is my motive for reading this series. Despite the horrible analogies and simple writing this is a fun book to read if you were plagued by the [...]

    2. Ok. It provides a decent wrap-up for the culmination of the series, and is a fast read. It fairly follows the ideas set up by Moira in the extras on season two for the Freak Nation episode as far as the comet and Colonel Lydecker.*Spoilers*However. I do not think that this was at all satisfying. Max Alan Collins obviously did not watch the show. He took the seldom used catch phrases from the show and made them standard. Every time Max answers the phone she says "Go for Max," which she says in th [...]

    3. I don't make it a habit to read books that are based on television shows or movies. It's not that they are all bad (they are not). It's just original ideas tend to be better than ideas from someone else. However, I do break that habit once in a while. This last weekend I read "Skin Game" and "After the Dark" by Max Allan Collins. These sequel books are based around the "Dark Angel" Universe, which was a short lived TV show created by James Cameron in 2000-2002. I decided to review them together [...]

    4. Huh, ok. So this is how it ends? I love happily ever afters just as much as the next person, but wrapping it all with a nice little bow seems uncharacteristic to the series. I wouldn't mind that comet having some kind of impact on mass populace, if only a minor one. On the other hand, this is the last book and I can understand author wanting to give fans closure. Still, I was hoping for maybe seeing Sandeman there in the end. Oh well.The writing is still very good, all the characters captured pe [...]

    5. This is the better of the two Dark Angel books I bought in my last fit of Dark Angel fannishness. (see my review for Skin Game /book/show/47 for more fannish confessions).This one's better because it's all about Max and Logan, and, sigh, well, still a Max/Logan shipper. Not that I want them together. I want them madly in love, and then I want Max to have sex with Alec, and Logan, well, if he needs to have sex, he can have sex with Alec as well. It'd be almost like sleeping with Max. And then Max [...]

    6. Again; simple, like the previous two, but works in a way to tie up the loose ends that were left by the television series.The end and some of the answers feel a little rushed, but aside from that it kind of works. Though I am sure there is fan-fiction out there that will give a more satisfying end to the show.

    7. WARNING: This review contains light spoilers. If you want to be 100% spoiler free, I suggest not reading.Cons:1. Bad writing. Way too many similes that don't make sense, or did but just sounded awful and weren't funny the way they were supposed to be. I think sometimes Max Allan Collins started writing but then forgot where he was going, so he just ended in a crappy simile or a bad joke. Not very good writing, to say the least.2. Annoying plot line. Don't get me wrong; if this were some random e [...]

    8. A completely disappointing ending to both the trilogy of spinoff books, and the official "Dark Angel" tale as a whole. This book was completely all over the place. Its very slow to start, and once it picks up I felt like so many different plot points were being thrown at me and wrapped up sloppily with very little rhyme or reason. This feels so rushed, as if halfway through writing the book the author forgot to include some important plot points, so instead of going back and easing them in natur [...]

    9. In the final instalment of the Dark Angel book series, Logan is kidnapped and seemingly held for ransom but nothing is as it seems as the transgenics dig deeper into the gang who kidnapped him. Max and her crew race the clock to try and save Logan before his time is upThe thing I liked about this last book is that there were a lot of loose ends tied up so it felt like the series had a solid ending. (view spoiler)[Max's Logan-killing-disease was taken care of - in the last book as it happens but [...]

    10. The books are not as well written as the series, but if you felt hungry for closure after the finale, I recommend reading all three. I did expect something grander regarding the "biblically bad" issue, but at least I did not have to imagine it myself. Max feels a bit colder in the books too, but overall the characters feel exactly the same as in the series.

    11. I started this before I realized that I skipped a book. It opens from an unexpected POV ((view spoiler)[Ames White, and he seems to have lost a bit of his power in the world (hide spoiler)]). I stopped because I can't tell where in the timeline it is, and I'd like to get #2 first. My sister read it and loved it, but she didn't think the author quite nailed Joshua. She thought it might not be the author's fault. The character's charm would be hard to convey in text. She said, at times, he sounded [...]

    12. I feel I have to justify wanting to read this - I have to find out what happens because they cancelled season three =[The author tries to hard with the slang and the wise-ass remarks. It should come natural. It didn't and it felt forced. He also tries too hard with the characters, which are all distinct and quite full on. He boils them down to 2D and creates a very simplistic world, which is certainly not like the television show. Also, the relationships, like Maxs and Lydeckers, it isn't right. [...]

    13. I did not like this one so much. The ending with the Snake Cult was pretty cheesy, and the characterization was off, in my opinion. spoilers: The whole end of the book I guess.While it fit in with Max being the chosen one all, the whole comet/biotoxin thing was lazy. The comet plot doesn't even come to pass! You'd think with Sandeman being the super genius that could make transgenics work would have known the comet prophecy was false. That could have been the whole reason he left the cult and it [...]

    14. This has to be recommended reading for any fan of the original TV series.The series ended at a critical point in the story's development, with major plot questions unresolved. This book resolves them.And, in the telling of the story, Collins has stayed true to his established form in keeping the characters true to their screen presence; it was hard not to see and hear the characters as portrayed by the actors, and that has to be a compliment to any writer.It's a shame that the networks pulled th [...]

    15. In which Max, the ultimate Mary Sue (superpowers, gorgeous, angsty, saves the world on a regular basis, leader of her people, weight of the world, etc) quite literally becomes the Messiah. Oh, and gets her man. Finally.Engaging, but not done well. This got three stars because for a minute there, I thought the author was going to kill off my favorite character, which I never would have forgiven him for -- but he didn't.Why couldn't they have had an author who actually watched the show, write the [...]

    16. This was a fun read, if only because it ties up all the loose ends of the TV series. But I have to agree with many people who have reviewed this book already - the cure for Max and Logan's virus was a total cop-out. There are better ways they could have done that. Also, with Logan being kidnapped, there is very little interaction between the two of them, and we never get to see anything from Logan's perspective. I happen to like Logan quite a bit, so his small role in this book was disappointing [...]

    17. This book concludes the Dark Angel series. Honestly I think they should have sucked it up and made a movie to finish it off but a book is always a great second choice :) This is a must read for all die hard Dark Angel fans who are dying to know how the story ends. You'll find out what happens between Max and Logan and what the big "event" is that Max will stop. I really enjoyed the ending and loved the character development, as well as the humorous twist.

    18. Ich bewerte das Buch jetzt mal super wohlwollend, obwohl es eher eine 3,5 Sterne Bewertung wäre.Der Autor kennt die Serie offensichtlich nur am Rande und bemüht sich anfangs sehr um Slang. Bis auf den Hauptcharakter hat er seine Hausaufgaben eher nicht gemacht. Trotzdem fand ich es recht gut - bin einiges Leid von Akte X Romanen gewöhnt. In sofern bin ich noch ganz zufrieden. Mal sehen wie die anderen Bücher so sind.

    19. I feel complete now that a nice chunk of the mysteries swimming around my fav TV show Dark Angel has been cleared up. Though the ending was still sorta openke more stuff could happen. Hopefully this show decides to come back in some way (like maybe a movie to wrap things up the way the books did) or a third season. Great book. I suggest reading these books if you're a fan of the show.

    20. Lack of stars because I felt it was very rushed. (view spoiler)[ so Max's DNA was so special because she could cure the world of a disease after a comet hits earth! which ends up not happening. 2 seasons and 3 books and it leads up to that (hide spoiler)] I loved the show and for it to be rushed when they had adequate space in the 3 books to finish it sufficiently is disappointing.

    21. Atrocious writing. Both books were torture to get through, but I wanted to know so badly how it ended for Max, Logan and the transgenics that I stuck it out anyway. I'm still glad I read them as I now have the closure that the show didn't supply.

    22. The final of the three Dark Angel novels finished off the series very well. All of the loose ends are brought to a close. If you're a fan of the show then definitely buy this and the other books. My only gripe is that there aren't any more books after this one.

    23. As with my review for Skin Game, After the Dark wasn't so bad. It tied up most of the loose ends, although some of them were rushed. My only disappointment is that it could have been so much more. But what it was, wasn't that bad.

    24. I loved the series so I had to find out how the series ended and bought this book. It keeps the spirit of the series and is fairly entertaining. Fans of the series would enjoy this. Others no so much as it requires knowledge of the dark angel universe.

    25. I had to know how it ended after they rudely cancelled the show abruptly. I only suggest this book for anyone that's actually watched the show and has to have an ending, otherwise it's just a waste of time.

    26. TERRIBLE ENDING!!!! It was fairly interesting till then. Not a very good author. Luckily the like corny diaolgue from the tv show saved his corny dialogue in the book. Unlike when he is writing books for shows that have good dialogue. Then he ruins it.

    27. Fun, memorable, and satifying after watching season 2. I liked it better than Skin Game. The story moves around the map pretty well, which added intrigue and made for some good plot structure in a quick-and-easy read.

    28. A very well written and stunning conclusion to the short lived Sci-Fi series. As the inhabitants of Terminal City are finally accepted by the citizens of Seattle. The Conclaves prepare for the end game, as Max is drawn into the final battle with the mysterious Snake Cult.

    29. reading these books solely for the love of the show's a painful task, they're awfully written and boring to follow. but finally joshua avenged annie, and now my heart is at peace.

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