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The Holiday Bride

The Holiday Bride A sweet traditional romance and classic amnesia story with a holiday twist Book in Ginny s Holiday Brides novella series Waitress Lucy West is down on her luck at the diner A fan of late night tele

  • Title: The Holiday Bride
  • Author: Ginny Baird
  • ISBN: 9780985822552
  • Page: 109
  • Format: ebook
  • A sweet traditional romance and classic amnesia story, with a holiday twist Book 2 in Ginny s Holiday Brides novella series.Waitress Lucy West is down on her luck at the diner A fan of late night television reruns, she s always dreamed of a nineteen fifties style happily ever after But, in reality, she s opted to settle Barely scraping by on her meager salary and tireA sweet traditional romance and classic amnesia story, with a holiday twist Book 2 in Ginny s Holiday Brides novella series.Waitress Lucy West is down on her luck at the diner A fan of late night television reruns, she s always dreamed of a nineteen fifties style happily ever after But, in reality, she s opted to settle Barely scraping by on her meager salary and tired of going it alone, she figures marrying affable, yet distractible, Mitch as making the right move Little does she know that Christmastime and Santa have other plans in storeBachelor dad William Kinkaid has his hands full with a young teenage son and a five year old daughter Since losing his wife to cancer three years before, William s worked hard to keep things as upbeat and normal for the family as possible After his child makes a special Christmas wish, William s stunned to awaken Christmas morning to find a beautiful blonde on the sofa The woman can t remember a thing, and his kid thinks Santa brought her Can William solve the mystery about who she really is, without giving away his heart

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      109 Ginny Baird
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    1 thought on “The Holiday Bride

    1. The Holiday Bride de Ginny Baird es una novela corta, tierna e ideal para las fechas que se acercan, no es muy original o impredecible pero te deja con un buen sabor de boca al terminarla, quizas lo que menos me convencio fue lo rapido que se desarrolla la trama y que en ocasiones me parecio muy fantasiosa. Aunque tambien es cierto que si no tenemos fe en esta epoca del año, cuando la vamos a tener?2.25 Estrellas!

    2. 2 1/2 "Blue Berry Pancakes and Chocolate Syrup" Stars!Better than book 1 for sure. This one was a little bit sweet, but a little too cheesy for me. Not horrible though. It made me smile at times, but I'm giving up on this series. Happy reading!

    3. My second book from this author and quite definitely the last, as I really do not care much for it. Neither the way it is written, nor any of the characters and certainly not the unrealistic love story.Once more I had the feeling the heroine was so insecure that she was ready to settle for a real looser not caring one bit for her. And then bam, she found love with a widower in like 2 hours, while this poor widower had not looked at any other woman since his wife died. I did not really believe th [...]

    4. William and Lucy. She has amnesia and is staying in William's house (because she grew up in that house and remembers it). She gets called by two names throughout most of the book, her own, and the name that they "think" might belong to her. William's son? He needs to be taken under control! The thing that bothered me most about the book was once she got her memory back, was in love with William, knowing she wasn't in love with her fiancé, she was still standing there, ready to marry the guy.

    5. If you don’t believe in Santa Clause, you may just want to reconsider after reading this short, but oh so cute, tale of love. Even though her wedding is only a week away, Lucy finds herself in a bit of a funk. Her fiancé can’t seem to follow through with his promises, constantly putting work before her, and even getting her to “run his errands”, hand delivering gifts for a “client” on Christmas Eve. But when the weather gets really bad, and a car appears to be heading towards her he [...]

    6. TearfulShe is engaging to get married to an idiot. He loses his wife to cancer. She bangs her head and loses her memory and finds her way into her childhood home. He's afraid of falling in love again. New Year's has new beginnings.

    7. After reading the first book in this series, I was looking forward to reading this book. While I enjoyed it, I didn’t connect with the story as much as I did with the previous novel. The characters were well matched and intriguing to read. However, sometimes the dialogue felt a little contrived. Also, the time it took for Lucy to make her decisions sometimes felt dragged out. Overall, I enjoyed the plot of the story and was surprised as to how Lucy had ended up in the house.

    8. Lucy West had plans to be The Holiday Bride to Mitch, a guy she is settling for but finds less than ideal husband material. The big problem is that he doesn't want children and she really does. On Christmas Eve after she gets off work in the diner, she stops by the real estate office where Mitch works and he is too busy to spend this special night with her. He asks her to deliver some packages for a client on her way home, she slips in the heavy snow hits her head and the magic of Christmas take [...]

    9. Such a great romantic Christmas Story!!!! This is what I call an escape romance. You know, where you suspend reality on the fact this all takes place in a week, you just sit down and enjoy the romance with the comedic bits placed in just the right places. Lucy is a hard working waitress engaged to Mitch. Mitch is one of those men who are always working and not paying attention to what's important. He's always worried about making money. On Christmas Eve, Lucy is helping h by taking some presents [...]

    10. The Holiday BrideLucy works in a diner and it's Christmas eve, very busy day. Mitch and her are to be married the 31st but when she stops to see him she tells him she'll deliver the gifts for clients so he can finish his other work.William Kinkaid and his 5 year old daughter Carmella and twelve year old son Justin all live together since his wife Karen had died.Problem is Lucy falls and hits her head, unconscious she wakes up on Williams' couch and has no memory of why she is thereChristmas day [...]

    11. At this time of year, Christmas stories abound and I just in the mood to be entertained by something silly! Lucy, about to be married an idiot who doesn't care about her in the slightest, slips, hits her head and ends up in a strange house with no memory of who she is and how she got there. William is amazed and feels guilty because he is supposed to be attached to the memory of his late wife. Justin at 12 is disgusted and doesn't want the woman around, but Carmella is delighted because she wish [...]

    12. Sweet and enchantingGinny you did a good job of presenting the pain of accepting less than the best offers in life because you think there will never be any thing better. Then introducing all the Holliday fluff about wishes and dreams coming true, with a little angst and stubbornness to put a dramatic edge on the tale. But of course it turned out right, how could it not? Oh, did Carmella get her wish for twins? Giving a child half a wish, well that leaves hope for the future!

    13. This was a cute little novella, but didn't pull me in. Lucy is feeling down-probably because her putz fiance is blowing her off on Christmas eve to work. She ends up getting hit by a car & wakes up with amnesia--in the home of a handsome widower and his tow kids. Carmella asked Santa for a mom, so she is thrilled when Lucy is there on Christmas morning. I didn't like that the son made such a provocative ad for her-nor did I care for the bag of gifts she openedey could have been left out! Oth [...]

    14. I hate to give the book 2 stars but I didn't like it enough to give it 3. It started out cute enough but somewhere it just went flat for me. It could have been cuter. I don't think they needed Bridget's bag of toys in the story. I think the story needed to focus more time in the home where it seemed more feasible and realistic that the family could fall in love with each other. The way it went seemed more like 4 lonely people finding each other.

    15. This story was clearly, for me, the best of the Holiday Brides series, but it still suffered from the problems I mentioned in my review of The Christmas Catch. I liked the twist mentioned in the book, even though it stole some of the magic of Lucy's appearance. This story was even funny at times! It was definitely a "warm your heart" short story!

    16. A nice widowed father meets a pretty woman in his living room on Christmas morning and his daughter is convinced that she was brought by Santa. She doesn't remember who she is or how she got there. While finding out about her, they fall in love with each other and his family loves her too. Great read!!

    17. Lucy is a waitress who, on Christmas Eve, is running an errand for her super busy fiance and ends up hitting her head. She wakes up on Christmas morning in a stranger's home, with no memory of who she is or how she got there.I thought it was cute. I loved the kids in the story and I love how things worked out.Content: a little language and innuendos, but no lines were crossed.

    18. I am absolutely loving Ginny Baird's Holiday Bride's series, and this is only book 2. The second book, I have read. I can't wait to read the rest. Charming, sweet, romantic, with some humor, and of course, Holiday magic thrown in. I loved Lucy West and William Kinkaid and his kid's. I absolutely CANNOT wait to read more of the series.

    19. I borrowed this book from Prime, but it's well worth the Kindle price of $0.99. This was exactly what I was looking for in a Christmas novella. The characters feel like real people, it felt truly Christmasy, and the ending wasn't rushed! And it's clean (there are a few innuendos but that didn't bother me.) I'll be reading more books by this author.

    20. A great romance book. A waitress thought she found love & they she gets a bump on the back of her head and ends up in this guys house with his two children. The daughter think she is her Christmas present. A new mommy seeing how her mommy died from cancer when she was little. A cute romance about a woman finding love when she least expected it. I loved this book.

    21. 2.5 STARSThis book started out ok, but fell very flat, especially the ending.Although it would make an ok christmas read i have read a lot better and would choose something else. Certainly not a book to remember.

    22. Sweet , clean and romantic love story. Great book for tweenVery pleasant and enjoyable happily ever after love story. Feel good Christmas story for finding love in unexpected places. Happy

    23. A very cute sweet love story! Carmella is a cute girl and love those moments of her talking about Santa and telling that Santa brought her a new mommy[Lucy West].Awww!:D Love the Kinkaid family entertainment.:)

    24. This one while highly unlikely was hilarious. The search to find Lucy's real fiance is probably the best and most ludicrous part of the book but it definitely keeps a person turning pages regardless of how far fetched it is because of how funny the book was.

    25. Love it, love itthis was the funniest and wonderful Christmas story. I wish it had been a longer story. I do believe in Santa I do

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