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The Murder Exchange

The Murder Exchange When ex mercenary Max Iversson accompanies a nightclub owner to an ill fated rendezvous in a deserted north London industrial estate it turns out to be not so much a set up as a bloodbath Three men h

  • Title: The Murder Exchange
  • Author: Simon Kernick
  • ISBN: 9780312314033
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When ex mercenary Max Iversson accompanies a nightclub owner to an ill fated rendezvous in a deserted north London industrial estate, it turns out to be not so much a set up as a bloodbath Three men have been shot, the briefcase Iversson has been guarding is empty and he wants to know why.So begins a hunt for answers that will take him into direct conflict with DetectiveWhen ex mercenary Max Iversson accompanies a nightclub owner to an ill fated rendezvous in a deserted north London industrial estate, it turns out to be not so much a set up as a bloodbath Three men have been shot, the briefcase Iversson has been guarding is empty and he wants to know why.So begins a hunt for answers that will take him into direct conflict with Detective Sergeant John Gallan and take both men into very dangerous territory.

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      230 Simon Kernick
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    1 thought on “The Murder Exchange

    1. RATING: 4.5Max Iversson is an ex-mercenary who has partnered with an old buddy, Joe Riggs, to form a security firm called Tiger Solutions. When Max is offered $5,000 for a slam dunk security assignment by the owner of the Arcadia Nightclub, Ray Fowler, he can't turn it down. Max and a few of his operatives bring Fowler to a meet with some businessmen who are supposed to be buying his club, when things go horribly awry. The Arcadia Club seems to be in the center of the criminal universe. First of [...]

    2. Hi,another book read by Simon Kernick, a little slower to start with but builds to a fast pace in the second half, and you follow the story with the twomain characters.As usual lots of characters, and following it from two very different personalities, lots of guessing?The last few chapters were very exciting.EnjoyregardsSean

    3. I quite enjoyed this 2nd Simon Kernick novel, I was pleasantly surprised as wasn't expecting too much if I'm an honest. I like the use & reference of characters in Kenricks Debut novel - similar to an otherUK other Michael Robotham. The novel has plenty of violence pretty much what you would expect from a gritty London Underworld novel.

    4. After the previous Simon Kernick book I read, and after positive reviews of this one, I was expecting great things of this book. But sadly not. Yes, the storyline is a good one, and starts off with much promise of great things. But it is all about guns and shooting and who killed who. Yes, I like crime thrillers, but this is NOT one of those. Characters are just not well developed for me. Many of them rather one dimensional. Such a letdown after the previous Tina Boyd one I read. I was going to [...]

    5. Started interesting, drug along through the middle and then went on a high speed roller coaster ride at the very very end. The end was almost too fast/action-packed/frenetic. Had potential but could benefit from an editor encouraging better pacing.

    6. I find this author a bit hit & miss but this was definitely one of his (much) better books (IMHO anyhow) A good story that moves at a fast pace & I like the story was told by both Gallan & Iversson - sort of good versus bad!

    7. I enjoy thrillers and could not put this book down until I had completed the read it definitely held my imagination however I did feel that the chapter about Krys Holtz was too graphic.

    8. BrilliantGreat book, keeps you reading and guessing. Great twist the end to! Highly recommend it, so sit back and enjoy it ☺

    9. If the middle of the book was as fast paced as the final 100 odd pages - then it would have easily scored higher than 3 stars. Some characters were not ingrained in my mind either.

    10. I am slowly working my way through Simon Kernick's books and this is the second book he released. Simon Kernick has a very certain type of writing style. His books are usually very fast paced and normally it takes only a matter of a chapter or two before you are thrown in at the deep end of a story.This book followed the same format and we dive straight into Max Iversson's bad decision and when it all goes wrong. However, although you are thrown in at the deep end very quickly, the suspense leve [...]

    11. I really like the style of Simon Kernicks writing, and I like the main characters, because they are always very well developed and interesting, not 2D, you can really imagine them living. There are however some similarities to his other books that I ahev read, mainly the main character Iversson. I felt he was very similar to Dennis Milne, maybe its the way Simon Kernick writes, but I had to remind myself this was Iversson and not Milne. Also the involvement of the female character - I think its [...]

    12. This thriller/mystery may be Simon Kernick’s second novel but far from the second one I have read through the years. I am just catching up with his repertoire. In fact, I have highly recommended his novels in the past and I have a sneaking impression I will do so for many more years, yes I admit being a huge fan….“The Murder Exchange” is a gritty exploration of London’s underworld. The engaging plot is cleverly written, has a touch of humour to it and provides numerous twists to keep u [...]

    13. The five star rating scale implies the following categories: Excellent, Good, OK (Satisfactory), Poor, Failure. Three stars is exactly what this book deserves. It is an OK book. It is a satisfactory book. Nothing more and nothing less. "The Business of Dying" (four stars from me) by the same author has a wonderful undercurrent of moral ambiguity. It is more than just a crime story. Despite the total idiocy of its fast-action ending, "The Business of Dying" got me thinking.No thinking needed in " [...]

    14. The second of the books by Simon Kernick and already I can spot that his plots are slightly formulaic. [It was obvious with 100 pages to go who was responsible for some of the plot outcomes and who would not be alive at the end of the book.]However, all is not doom and gloom with the book as the story was fast paced and, although so full of action, twists and turns that it was almost unbelievable, it is an interesting read, reasonably enjoyable and has characters for whom I felt some sympathy. T [...]

    15. I have decided against giving this book a star rating as I feel that the story was greatly let down by the terrible narration by Dave John. I think that the story was plausible, but I couldn't get into it due to John's reading. Firstly, he used the same (annoying East London - verging on Cockney) accent for both Iverson's and Gallon's first person narration which didn't help in identifying with the characters or following the different perspectives. I also felt that the dialogues were awful, but [...]

    16. Thrilling, fast-paced, and packed with action. What else can you ask for? :D Even though the plot wasn't anything outstanding, the ride through it was entertaining enough to let that slide. The narration was well written. It's great how we can see both side of the coin with 2 opposing mc. Even better, both of their perspective are equally amusing. Did I mention, the pacing was perfect too. The book made sure I didn't have a break to put it down until the ending fell on me. Overall, this was a fu [...]

    17. This picked up after about 100 pages and I've been reading it for the last couple of hours and enjoying every minute. It's typical Kernick. Lots of twists and turns. More bodies than clues. I felt the two main characters were fairly similar. I think I would have got confused if their sections had not had their names above them. I liked them both until the end where I started to like Max less. But then he lied to the reader in his POV which just seemed like an odd thing to do. I mean he's basical [...]

    18. the currency is death . max is an ex-mercenary who now earns a living providing security for work. 5K for a couple of hours work - a no brainer. but 2 of his friends r now dead and he wants to know why and who john is a d.s. also looking for answers as he investigates the fatal poisoning of a nightclub doorman. so the bodies pile up as the 2 find their lives linked unearthing in the process a shocking crime that has been unsolved a=for a very long time set in london during the gang warfare days [...]

    19. I have only given three stars. The reason is that I found the plot somewhat protracted on occasions. This said I have enjoyed a number of the later books and it maybe that I was expecting more. Please read it for yourself though and make up your own mind. I will definitely be reading more Simon Kernick.

    20. I got into Simon Kernick last year when i read Ultimatum, i since decided to go back a read all of his books from the start. I've finished "Business for dying", "A good day to die" and now "Murder Exchange" and so far i can not fault any of them. You can tell though that his writing style and story lines just keep getting better and better.

    21. This is a rare occasion for me marking so low on one of my favourite authors Simon Kernick. I didn't enjoy this book at all and maybe it was because it was one of his early books but I found it predictable and lacking the usual high standard I have got used to. If you are no familiar with his work read one of his later books which are of a particular high standard.

    22. Probably my least favourite of his books. I didn't think the story flowed particularly well, and it certainly wasn't as much of a page-turner as some of his other thrillers. Worth a read, though, if you're a fan.

    23. Not nearly as good as the author's first book The Business of Dying, but an acceptable thriller with quite a lot of violence and convoluted plot.

    24. another wonderful book by simon kernick!got off to a great start from the very beginning but slowed down a bit later on. but the ending was superb!!had me up all night!!I just couldn't go to sleep without finishing it!!!

    25. Decent thriller, though the switching out perspectives during the near-climactic fight felt like a bit of a cheat and threw me out of the action. Still, solid, and will probably check out more by him.

    26. Not as good as Kernick's first book but an ok read. A bit slow on the middle which was no problem to put the book down but the pace picked it up a bit in the end. Story told by the two main characters, a detective sergeant Gallan, and a mercenary, Inversson.

    27. Was ok, this was I thought more of a mans book, it took longer for me to read, as I was not into it as much as some of his other work.

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