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Sister Emily's Lightship: And Other Stories

Sister Emily s Lightship And Other Stories In these twenty eight magnificent tales which include two Nebula Award winners Jane Yolen puts a provocative spin on familiar storybook worlds and beloved fairy tale charactersOne of the most acclai

  • Title: Sister Emily's Lightship: And Other Stories
  • Author: Jane Yolen
  • ISBN: 9781480423275
  • Page: 282
  • Format: ebook
  • In these twenty eight magnificent tales, which include two Nebula Award winners, Jane Yolen puts a provocative spin on familiar storybook worlds and beloved fairy tale charactersOne of the most acclaimed and honored authors in science fiction and fantasy, Jane Yolen has been called the Hans Christian Andersen of America for her brilliant reimagining of classic fairy taleIn these twenty eight magnificent tales, which include two Nebula Award winners, Jane Yolen puts a provocative spin on familiar storybook worlds and beloved fairy tale charactersOne of the most acclaimed and honored authors in science fiction and fantasy, Jane Yolen has been called the Hans Christian Andersen of America for her brilliant reimagining of classic fairy tales In her first collection of short stories written for an adult audience after Tales of Wonder and Dragonfield , Yolen explores themes of freedom and justice, truth and consequence, and brings new life to our most cherished fables and myths Here are storybook realms rendered contemporary, and cautionary tales made grimmer than Grimm Snow White is transported to Appalachia to match wits with a snake handling evil stepmother and Beauty s meeting with the Beast takes a twisty, O Henry esque turn in Yolen s Nebula Award winning Lost Girls, a feminist revolt rocks Peter Pan s Neverland and in the collection s glorious title story also a Nebula winner the poet Emily Dickinson receives some unexpected and otherworldly inspiration Sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and always enthralling, Sister Emily s Lightship is proof positive that Yolen is truly a folklorist of our times This ebook features a personal history by Jane Yolen including rare images from the author s personal collection, as well as a note from the author about the making of the book.

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    1 thought on “Sister Emily's Lightship: And Other Stories

    1. Every time I open an anthology of SF or fantasy stories, Jane Yolen's contribution is one of the first I turn to. They stand out among other stories for their quirkiness and audacity in revisioning traditional stories and genres. So I was thrilled to read an entire volume of her stories, some of which I had read before but most new to me. Some short story anthologies can seem repetitive but Yolen is stylistically very diverse. The stories vary not only in genre but also in mood and writing style [...]

    2. I found this collection of short fiction surprising and wonderful. Jane is a wonderful host, and I selected this volume from her shelves to read first - I couldn't have been more impressed. These are timeless stories, fairytales with interesting twists, that have messages for readers of different ages. While I love a great feminist story, like something from Cat Valente or James Tiptree Jr the stories in this book are a bit more gentle while remaining powerfully pro-girl. As another reviewer sai [...]

    3. I don't remember reading a story from Jane Yolen before. But, after reading this collection of mostly dark, mostly adult fairy-tail-esque stories, I'll be keeping my eye out for her name and other stories.

    4. I gave up five stories in, I just wasn't grabbed by these first tales at all. Perhaps I'll revisit individual stories that are more highly rated.

    5. Yolen has a very enjoyable tone and will frequently make you smile in amusement as she breaks the forth wall and retells fairy tales with a fun twist.

    6. A wide-ranging collection of fairy tales: creative retellings of the classics, imaginative originals, variants on popular themes - some quite dark. Yolen's voice is cheeky and delightful.

    7. According to the jacket information, Jane Yolen has had over 150 books published. Most of them are YA or children's books, actually, but I still have to say: I obviously haven't read enough of them. On looking at her website, though, it seems that I've read most (though not all) of her adult novels. And I should try to find more of her YA stuff, I think. This collection of short stories, most published in the 1980s and 1990s (with three new for the collection) shows an interesting range - from f [...]

    8. Sister Emily's Lightship and Other Stories is a collection of Jane Yolen's short stories. The title story is a "what if" look at Emily Dickinson, a poet from Amherst, Massachusetts. Emily's eye and health issues force her to become a recluse within her family home, venturing out only at night. The story brings excitement and travel to her life through a visit from a being on a lightship. Emily gains personal peace and perspective from her view of the earth from space. This twist of reality expla [...]

    9. (Full disclosure: I got this book from Netgalley. Just so you know.)This is one of the previously-published books that Open Road Media has e-published, and it was quite a bit of fun. The stories showed a lot of variety, in terms of genre and target audience. Some of them were straight-up fantasy or science fiction, while others were retold fairy tales. Some were clearly aimed at kids, while others were definitely adult, particularly, “Dick W. and His Pussy; or, Tess and Her Adequate Dick.” T [...]

    10. Oh I love me a good collection of short stories - and that is what SISTER EMILY'S LIGHTSHIP by Jane Yolen is - a good, round, shiny, delicious, satisfying collection of short stories.This anthology provides an eclectic mix of fairy tales, fantasy and science fiction to please a range of tastes - three new, and twenty-five born again.Refreshing and intelligent, Yolen brings to each tale, in some way, a woman's voice - a phenomenon sadly sometimes so absent from science fiction and fantasy. An avi [...]

    11. Full Review at Booklikes.This collection presents a couple new tales with previously published work. The stories are geared, as you have no doubt discovered, to the more adult reader. They range from the absolutely hilarious to the political (a tale dedicated to Rushdie) to the most wrenching version of Rumplestilken you will ever read (“Granny Rumple”). Three of the stories are interconnected and concern the trials of a fairy family who finds itself sucked into Sleeping Beauty, Romeo and Ju [...]

    12. Electronic copy provided by NetGalley.I've been reading Jane Yolen's work for years and it was nice to come across this short story collection on NetGalley. If you haven't read Yolen's work then it's definitely worth a try. She's a bit difficult to describe as her stories and novels tend to wander across various genres and age ranges, though most of her works tend to contain at least some element of fantasy. This particular collection covers a wide range of short stories and gives a good survey [...]

    13. /review to comeAwesome awesome awesome collection. Notable stories include but are not limited to:"The Traveler and the Tale" | Interwoven stories."Snow in Summer" | A Snow White retelling, dark fiction."Speaking to the Wind" | Children growing up. (***fix)"Journey into the Dark" | Astec fable of a journey to the underworld."The Gift of the Magicians, with Apologies to You Know Who" | A Beauty and the Beast retelling, horror."Sister Death" | Lilith, settle by god to be the companion to death, wa [...]

    14. Well, I was going to give this 2 stars because most of the stories were either "meh" or too dark for my tastes, but the last story, the title story of "Sister Emily's Lightship," is a pretty neat tale of Emily Dickinson having an otherworldly encounter. Besides that, the other tales I liked most were a few about the misadventures of a family of fey ("The Thirteenth Fey," "The Uncorking of Uncle Finn," and "Dusty Loves") and "A Ghost of an Affair." Other than that, nothing really rose to the leve [...]

    15. "Sister Emily's Lightship" felt to me like every truth you've ever felt but had no words for being told back to you, beautifully. "Lost Girls" was the same thing, only it's going to the depths first, the truths you don't want to face, before getting back to something you're ecstatic to learn/know. I haven't read all of these stories yet, but those two made me burst in all the right ways so I needed an outlet for my excitement.

    16. this is a very interesting book, especially if you are teaching perspective. the basic premise is telling fairy tales from other from the perspective of another character, or taking a common fairy tale and telling it in a different time/place with different characters. some parts go a little beyond what i am willing to put into deciphering it, but there is definitely a lot more meaning to be mined.

    17. I really enjoyed this collection; many of the stories have a sci-fi/fantasy bent or are new perspectives on familiar fairy tales and folk tales. My favorites were "Lost Girls" (a Peter Pan story), "Sun/Flight" (based on the Daedalus/Icarus myth) and "Under the Hill," which the author describes as "Damon Runyon meets the elves," and I quite agree. There's also an afterword in which Yolen notes where she got her ideas for each story, which was neat.

    18. This is an anthology of Jane Yolen's short stories. I remember trying Jane Yolen quite a while ago (probably in high school), but not really enjoying her work. This time, though, I enjoyed several of the stories. I like it when authors consider a bit the darker side of fairy tales.Trigger warning: (view spoiler)[Allerleirauh is a story that re-tells Donkeyskin and involves incest. (hide spoiler)]

    19. I love Yolen's work, and many of the short stories in this collection were wonderful. But just as many were just okay, and a few were actually boring (the retold fairy tales were a little too predictable and silly for me, and I am a sucker for retold fairy tales). As a whole, the book just barely balances out as "good" for me.

    20. I haven't read anything by Jane Yolen in years, and I forgot what an excellent writer she is! I really enjoyed this collection of sci fi/fantasy short stories. There were hits and misses, but that's the way it usually is with short story collections. Most of these had either alien or magic/fairy lore in them. A few were twists on traditional fairy tales or legends.

    21. I read this a few years ago, and absolutely fell in love with her work. It is not uncommon for writers to create new twists on old topics - many of these are riffs on fairy tales characters, but she thoroughly captivated me, particularly with the title story.

    22. Books like these make me wish the ratings went by half stars. I would like to give this book 2 and 1/2 stars but since I cant I am rounding up. Three stars for most of the stories bt 2 because short stories are just hard for me to keep my attention and hard to rate. Some good some blah.

    23. I love Jane Yolen as a general rule - especially her short fiction - so I loved this collection.She's pretty heavily anthologized, so there was a fair amount of stories that I'd read before, but I still enjoyed it regardless.

    24. This was a really neat collection of re-imagined stories. Since having a baby, I tend to appreciate short stories a lot more. They're bite sized, perfect for baby naps when I really would rather not do dishes or fold laundry. In other words, all the time! :D

    25. I know Yolen mostly from her beautiful books for much younger readers, but was interested when this happened to cross my desk. Some of the stories are very dark, some are perhaps a tiny bit predictable, but overall this is quite good. And I much enjoyed her notes on how the stories came to be.

    26. I liked this book much better when I read it as a teenager. Now, most of Yolen's stories seem oversimplified and depressing. There are a couple good ones in this collection, but nothing spectacular.

    27. After a lifetime of reading, Jane Yolen is still my favorite storyteller. Not favorite novelist, writer, authorbut favorite storyteller, plain and pure.

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