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A Escola Nocturna - O Legado

A Escola Nocturna O Legado Passou um ano desde que Allie entrou na Academia Cimmeria onde encontrou novos amigos um novo amor e sobretudo um porto de abrigo Mas dentro dos muros de Cimmeria existe um grave perigo Um grupo m

  • Title: A Escola Nocturna - O Legado
  • Author: C.J. Daugherty
  • ISBN: 9789896721770
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • Passou um ano desde que Allie entrou na Academia Cimmeria, onde encontrou novos amigos, um novo amor e, sobretudo, um porto de abrigo Mas dentro dos muros de Cimmeria existe um grave perigo Um grupo misterioso e perverso est a tentar destruir a academia e tudo quanto esta representa Os alunos correm perigo e, como se n o bastasse, a fam lia de Allie est no centro da tPassou um ano desde que Allie entrou na Academia Cimmeria, onde encontrou novos amigos, um novo amor e, sobretudo, um porto de abrigo Mas dentro dos muros de Cimmeria existe um grave perigo Um grupo misterioso e perverso est a tentar destruir a academia e tudo quanto esta representa Os alunos correm perigo e, como se n o bastasse, a fam lia de Allie est no centro da tempestade Consciente de que os segredos podem destruir at a rela o mais forte, a rapariga ter de escolher entre salvar a fam lia e confiar nos amigos.A vida de Allie transformou se numa perigosa encruzilhada, onde tudo est em jogo At o amor

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      349 C.J. Daugherty
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    1 thought on “A Escola Nocturna - O Legado

    1. 4.5 stars And wow!It’s no secret that I didn’t much care for Night School. While I thought there was nothing wrong with it technically, it just didn’t leave much of an impression. But I’ve been known to change my mind before, and I’ve changed my mind this time. Everything C.J. Daugherty failed to do with Night School, she did with Legacy, and then some. The characters were more memorable, the plot was absolutely thrilling, and even the love triangle wasn’t as obnoxious as last time. [...]

    2. Ova Eli koliko mi je bila simpatična u prvom delu, toliko mi je sad išla na živce 🙄 Volim ljubavne trouglove, al ovde mi je smetalo valjda jer volim Kartera 😎😍 #TeamCarterWest 😍😍😍Sve u svemu, savršena knjiga <3

    3. ΑΠΛΑ ΥΠΕΡΟΧΟ! Απο τα βιβλία που δεν σταματάς να διαβάζεις μεχρι την τελευταία σελίδα. Αγωνία, συναίσθημα, δολοπλοκίες Περιμένω πως και πως το τρίτο βιβλίο.

    4. Το "Νυχτερινό Σχολείο" της C.J. Daugherty το οποίο και κυκλοφόρησε λίγους μήνες νωρίτερα από τις εκδόσεις Μεταίχμιο, ήταν -το λιγότερο- μια μεγάλη και συνάμα, μια εξαιρετικά ευχάριστη έκπληξη για μένα. Παίρνοντάς το στα χέρια μου, και παραπλανημένη από το εξώφυλλο και την μυστηριώ [...]

    5. Nachdem mich Band 1 so geflasht hat, musste ich für die ganze Teenie-Jungs-Hin-und-Her Geschichte einen Stern abziehen. Ansonsten hat es mir zusammen mit Allie in Cimmeria wieder gut gefallen. Ein paar Hintergründe sind aufgedeckt worden, zur Night School und den "Bösen". Auch über Allies Familie erfährt man etwas mehr.Allerdings nicht so richtig viel. Es tun sich wieder Fragen auf, aber es gibt ja noch 3 Bände! Mit Band 3 werde ich auch direkt weitermachen. Ein Hoch auf den KindleDeal let [...]

    6. "Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point."Everything changes for Allie.She enters the Night School. She finds new friends and loses old. She finds out that the Cimmeria Academy has more secrets than it seems and that Nathaniel has his people everywhere. In the Night School Allie has to learn to understand when people lie and how they do it, but she does not quite like it because knowing that her closest friends lie to her is painful. So does Sylvain. So does Carter. And even Allie [...]

    7. OK, so before I go on my praise fest I just have to say that this was really a slow-starter for me. I think it was pretty much my fualt, becuase I had to mentally rewind and remember the last book. But, once I got my head in the game, it was on like Donkey Kong! I fell back in love with Allie, Rachel and (especially) Sylvain. Carter drove me insane and I will just say I was happy when the inevitable happened!If I wasn't clear enough up there, I am 100% team Sylvain but I typically pick the wrong [...]

    8. Just as amazing as book 1, if not better!Legacy begins following the aftermath of Night School, with Allie on the run from people trying to hurt her. She immediately returns to Cimmeria, but because of everything that has already happened, she, quite rightly, is confused on who she can trust, and who is out to hurt her. The events of Legacy ramp up the action we already saw in Night School, making the series much more enjoyable and full of suspense.Allie really starts to come into her own in thi [...]

    9. 4.5 starsI quickly fell in love with C.J Daugherty debut novel, Night School. It has everything I adore in an escape; mystery, action, romance and thrilling characters. It also has this brilliant quality of being crazy consuming! I couldn't wait to see what Daugherty had in store for these characters next and I'm happy to say that Legacy turned out to be another favorite.Legacy starts off with Allie on the run from men in suits who are chasing her through the London streets. Soon she finds refug [...]

    10. "Keep breathing, Allie.""Always."WHAT DO I DO WITH MY LIFE NOW, THIS BOOK KILLED ME. AGAIN!I will never be able to explain how much this book means to me. It helps me deal with so many things in my life that otherwise I wouldn't even bother to deal with. It helps me copy with my anxiety, my friends, my family. Its meaning is so important and it's something everyone should read!**spoilers**Finishing the last book, I was so excited about Carter and Allie being together, so when she returned to the [...]

    11. I liked it as much as I liked the first one! Very interesting from the first page! I have to be honest that I want to know more about this secret organization because I believe there is a huge secret that we don't know but I can wait if all the books are as good as this one. Of course, we have some teenage problems as well but it's only logical! Of course I am going to read the next one!

    12. Esta continuación no ha sido tan increíble como el primer libro, pero igual disfrute mucho. Muy Adictiva, se lee de un tirón (Y la autora "aprendió" a no darle vueltas a cosas innecesarias). Que ha satisfecho mi lado romántico (Ya no se ni de que lado estoy) y me ha dejado con muchas ganas de leer el siguiente libro.

    13. I don't like love triangles *pouts*. Even if they're well done, which this one is, it was still painful. It felt very real and I guess that's how things go but still :-(As for the rest as awesome as book 1. :) I loved how you never knew who to trust.

    14. I can't wait OMG I will finish it in a day :) OMG OMG YAY YAY YAY In fact I don't think I have words to how I felt when I saw there was aSequel, let's just say I squelch with excitement

    15. So good!!! Even better than the first installment. These characters still drive me crazy though. Review to come when I can I think of way to write a review without spoilers.

    16. mannaggia i triangoli ma quanto sbrocco. Carter ma sei imbecille io tifavo per te e tu sei imbecille? e invece Sylvaine questo tutto a un tratto è un esserino dolce e premuroso. Ma che cazzo vi odio a tutti e due. Allie io ti adoro ti vorrei come amica e ti do un consiglio spassionato, trombateli entrambi e poi mollali. Ma chi te lo fa fare. Durante la storia non succede moltissimo, anzi specifico, non si va molto avanti con le rivelazioni. Comunque il finale mi ha fatto soffrire moltono rimast [...]

    17. I will start my review by saying - AMAZING! This book is so amazing. I'm sure the third one in the series will be just as good. I just hope we don't have to wait too long.I couldn't get into it in the beginning because it's been a year since i'v read the first one , and i found it sometimes hard to remember who is who. But as i read throughout the book, i started to recognized those who i forgotten. Thank god for that! It was much more less confusing.I'v waited so long for book 2 to come out, an [...]

    18. Originally posted at Read Me Bookmark Me Love MeNight School was easily one of my favourite reads of 2012, and although Legacy isn't quite as good, I still found myself loving it. Daugherty's writing is addictive as always, and you'll pass a large handful of hours reading this without even realising it. Upon starting, I immediately connected with the characters I loved so much again and it was like the year-long wait never existed. When Allie Sheridan went back to London for the holidays, she di [...]

    19. 3.5 starsOh my brain hurts! This second installment of the Night School series was beyond entertaining, but has left me with so many unanswered questions! My head is spinning from everything we did learn and begging for more answers.Legacy starts off with Allie being chased and let me tell you my heart was pounding! She of course gets away and for her safety she goes to live with her friend Rachel until school starts. When it does start things don't get any easier for Allie. She is behind her Ni [...]

    20. 3.5 stars.I'm pissed with some things Allie did in this book. And this love triangle between Allie, Carter and Sylvain is getting on my nerves. I also don't know why people put this series in the paranormal category when it has nothing to do with it. Mystery?? Yes Something from the fantasy world??? Absolutely no way I'm still curious about where this story goes and how it will end, so I'm keep reading For how long??? That's debatable.

    21. Dios, me ha encantado como la primera vez que lo leí. NECESITO continuar con esta historia ! La historia se pone cada vez mejor !

    22. I found this book really appealing because I loved the first one so I was really happy to start reading it.I can't say I was let down because I wasn't but I feel like the first part was more interesting.Though what I loved about Legacy is that the plot was much more intense and it was such a page turner, which I ADORE, but the plot didn't start 'till about 50 pages ahead.All in all I really enjoyed it and cannot wait to pick up the third book in the series!

    23. dieser Teil der Reihe war etwas schlechter als der erste. er hatte die ein oder andere mini Länge und war auch nicht so spannend wie Band 1. allerdings habe ich wieder super in die Geschichte gefunden und fand es trotzdem spannend. :)

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