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Time And The Conways

Time And The Conways Time and the Conways follows the fortunes of one family over a period of years and offers a moving perspective on the abstract nature of the past present and future It is the War is over and t

  • Title: Time And The Conways
  • Author: J.B. Priestley
  • ISBN: 9780573014468
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • Time and the Conways follows the fortunes of one family over a period of years, and offers a moving perspective on the abstract nature of the past, present and future.It is 1919, the War is over and the Conway family are celebrating their daughter Kay s 21st birthday But her sudden premonition of their lives in 1937 casts a shadow over their dreams and expectations.

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      460 J.B. Priestley
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    1 thought on “Time And The Conways

    1. The first play I've ever liked more when I read it than when I saw it performed. With two intermissions and without the freedom to read quickly over the boring charade game in the first act, it dragged on a bit too much. But the idea is intriguing. The first act is set in 1919, the second in 1939, and the third back in 1919--all in the same room. The play demonstrates how little careless actions in the present can have devastating consequences in the future. The third act is quite enjoyable beca [...]

    2. This play was broadcast starring Vanessa Redgrave by the BBC some 40 years ago. God, what a wonderful play it is! JB Priestly has presented two important truths about human psychology in this tale which are strikingly obvious, but which are singularly absent from nearly all literature. One is how words, dismissive comments thoughtlessly uttered or written can cause devastation, can cut and hurt beyond redemptioon, we cannot make them good again but we didn't mean them, at least not mean them to [...]

    3. I like how the didacticism (the "Christmas Carol" message of change your life before it's too late) is subdued by the ambiguity of the ending. I also enjoyed how the "rule" of chronological time was broken - also breaking away from the somber reality of the second act.

    4. I've read a few plays for college and I think this is the one I enjoyed the most so far. I liked how the author played with the concept of time, especially the future, and it kept me thinking, can we really change our future or it's already written?

    5. The first act drags a little, the second is depressing and the third fractious and frustrating. Despite all that, and in many ways because if it, this is a strong play. Cleverly put together to give the reader/audience a poignant overview of the disintegration of family happiness through the ripples of society, their own hubris, stray comments, or words left unsaid. None of the characters are saints, though the younger daughter Carol could have been a catalyst for good, given the chance. None of [...]

    6. From BBC Radio 4:Classic drama of 'joy and woe' cutting back and forth in time as it follows a Yorkshire family's fortunes.

    7. The imminent Broadway revival of this - along with earlier enjoyable readings of Priestley's 'An Inspector Calls' and 'Dangerous Corner' - impelled me to pick this up. Although a serviceable and undoubtedly innovative drama for its time, I hate to say it, but now it just seems nothing more than a quaint curio - and can't for the life of me fathom why someone feels it Broadway worthy at this point in time. I thought perhaps the figure of Mrs. Conway (originated by Dame Sybil Thorndyke and to be e [...]

    8. Next up in our book group’s between-the-wars season is J B Priestley, so we chose a play for a change. Act 1 takes place in 1919 in a back sitting-room where the Conways are dressing up to perform charades at a 21st birthday party. Act 2 revisits the room for a fraught family conference on the same birthday in 1937. Act 3 returns to 1919 as the party winds up. Great writing: the ten characters came alive even on a solitary read-through. I look forward to the group read-through before we descen [...]

    9. Expecting the tight plotting of Priestly's An Inspector Calls and having recently read and not been enthralled by Tracy Letts family drama August: Osage County, I probably didn't give Time and the Conways family drama a fair go of it. A good reminder to me of the importance and unfairness of context.

    10. J.B. Priestley is relatively new to me. I simply bought the book because it was a Penguin. Time and the Conways is knowledgeable when it comes to the use of time. To see the outcome and the seed to which everything falls apart. I wish this play was frequently stage than the overrated ones we watch today. I now have a great admiration for this author.

    11. Enjoyed reading the play after seeing the latest Broadway show starring Elizabeth McGovern, Anna Camp and others. It was a gorgeous set - the transition between 1919 and 1937 was breathtakingly done. For its time, it presented some interesting concepts of time.

    12. Another book I had to read for my English class. This play consists of three acts, from which the second is the most enjoyable one, whilst the others (apart from the finale) are rather uninteresting and had too much filler for my taste. These two acts describe the time when The Conways used to be happy and their goals in life were still a dream for them.The conversation between Alan and Kay was, in my opinion, the peak of this play. There are plenty of deep thoughts there, when sadness prevails [...]

    13. This is the first play I've read by Priestley other than An Inspector Calls. In some senses it deals with similar issues, foreshadowing, prediction, second chances and lost opportunities. my one issue is that the 3 acts are a little uneven. Act 1 is slow and a little tedious, Act 3 is good and leaves you not with answers but questions. Act 2 though is blistering and is some of the finest dialogue and storytelling I've read.

    14. As others have pointed out it is its non-linear structure that carries this play. I found it very interesting moving forward in time to see what the characters becanme before going back to the time of Act One to see how, even then, they were sowing the seeds for their future. Apart from this, the goings on of the Conway family didn't really interest me that much.

    15. What begins as a rather frivolous play turns much darker as the the setting shifts to the future. Suddenly the happy-go-luck Conways begin to resemble the cast of August Osage Country. An well crafted exploration of how a life a can be shaped by seemingly small moments.

    16. Exelent! Succeeds in creating one big atmosphere, and slowly creates each one of the characters. No one less important than the other. Crazy theory about time explained as if It was the most common thing in the world. I'm must say, I'm in.

    17. When it comes to theatre, I usually prefer "new writing" but this is one of those ageless, classic plays that will, deservably, be around for ever. TIME AND THE CONWAYS made a big impression on me when I first saw it many years ago and continues to do so. It has certainly stood the test of time!

    18. Мудро и саркастично) Учит принимать жизнь какой она есть и, наверное, не планировать ее?)

    19. Classic drama of 'joy and woe' cutting back and forth in time as it follows a Yorkshire family's fortunes. Stars Amanda Redman

    20. Themes of purpose of life/what we do with our time/decisions and consequences, set over two time periods.

    21. Downbeat juxtaposition of youthful aspirations and actual achievements, darkened by the shadow (in 1937) of impending world war

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