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Girls, Goddesses and Giants

Girls Goddesses and Giants Greedy giants Unjust emperors Shape shifting demons And the heroines who deal with them From China and Japan the Americas Europe and Africa this collection of traditional tales shows girls who win

  • Title: Girls, Goddesses and Giants
  • Author: Lari Don Francesca Greenwood
  • ISBN: 9781472903068
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Greedy giants Unjust emperors Shape shifting demons And the heroines who deal with them.From China and Japan, the Americas, Europe and Africa, this collection of traditional tales shows girls who win the day, whether by cleverness, courage, kindness or strength Who needs a handsome prince

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      299 Lari Don Francesca Greenwood
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    1 thought on “Girls, Goddesses and Giants

    1. I read this one along with Winter's Tales and I loved it. Perhaps, I loved it even more because here, we have Girl Power lasting through the ages. Intelligence, bravery, strength and charm from every corner of the Earth.''Chi and the Seven-headed Dragon''- A Chinese tale.''Inanna and the Box of Monsters''- A Sumerian myth.''Telesilla and the Gates of Argos''- The myth of the woman who saved Argos from the Spartans.''Durga and the Demon''- A spectacular tale from India.''Kopecho and the Two Suns' [...]

    2. 3.5 Stars Arc provided by Lerner Publishing Group through Netgalley Release Date: September 1rtThis was an interesting collection of twelve short stories for young readers with young girls as heroes.These are tales full of wit, wisdom and sometimes self sacrifice.Now, I know that I am not this book's intended audience, but I've become accustomed to middle grade books that are brilliantly written. I didn't find that to be the case here. I found the writing style to be serviceable, but maybe that [...]

    3. Chi ha detto che le principesse sono quelle che vengono salvate, e non quelle che salvano?E non solo principesse: dee, guerriere, semplici ragazzine coraggiose e compassionevoli, brillanti e astute, piene di risorse arrivano da ogni parte del mondo a salvare regni, sconfiggere mostri, esplorare profondità marine in questa incantevole raccolta di fiabe e miti, ri-narrati con umorismo e illustrati con abilità.Un libro che ogni bambina dovrebbe avere: principesse sì, ma con la spada. ^^

    4. And that is how Mahisha, who couldn't be killed by man or god, was killed by a woman.My rating for this book : 3 starsThis collection of short stories was quite a fun one to read through, especially since I was very busy and it was nice to just pick this book up and read one or two a day. I liked the whole concept of short stories based on myths, legends and folktales from around the world, but the best part is that this book focused on female heroines.There were a few familiar ones, but overall [...]

    5. Short international fairy tales with female heroines. I got the feeling it held pretty true to the original stories, being just as weird with a lot of unexplained symbolism. On the other hand, it felt like the writer couldn't decide if the book was supposed for kids or teens. So, pretty fast and fun read, but no need to re-read

    6. Brilliant collection of folk tales, legends and myths with active heroines Firstly, I have to comment on this gorgeous cover! Bold and strong, showing a silhouetted girl in action with a sword and decorated with dragon and pretty flowers, it's wonderfully attractive without playing to cloying stereotypes of femininity (for little girls). What a great job! And, as you might guess, this is absolutely the theme for the collection: bold, clever, resourceful and active girls taking charge and saving [...]

    7. 3.5 stars from Bill, read the full review at FANTASY LITERATUREGirls and Goddesses: Stories of Heroines from Around the World, written by Lari Don and illustrated by Francesca Greenwood, is a collection of thirteen folktales in a wide range of time and place. While the language is a little flat, for the most part I found it an enjoyable read. And it’s yet another alternative to all those princess-rescued-by-the-boy-hero that used to be the norm.The cultures/regions included are:ChinaSumeriaFra [...]

    8. Thank you to Bloomsbury Australia for this review copy!It was pretty fantastic to have a book full of fairytales and stories from past times that were all about women. Women who didn't need princes or rescues or to have themselves considered damsels in distress. These women were not all fantastic, though a good few of them were, and not all of them were good- one of my favourites was a woman who was, I would say, the villain of her own story. I'm not 100% fond of the retelling of these stories w [...]

    9. I suddenly discovered a writer I really enjoy. This collection of myths was lovely, and I got to read it only because it was part of the Mythical Maze reading challengershaseshan/blog/read

    10. It's a cute fun read. I wanted to like the female characters more in some of the stories they weren't very likeable.

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