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Sombras da Meia-Noite

Sombras da Meia Noite SinopseNum deserto gelado mergulhado na escurid o as linhas entre o bem e o mal amante e inimigo nunca s o pretas ou brancas mas desenhadas em tons de meia noite Algo inumano surgiu nos confins ge

  • Title: Sombras da Meia-Noite
  • Author: Lara Adrian
  • ISBN: 9789897260858
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Livro papel
  • SinopseNum deserto gelado mergulhado na escurid o, as linhas entre o bem e o mal, amante e inimigo, nunca s o pretas ou brancas, mas desenhadas em tons de meia noite Algo inumano surgiu nos confins gelados do Alasca, deixando uma carnificina indiz vel na sua esteira Para a piloto Alexandra Maguire, os assass nios trazem recorda es de um evento horr vel que ela testemunhSinopseNum deserto gelado mergulhado na escurid o, as linhas entre o bem e o mal, amante e inimigo, nunca s o pretas ou brancas, mas desenhadas em tons de meia noite Algo inumano surgiu nos confins gelados do Alasca, deixando uma carnificina indiz vel na sua esteira Para a piloto Alexandra Maguire, os assass nios trazem recorda es de um evento horr vel que ela testemunhou em crian a e evocam uma inexplic vel sensa o de alteridade que h muito tempo sentia dentro de si mesma, mas nunca compreendera totalmente at que um desconhecido sedutor e sombrio com os seus pr prios segredos entra no seu mundo Enviado de Boston para investigar os selvagens ataques e parar a matan a, o vampiro guerreiro Kade tem os seus pr prios motivos para regressar ao frio e proibitivo local do seu nascimento Assombrado por uma vergonha secreta, Kade logo percebe a verdade surpreendente da amea a que enfrenta, uma amea a que por em perigo a fr gil uni o que formou com a corajosa e determinada jovem que desperta em si as paix es mais profundas e os anseios mais prim rios Por m, ao trazer Alex para o seu mundo de sangue e trevas, Kade dever enfrentar os seus dem nios pessoais e o mal ainda maior que pode destruir tudo o que ele mais ama.

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      196 Lara Adrian
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    1. 5 stars – Vampire RomanceIn this latest installment of the Midnight Breed series, a killer is leaving a violent, bloodthirsty trail of carnage through the Alaskan wilderness and it’s up to one of the Breed Order’s newest recruits, the volatile vampire warrior Kade, and a local bush pilot, Alexandra Maguire, to uncover the truth behind the brutal slayings and stop an ancient evil before it’s too late.Kade, with his spiky raven, jet black hair, golden skin, penetrating, hypnotic, silver ey [...]

    2. Nicely done, Ms. Adrian. This was a very good book. Kade turned out to be a real sweetie under that hardcore, ice-cold warrior facade. He was very tortured by the double whammy of his brother's killer predilection and the fear that he'd be the same. Even though he was living a life of fighting with the Order and partying hard off-duty with human women to get his blood fix, deep down, I think he wanted a woman for his own mate the whole time. When he met Alexandra, it clicked. And it was the same [...]

    3. Breed Warrior Kade Special ability: Connection with predatory animals like wolvesAge: Around 100 years old Breedmate Alex Special ability: Lie detection by touchingOccupation: PilotMark place: Left hipSettings: Harmony, Alaska I absolutely loved this book. It begins really intense with a whole native family being slaughtered and someone videotaping the aftermath. The video is put on the Internet and Kade is sent to investigate as the Order is suspecting Rogues have been involved.Kade is from Ala [...]

    4. SHADES OF MIDNIGHT is book 7 from the Midnight Breed series which I’ve followed from the beginning and for the most part really enjoyed. You can always count on yummy and tortured alpha male heroes, steamy romance and exciting action filled paranormal storylines. Adrian has built a great Vampire world here that always reminds me of a vanilla-fied version of Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood. Unlike Ward each instalment continues to be either hit or miss for me though and I’m never really sur [...]

    5. This latest installment in Lara Adrian's "Midnight Breed" series is leaps and bounds better than the last one, IMO. I could barely finish "Ashes of Midnight" but I could barely put this one down.Kade is one of the newer members of the Order. He was introduced a couple of books ago as a new recruit along with Brock. At the time I felt it was a rather obvious and awkward effort to bring racial diversity to the crew. I still feel that way. Not that I object to the end result. But their introduction [...]

    6. An ancient vampire is on the loose in the small Alaskan town of Harmony, turning it into anything but. Kade of the Order is sent to his familiar terrain to investigate the gruesome murders and once there, he stumbles upon a female bush pilot that is * SURPRISE * a breed mate, and they feel a mutual attraction like nevah before.I enjoyed this book of the Midnight Breed Series much more than expected to. Maybe I was in a mood for love, maybe the artic background was cooling the August heat or mayb [...]

    7. I have to admit that after waiting for the release of this book i was a bit hesitant to finally read it. I read a few reviews previously that left me wondering if i would really enjoy the story. I shouldn't have worried because the book was great, in fact one of the best i have enjoyed from the series. These two very broken main characters were just fantastic and i have to say that i didn't feel at all any lack of depth in their relationship. Nor did i think that after what they had each endured [...]

    8. This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceSummary In the wilderness of Alaska, there is a dangerous being moving about killing in his wake. Alexandra Maguire, has seen these type of killings before. She knows what type of being it is and how dangerous it can be. Her own mother and younger brother were murdered by a vampire. But Alexandra is afraid to say anything. Kade, a vampire warrior has come to Alaska to discover who is killing at random, but he also has come to heal some brid [...]

    9. Shades of Midnight had a lot of potential, but I found it too slow. There was a lot of clutter in the writing that bothered me, too. Character's speculating about events that did, may or may not occur. An enormous amount of recapping or summing up of events that already happened. As for the two main characters, Kade and Alexandra, they were good, well developed. I grew frustrated at all the doom and gloom Kade carried around based on his family situation. Got SO tired of reading about all his gu [...]

    10. ^^ALASKA AND VAMPIRES,WHEN HOT MEETS COLD!^^Book 7 in the Breed series takes us to Alaska, and seriously, I wasn’t expecting that. It seemed like quite the leap, from city vampires to frozen terrain of unknown Alaska. As the book progressed, it started to sort of make sense, when you have an animalistic predator on the prowl his pursuit of any and everything living would take them anywhere.Well the people of a small town in Alaska are about to be ripped apart and their cold haven becoming a li [...]

    11. Another Midnight Breed book finished - and another one that I absolutely loved!I fear I am becoming a wee bit obsessed with this series! They have the perfect mix of action, swoony, steamy romance, and absolutely fantastic characters that you cannot help but love. Kade is a newer member of the Order, and I was worried that I wouldn’t connect with him as much seeing as though I hadn’t known him from the beginning of the series. WRONG! I absolutely loved him, and was entrenched in his story fr [...]

    12. From 2 stars for the last book, up to 4 stars for this one. Woo hoo!Why, cuz Kade is yummy and Alex is awesome!Plus, there is a dog! Luna, the Husky. I totally fell in love with Luna. And, Luna fell in love with Kade too!Luna had parked her traitorous butt at his feet and gazed up adoringly at him while he reached down and scratched her behind the ears. Normally the wolf dog was cautious around stranger, wary of new people, but not with him.He can scratch behind my ears anytime. Rarh!This book i [...]

    13. I started this series a while ago. For the life of me I can't remember why I quit reading it.Reminds me a lot of Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood. Will continue on with the next book. I love that this was set in Alaska. It is my very favorite place for books I read to be set in.

    14. Part of a group of vampire warriors who protect humanity from the evils within their own race, Kade is summoned home when a family is torn to bits by an apparent rogue attack on a quiet settlement in his hometown.Upon arrival he meets bush pilot Alexandra Maguire, the person who first happened upon the massacre and decides very quickly she is one who knows more about what's going on by the haunted look in her eye.Alex doesnt know what's going on now, but she's seen this kind of attack before. So [...]

    15. I know I said in the reviews of the past 6 books (this is #7) that I wouldn't continue the series. And here I am, continuing the series.Anyhow, I enjoyed this book a lot more than the previous ones. I thought the relationship happened a bit too fast, specially since the heroine had been traumatized by vampires in her childhood, so how she got over that he was one too, was crazy. The whole overall plot with Dragos and the Ancient is still going strong though. I wonder if he's really dead.I'll sto [...]

    16. Another 5 stars, wow I loved those books! They're amazing! THis time we have to fly up to Alaska because the action is there. So Kade, who's originally from there is back home because of some murders, probably by vampires.I liked this story a lot, not only because of Alex, another wonderful stron heroine for our Breeds, but mostly because of Kade's family history.Really good. I loved his relationship with his twin brother and the struggle is fighting about itt to mention the Ancient. He was real [...]

    17. Shades of Midnight, was awesome!!This is the 7th book in the Midnight Breed series and it is a fantastically Fresh new way to look at the world of Vampires!!This Story i s about Kade and AlexandraIt is wonderful a i love how we get to no Kade so much more then we ever have!! He is so sweet sexy and Loving i really enjoyed him and AlexI cried and i Laughed, what else could you wont!! If you haven't started to read the Midnight Breed series you should give it ago!!!

    18. Who knew things could get so hot in the cold wilderness of Harmony, Alaska? Kade knows how to deliver, and he is such a sweetie! Despite his off-duty partying and his hardcore demeanour, Kade falls prey to an Alaskan bush pilot named Alexandra Maguire. I think deep down he just wanted to be loved and accepted by both his family and Alex. He was tortured for a long time before he came to the Order a year ago because of his fear of following his brother’s path. So when he got the call, he fled t [...]

    19. This is book 7 in the Midnight Breed series & although each book can be read as a stand alone story I really recommend that you read the books in order in order to get the most out of the series and follow the ongoing story. Alex is a pilot in Alaska who earns a living delivering supplies to remove villages. When doing one of her usual deliveries she discovers the bodies of an entire family who have been brutally murdered. The terrifying thing for Alex is that she has seen this kind of damag [...]

    20. The beginning deals with the events that draw Alex and Kade together for a while before they even meet, but it's good to know, and it makes their meeting that much more interesting. this book has the most action out of any except maybe Veil of Midnight. Alex is a pilot in Alaska who discovers a grisly scene at her first delivery. And entire family has been brutally slaughtered, but she recognizes the look since her mother and brother were killed by Rogues when she was a girl. Then Kade shows up. [...]

    21. These are things I loved/liked: I loved the story line, Kade he was awesome, loved his ability wouldn’t mind having that one myself, liked the sad prelude although it was hideous it make you want to read more, absolutely loved the Alaskan setting and all the snow and I liked how Jenna was left with no closure, it gives a little peak of something bigger coming.Things I didn’t like: The biggest one is Alex she just didn’t seem believable one bit, I mean just rollover and cave in, get real an [...]

    22. What can I say really, that hasn't already been said about this series? I will say that I absolutely loved this addition to the series. I like the addition of new characters again, and the story telling was wonderful, I just kept turning the pages uncontrollably, I just couldn't stop once I was able to sit down with it. I loved Kade so much, I think he is easily one of my favorites now, maybe it's because I think his "talent" was really cool. He and Andreas have the best tricks in the trick bag [...]

    23. Como não podia deixar de ser Lara Adrian apresenta-nos mais um bom livro desta Saga. Dá-nos a conhecer o bravo e atormentado Kade e a maneira atribulada e nada simples que conheceu Alexandra.Quer-me parecer que neste livro dá-se um ponto de viragem uma vez que agora, para além de estar em foco os Guerreiros que chegaram por último à Ordem, também as Companheiras de Raça, ou escolhidas dos guerreiros serão introduzidas de forma diferente do que nos livros anteriores.Opinião Completasinf [...]

    24. I absolutely adore Kade! In the other books you don't really get a sense of who or what Kade and Brock are all about since they are new to the Breed Brotherhood. Since the setting of the story takes place mostly in Alaska you really get a sense of who Kade is and where he started without the drama of the other brothers interfering. Alexandra was also a great addition to the growing number of Breedmates already in the compound and I am proud that we will have another strong female. Her airplane f [...]

    25. I loved this bookobably one of my favourite in the series so far.Stunning settings in Alaska - so vividly describede remoteness, silence, whiteness, desolatetally amazing.Adored Alexandra and Kade. What a fabulous couple. Great sexual and emotional tension betweem the two. Also enjoyed the secondary characters in this vastness of land.dark, menacingI like the way that we get to meet up with all the characters we have grown to love.The Breeds World is certainly becoming more and more intense and [...]

    26. Well, I enjoyed this book, but not as much as the others in the series. I liked the advancement of the overall series plot. I liked Alexandra, and absolutely loved Kade. I didn't buy their romance though. It was very rushed, and it didn't seem natural to me at all. Also, when Alex finds out certain things about Kade, her reactions are really implausible to me. I did enjoy it. It just wasn't as well written as the rest of the series.

    27. I really liked Kades story, I loved getting know him and Brock and Hunter a little more seeing how they were all the newest to the order I didnt know a whole lot about them.Only reason I gave it 4 stars was because it felt like the first half was really slow and it took me awhile to get into it! Still enjoying the series!

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