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Trail of 32: The True Story of a Youthful Spirit That Knew Not of Defeat

Trail of The True Story of a Youthful Spirit That Knew Not of Defeat THE ASTONISHING TRUE STORY of a group of thirty two boys and leaders who accomplished an amazing feat in when they rode their bicycles from Wood Dale Illinois to Jacksonville Florida The

  • Title: Trail of 32: The True Story of a Youthful Spirit That Knew Not of Defeat
  • Author: Paul Rega
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • THE ASTONISHING, TRUE STORY of a group of thirty two boys and leaders who accomplished an amazing feat in 1972, when they rode their bicycles from Wood Dale, Illinois to Jacksonville, Florida.The 1960 s and early 70 s were a simpler time a common sense two pedal world with realistic adventures, and everyday heroes In the summer of 1972, an innocence was lost when twenty THE ASTONISHING, TRUE STORY of a group of thirty two boys and leaders who accomplished an amazing feat in 1972, when they rode their bicycles from Wood Dale, Illinois to Jacksonville, Florida.The 1960 s and early 70 s were a simpler time a common sense two pedal world with realistic adventures, and everyday heroes In the summer of 1972, an innocence was lost when twenty six young boys in a small rural town set out to accomplish something bigger than themselves Their journey of nearly 1,400 miles would take them through eight states, crossing over the Great Smoky Mountains It was a tremendous achievement one that would be hailed as the longest organized bike hike in the history of Scouting.

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      242 Paul Rega
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    1 thought on “Trail of 32: The True Story of a Youthful Spirit That Knew Not of Defeat

    1. "Trail of 32: The True Story of a Youthful Spirit That Knew Not of Defeat" by Paul Rega is a beautiful childhood / boy scout memoir focusing on a spectacular bicycle trip in 1972 that will mark the life of tits boy scout participants.Rega writes with wonderful prose about the life of boy scouts, about his experience and the impact the movement had on his life. With much detail and care he describes the spirit and customs of the organisation, remembers friends and teachers and takes you back to a [...]

    2. Could not finish this book. I was 35% into the book and they had yet to get on the "trail" as listed in the description of the book. The book was all over the board and redundant. I get how important the Boy Scouts are, but why not name the book that? I could not continue to even learn about the trip. I am stunned and surprised by the high ratings of this book. As an avid reader, I would not recommend it.

    3. Admire the accomplishment of these 11-15 year old scouts, but not the book. It was too long, too slow and too repetitive. Do not understand the high ratings or the over the top reviews.

    4. I hope he didn't quit his day jobThis book is a wandering, disjointed, and otherwise badly written account of a single event in the author's teen years. The book is at least twice as long as it needed to be and includes anecdotes that have no point or place in the main story. In addition, the editing is terrible and the book is full of grammatical and spelling mistakes, in addition to wilfull violations of the manual of style. The story is about the author and his Scout troop biking from IL to F [...]

    5. Trail of 32 is a wonderful read. It is more than just a story about a group of Boy Scouts (although I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the movement); it is an extremely moving account of a journey made by a group of young teenage boys across America. It tells how the boys came to make the journey, what inspired them to do it and how they raised the money to make the trip possible. It also recounts the actual journey itself. It describes the difficulties the boys faced, in [...]

    6. Another 'sauna' Kindle read! (pure quiet-time-enjoyment)Paul Rega wrote a page-turning story--especially for us 'Baby-Boomers'! And.e Boy Scouts of America! (den mothers ---craft projects --campfire stories --bicycles)Penny Candy, The Three stooges, (fear of creating juvenile delinquency -of course) : MUCH too much violence on TV. .Oh.if ONLY'today' we were so lucky!Woody Wood Pecker --No VCR's 8 mm cameras modest 3 bedroom homes -- matchbox cars -playing marbles --Fathers working with their 'ha [...]

    7. Paul Rega. True storyTrail of 32This is a story of growing up and being part of the scout movement, 32 boys head out on a 1400 miles cycle trek to Florida. This journey takes them through eight states.The journey was probably the largest ever undertaken at the time, and must have been one of the greatest achievements of its time.The journey was in its self an education and in 1972 it was a fantastic thing to have done.This book is a terrific read and very emotional in bits, it is very well writt [...]

    8. I've been trying to plod through this book for 2 months. The problem? It reads likey'know when you go to a church party & get stuck in an earlock with the oldest guy there & he tells you his life story--not leaving out ANY detail--and you keep glancing at your watch waiting for someone to come rescue you? This book reads exactly like that. I made it 25% through the book & the story hasn't. even. started. yet. Maybe I'll try to finish later. The actual plot, whenever it begins, does s [...]

    9. I found it dull and boring and a struggle to get through it. It was very repetitive, it should have been a much shorter book. I expected a bit more. The sounds, sights, textureDescription of the landscape around them, something a bit more to engage the reader. It spoke of simpler times when children were children and were discipline and respected their elders. The old values, that working hard and determination counts for a lot. I could relate to all those elements in the book, but that was abou [...]

    10. The overarching story itself is compelling, but the author could have used an editor. Or a better editor if he has one. The book jumps from section to section without any semblance of continuity. Much of the story is "we did this, we did that, we saw this, he said that." I wanted to put the book down halfway through, but felt that I had invested so much time reading that I needed to power through.There were also basic typos and repeats of paragraphs in the Kindle edition. Not many, but enough th [...]

    11. Exciting adventure poorly toldIt took a long time to determine the purpose of the book. It started out reading like a personal journal. He describes the scouts who made the trip, but the descriptions were brief and almost impossible to remember. Some of the trip description was interesting,but the writing was immature. He was trying to sound like a teenager, I guess. I never give up on a book and did read it to the end. It was a chore rather than something that I looked forward to. The trip was [...]

    12. It took me a long time to finish this book; it just didn't keep my interest. I didn't quit reading it, and I'm glad because it was more interesting to me toward the end when they're finally on their bike trip. Maybe someone interested in biking, or Boy Scouts, would enjoy the book more. There were areas of repetition, and some areas where it seems like the author thought of something relating to an incident and threw it in, then took you back to the main part again.

    13. This is a fun, true story about a Boy Scout troop that biked from Chicago, IL to Jacksonville, FL. in 1972. As I grew up during this time period, I can remember and relate to the style of living back then. It is a great story of coming of age and learning about life through this incredible journey.

    14. The book could have been so much more. Could benefit from a ruthless editing, both to cut repetition and to develop important themes and incidents that instead get tossed off

    15. Great history; a boys true adventure. I grew up in the same neighborhood on the edge of Chicago. Although I’m a few years older than the author and departed prior to this epic, I was anxious to read this. Yes, it surprised me with insights about my area. It goes to show how subjective our experiences can be. Let this inspire boys and girls to challenge themselves on the open road!

    16. In the summer of 1972, a group of scouts and their leaders conceived and undertook the longest planned bicycle trip of over 1400 miles from Wood Dale, Illinois through eight states to Jacksonville, Florida. The author was one of the scouts on this journey and his book is his personal recollection of the adventure this scout troop undertook. The tale of the journey in itself was very interesting and engaging as it explored the hopes and goals behind the excursion, as well as the challenges and un [...]

    17. There were parts of this book that I really liked. The story was good. I liked reading about the feat of the author and his scout troop. The ending was very sweet, showing what this experience meant for all involved. However, there were parts of the book that I did not like. It took a long time to get to the actual journey. I understand that a lot of preparation went into it. But I don't think I needed half the book focused on that. There was also a lot of repetition in the book. The author woul [...]

    18. Growing up outside Chicago in the 1960s and early 70s is described in this memoir. Paul Rega is a Boy Scout and very active with fishing, camping, playing tag, building things and earning his badges and ranks. When he is 14 turning 15 he goes on a long bike "hike" from IL to FL with 31 other scouts and leaders. They have 10 speed bikes from Sears and no other safety equipment. They make their own paniers and tents and wear their scouting clothes and do it all on a budget of $265. 40% of the book [...]

    19. Although certainly not an outstanding literary read, I was never-the-less absorbed in this tremendous achievement by a group of 32 scouts. Having been a Boy Scout myself, I enjoyed the background of Paul and the troop as well as the day to day experience and endurance of completing a bicycle trip from Illinois to Florida, some 1200+ miles.Minor irritations of consistent grammatical errors (i.e. "road the bike" was the worst) were to be had, but overall the storyline made up for them. Recollectio [...]

    20. A slow going book.I finished the book, but it was not the kind that held you spell bound to the last page. The editors needed to do a better job of correction because nearing the end of the book there were multiple times when paragraphs were repeated. The book did inspire me to admire the organization of the scouts and those men who sacrifice to lead, teach, guide, and instill values into the boys that are in their charge.

    21. The story itself was interesting, but the writing style was wanting. Ideas were repeated almost verbatim throughout the book in an unorganized manner. At other times, events and ideas were mentioned and swiftly abandoned. There were few transitions and each paragraph seemed to be its own thing, having nothing to do with the paragraph before or after. Sentence structure was not varied. Typos were common. Would have been greatly improved with thorough editing.

    22. I really enjoyed the history, pictures and funny stories of the build up and journey of these 32 boy scouts but I did not care for the writing style. I felt there were some lags throughout the book but once the boys got on their journey you could look forward to the next state and what they would discover. Great book for any young child/adult who likes a little adventure, or a historian interested in the 32 boy scouts who rode from Illinois to Florida.

    23. An adventurous undertaking.Kind of thick on the sniveling awe and trust of authority. Not a good mix with the pompous comparisons betwixt this stalwart group and the video hooked toads of today. How does this inspire? Where in the sacred Scout oath do I find the justification for puffing yourself up at the expense of others? It was a good trip except for the unrelenting pontification.

    24. Mr Rega, I really enjoyed your book! Reliving some of the times past when neighbors looked out for each other was kind of sad. The bike trip was amazing and I loved reading about all the experiences. Scouting is such a great organization its a shame its not more prevalent I guess that is another sign of the times. It would keep the kids out of trouble to have something to focus on like this.

    25. I didn't know if I would be able to finish this book. Sometimes it seemed like he wasn't really writing about the bike trip. My kindle version had several misspellings as well as several times when whole paragraphs would repeat. This was a little distracting. I did enjoy the last part of the book & overall I'm glad I stuck with it.

    26. Interesting timesFor someone who was married and had children at the time of the trip, so it was a trip back in time for me. I was amazed how little growing up between the 30s & 40s. Was from 50s &60s.

    27. GoodA story of a simpler time in America when all things were possible. The life lessons learnedlf reliance, dedication to an idea, and planning to make that idea feasible. A good story.

    28. Amazing TripWhat a great adventure for these boys! Up the mountains at such a slow pace and then whizzing down the other side! Good story, but the beginning was too drawn out.

    29. A great book.Every scout should read this book:-) It was reviving true story that looked at how simple life can be and live it to the fullest by doing meaningful stuff.

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