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Sometimes Its Turkey, Sometimes Its Feathers

Sometimes Its Turkey Sometimes Its Feathers Oh What a fine Thanksgiving dinner we ll have Mrs Gumm says when she finds a turkey egg and decides to raise it But her simple plan turns out to be than she bargained for making Thanksgiving dinner a

  • Title: Sometimes Its Turkey, Sometimes Its Feathers
  • Author: Lorna Balian Lecia Balian
  • ISBN: 9781932065411
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • Oh What a fine Thanksgiving dinner we ll have Mrs Gumm says when she finds a turkey egg and decides to raise it But her simple plan turns out to be than she bargained for, making Thanksgiving dinner a happy surprise

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      113 Lorna Balian Lecia Balian
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    1 thought on “Sometimes Its Turkey, Sometimes Its Feathers

    1. The illustrations in this won me over! They are sooo adorable and old-fashioned and I just loved them. The story itself is one of those looming-doom tales where you think the whole time the little old lady is planning to fatten up her turkey so she'll have a great deal to eat on Thanksgiving but, in the end, there is a happy-ever-after for all involved. (Though, I still don't get the part where she was sharpening the hatchet!?)A good Thanksgiving tale for vegetarians, cat lovers, and those who e [...]

    2. Much thanks to friend Kathryn, who alerted me to this marvelous book.This is a wonderful book for vegan and vegetarian children to have around Thanksgiving time. It’s the story of a woman (with a cat) who finds a turkey egg and she brings the egg home to tend it, saying that there will be a fine Thanksgiving dinner.Throughout the book, the expressions on the faces of the turkey, woman, and cat are priceless. I just loved the illustrations, even though they’re very old fashioned. So, as the [...]

    3. This is just bad. It's poorly written AND dull. The storyline is about a little old lady and her cat who find a turkey egg in the forest (or was it a meadow?). They take it home, hatch it, and fatten it up for Thanksgiving. At the end of each page the little old lady tells her cat what a wonderful Thanksgiving feast they're going to have this year because of the big fat turkey. Finally Thanksgiving comes, and instead of eating the Turkey they sit him at the table. The End.My 6 year old gave the [...]

    4. This book is fabulous! Although I would recommend reading the newer versions, the older version in brown and white pictures and the words are hard to read in some spots. But that has nothing to do with the actual story.

    5. A cute and quaint tale of unlikely friendship. Very vegan friendly. :D Just as fun to read on the fifth time as it is the first. Classic illustrations (by the author) really set the scene and the pacing is perfect. Conclusion: a great read with a rather curious title.

    6. This is a mixed media book, the backgrounds are actual photographs of things while Mrs. Gumm etc are all drawings. At first I wasn’t sure I liked this idea but upon reading it a second time I decided that it was pretty neat.The story is of an old woman *and her cat* who finds an egg and decides to try and hatch it. A turkey hatches out of the egg and she plans to fatten him up to eat for Thanksgiving Dinner. Month after month the turkey eats and eats getting fatter and fatter. Mrs. Gumm is exc [...]

    7. Mrs. Gumm is ecstatic when she finds a nice speckled egg in the forest. She knows it is a turkey egg and boy does she have plans for that turkey come November. She takes it home and tenderly cares for it until it hatches. Then she lets it eat her out of house and home throughout the year because every bit it eats will just make it more plump for their Thanksgiving feast! November finally arrives and Mrs. Gumm goes forth with her plans. She brings that turkey right to the dinner table! This is an [...]

    8. Old Mrs. Gumm finds a turkey egg in the forest and takes it home, with the intent of hatching it and having a fine Thanksgiving dinner in the fall. The turkey hatches, eats everything in sight over the months, and grows and grows, and Mrs. Gumm just imagines the fine dinner she will have. Thanksgiving arrives and with it all the preparations. Mrs. Gumm heads out with the hatchet to prepare the fat turkeybut in the end the turkey sits down to dinner with Mrs Gumm and her cat. After all, "imagine" [...]

    9. Mrs. Gumm finds and raises a young turkey, and the text leads us to believe that she will eat the bird on Thanksgiving day. However, at the end of the story, we get a surprise--she "has" the turkey for a Thanksgiving dinner guest!The only thing I didn't like about this story was its ambiguous ending. There is a comment that may lead readers to believe that Mrs. Grimm may just be waiting until next year to eat the turkey!

    10. Mrs. Gumm finds a turkey egg and imagines raising a nice, plump turkey for her Thanksgiving dinner. When the turkey hatches, it begins to eat it’s way through the seasons: seeds, raspberries, corn, fruit and more. Mrs. Gumm consoles herself and her cat over the loss of their food stocks with the thought of a nice, plump turkey at Thanksgiving. “Imagine!”, she declares. What do you imagine happens when Thanksgiving arrives?

    11. This is a quirky and fun book with a surprise ending! It is a good book to read during Thanksgiving to show what children may or may not eat and do during the holiday. It is comedic and has lovable characters that consist of a grandma, her cat, and a turkey they are raising- for dinner or for a dinner guest? You will have to find out when you read it!

    12. An odd yet funny book. It looks really old and my illustrations were not as colorful as the image makes it seem. But humorous in its ways. Still trying to figure out what I'm supposed to get from the ending.

    13. I absolutly LOVE this book! Its about this little old woman who finds a turkey egg and raises the turkey. Throughout the enitre story, you think she will eventually kill the turkey to eat, but in the end she doesn't. You'll have to read it to find out what really happens!

    14. My little one brought this to me at the library today and I thought it was so sweet!*****Re-read Nov 2011 at preschool co-op, and it was generally well-received, but one little girl had a look of extreme worry cross her sweet face a little too often Maybe for an older crowd?

    15. Surprise ending, a cute and funny tale! Reminds me, I once had a colleague who tried to eat a mean rooster whom she kept more or less as a pet (he had a name and everything). She got so sick over it that she because a vegetarian for several years.

    16. I would use this book to talk about Thanksgiving. I would use it to talk about the turkey. I would then do an activity to make a turkey.

    17. I love Lorna Balian. Ben got a big kick out of this book. I was so relieved that they didn't eat the turkey in the end. Cute book.

    18. This is out on our end table for the month of November and is read over and over definitely the cutest Thanksgiving picture book ever. I recommend requesting it from your library. =)

    19. This is a fun, pre-Thanksgiving story. How can you go wrong when the turkey goes from being the planned main course to a guest at Thanksgiving dinner.

    20. An old woman finds an egg in the forest. She takes it home and out hatches a turkey. She fattens up the turkey for thanksgiving day. Beautifully old fashioned art work.

    21. This is an old favorite read-aloud to pair with Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey. I also love to share the 1973 three color version with the 2003 illustrations.

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