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Sun on Fire

Sun on Fire When the gutted body of a businessman is discovered in the Icelandic embassy in Berlin Iceland s best detectives are sent to Germany to investigate the crime The stab wounds and the murder weapon an

  • Title: Sun on Fire
  • Author: Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson Bjorg Arnadottir Andrew Cauthery
  • ISBN: 9781477823125
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the gutted body of a businessman is discovered in the Icelandic embassy in Berlin, Iceland s best detectives are sent to Germany to investigate the crime The stab wounds and the murder weapon an elegant hunting knife suggest a ritualistic killing But the only suspects present in the sleek modern office building were some of the island nation s cultural elite, includWhen the gutted body of a businessman is discovered in the Icelandic embassy in Berlin, Iceland s best detectives are sent to Germany to investigate the crime The stab wounds and the murder weapon an elegant hunting knife suggest a ritualistic killing But the only suspects present in the sleek modern office building were some of the island nation s cultural elite, including J n the Sun Poet and ceramics artist L dv k Bjarnason The victim is someone few would miss, and investigators Birkir and Gunnar, joined by forensics expert Anna Th rdard ttir, wager they have an open and shut case on their hands What they find is anything but The crime reeks of premeditation and vengeance, and leads the team into a sordid tale of international child abuse, arson, and retribution.

    • Unlimited [Ebooks Book] ☆ Sun on Fire - by Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson Bjorg Arnadottir Andrew Cauthery ✓
      445 Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson Bjorg Arnadottir Andrew Cauthery
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Ebooks Book] ☆ Sun on Fire - by Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson Bjorg Arnadottir Andrew Cauthery ✓
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    1 thought on “Sun on Fire

    1. Another satisying Icelandic mystery from Ingolfsson. This story revolves around a murder in the Icelandic Embassy in Berlin. The murderer must have been among the small party that night in the Embassy. A group of 3 police go to Berlin to investigate. The story involves a hippie commune from the 70's, a fire, and a pedophile Icelandic businessman, the murder victim. By the end, the case is solved, almost improbably, by the detective. All the details are accounted for, including the improbable way [...]

    2. I love Icelandic mysteries, and this one had a new twist - the crime was committed in an Icelandic embassy in Germany. Luckily, there was still plenty of action in Iceland, as the Icelandic detectives investigated connections between the potential suspects. I liked the diverse team of detectives - a chain smoking older woman doing forensics, a perpetually hungry half-German detective and a straight-laced detective who originally came to Iceland as a child refugee. I'm now looking forward to read [...]

    3. I won this book in a First Reads contest.I have passed the book along to a friend who loves mystery/detective books and they are currently really enjoying reading it.

    4. At first, SUN ON FIRE by Viktor Aranar Ingolfsson seems to be the type of mystery that is used as a gimmick at a theater party as everyone becomes one of the characters in the storyline. Guests are left to determine which of the characters is guilty of murder, and slowly as the narrative unfolds characters are eliminated as suspects. However, in the case of Ingolfsson’s book the mundane approach just described explodes into a real life “who dun it” as certain characters reveal further info [...]

    5. I have been trying to read all the Nordic mysteries that I could find in the last several years. SUN ON FIRE is the first of Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson’s books that I have found and I must say I do like it. Although the murder takes place in the Icelandic Embassy in Berlin, the detectives are Icelandic and the heart of the tale is there. The dead man is found with his belly slit open, sitting in the Ambassador’s office after a small party. Security for the five Nordic Embassies in the closed [...]

    6. I liked this - it combined what attracts me to Scandinavian mysteries (setting, different culture) with characters I could believe were actually day-to-day professional cops. Not homophobic/sexist/racist-with-a-heart-of-gold cops, but regular cops. Fastidious, Vietnamese-Icelandic Birkir, chain-smoking forensics expert Thora, food-loving sharp-minded Gunnar, I was charmed by all of them. Plus, there was no "the court won't mind if we rough this suspect up" or "the plot demands that we kill this [...]

    7. Sun on Fire is an entertaining police procedural. The detectives are a bit quirky - accident-prone Gunnar, chain smoking Anna and runner Birkir, who seem to have a good team working relationship while also following leads independently. Aside from the “hook” in the first chapter, the beginning of the book is a bit slow moving, but once they get to Iceland the pace picks up. This is the first Infolfsson book I have read, and I will read more of them.I am drawn to Nordic mysteries as I enjoy l [...]

    8. Still on my European travels and running low on reading this was a random pick on Kindle from at said it was a pretty good read which I mostly nailed on the train between Milan and Paris. The starting point is the discovery of a brutally murdered man in Berlin's Icelandic embassy part of the Scandinavian complex. A trio of cops from Reykavik are despatched to Berlin to help avoid a diplomatic scandal. Gunner, one of the trio, apart from being a big guy in constant need of food and drink, is an a [...]

    9. I received my copy of Sun on Fire through ' Giveaway program. I would recommend this book if you are a fan of murder mystery novels or Icelandic literature. While I wish there had been a little more character development and at some places the prose was a little stilted or repetitive, the actual story did make me want to continue reading. I did enjoy the descriptions that were given about the Icelandic embassy in Germany as that was new to me. I also loved how the seemingly straight-forward murd [...]

    10. Excellent storyline and characters. The characters are brought to life and expanded throughout the story allowing the reader to understand why they do what they do. The main characters could exist in any town in any country but are perfect in this story. I would recommend this book for readers who enjoy crime novels or mysteries.I would recommend this book for readers who enjoy a good crime or murder mystery. The characters are unique with varied personalities. Character development is excellent [...]

    11. (Spoiler alert) The book starts off as an old-fashioned grisly whodunnit and what looks as a good mystery to solve. After a while, other crimes happen creating a mess difficult to disentangle. So far so good. However, it turns out there are three different unrelated crimes, each with a different culprit. Characters are poorly developed and at the end you couldn't care less who's guilty. For this reason I found the ending anti-climatic and written as in a hurry and leaving many unanswered questio [...]

    12. This is the second of Ingolfsson's books I've read, both featuring Detective Birkir Li Hinriksson and his colleague Gunnar. Birkir came to Iceland as a child refugee from Vietnam. He's a bit of a loner who likes running and poetry. Gunnar's mother is German, so they are both a little outside the general run of Icelanders. Because they are good detectives and because Gunnar is fluent in German, they are sent to Berlin to investigate a murder in the Icelandic Embassy. The investigation takes them [...]

    13. After reading several series of Scandinavian detective novels, I thought I'd branch out to Iceland. And Sun on Fire was a very enjoyable introduction. True to the genre, the book introduces several interesting and quirky characters and then walks, slowly and meticulously, through their investigation of a crime. This one involves Icelandic citizens at the German embassy in Berlin. I'll check out more of Ingolfsson's work. One note: This story was not as gruesome as some of the Kurt Wallander book [...]

    14. An Icelandic mystery - that moves for a short time to Germany.The 2 main detectives are Birkir and Gunnar. We get to know much more about these detectives than we did before. They are sent to Germany to help solve a case that occurred in Germany in the Icelandic embassy.The murder connects with the past - with past events. I learned a lot about Icelands hippie group during the 60's and 70'sA good mystery

    15. When a man is discovered murdered in the Icelandic embassy in Berlin, Icelandic detectives are sent to investigate. There suspects quickly become the ambassador and six after hours dinner guests. The trail leads back to Iceland and a fire that claimed the life of a young woman decades earlier and pedophilia. This was an English translation of a police procedural from Iceland and is a compelling read. It was a free review copy.

    16. It lit a fire under me!If you love a great story with a clear, concise and brilliantly conceived plot; if you enjoy being surprised the outcome of a story that has every loose thread neatly tied; if you relish reading about real life-like characters who are committed to uncovering the smallest of clues and making sense of them, you should read "Sun On Fire by Viktor Armar Ingolsson. Your need to buy it now and get started . What an incredibly fascinating book!

    17. A good read with a twistAfter the initial linguistic and contextual challenges were overcome this novel developed well and moved smoothly toward the conclusion. The convoluted plot, although not as chaotic as Finnegan's Wake, still keeps the reader tracing and back tracking to make sure he has not missed some salient clue. The final solution(s) come with a twist that leaves the reader wondering why he missed that solution all along.

    18. This was a fun book. The story was improbable but had lots of really probable human suffering and drama. Would a criminal be so accommodating as to provide a monologue of all the details of the deed and also the motive? The author uses that device, and it works with his style of telling a story. I love too how he weaves in comical images of the quirky detectives and police technicians. It was a book that I could not put down and that I read quickly.

    19. Excellent book, and I want to read more. Mysterious and kept me fooled. It's exciting too, because I've always been fascinated with Iceland and had the good fortune to explore it for three weeks some time ago. It's a country and culture that punches way above its weight class, and books like this are why. The book is cosmopolitan, realistic, and interesting. Characters are not iconoclasts or archetypes. Therefore it's believable and unbelievable at the same time.

    20. Enjoyable read.I like this author, this is the second of his I have read. This is a sequel as far as characters, but they are stand alone as novels. I like the detectives and how the story unfolds through each, the suspense is real but gentle, the mystery sustains the plot. A "warm" good feeling detective novel.

    21. GreatFinally a book I really enjoyed. This is the 3rd book by this author, each has been excellent. Now on to another one. I do have problems with people's names, that's only because I'm not familiar with Icelandic names.

    22. GoodRead GiveawaySolid, entertaining police procedural with lots of twists and turns. The characters are diverse and interesting. Everyone has a secret. The crime scene is the Iceland Embassy in Berlin, Germany but most of the investigation is in Iceland. I'l read more in this series.

    23. This is the best murder/mystery that I have read since Dick Francis.Finally, another author who can write a riveting book without sex scenes! An absolutely amazing "who done it" book until the very nd. Thank you,Mr. Ingolfsson.

    24. It's okMight make a better screenplay. It promised a bit more at the beginning with skullduggery committed in an embassy in a foreign nation, but then followed by a bit of over the top lack of planning on the part of characters seeking justice. It's on ok read.

    25. Listened to this on CD - It was OK - I had a bit of a difficult time keeping the characters straight with their Icelandic names. Basic who-dunnit.

    26. Good readI liked how the story opened up throughout the book. A detective story with a difference. Would be interested in the author again

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