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The Girl with the White Flag: A Spellbinding Account of Love and Courage in Wartime Okinawa

The Girl with the White Flag A Spellbinding Account of Love and Courage in Wartime Okinawa New York Newsday called this memoir of a warhood childhood in Japan one of the saddest and yet most uplifting books about childhood you will ever encounter Separated from her family in the confusion a

  • Title: The Girl with the White Flag: A Spellbinding Account of Love and Courage in Wartime Okinawa
  • Author: Tomiko Higa Dorothy Britton
  • ISBN: 9784770029317
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Newsday called this memoir of a warhood childhood in Japan one of the saddest and yet most uplifting books about childhood you will ever encounter Separated from her family in the confusion and horror of World War II, seven year old Tomiko Higa struggles to survive on the battlefield of Okinawa, Japan There, as some of the fiercest fighting of the war rages aroNew York Newsday called this memoir of a warhood childhood in Japan one of the saddest and yet most uplifting books about childhood you will ever encounter Separated from her family in the confusion and horror of World War II, seven year old Tomiko Higa struggles to survive on the battlefield of Okinawa, Japan There, as some of the fiercest fighting of the war rages around her, she must live alone, with nothing to fall back on but her own wits and daring Fleeing from encroaching enemy forces, searching desperately for her lost sisters, taking scraps of food from the knapsacks of dead soldiers, risking death at every turn, Tomiko somehow finds the strength and courage to survive.Many years later she decided to tell this story Originally intended for juvenile readers, it is sure to move adults as well, because it is such a vivid portrait of the unintended civilian casualties of any war.

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    1 thought on “The Girl with the White Flag: A Spellbinding Account of Love and Courage in Wartime Okinawa

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    2. I loved this book. It was so interesting, and I couldn't take my attention off of it. But it was also really depressing. But, usually, depressing book's are interesting. I'm sorry but it's true.In this book we learned not only about what the war was like, but also a lot about the culture in Okinawa. I would like to point out how hard core Tomiko's father was. He definitely took discipline to another level. I didn't think anyone would do something like that over a bunch of beans. I mean I get it, [...]

    3. Most of my students read this book, so I thought it was worth the read. It was written for adults, but a great war account for young readers. It is very simply written and lacks creative flare, which is why I gave it only 4 stars, but after living in Okinawa for three years it is a MUST read for anyone stationed here. It was the first civilian account of the Battle of Okinawa that I read. Even though it's non-fiction so many of the characters were touching and endearing as if they were fiction. [...]

    4. I really likes this book because it talks about war and I like war. This book was written from a 7 year olds perspective and how she made the journey all the way up until now. l this might be on my top ten favorite books. lt isnt even that she is 7 its the way they make it look like she is a full grown adult that has years of training in the "wild" or in war, and war is harder to survive than the wild, so this book is just litterly amazing.

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    6. It was a little boring at first but once I got farther along in the book it wasn't boring. They gave very specific details about certain parts of the war. There were very gory details at times but overall it was a very good book.

    7. A moving account of a 6-year-old girl's experiences living through the battle of Okinawa. Her photo was taken by American army photographers as she carried a white flag and joined a line of surrendering Japanese. Written decades after the author experienced the events, it's simple style gives a good account from a child's perspective. She describes the horrible death and destruction and even the tragic loss of members of her family in an almost observer style, as though it was too painful to rec [...]

    8. When I bought this at Goodwill, there was a note inside it that read,Kristy 2000,Remember how you felt when you first read this book? Read it again.-Kristy 1997That single-handedly made me wanna read this. The writing itself isn't that amazing (that could also be due to its translation), but the narrative is. An autobiography by a Japanese native, this is her account of how she survived one of the deadliest bombing sprees in occupied-Japan during WW2. Separated from her parents (and eventually h [...]

    9. The Girl with the White Flag is a truly amazing story of survival. As I read I tried to remember myself at the age of seven. I tried to imagine what it would have been like for me if I had been separated from my sister and left to fend for myself while a war raged around me. The noise of bombs and machine gun fire, taking food off of dead bodies, finding and eating raw sweet potatoes in garden patches, hiding and escaping In a long, harrowing month she goes from having a father, two sisters, and [...]

    10. What an amazing little creature. This little girl's fortitude in the face of death is nothing less than magical. She unassumingly finds a place in your heart where she digs in and stays in your heart's protection. What child, believing that death is waiting can smile and wave at it? The only negative of the book is that there is not more. How did she and her sister survive post-war? Did they ever get back to that fated beach and find Nini's remains? What had the sisters experienced in Tomiko's a [...]

    11. I listened to this book in a class I co-teach, and at first, it was quite depressing and, at times, graphic. The story in an amazing one detailing survival during WWII in Japan, even more so because the subject is a mere 6/7 years old. The atrocities that she witnessed as a child are things most adult have never witnessed and probably won't in their lifetime.

    12. FANTASTIC read.ough I am partial to anything relating to Okinawa since I lived there for 2 years in my 20's! Tomiko Higa's account of her early years in Shuri, Okinawa were beautiful and gripping. Her accounts of the images she saw during wartime were simply heartbreaking and she truly was able to capture the essence of growing up among such turmoil and bring them to the reader. I highly recommend this beautiful story for anyone looking for a great read about the value of human life.

    13. The Girl with the White Flag is the story of the author's childhood in war-time Japan. It begins by giving the reader ample background into the time and culture and place. One of the first events she shares with readers is the death of her mother. She then relates what life was like with her father, two older sisters, and her older brother. This portion is hard to navigate. I think in some ways it is just as hard for modern readers to understand the family life--the harshness, the strictness, th [...]

    14. This is an amazingly wonderful book. It’s about 4 siblings who have to leave their home in Okinawa, in 1945, before the American invasion of WWII. Their mother is deceased and they don’t know if their father is alive. One sibling dies, then the youngest sibling, a 7-year-old girl, gets separated from the other two.I don’t remember how many days she spent by herself. She was kept alive by things her parents and siblings had told her. She remembered certain plants her father and brother had [...]

    15. This book is a preamble to a great volume of inconvenient but explicit stories recounted and written by Okinawan locals using not their own written language purposefully eradicated by their imperial colonists. I traveled to Okinawa and visited many still desolate today sites mentioned in books and memoirs regarding this specific period of time in history by Americans, Japanese, and Okinawans, including this one, which compelled me to took the time and effort for taking the investigative trip in [...]

    16. I'm so glad I read this haunting autobiographical account of a six-year-old Okinawan girl's experiences during World War 2, which included having to survive on her own for almost a month after being separated from her family. If you appreciated the film, "Empire of the Rising Sun", you should definitely read this book. I particularly appreciated the care Ms Higa took in relaying in detail not only the facts of what happened to her and her thoughts as a child in response to them, but also the obv [...]

    17. This was a companion book (a strange companion book, but a companion book nonetheless) to The Ultimate Battle, which is a look at the Battle for Okinawa as told from the American side. This book, in contrast, tells the story of a 6 year old Okinawan girl who was very literally caught in the middle of the battle of Okinawa, with her family farm located near Shuri, which formed part of the Japanese’ second line of defense. Her father is required to leave the house to deliver something to the Jap [...]

    18. This was another of my book club's selections, and I can't believe that high schools do not assign this book as a part of required reading during history lessons on WWII. This is the harrowing first-person account of a young girl's experience of the American invasion of Okinawa in April 1945, and within its pages she describes how her family was torn apart though they were all innocent civilians who happened to be living on the island. This is a book written and geared toward young adults - it w [...]

    19. With a lot of older books, (1930-1990, or so), it was popular to wright with a 'flare' or a some other word for a dramatic barfing of a tale. This book is one of them.Don't get me wrong, this is a great book. The horror she witnessed would play with anyone's emotions, and she was only 7!What I question is the choice of words and the enormously high quality of memory she seems to have about such little intricacies. The reason why I question these minor details is that I have an eight year old and [...]

    20. The remarkable thing about this book is its simplicity. I hate to give anything away here, and you should probably stop reading if you really don't want to know, but the story consists of a little girl walking away from her home, becoming separated from her two sisters, and then walking in circles through what appears to be the most war-torn part of Okinawa during the great battle. That's it. That's the whole story. And yet there are all of these little miracles she collects along the way. Wheth [...]

    21. The Girl with the White Flag will truly touch your heart with the power to bring tears to your eyes. Despite my avoidance of biographies and historical books of this type, I couldn't keep my hands off this utterly depressing, yet extremely moving story. I will warn those interested in reading this book, however. The novel is quite gruesomely graphic, and Tomiko Higa certainly doesn't mince words when it comes to the shocking memories of her childhood. Maybe this adds to the dramatic suspense of [...]

    22. The Girl with the White Flag is an amazing story. A reader follows the true story of a young Japanese girl, Timiko Higa, who is trying to survive World War II on the island of Okinawa. Throughout the story Timiko, who is a young girl, sees the hardships that comes with war and at one point she is separated from her family and has to figure out how to survive. This book was amazingly powerful. I cried, feared and felt relief for Timiko as the story goes on. This book is not really one for young r [...]

    23. A friend recommended this book to me, saying, "It's such a fascinating insight into the culture!" she's right; it is. The culture is Okinawan, and the time is the spring and summer of 1945. Tomiko is the youngest of a large family on a small farm. When their father is called away, four children are left at home - Tomiko's teenage sisters, her 9-year-old brother, and Tomiko herself. Their father tells them to leave their home and get to safety. But, as the battle starts, Tomiko is separated from [...]

    24. Read. This. Book. I can't remember where I first heard about it--it's been on my to-read list for ages--but I needed a quick read in between some book club selections. I narrowed my list based on book length and this one won out. The fact that it's a quick read and was originally intended for juvenile readers doesn't change the powerful impact of this true story. I'd recommend reading this book with as little background as possible, so I won't give away any plot details. New York Newsday called [...]

    25. I picked this book up on my last day in Okinawa. It was suppose to be for reading on the plane but I finished it before we even took off. It was an extremely easy read. I have always been a huge fan of history and Okinawa has a great deal of it surrounding WW2. This book is the account of lady who lived through the war. She was only 6-7 when the American's invaded the island. It covers some of the lies that the Japanese told the Okinawans and her amazing tale of survival after being seperated fr [...]

    26. This was a short book, took me about 2 hours to read it cover to cover including toddler interruptions. It chronicles a the true story of Tomiko's childhood journey through the battlefield of Okinawa Japan when the American's invaded. Her story has many heart wrenching images and the desperation linked to survival as well as the hopelessness driving some to suicide. It is well written, goes into detail of how she survived and what she saw without being overwhelmingly gory. It is simply a story o [...]

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