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Isabel and The Wolf, Part 2

Isabel and The Wolf Part Isabel s first encounter with Peter has left her crazy with desire as well as frustration A second meeting promises the completion she so badly needs Before this can happen though her submissive desi

  • Title: Isabel and The Wolf, Part 2
  • Author: Ariana Hawkes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Isabel s first encounter with Peter has left her crazy with desire as well as frustration A second meeting promises the completion she so badly needs Before this can happen though, her submissive desires are put to the test Signing her autonomy away to a man who makes her feel like a hunted rabbit could be the stupidest thing she s ever done But the reward is a glimpIsabel s first encounter with Peter has left her crazy with desire as well as frustration A second meeting promises the completion she so badly needs Before this can happen though, her submissive desires are put to the test Signing her autonomy away to a man who makes her feel like a hunted rabbit could be the stupidest thing she s ever done But the reward is a glimpse into Peter s wild life, deep in the New Mexican wilderness and the most intense passion of her life Just as Isabel s heart begins to open to the fascinatingly free spirited man, he slips out of her grasp, reminding her that he s as enigmatic as ever Isabel and The Wolf Part Two is a 25,000 word novella and the second episode in the new werewolf erotic romance serial by Ariana Hawkes It contains cliffhangers It also contains strong sexual themes and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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      248 Ariana Hawkes
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    1 thought on “Isabel and The Wolf, Part 2

    1. There was a little more substance to this book. I like the development of the characters.The mystery was intriguing. The endingI had to buy book three right away. What a cliffhanger.

    2. Isabel has only just met Peter,(the Wolf) through a Dom/sub dating Site , but after only one night with this Mysteriously Georgous man she is left feeling Vulnerable and used , yet utterly Sated and under his spell. The Wolf is keeping his distance , that is until he requests another meeting that ends up with Isabel naked , in the forest, on all fours submitting only to The Wolf. When will Isabel stop being so Naïve and realize the people of this town are Different from everyone else , includin [...]

    3. ISABEL AND THE WOLF by ARIANA HAWKESBOOK 2Once again thank you for the honor of allowing me to ARC for you Ms. HawkesStory is still good and keeping my interest. Looking forward to book 3.Ok in the second book you get to see a little more personality ranges of the characters. Peter shows that he does have a romantic softer side while taking care of Isabel in the woods. He carries her around so that she doesn't trip and fall. He makes her breakfast and comforts her a bit when she gets scared. It' [...]

    4. This great read continues to develop the characters of Isabel & Peter, as well as many of the background characters. The tension and mystery continue to develop, also, as well as the steamy scenes. And Isabel does finally get her “complete” experience with Peter. The author continues to keep you invested in the saga of this couple, as well as throwing in some tidbits to keep you guessing. The writing, again, is smooth and very well written especially for newer author. If you have ever ha [...]

    5. I WANT TO GIVE THIS BOOK A 4.5 This book is only six chapters.We come back to Bella and her still trying to deal with the fact that Peter didn’t want to have sex with her but was willing go down on her. She had the best orgasm of her life but she is still feeling like she is lacking.After she drives herself nuts with her doubts and many unanswered questions she final hears back from Peter and meet up again. The go out a few times and they final have a date where he feeds her.She still hasn’t [...]

    6. When things seem to be falling into place for Isabel things take a strange turn that she is unsure of. Confused and not knowing what to think about her quickly growing feelings for Peter. Out of no where Jed shows up and saves her from being lost and alone out in the middle of no where for the second time. Isabel at times is so very confident on what she wants and then at other times she is not so confident, wanting to run instead of facing things head on. Still wanting to live her fantasies but [...]

    7. Wow!!! What a HOT read. This part two in a ongoing serial and it is seriously steamy and sex good fun. There is a BDSM element, but it is not really hardcore and it seems more like an Alpha Male/Werewolf than your typical BDSM story. This part takes off as soon as part one ends and has our heroine having doubts about our hero and if he is really into her or not. Our hero is swoon worthy and so into control that it is intense and can be scary but he is so hot! This book does have some smoking sex [...]

    8. After reading the first part, it left me wanting to know more about Peter and Isabel. I liked the way that the author had tastefully written the BDSM storyline as its not too hardcore but just gives you a sense as to what is going on. I also feel that the author did a great job of progressing through the story, I didn't have that lost feeling. It was a story, much like the first, that I couldn't hardly put down until I was finished. Once again Ms Hawkes provided us with a cliffhanger at the end [...]

    9. Ariana Hawkes continues to keep my interest. Part 2 of Isabel and The Wolf is still keeping me captive. Has Isabel finally gotten what she wanted from her mystery man who is still a mystery, or does she need more? Yes this ends with another cliffhanger but I want to read more. Ms Hawkes has laid out a story progression that keeps it moving without giving away where exactly the story is going. I like being surprised I want something to look forward to. This second book picks up where the first on [...]

    10. This story pulls you in more and more with each chapter. You get to see Isabel and Peter finally take things between them to the next level, and their encounters continue to be smoking hot. You can feel Isabel's confusion at Peter's behavior, and you can't help but to hover at the end of your seat anxious for her to figure out Peter's true nature. Most of all, this episode leaves you desperately wanting to know just what it is that Isabel saw when she looked into Peter's window. In this second i [...]

    11. DELIGHTFULLY DELICIOUS!I loved it! This is my first experience with this author and I am in love with this series! This is the third installment and can I just say-WOW! Exciting! Well Written! Smart! Mysterious! Intriguing! Captivating! Thrilling!Sassy! Addictive! Romantic! Arousing! Sexy! The characters are so quirky,fascinating and intriguing, The story is smart, well written, and original and the dialog flows beautifully. Hawkes exhibits exceptional talent and writing ability. And this series [...]

    12. I received this book as an ARC for a honest review. I will attempt not to post spoilers but there is always a chance. Now, this book has a few twists and turns as you read it. Some completely unexpected while others you can see happening before they come. This is a different take on shifters. I still haven't decided if I like this story BUT I do like the writing style of this author. The reason I am not sure I like the story is the main man is very complex and seems self centered, rusty on how t [...]

    13. Okay, the second episode of "Isabel and the Wolf" has given me a greater feel for this serial. After reading book one, I didn't feel like I had sufficent information in order to determine whether I wanted to continue on with the episode. This is true erotica and not much else. While I really enjoy a good sex scene like the next girl, I was hoping to read more on the werewolf aspect of the storyline. Unfortunately, the character of Peter does not want to tell us much about himself.Most of the rev [...]

    14. I was gifted this novella for an honest review by author Ariana Hawkes. This is part 2 of the series by the author.Isabel was wanting more from Peter after they got together at his house. But Peter takes his dominance over Isabel to a higher level.This gets hotter with ever story. I love how Isabel and Peter work together and it makes you want more from them. The author gave another smooth flowing story in this novella.This is for mature erotic paranormal romance readers. This is part 2 and it i [...]

    15. I was given an ARC of this book in return for an honest reviewWow! And the story continues I was totally enraptured with this continuation of Isabel and the Wolf. Ariana maintains our interest, as we progress down the rocky road of Isabel and Peter's (aka the Wolf) relationship. As they finally seem to be getting somewhere together finally, something happens to give them another twist and bump along the way. These characters just keep getting more and more interesting as the story progresses. I [...]

    16. This is a 4 part story and should be read in that order. It's not so much that there are spoilers, as the story will make more sense. Bought part 1 (which is free for now) and was given parts 2, 3 and 4 for an honest review. Couldn't wait to finish the story and now I am sad that I finished them so quickly. Given to me for an honest review. Isabel is having a hard time understanding why she is drawn to Peter. It doesn't help that she is having very strange dreams. Peter has some quirks and Isabe [...]

    17. WOW! The 2nd book I enjoyed as much if not more than the first!!! The story picks up where the last leaves off and Isabel and Peter finally meet up again and their next meeting takes it up a notch. You also see more of Isabel's new friends and hear more stories about the area from them and and what they think of these stories. I can't wait for the next book to see what happens next!! What's gong on in that area and what's going on with Peter, hmmm lots of hints in the book but where will they le [...]

    18. Another 4 stars for the next instalment of Ariana Hawkes Isabel and the Wolf. The story is now getting more intense, as Isabel is getting in deep with Peter, but still can't really understand what is off about him. The Characters are now coming into their own, the story has more structure and depth. I am so enjoying this. I was gifted this book for an honest review. Thank you Ms. Hawkes So looking forward to no. 3.

    19. I love, love, love, this installment of Isabel and the Wolf.The budding love story between Peter (wolf) and Isabel, aka "Little Red continues to grow with their ventures into sex. The BDSM elements are well written and get you involved in more than just the story. I am eagerly waiting for the continuation of this serial.

    20. Alright this story is getting better now, in this 2nd part Isabel finally has hot passionate sex with Peter wolf, but why is he so mysterious about himself?What hides in plain site at Gila and what is Peter hiding?Lots of mystery and hot passion sure to make your blood boil. I know I was glued to the book from beginning to end. Can't wait for the next Part.

    21. Book 2 in shifter wolf series.Kindle Unlimited book. Series - cliffhanger - not a standalone book! She calls him The Wolf. She knows very little about him, other than she can't stay away from him.

    22. This second book picks up right where the first left us. I love these two characters. So full of life and when Isabel submitse is not disappointed. Really looking forward to where this series will take meHighly recommend

    23. Wow this storyline just keeps getting betterIsabel is confused about her feelings and how to react. She is not sure if she,should asked questions or just go with it.The cliffhanger on this one will have you on edge of your seat and Hillingdon into book 3.Must read

    24. She has a job, friends, and money. She has a boyfriend or so she thought Peter is distance from her but sex is awesome and weird at the same time. Great story so far. Can't wait to find out what she see's at the Peter's house.

    25. Peter is an enigma to say the least. Bella is determined to find out what makes him tick, but when she discovers Josie at his house, she takes off and gets lost in the woods. Lo and behold, the handsome sheriff finds her and saves the day! What will happen in the third installment?

    26. Absolutely loving this seriesjust wished each book was longer, cause I can't get enough of this story! Now on to the next installment

    27. This is one great bookI have to say Ariana Hawkes has open up a new world for me. So glad I found some great writer's here, and can't get enough.

    28. Definitely entertainingI really like this series. I just wish the stories were longer. However it's well written and easy to get into.

    29. Something about this story isn't clicking for me. Maybe it's just moving too slow. I really hope Part 3 is better.

    30. Great Great series so far great writing great characters just enough to keep reader wanting a whole lot more and then some

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