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Savor Lately Logan Unbreakable Kellar s life has been a series of miscommunications with catastrophic consequences However this time around the consequences threaten to not only damage his current relati

  • Title: Savor
  • Author: Xavier Neal
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lately, Logan Unbreakable Kellar s life has been a series of miscommunications with catastrophic consequences However, this time around, the consequences threaten to not only damage his current relationships but erase a future he only ever dreamed of Will Logan lose everything he s ever hoped for or will he finally be able to break the cycle of his mistakes and get theLately, Logan Unbreakable Kellar s life has been a series of miscommunications with catastrophic consequences However, this time around, the consequences threaten to not only damage his current relationships but erase a future he only ever dreamed of Will Logan lose everything he s ever hoped for or will he finally be able to break the cycle of his mistakes and get the future he is so desperate to Savor Sense Series Book 5 Warning Contains adult content.

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      240 Xavier Neal
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    1 thought on “Savor

    1. This has to be one of my favorite series, and I'm so sad to see it end! :( If you haven't read this series yet (it does have to be read in order) You're missing out on a great story! I love Xavier's writing, it just sucks you in and you are begging for more once the book is done! First there's Maxx. She's got a new road a head of her and isn't sure how the one person she wants to spend her life with will react. Though there were times where she irritated me because she wouldn't really listen, I' [...]

    2. Absolutely loved this series! From start to finish you feel involved with the characters. Logan is so hot!Going from scared boy getting daily beatings from an alcoholic father to a world class fighter with the support and love of his childhood friend to girlfriend Max and his other friends too taking you along with them on the journey.love the way Xavier addresses the reader getting you involved its different and makes it even more special can I sum this up? hot, passionate, roller coaster of em [...]

    3. Doing a spinning 'Happy Dance ' right now, my God I have loved,loved,loved this seriesThis series hasBrilliant, kickass charactersAn Author with a truely witty, amazing sense of humourAnd the publications.rfect, only a few weeks between books, just right amount of time to keep your interest ( you know how you get bored and loose interest when you have months to wait )The final chapter to Maxx and Logan's story was perfect, a bit of angst in the middle and the finale well you'll just have to find [...]

    4. As I have said before, I LOVE THIS SERIES!! Logan and Maxx are two beautiful yet damaged individuals that, together, are an amazing couple that you can't help but love and want a bright, loving future for. Logan has finally gotten the Pro MMA deal he has been fighting for. However, it means being away from Maxx and his other loved ones for long periods of time. Maxx is trying to come to terms with some life-changing news and is having a difficult time, especially trying to deal with it without t [...]

    5. Apparently Logan has issues where his furniture is concerned one chair in particular, "defensively, Logan folds his arms across his chest and glares at Tony. "What the eff are you doing in my chair?" He's still romantic in his own weird, strange way, "baby, I've taken down fighters twice as heavy as you." I assure her as I head us towards the couch. "And right now, the only thing I am worried about is how long until I am balls deep inside your beautiful body." I honestly can't wait for C.J's boo [...]

    6. *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*As depressing as it is to know the Senses series has come to its end, I can think of no better finale'. The intensity of the events throughout the entire book kept me on edge. Maxx and Logan's story is one I have to relive time and again. There is no better high. A lot of twists and "what if's" are headed your way if you are already anticipating this final installment. Be prepared for some surprises. I recommend the entire series f [...]

    7. I have really enjoyed this series and I hate to see it end. I did complain about all the cliff hangers in the previous books but I kept coming back for Maxx and Logan's complicated journey. This last chapter was my favorite. I am a sucker for an HEA and these two really deserved one. Of course there is the inevitable misunderstandings but finally Maxx and Logan make it official. And sexy, very sexy. I hope there are future books for the other characters, Erin and CJ, Lucas, even Tony.

    8. Perfect ending to this series. Just wish it had been longer. While I'm going to miss Maxx and Logan I'm excited about the other characters getting their own stories.Btw that dr appt scene was hilarious.

    9. Awww Maxx finally got her happy ever after. I was really proud of Logan. His journey to where he is now was not easy but it was worth it thanks to MaxxOmg i love mini Logan (Dean) he'sso funny as well as the others who considered themselves Logan and Maxx's family. This was a great read. I really did enjoy it

    10. All good things come to an end and this is the final instalment in Logan and Maxx’s tale but there is more to come from the other characters, so that is a small crumb of comfort as I try to console myself with the fact that two of my favourite characters from 2014 have stopped speaking to me.Xavier Neal you have addled my brain and provided me with characters that now feel more like siblings than any normal person should consider. I have absolutely adored this series and more over I am complet [...]

    11. SAVOR - Senses series, part 5 (conclusion)Released January 3, 2015** ARC Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest Review. ** Lately, Logan "Unbreakable" Kellar's life has been a series of miscommunications with catastrophic consequences. However, this time around, the consequences threaten to not only damage his current relationships but erase a future he only ever dreamed of. Will Logan lose everything he's ever hoped for or will he finally be able to break the cycle of his mistakes and get [...]

    12. ~5 Unbreakable Stars~What a fantastic way to end the story of Maxx and Logan! Logan has just signed a contract to go pro, something he has wanted all of his life. The only downside is that he has to leave Maxx, The Kid, and his friends behind. Maxx has just received some news that could possibly change the course of her relationship with Logan. But, she decides not to tell him right away. When she does tell him, how will he react? And, will they be able to put aside their trust issues to make th [...]

    13. *I Was Provided A ARC By The Author*It was a bitter sweet feeling opening my email and seeing the final chapter to Maxx & Logan's story. But as sad as i was, i was also extremely happy to see where Xavier Neal took them in there journey.Maxx & Logan have just sorted things out, when Logan is off to train and work for the pros. It's a Chance to have a career and a stable life. A dream he never put much stock into. He always believed he wouldn't live long enough to see his future. Until Ma [...]

    14. Just like every other book in this series I could not put this one down! Amazing! That's what this book was! I loved it, and I love this series and I can't wait for all the other characters in the books to get there own series! Especially Erin and CJ! I think they are next and I will be the first one in line to read that one! Ugh I can not recommend this series enough. The humor and the wit in this series was just great and Logan is one sexy man! I loved it! What a great read and ending!Merged r [...]

    15. Really Xavier?????? Could you give us anymore heart attacks!!! Savor has to be the BEST book in the series! I am going to miss these two more than you know.In the final installment of the Senses Series we jump right in where we left off. Maxx is really got her hands full in this one! If Logan don't drive her bonkers, Luke will definitely fit the bill. But, ladies I swear you are going Logan in the balls a few times, ok and maybe cuddle him a little bit too. Lol! This book wouldn't be the same wi [...]

    16. 5 FOREVER STARS! I loved it!! Savor is the fifth book of Senses Series and it is the conclusion of Maxx and Logan's story whom from the start captured my heart. I just love these two and I know despite their misunderstandings and wrong assumptions about each other they were meant to be together.There are times in their whole story that I get annoyed only to realized that their reaction in that certain moment is just normal and I totally get it since I know their personality as if I'm the one who [...]

    17. What a journey Xavier has taken us on with this series. I feel like we grew with Logan and Maxx. We rooted for them, laughed and even cried for them. You get so drawn in to their story that you eagerly wait for the next book. Savor was the cherry on the top! This book was the perfect conclusion to a series that quickly became one of my favorite series. Not only did she give us Maxx and Logan we get a whole cast of characters that I eagerly await their stories. The possibilities are endless for X [...]

    18. This was the conclusions to Maxx and Logan's story (Thank You Xavier for releasing each installment super speedy). I've really enjoyed this series and Xavier took Maxx and Logan out with a bang and had me in tears at one stage and laughing out loud at others. Great characters and a great story. If I had to grumble I'd have liked to have seen the birth scene, however, I know that Xavier has confirmed that there is more to come from the rest of the gang so hopefully we might see Luke put his nursi [...]

    19. I loved this entire series and I can't wait for the other characters to get their own HEA! I think what I loved the most about Maxx and Logan was that their chemistry was genuine and that this wasn't "insta love" for them they truly cared for each other and developed their relationship through the years. Erin and CJ, should be a pretty interesting read too. She's got spunk. Great job Xavier on an excellent, witty, tender, angst filled serial. 4.5 stars

    20. Savor,I'm sad that it's over. It's hard to say goodbye to Logan and Maxx.Hopefully we'll get a glimpse into their lives in the upcoming books with the rest of the Senses gang. Don't we all want to know if the Kellars have a boy or a girl? And aren't we all praying that Logan has learned to shut his damn mouth before he has to stick his foot in it?

    21. I absolutely loved this ending. Everything worked out for Maxx and Logan I have to say that when Maxx told Logan she was Pregnant I wanted to kill him after all the things he said I felt like she forgave him to easy but at the same time I am happy that the fight didn't drag to long and the story moved along nicely and I enjoyed this book from beginning to ending

    22. Omg I can't believe this series has come to a end :,(. I took so long to read this book because I new it would be the end and wasn't ready for that. It was a beautiful an fitting ending that still leaves Xavier with possibilities (happy dance). I will miss maxx, logan and the rest of the gang, If u haven't read this series please do u won't regret it <3 xx

    23. Fantastic writing Xavier.I love the dynamics between maxx and Logan's relationship and the added bonus of 'the kid' and that relationship. Sometimes something amazing happens and the book just makes its own but this book had a helping hand and she rocked the world via the pages of this book.

    24. This series really kept me enthralled from beginning to end. There were some points I really wanted to throw my Kindle, but it was worth it. I definitely enjoyed the way that Logan and Maxx were talking to the reader. I felt even more a part of the story.

    25. Say whatAre you really trying to kill me, this was epic girl. You have made me laugh cry cuss the whole alphabet etc, but I love you for it

    26. 5 stars!! I actually drank this series up it was that ! Maxx has been love with Logan for what seems like forever yet Logan doesn't seem to see anything but an endless stream of conquests, sex and fighting but everything is about to be flipped on it axis and all will unravel with lots of sarcasm and quips freaking awesome 👏 and love the characters

    27. Yesssss, so worth it!Finally, Maxx and Logan get it together and start to accept the love of one another. They were two stubborn, flawed but sexy as hell best friends. So glad they found their happy ever after! Good book, great series!

    28. Fantastic!!!!Favorite series ever!!!!I love Logan and Maxx the perfect book coupleAnother great installment from these feisty,witty and extremely hot group of friends

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