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Pain Lived, Love Found

Pain Lived Love Found This is a BWWM standalone novel Sloane Paris grew up in dysfunction With no one to protect them or help them Sloane and her siblings survived the best way they could until they could get out from the

  • Title: Pain Lived, Love Found
  • Author: Thalia Lake
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is a BWWM standalone novel Sloane Paris grew up in dysfunction With no one to protect them or help them, Sloane and her siblings survived the best way they could until they could get out from the hell hole they called home For Sloane, her escape was college, followed by a successful career that she worked very hard for She left little to no room for love In fa This is a BWWM standalone novel Sloane Paris grew up in dysfunction With no one to protect them or help them, Sloane and her siblings survived the best way they could until they could get out from the hell hole they called home For Sloane, her escape was college, followed by a successful career that she worked very hard for She left little to no room for love In fact, she made it a rule to never let a man get close enough for her to fall in love However, a chance meeting with a handsome stranger would make her reconsider that rule Luca Santorini is a successful businessman with a thriving business He comes from a large, loving family that is the complete opposite of Sloane s Family meant the world to him, and he hoped to have one of his own one day He had been meeting with new financial advisors on his retired father s behalf, and he had the task of choosing which firm he would sign with Before the meeting, he saw a woman in a coffee shop that intrigued him from just seeing her big beautiful eyes and amazing smile All he knew was that her name was Sloane and that he would never forget her name or those eyes Call it fate, but their paths crossed again, and this time Luca wasn t going to let Sloane Paris just slip away Luca quickly found out that he had his work cut out for him, but he felt Sloane was than worth it While getting to know one another, Sloane managed to do something no other woman has been able to do she won Luca s heart Luca was still trying to win hers, but he wanted than her heart Luca wanted to know who or what was the cause of the constant sadness in Sloane s eyes so he could do everything in his power to put an end to it He wanted Sloane to trust him enough to share with him her deep, dark secrets, but will Luca be able to handle it once she opens up to him Will he be able to break through Sloane s emotional walls and help her let go of the pain she lived and accept the love she s found with him

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    1 thought on “Pain Lived, Love Found

    1. This is my first book by author Thalia Lake but it will not be my last and this morning I clicked her first book Choosey Lovers because she blew me away with this book.This story for me was just a vehicle to present real life issues that are alive and kicking. This review will be more of a testimony and validation to the story that Author Thalia tells and to allow her to know that these themes are happening in women’s lives in truth, as I am sure she is already aware. The story is about Sloane [...]

    2. Wow I must say that was the most well rounded story that I've read in a long time. It was very well written. Lots of respect for Sloane and most of her siblings. And Lucawow just WOW!!! Amazingly sweet agonizing love story!

    3. Awesome ReadThis story was so real feeling. The storyline was about real life situations. I loved Luca reminds me of my hubby. The sex scenes was hot but didn't take over the story. Thalia out did herself. I look forward to more of her books.

    4. I truly enjoyed this book. This was the first title that I read by this author. I will be reading more of her books.

    5. The review of this and others HEREUgh. I really, really wanted to like this one!A bwwm romance? Heck yeah! And I did like this one about 50% and then it was all downhill from there.This book in one sentence: Half gold, have gold painted plastic.So this book started with some pretty heavy topics. We meet our main character, Sloane, and for a good few chapters we get a look at family history and past and how things played out. We get a look at how hard her childhood was (view spoiler)[her father w [...]

    6. Wow just wow. This is story you want to go on for forever. I loved Luca and Sloane story, how he had the patience with her when she didn't have it or believe in herself when he did. It truly broke my heart at first but I loved how she pulled out of if and found something truly amazing when she wasn't looking for it. And my God Luca he made me smile ALOT lol.

    7. Great ReadFirst read by this Author and it was great read. I loved the storyline and the relationship between the two main characters. Sorry it had to end but as always all good things has to end.

    8. Considering that Sloane's (view spoiler)[ father raped and molested one sister and was having a sexual relationship with another, (hide spoiler)] I thought it was in bad taste that both (view spoiler)[Sloane and Luca got off on her calling him daddy (hide spoiler)]

    9. I need to learn Italian Wow!! I enjoyed this book so much. I thought I was going to hate Sloane but I'm glad she wasn't that type of heroine that didn't think she deserves love. When Luca prayed about the relationship, that's was it for me. I instantly fell in love with him.

    10. Pain Lived, Love Found was not on my radar. However, I read a moving review and found myself one-clicking this book. I am so glad I did. Sloane had a lot of hangups due to her horrible childhood. She wouldn't let herself have a meaningful relationship for fear that she would repeat the dysfunctional cycle that was ever present in her childhood. Luca came along and like a true force of nature didn't give Sloane much choice in tearing down her walls. He was patient (and he needed an abundance of p [...]

    11. Just Plain Old GoodThis is a story that you can fall so deeply in love with, that you haven't a clue you're actually falling.This is such a well done story of love,acceptance and forgiveness.This is also a story of letting go and letting love and God handle things.This is story of so many dark subjects that you cringe just thinking and imaging all the horror.The writer handles everything like aasoned pro,you just clap.Every women should have their own Luca.This is a sexy sensual adult love story [...]

    12. All I can say isBeautiful! I couldn't stop reading. I'm fairly new to the world of reading. Really, I am. I'm one of those "I'd rather see the movie" kind of people. Let me tell you, I was missing out on a lot! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I'm not much for words so I'd simply like to say, thank you Thalia Lake for sharing this story of pain lived and love found.

    13. WOWThis is my first book by this author and I applauded her for writing this story! I have heard of cases/stories like this but just can't seem to fathom it sadly it does exist.Pain lived and loved found is a story of Sloanes journey through pain and her love she found with Luca!! Miss Lake my hat goes off to you well done!!!

    14. Amazing This is my first time reading from this author and I'm definitely impressed! It was very thorough and complex but hey easy to identify with. I couldn't put it down. Just about every one can identify with some of the characters in the book, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great read!

    15. AMAZZING first this book had me in tears and smiling it was heart warming and made me angry was so tuched by how well you wrote characters and the story line was great this is an amazing story Luka and Sloan I don't wanna give to many details just read the story Thalia lake you out did yourself

    16. Very goodNice story. Heroine was solid as well as the Hero. I usually tend to like the hero's story in this genre more than the heroine's, and it was the case in this book. It's a solid story, but I wasn't that connected to the main characters. Great way to spend a rainy afternoon.

    17. Pretty darn goodThank You Thalia for a truly good read. You showed that happiness is within reach if you allow it, I appreciated your take on the narration by not allowing there to be another opinion on their relationship. All in all it was very good, you have a fan in me!

    18. 2.5 rating. The first half was 3.5 stars for me and then it when downhill from about 57% when it started to get typical and predictable. I guess I like the whole drama before dating and don't really care about the rehearsal dinners and meeting the family when there is not drama involved.

    19. Great ReadI gave this book 5 stars because the author Thalia Lake took some very difficult subject matter and told an amazing story. I read this book in one day it was so good I couldn't put it down!!!

    20. HeartwarmingReading this book I felt the emotions the pain the love and the hatred of the characters. This book is deep. I absolutely loved it! Great job Thalia!

    21. Wow!!!!This was a great read , I didn't want it to end. Every emotion possible was felt while reading this awesome story. I was kinda sad it ended.

    22. ExcellentThis was a very good standalone book. I would recommend this book. I glad her a.f her sister finally got alone again.

    23. PowerfulExcellent book !!!!! Made you cry, laugh and want to fight relatives. Would recommend is a five star book. Awesome

    24. Amazing The book was very good. I thought, how could the author know my life It was similar to mine, except for the incest. It made me very emotionally.

    25. Broken but HealedSimply Beautiful. Luca and Sloane. I have the up most respect for Luca. He was kind gentle patience, etc. He loved Sloane from his soul. Even despite her past he loved her even more. Sloane was broken through out life the way her parents done her and her siblings The beatings moslestion verbal and physical abuse. And the sad part of this I blamed their mother more because she defended her husband. My heart went out to Mickey and Junior even Evan. No matter what they still made i [...]

    26. Wow oh wow!! This book covered some heavy duty topics. To suffer the childhood that she did, Sloane was a very strong woman who kept people at bay to protect herself. She couldn't trust that good things should happen to her. I'm glad that Sloane allowed Luca in her world, and he loved her past her pain. He gave her the freedom to release all the hurt and pain that she went through under the hands of her parents and sister and let her know that he got her covered through it all. Coming from a big [...]

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