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Riding with Heaven

Riding with Heaven When his flight home for his brother s birthday is canceled due to a Category hurricane on the Eastern seaboard art major Evan McGrath places an ad on Craigslist for a rideshare from Colorado to So

  • Title: Riding with Heaven
  • Author: L.C. Chase
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When his flight home for his brother s birthday is canceled due to a Category 5 hurricane on the Eastern seaboard, art major Evan McGrath places an ad on Craigslist for a rideshare from Colorado to South Carolina He hadn t expected an immediate reply, nor had he expected to fall head over heels for the handsome and mysterious driver, Lucas Briscoe As the miles disappearWhen his flight home for his brother s birthday is canceled due to a Category 5 hurricane on the Eastern seaboard, art major Evan McGrath places an ad on Craigslist for a rideshare from Colorado to South Carolina He hadn t expected an immediate reply, nor had he expected to fall head over heels for the handsome and mysterious driver, Lucas Briscoe As the miles disappear behind them Evan grows and attracted to the enigmatic Lucas, and the desire is mutual The only problem is that a serial killer dubbed The Domino Slasher has just escaped a federal prison transfer, and funny little coincidences keep pointing toward Lucas who looks like Heaven incarnate, but who could be the Devil in disguise Note This title was previously published by Loose Id Only the cover has changed from the original version.

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    1 thought on “Riding with Heaven

    1. Ugh, another book that everyone loves but me.This book surprised me by falling totally flat. I had some major issues with this one and, actually, could barely finish it. ****Spoilers ahead, read with caution***First of all, I thought it was totally bizarre how cryptic Lucas was to Evan. It was almost like he WANTED him to think he was the killer! Wha??? Why couldn't Evan know who Lucas was? He was on the news and everything, it wasn't like it was a secret. It doesn't make any sense. He acted cra [...]

    2. This story was able to make me do one thing I RARELY do when I read -- NOT looking at the last page. I find myself wanting to be as 'clueless' as Evan, trying to figure out the real identity behind the mysterious Heaven on legs, Lucas Briscoe -- who is Evan's driver on share-trip from Colorado to South Carolina. I have fun trying to figure out who Lucas is -- although, it's not really difficult. But I switch from (view spoiler)[an FBI agent (hide spoiler)] to (view spoiler)[a detective, maybe ho [...]

    3. 3.5*I liked this story, although I figured Lucas's profession out, I found it was still pretty mysterious.Poor Evan, talk about bad luck! The road trip and the humor was fun and the nightmares were scary, normally that kind of stuff makes me roll my eyes, but it was well done here.I took off a 1/2* because I was annoyed at how Lucas was being 'mysterious' as far as I know he had no real reason to keep Evan in the dark for the whole trip about everything, especially after Evan opened up about his [...]

    4. 2.5 starsThis book started out a 3.5 to 4 star read and slowly sank under the weight of its own delusions. The entire premise was a red herring. Evan hitches a ride-share across the country with the mysterious Lucas. During the cross-country trip, Evan learns that a serial killer is on the loose, and despite his crazy attraction to Lucas and his warm and fuzzy feelings when Lucas is around, Evan starts to worry that Lucas IS the serial killer. Of course, that's probably because Lucas does everyt [...]

    5. Too many plot holes, too many unnecessary details, too much drama, too predictable. The premise was so good, I expected to like it way better:(

    6. I fucking loved this book, it was just amazingly hot and sweet. Evan & Lucas Forever For me this was a personal favourite of mine. I know it might not be everyone's thing. Some may call it cliche or too dramatic. For me it was absolutely amazing and I am so happy I got the chance to read this book. As an MM fan, it's great to read books like this. It has a story line and it has the sappy, sweet edge to it that makes the book lovable in my eyes. Evan needs to get home and offers to travel cro [...]

    7. 4.5 starsI'll start off by saying this is probably my favorite of the books I've read by L.C. Chase. I loved the characters and the tension between them. When they finally got together, it was greatd hot! It was very well written, and it seemed to me like I could really tell Chase that is getting better with every book she writes.*serious spoiler if you haven't read it*(view spoiler)[The only niggle for me, and it was a pretty big one since it affected the whole story, was that the "secret" behi [...]

    8. 4.5 startsGreat story, great MC’s, loved Lucas and Evan these two had chemistry from their first meeting and the sexual tension between them was fun. Stories with love, romance, lust and humor are the kind of books I love add in suspense and you have a really great story and that’s Riding With Heaven.I wish the story had been longer, making the road trip a week instead of just a weekend would have allowed Lucas and Evan’s love story to evolve more slowly. Insta-love and Insta-lust happen s [...]

    9. For a while there, I thought maybe LC was going to get me with a little switcheroo regarding Evan's love interest here. I honestly kept flip-flopping about whether Lucas was the Domino, talking myself in and back out of the possibility of the real hero for Evan showing up later. I didn't hate that possibility, but it also meant I didn't put this book down until the last damn word. Nice suspense there.On a personal note, LC actually warned me about Evan having nightmares/night-terrors about an in [...]

    10. Sadly another read that didn't quite make it for me. An interesting idea but too slow and predictable in most places. The lack of suspense meant this didn't work for me as a mystery read. Evan and Lucas were great as a couple, although the sex I'm afraid was again predictable and easy to skip. As a romance with two guys falling in love on a road trip this might of worked, as a whodunit style mystery it failed. 2.5 pushed up to a 3 because I really liked Lucas and Evan.

    11. This was a fast moving story with a suspense/drama/mystery theme and two main characters which were great together. I loved their interactions and playful nature. There were a couple of minor things for me that could have been explained a little more, but easy to overlook and didn't take away from this well written entertaining read.

    12. So, this story is entertaining and all, even though it is very, very trite. This is something that I might be able to overlook. However, this is how many times I rolled my eyes: 58. This a 131-page book, so that equals one eye-roll per 2.26 pages. It is my opinion that one eye-roll per 12 pages is the maximum number of eye-rolls that should be allowed in any book. This book has therefore failed to adhere to established writing etiquette (and by established I mean shit that I literally just made [...]

    13. A fun, sexy story that turned into quite the little thriller. A couple of small question marks popped up but nothing major and I was very entertained overall.

    14. I have to admit, I was surprised by how much I liked this story. I've read a few reviews about it, and I have to agree with a lot of the readers' issues.Yes, it's predictable. Yes, I don't understand why Lucas was so cryptic either. Yes, Lucas should have done a bit more groveling in my mind ((view spoiler)[not calling at all was a bit of a bitch move - wanting all or nothing is good and all, but maybe give your partner a clue as to what you're thinking, huh, fella? (hide spoiler)]). And yes, I [...]

    15. Wow. This was a pleasant surprise. It was a quick read but man what a ride. Evan is just so damn cute and OMG Lucas is Heaven. haha. LC Chase always impresses me though. What fun this was. We had two guys fall in love on a road trip all while wondering if this god among men is an escaped serial killer (and i think he is just hot enough that i would have been ok with any outcome, but then Ive always had shitty taste in men.)This was exactly what I needed to read today. Enough suspense to keep me [...]

    16. Perfect. Just perfect. *insert little hearts here ____*Cute, funny, exciting, hot, sweet and did I mention hot?! 5+

    17. 4.5 stars.One of my favorite books from last year was L.C. Chase’s Long Tall Drink. So I was really looking forward to this novella. From the blurb I figured it was a cross between Dexter and that 1986 classic movie, The Hitcher. I was pleasantly surprised it was neither, but another unique tale from Ms. Chase.Art student Evan McGrath needs to get home to South Carolina. Answering an ad on Craigslist, he accepts a ride share with a hot, mysterious stranger named Lucas. As the two start their t [...]

    18. I too liked this author's previous release Long Tall drink and eagerly bought this book. I have to say that in this book this author confirmed to me that she can do sexual chemistry as very few writers can do IMO - Evan and Lucas sizzle on page almost from the very moment they appear on pages together. And it is my favorite type of chemistry - one that starts *way* before the guys ever have sex together. Unfortunately or fortunately sexual chemistry is not the only one thing that I am looking fo [...]

    19. Hurricane Rex has derailed Evan’s flight plans home. Thankfully, an impulsive listing on Craig’s List has yielded a ride share to South Carolina. He was all set to endure 3 days in a car with a stranger. But, after meeting Lucas, he’s thinking these 3 days might be more like riding with Heaven.I. Loved. This. Book. This is definitely one that goes into my “should be a movie” pile. Evan and Lucas are steamy together. After the “is he…isn’t he” question gets answered, they screw [...]

    20. This was fun! I think Dumbledore (see her review) already wrote up my identical reaction, as did Ami (see her review) with her love for road trips. This is a great road trip from Denver to the east coast through the upper Southern states. You really get a sense of the landscape and how long it takes to cross that distance.I, too, got a little irked at Lucas for the scary remarks in the beginning (as in, "Dude, this isn't the most considerate thing to say to your traveling companion,"), but it di [...]

    21. This was a really nice read, short and you kinda knew were it was headed but I still loved the characters so much that I can't help but give it 5 stars.Lucas was sweet, funny and so charming, add to the mix a little mystery and you have a very lovable man.Evan was the cutest guy, I just wanted to snuggle with him to be honest, I really liked him and felt like protecting hime at every turn.Little bit of love, little bit of laughs, little bit of action and you have a really nice read.

    22. A well-written story about a guy who arranges to share a ride with a stranger, and is torn between his growing attraction to the man, and fears about his secretive and sometimes suspicious behavior. The sensual connection between the two men was hot, and the suspense element gave interest. Evan's backstory made him more complex and added intensity. I was occasionally irritated with Lucas for being what seemed to be deliberately provocative, and with Evan for not calling him on it in a safe place [...]

    23. Ok if you look at this book closely there are a few holes - I will not get specific as I don't want to be a spoiler - but on a whole i really like the story. Lucas and Evan are great together. There is some mystery and action. I kept thinking of who Lucas was. Good guy - bad guy - good guy - guy from Evans past - good guy - bad guy.you get it. But road trips are great fun, the two MC (for the most part) fit well together and had a fun teasing banter and were sweet and sexy.

    24. Reading this book was like eating a really delicious, gooey, sweet, candy bar with layers of complex textures that stimulate your senses and your sensual nature. I wanted to eat it fast because it was so good, and slow because I wanted to savor every bite. Yummy!Evan needs a ride back to So Carolina from Colorado so he places an ad on Craigslist and gets Lucas, a tall, gorgeous chunk of Heaven. Most of the story takes place over the three day ride and the excitement is provided by the fact that [...]

    25. Going into this, I knew that this was going to be an unrealistic book. I knew it, but that didn't stop me from thinking yeah, right every five minutes. I'm gonna break it down into points.*might contain slight spoilers if you're a sharp cookie*1. Why in the world would (view spoiler)[a federal agent (hide spoiler)] need or even want to share a three day ride? 2. Why keep it a secret (view spoiler)[that he was a federal agent? (hide spoiler)]3.(view spoiler)[Why did Lucas have the domino in his p [...]

    26. Welp, L.C. Chase is turning me into a fan-addict for her works. This is a mystery/romance in a very nice little package. Evan McGarth's flight home is canceled when the east coast is threatened by a hurricane. He advertises on Craigslist for a ride. He doesn't think he will be lucky enough to get one, but he receives a ride in the guise of heaven. Heaven wrapped in the frame of one Lucas Briscoe. Lucas is a mystery, not talking much, but Evan's gut tells him the at the guy is okay. Things start [...]

    27. 3.5 StarsThis one was alright but I didn't love it. Let me try and explain why. L.C. Chase writes wonderful stories that are character driven. The majority of the suspense in this book was generated from the fact that we don't know who the enigmatic Lucas is. Is he the killer? Is he some other nut job? What's his deal!?! As such, we are only privy to Evan's POV. But I found the romance part of the story sorely lacking without getting inside of Lucas' head. Frankly, I had a hard time believing in [...]

    28. A very taut, edge-of-your-seat, and enjoyable m/m romantic suspense novella. I won’t lie--I got so nervous, I checked the back of the book before I finished, and even with doing that, I still got all stressy about what would happen, to whom, and when. The MCs have really fun chemistry, and I liked Evan’s POV a lot. I thought the “angst from the past” didn’t feel smoothly inserted at times, but I do appreciate how the author tied things together, and how Evan’s actions near the end re [...]

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