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Rebecca's Bouquet

Rebecca s Bouquet Written with tenderness and simplicity Joan Wester Anderson New York Times bestselling authorFirst in a new seriesThree young Amish women gifted with hand carved hope chests to hold their treasures

  • Title: Rebecca's Bouquet
  • Author: Lisa Jones Baker
  • ISBN: 9781420141580
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Written with tenderness and simplicity Joan Wester Anderson, New York Times bestselling authorFirst in a new seriesThree young Amish women, gifted with hand carved hope chests to hold their treasures and their dreams for the future, find the inspiration they need to help them reconcile love and faith in the most unexpected ways The last thing Rebecca Sommer dreamed her Written with tenderness and simplicity Joan Wester Anderson, New York Times bestselling authorFirst in a new seriesThree young Amish women, gifted with hand carved hope chests to hold their treasures and their dreams for the future, find the inspiration they need to help them reconcile love and faith in the most unexpected ways The last thing Rebecca Sommer dreamed her plan to wed would bring is a heart wrenching choice She thought she and her betrothed, William, would spend the rest of their lives in Illinois heartland, raising a family in their close knit Amish hometown But when he must travel far out of state to save his ailing father s business, Rebecca braves her relatives disapproval and her own fears to go work by his side And though she finds herself ever in love with the dedicated, resourceful man he proves to be, William s growing interest in English ways may be the one challenge even her steadfast faith can t meet William knows he couldn t ask for a loyal wife to be And the bravery that helps Rebecca tackle every obstacle makes her even admirable He simply won t ask her to sacrifice her deepest beliefs, no matter how right they are for each other But the patience and care that crafted Rebecca s hope chest is somehow showing them there s than one way prayers can be answered and hearts brought together forever

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    1 thought on “Rebecca's Bouquet

    1. Rebecca's Bouquet is the 1st book in a new Amish Series. I instantly liked Rebecca from the very beginning of the book. Even though she didn't want to leave her home or her family, she followed her heart to be by her Future Husbands side. Being with him at his Parent's house was both stressed and a new experienced. Being Amish living in a englisher's home, feeling your life is in danger, second thoughts about if you future husband will stay and having an English female openly flirt with him. All [...]

    2. Thanks to my library, I discovered this wonderful debut novel -- and a new-to-me inspirational imprint -- Zebra Inspirational Romance -- from Kensington Books. Double win heading for a triple because the next book in the series comes out in the spring. And I love the premise of this series -- the handcrafted hope chests that will hold special treasures unique to each heroine.Rebecca is anchored in her faith as an Amish woman which gives her wisdom beyond her years. If I had to describe Rebecca i [...]

    3. Rebecca’s Bouquet by Lisa Jones Baker is the first book in Hope Chest of Dreams. Rebecca Sommer is eighteen years old and engaged. Her fiancé, William Conrad needs to leave town. His father has suffered a heart attack and needs William to run the cabinet business while he is out. Rebecca does not wish to be away from her fiancé for several months and decides to go with him (despite objections). Rebecca’s family object because Williams father’s, Daniel is Englisch. Daniel left the faith w [...]

    4. This is the first book in a new series about a carved hope chest given by Sam, an Amish wood carver with a lot of wisdom, and the first box goes to Rebecca as she begins her journey. Rebecca is sure of one thing and that is that William Conrad are meant for each other, so when a call comes for William that his father has had a heart attack and needs him to come to Indiana, she know she must go with him. Leaving their Amish community and support and heading into the English world has to be a very [...]

    5. Insomnia? or is it just that this book was so good, so compelling and interesting that I simply HAD to stay awake and keep reading to the very last word? I love finding a book that is draws me in so quickly that I want to read it so badly. Like Rebecca, I remember being 18 and so in love that I simply couldn't imagine the thought of being away from the man that I loved and planned to marry. It just feels heartbreaking and unbearable.Loyalty to the father William feels deserted him over 10 years [...]

    6. Rebecca’s Bouquet (Hope Chest Dreams -Book 1 )By: Lisa Jones BakerRebecca’s Bouquet is book one in Hope Chest Dreams series by Lisa jones Baker. This was my first to read of Ms Baker, and hopefully it will not be my last. I Plan on reading the others in this series. I really did enjoy Rebecca’s Bouquet. The author captured me right at the start and I was hooked. This was one of those page turners and I could not read fast enough to see what was going to happen next, I did not want to put i [...]

    7. Lisa jones Baker has given us a wonderful book about Faith, Trust and True Love. Rebecca and William have been Amish sweethearts since childhood, but is that enough to stand the test of the English world and forging a relationship with Williams father who is now English? Rebecca pledges to stand by William and trust his decision to go to the aid of his father who is ill and his stepmother, she is permitted to go with William, however will the temptations be too great. William wants nothing more [...]

    8. Lisa Jones Baker is a new author to me and she does not disappoint when it comes to her new series Hope Chest of Dreams. The first book is entitled Rebecca's Bouquet. Rebecca and William are engaged to be married when William is called to leave his close knit Amish community to come to the aid of a family member living in the outside world. Rebecca pledges her support to William by working with him even though what she is doing is frowned upon. While working in the Englisch world, both are face [...]

    9. While I did enjoy this book, it didn't seem to hold my attention. It took me a while to get through it. I wanted to finish it, and it had a twist I didn't expect, but even that wasn't enough to keep me coming back for more. I do want to try another book and see if it was just me, or if it really is this series. This it the first book I have read by this author. I liked the style of writing and the characters were nice enough. Overall, if you want a nice, simple read, this one will do just fine.

    10. First book in the Hope Chest of Dreams series, Author Lisa Jones Baker does a great job of showing that adults can stay true to their beliefs, even when helping people who believe differently than they do. We see the human side of William and Rebecca as they struggle with decisions that will affect the rest of their lives.A clean romance with a bit of a mystery thrown into the story, the outcome was not at all what I expected. You’ll keep turning the pages to find out who done it!I received a [...]

    11. Really good book, but some aspects just didn't seem to flow with the rest of the story. Still looking forward to reading the next book.

    12. When I read the blurb for (i>Rebecca’s Bouquet I was immediately interested in reading the book. Not only was the book first in a new series but it also mentioned that the hero and heroine were already in a relationship. I was hoping the book would be a deep dive into their growing love and that it would show a sharp contrast between Amish and English ways. I was not disappointed.In Rebecca’s Bouquet the hero and heroine, William and Rebecca, travel out of state to care for William’s da [...]

    13. Rebecca Sommer and William Conrad had grown up together in Arthur, Illinois and were planning to marry. Daniel Conrad, William’s father, married outside the faith and left the community but, because his deceased wife wanted their son to remain Amish, he left William to be raised by an Aunt and Uncle. Many years later when a heart attack kept Daniel from finishing his orders at his cabinet shop, he needed William’s help.Rebecca decided her place was working in the cabinet shop alongside Willi [...]

    14. For avid readers, it is always super exciting to find a new author. That is how I felt while reading "Rebecca's Bouquet" by Lisa Jones Baker. As a result of my college years that were spent living near Pennsylvania's Amish country, I have a strong interest and appreciation for the popularity of Amish fiction these past few years. Lisa Jones Baker is a newer author, and one I hope we will see more of! Her writing is fresh, and I really felt pulled into Rebecca's and William's story. The theme of [...]

    15. This book was ok. This author is new to me. Her writing style is certainly different from other Amish writers and that is what makes her unique William and Rebecca learn some life's lessons along the way about forgiveness even though someone has made a mistake. Sometimes forgiveness is hard. I'm still struggling with it. So, I can relate to Williams struggle. Children are a gift of God not something to be tossed aside like some folks do. I would have taken my child no matter what the circumstanc [...]

    16. Lisa Jones Baker is a new Amish inspirational author, and Rebecca's Bouquet is her debut. It is the first in a series called Hope Chest of Dreams in which three Amish women store the secrets of their hearts in a hand-carved hope chest. Lisa writes warm characters full of kindness and caring and strength in their faith. Her writing style is refreshingly smooth and simplistic, a quick easy read.Rebecca's and William's story takes them away from the familiar comfort of their Illinois Amish communit [...]

    17. The basic plot of a couple of teenagers going to help a shunned relative was good, but the execution was lacking. I was disappointed. The characters spend a lot of time in thought and the scene changes were awkward. I believe that this was meant to mimic real life but it didn't work for me. I could not feel any empathy for Rebecca and I think I was supposed to. At times I felt the writing was for a younger audience and that the author was trying to lecture me through her characters. It was a boo [...]

    18. loved this book from the start to the end. I wanted to read this book fast but at the same time to savor it. I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen between Rebecca and William. Someone doesn't want Rebecca at William's dad's and stepmom's place, whomever it is they are leaving messages. Will they ever find out who it is? What will happen to Rebecca and William?If you love reading Amish stories then you will enjoy this book. I highly recommend this book.*I received this book from Ne [...]

    19. I received this eBook for free in exchange for an honest review. I enjoy reading new authors and this didn't disappoint. Rebecca and William, two Amish young adults. William travels to help take care of his father. Rebecca goes to lend support to him. Along the way, they experience trials to their faith. I will keep this author in mind

    20. This book was so boring! It was mostly talking, which normally wouldn't be to bad, but this one, the characters just talked in circles! The same thing, every time, they just talked it to death! Not a favorite.

    21. Rebecca's Bouquet Is the first book I have read by Lisa Jones Baker. I thought it was good and look forward to more by her. Four stars

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