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A Dog Needs A Bone

A Dog Needs A Bone Wood Caldecott Honor recipient and bestselling author of THE NAPPING HOUSE pens a humorous tale of a bone obsessed pooch As shown by GOOD BOY FERGUS simple dog books sell well with early readers F

  • Title: A Dog Needs A Bone
  • Author: Audrey Wood
  • ISBN: 9780545000055
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Wood, Caldecott Honor recipient and bestselling author of THE NAPPING HOUSE, pens a humorous tale of a bone obsessed pooch As shown by GOOD BOY, FERGUS, simple dog books sell well with early readers.Follow the plight of this bone obsessed, lovable mutt as she spends her day waiting, pleading, and plotting for a bone from her mistress Readers will delight in the humor andWood, Caldecott Honor recipient and bestselling author of THE NAPPING HOUSE, pens a humorous tale of a bone obsessed pooch As shown by GOOD BOY, FERGUS, simple dog books sell well with early readers.Follow the plight of this bone obsessed, lovable mutt as she spends her day waiting, pleading, and plotting for a bone from her mistress Readers will delight in the humor and irresistable charm of this incorrigible canine as she tries to stave off her desire until at last she gets her long awaited bone.Young readers will be drawn to the simple rhyming text and playful crayon illustrations of this bestselling author.

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      288 Audrey Wood
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    1 thought on “A Dog Needs A Bone

    1. Written and illustrated by Audrey Wood, this book follows a dog through his day. The rhythmic text encourages children to participate in the reading and rhyming words can be guessed through audience participation. The simple illustrations bring a hand drawn look that adds character to the story.

    2. The dog promises to do housework and be good if only she gets a bone. Then the mistress leaves. Dog is sad and alone. But the mistress comes back and offers the dog various vegetables. No go there. So she gives the dog a bone. Dog is very happy with this!

    3. Children will cheer for this dog because it just wants a bone so much! How can one not be happy when all turns out well in the end?

    4. The story A Dog needs a Bone is about a dog who wants a bone really bad from his mistress, which the dog does many jobs to earn a bone. When the mistress gets home from the store she tries to feed him carrot, broccoli, squash, and peas, but he does not want any of that he just wants a bone. On the cover of this book the title has texture to it, which you can feel. The title is raised and bumpy. There are three title pages in this book. The first two title pages just have the title on it with a l [...]

    5. This is a super cute rhyming story about a dog's obsession with getting a bone from his master. He tries to persuade her every way possible by offering to sweep the floors, never chase cats, and answer the phone. His master leaves, and he is sad. He is left all alone with nothing to do. He plays with her scarves and sleeps in her bed until she returns home. His master has a treat for him and she pulls out carrots, peas, and broccoli. The dog is disappointed until she finally pulls out a bone.Thi [...]

    6. This book was such a cute book!!! It was about a dog who desperately needs a bone and really wants his mistress to give him one. He need a bone so bad that he is willing to perform all of these jobs to get one. This book is written from the perspective of the dog and its almost like he is writing a letter to his mistress begging for a bone. This would be a book good to use to encourage students to write letters to someone about something they want. This book is also good for teaches students to [...]

    7. Brief summary A dog want a bone and tries to get his owners attention.AnnotationThis is a simple story that has a problem the dog does not know how to solve, but depends upon his owner to be kind. The story is told in rhyme. Age appropriateness -This could be used with children 0-5 Connection to six early literacy skills - print awareness is one of the skills presented. The text is presented in an easy to read format with text written on the bottom of the page, except when referring to a specifi [...]

    8. Audrey Wood’s A Dog Needs a Bone is told from a dog’s perspective as he desperately wants a bone and begs his mistress for one; the dog is even willing to do numerous jobs in order to get one. The text is fairly simple and would be great for introducing rhyming to young students because the words are written like a poem. This story would also work well with a lesson on how illustrations can complement the text. The story would be best used as a read aloud and the teacher can point out the li [...]

    9. A dog needs a bone!Totally dig Audrey Wood's stuff. When I read her books, the rhyme comes out in my reading. Seriously. I don't have to search for one; it's just there. Plus, it's about a dog. Kids like dog books. And, the illustrations are funny and warm. So kudus. Except - why'd you use the word mistress, Audrey? No one's used that word outside of an affair in like 40 years. No child knows that word and the ones that do are British or thinking doxy. You know where minds go. And you used it li [...]

    10. This is another that I wished I'd had awhile ago. Julia is just a little tiny bit too old for this now. That's not to say we didn't enjoy it - we definitely did. But I can tell it would have made a much bigger impression if she were a year or two younger. I'm going to have to start looking more closely at our library borrows in the future. I won't go through the description - it's here already. Toddlers will love this - the story and the illustrations. And my daughter showed me that a well read [...]

    11. A Dog Needs a Bone, written and illustrated by Audrey Wood was a cute story that even made me laugh. I'm sure many young children would enjoy this book as much as I did. I liked how the story was told in a poem, and all the fun illustrations that brought the book to life. There were great morals people of all ages could learn from this book as well. First, one should say please and secondly, it's good to be patiently. Good things come to those who wait. I personally thought the book was great fo [...]

    12. What is your dog thinking about all day long? Bones! Toy bones, treat bones, squeaky bones. The dog in this story promises to do all kinds of funny, crazy things, if only his mistress will give him a bone! How about a carrot? No? Will this dog ever get a bone? This doggy sees bones everywhere! How many bones can you find in the illustrations?

    13. "A Dog Needs a Bone" is about a dog who tells of all the things he'll do (or not do) for his mistress in order to get a bone. This would be a great story to model to students how to write persuasively and from a point of view. The dog offers some good arguments that I would encourage my students to make as well in order for them to get what they want.

    14. AR Quiz No. 117081 EN FictionAccelerated Reader Quiz Information IL: LG - BL: 1.7 - AR Pts: 0.5Accelerated Reader Quiz Type Information AR Quiz Types: RP, RVI love this author her writing is simply creative. She weaves a catchy fun tale that every child can identify. In this story the dog needs a bone. He pursuades his owner to get him a bone.

    15. I'd love this book just for the hilarious pictures. The dog seems straight out of one of my favorite cartoons-full of action and humor. The text works perfectly. I'd love to pair this with "Bark, George" at a story hour!

    16. The cover was totally false advertising because this book had nothing to do with a dog playing a trumpet. But the dog asking for a bone to chew on was adorable, with a little heart-shaped nose and eyebrows that floated over his head that made up for it.

    17. The dog begs his owner (Mistress) for a bone, he promises to do various things for a bone. She goes to the store and brings back a carrot, broccoli, squash, and peas. The poor dog! Very funny pictures of the dog's expressions.

    18. This is a fun and simple book to read aloud to children. Children will enjoy the rhymes and story pattern that follows the dog's actions. Will his master eventually give the bone he's been begging for?

    19. Enjoyed the antics of the dog in this title. The light sepia of the pages was very interesting and well done--the illustrations contrasted well with the color. The text of the book had a nice upbeat tone and moved along well.

    20. This is a wonderful book for learning rhyming or good for a fun storytime book. The book is very easy to read and good for students who are beginning readers who are trying their skills at rhyming; also great for dog lovers.

    21. Elementary readers will be drawn to the great illustrations and easy, rhyming words of this text. After a dog waits for what seems like years, his owner finally gives him a bone that he has been waiting for.

    22. Cute story, rhyming narrative. Not much to it. Our youngest picked this book out at her school fair and we enjoyed reading it together. We have since donated it back to her school to be given to another child.

    23. I received this book when I was pregnant with my first born. This was one of his all time favorite books to read. The story is cute and easy to follow. Every little boy that loves dogs will love this story.

    24. This a very cute and catchy rhyming book about a dog that will do anything for his mistress to give him a bone. It's very short and sweet; small children would love it!

    25. Rhyming verse and funny bold oil-crayon illustrations explain the desperate but simple desire of this silly -looking dog.

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