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Back to the Future, Part 1

Back to the Future Part HE WAS NEVER IN TIMEFOR HIS CLASSESHE WASN T IN TIME FOR HIS DINNERTHEN ONE DAYHE WASN T IN HIS TIME AT ALL Both an exciting novel and high spirited adventure film BACK TO THE FUTURE is the unforgett

  • Title: Back to the Future, Part 1
  • Author: George Gipe
  • ISBN: 9780552992299
  • Page: 325
  • Format: None
  • HE WAS NEVER IN TIMEFOR HIS CLASSESHE WASN T IN TIME FOR HIS DINNERTHEN ONE DAYHE WASN T IN HIS TIME AT ALL.Both an exciting novel and high spirited adventure film, BACK TO THE FUTURE is the unforgettable story of a modern time traveling teenager whose journey to the past risks his very own future when he discovers surprises he never could have imagined.

    • Best Read [George Gipe] á Back to the Future, Part 1 || [Children's Book] PDF ¾
      325 George Gipe
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    1 thought on “Back to the Future, Part 1

    1. It's not very often that film novelizations can live up to their silver screen basis, but Back to the Future does a really good job of coming close. It captures the quirky characters, the differing pop culture of two eras, the thrill-ride of time travel and the Eighties atmosphere that the original film conveyed.

    2. At some point I'm going to reread this book. I originally read this book back in high school. In high school I was not what you'd call a voracious reader. In fact, I was quite the opposite. Of course I was assigned the usual literary lineup of classics, Little Woman, The Scarlet Letter, Lord of the Flies, Fahrenheit 451. Once when watching a movie with a friend I asked her, "Who exactly is Dorian Grey?" She looked at me and said, "Its The Portrait of Dorian Grey." When I kept giving her the blan [...]

    3. Considering that this is one of my favourite movies and a good movie novelisation has been a staple of my book collection over the last 27 years of reading, it's pretty strange how I've never read this before. It wasn't until a good friend bought me the trilogy of BTTF novelisations for my 31st birthday that I knew they even existed. Thanks to this quality gift, I got these books brought to my attention.As with all movie adaptation books, it's good fun to read and to add a different perspective [...]

    4. Wow, this was pretty bad. Very different from the movie. The character's personalities were very strange and off-putting. Doc was much more "normal" and less eccentric and slightly off of reality the way Christopher Lloyd played him. Movie Doc was a real character and not your average run-of-the-mill inventor; you could believe this strange man might have invented a time machine! Book Doc? Hardly.Book Marty was, I don't know, kinda bland, a little smarter and much less reactionary. What made Mov [...]

    5. Un romanzo che praticamente è un omaggio al film. Sembra la sua sceneggiatura e non sono bene informato, ma probabilmente è la sua trasposizione dovuta all'enorme successo che ha riscosso questo primo titolo di una trilogia del cinema ormai universalmente nota.La trama credo che sia universalmente nota: Marty, adolescente degli anni ottanta, musicista rock, viene chiamato dal suo amico Doc per assistere a degli esperimenti sul viaggio nel tempo, ma in un parcheggio Doc viene raggiunto da alcun [...]

    6. Oh.GOD! This book was so AWESOME! =DSeriously guys, this book might be old but its million times better than the new books which are publishing today.I remember watching Back to the future movies and I used to adore them. Michael J.Fox was absolutely amazing. And as soon as I saw this book in my friend's house, I borrowed it. This book is pretty much like the movie but much more detailed. It was exciting, adventurous and even funny. I loved the author's writing, the story flowed and I read it no [...]

    7. I feel like what I should say about this movie script is simply what Lorraine says about Marty Mcfly when Biff is chasing him with his "guards" and he's riding a skateboard vehemently, "He is a dream." Well,this screenplay was so good and original it almost reminded me of one of those dreams you remember forever and always wish to see again.

    8. I didn't read many time travel books. But I can say one thing this series is going to be my favorite.

    9. Okay, but between being based on an earlier revision of the screenplay and rather pedestrian writing, not a great adaptation. Worth the dollar I paid at Goodwill, but not much more.

    10. Some film novelisations are almost the script with 'he said'/'she said' filled in. Not this one. The story is told with no small amount of depth, and I dare say you could enjoy this as a novel without ever knowing there had been a film (though the cover would be a giveaway, but you get the idea).There are certain differences from the film. Whether because the author worked from a different script, or they simply felt that way, I don't know. The Marty of the novel is a bit more of a thinker, but [...]

    11. I believe it's just same with the film name, I would say something about this. I watch michael J Fox because of BTTF3, not this one, unbelievable?first, his frank bannister film frighteners in 1996 showed great on movies. / cinemas. very few people because he not famous but the frighteners movie is spectacular, not only underrated, it's even a big waste that such good actor and movie being ruined by without letting people know.he looks like paul mcCartney in BTTF3 then I become his fans. this mo [...]

    12. In Back to the Future, a young boy who is a profesor's assistance accidentally winded up in the past when the profesor's time traveling car brings the boy (Marty) back to 1955. there he meets his parents and finds that his future as well as his parent's future are in danger when he finds out that he screwed up the past. I enjoyed this book because it is very descriptive but also leaves room for the imagination. If you are looking for a interesting fiction piece, look no further because Back to t [...]

    13. The book is about a kid called Marty who goes back to the past encountering his parents with a device that can travel through time by Doc. Doc dies in the future so he also wants to warn Doc while not changing too much of the past. A lot of weird things happen and he has to help his dad get his mom back together and changes a few things so that the future is brighter for his dad and him.The story is amazing and has a lot of cool moments making you consider going back to the past to fix things.

    14. It is totally mind blowing! this book is much better detailed, than the movieoh yeah! michael j. fox is a hall of famer, So Marty was the character of marty is totally striking. meanwhile jennifer the love of his life, very rugged personalityBut Doc Emmit hit the history, some of these are just clues! hit the McFly Family baby. try this one, OLD STUFF but it's totally amazing, believe me! i recommend this book to all of you people, especially to those who love adventure scenarios^___^

    15. This story is about a boy named Marty and he is a a professor's assistant and he is also a guitarist. In the story Marty goes back in the past using the professors time traveling car and he goes back in time when his parents were his age. As the story continues he meets his parents and by doing so he altered the future and it could have prevented his birth because he changed the past of how his parents met. Now he has to go back to the professor of that time to figure out how he can get back to [...]

    16. It was good as the movie was good. This book was written after the movie and is based entirely on the movie. My problem would be, I have seen the movie a million times and I know the story really well, so there was no suspense or surprise for me. If you have never seen the movie (if that is even possible)then read it, its great. If you seen the movie a bunch of times, well you know the story, and you do not need my review.

    17. A mixture of comedy and high-spirited adventures of all time. Back to The Future follows a young teenager Marty McFly who becomes the first human time traveler. Exploring America of the 50s but McFly will quickly find out that messing out with past might jeopardy his future and even his existence. Based on the successful blockbuster Back to The Future co-written by Bob Gale & Robert Zemeckis. A Must Read and I do recommend it for everyone.

    18. I spent about 70 minutes to read.I read this book because I like the movie very much.7 words summarycar, invent, past, parents, dogs, party, changeDo you want to go past or future?I want to go to future because I'm interested in my job, life, husband. If I want to change my future, I have to change how to live.

    19. One of the books based on a movie and I like it better than the movie itself! Usually it's the opposite - when the movie is made first, it's better than the book Don't you think so too? Funny, inspirational adventure about traveling into the past and back, but also about the good, brave spirit everyone of us has to have inside to really cope with everything in life!

    20. This book is freakishly awesome! I've been on an 80s movie novelization kick lately and the writing in this one is far superior to the others. It's just like the movie but with extras that had me laughing out loud. I loved the hair gel bit. Anyway, if you're a fan of the movie or the 80s in general, this is a fun read.

    21. This was a pleasant surprise. I'm a huge Back to the Future fan, so it was fun to see some additional scenes and have a few things fleshed out more. As is often the case, it seems this was based on a earlier version of the script so there were some differences. Overall, very enjoyable.

    22. This book is nothing like that of Back to the Future:the movie. Yeah, some references still made it to the big screen, but it featured different plot twists that didn't correspond at all to the final product of the movie in 1985.

    23. I love the film and whilst American fiction in books can be tedious in its' language at times, I felt this provided accurate descriptions with more depth you can't always capture on screen.I might read this again in October. Just because of the significance of the dates.

    24. Pretty horrible, really. But it was fun to notice all the differences. My absolute favorite line of the book was on page 199. "What if I get back to the future and end up being gay?" F'real.

    25. I liked this book, but I'm not too crazy about it. It wasn't really like the movie(which I am crazy about!), it was actually almost hard to understand. Although it didn't seem like the movie, I guess it had the same plot.

    26. Only the best movie ever made - in book form! There are extra nuggets included in the book that are not in the movie-perhaps from an earlier script version. Overall, this is a great book to have when you want to read a movie. :)

    27. Fitting that one of the best films ever made gets one of the best Novelizations I've ever read, managing to capture all the magic, tension and humour of its cinematic counterpart. A seriously good read.

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