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The Devils' Cradle

The Devils Cradle Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B HL LJ On Australia s island state than one species of Tasmanian Devil existsBeneath the surface of Nina Holt s perfect marriage lurks a life of te

  • Title: The Devils' Cradle
  • Author: Darcy Daniel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00HL74LJ6.On Australia s island state, than one species of Tasmanian Devil existsBeneath the surface of Nina Holt s perfect marriage lurks a life of terror inflicted upon her by her politically powerful husband Michael and his brother Greg, a sadistic detective For over a decade they have managed to keep Nina imprLibrarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00HL74LJ6.On Australia s island state, than one species of Tasmanian Devil existsBeneath the surface of Nina Holt s perfect marriage lurks a life of terror inflicted upon her by her politically powerful husband Michael and his brother Greg, a sadistic detective For over a decade they have managed to keep Nina imprisoned, using her to satisfy their every whim.Worse still, the only light in her life her 9 year old son, Sam considers Michael a hero When Sam imitates Michael s violence by lashing out at her, Nina knows it s time for both of them to escape before Sam truly turns into the monster Michael is grooming him to become.After crashing her car in her haste to escape, kind motorist Case Herder offers her help Unaware that he has his own plans for her, Nina accepts, igniting a deadly game of cat and mouse as they flee across Tasmania with Sam.As Michael and Greg relentlessly hunt them down to Cradle Mountain, Nina finds herself with nowhere left to run Cornered, she has no choice but to face evil head on.

    Luxury breaks in Surrey in unique boutique B B The Devils Cradle is a unique boutique styled B and B in the heart of the surrey Hills offering short breaks, self catering , and business accommodation Devils Cradle Wildlife Park Tasmania, Cradle Mountain Tours. The spectacular and pristine wilderness of Cradle Mountain is home to the mysterious and secretive Tasmanian Devil Devils Cradle is a unique Tasmanian conservation sanctuary located at the The Devils Cradle Kindle edition by Daniel, Darcy The Devil s Cradle by Darcy Daniel narrates the brutal tale of Nina Holt To the outside world Nina leads the perfect life a world of immense comfort, wealth and luxury as she is the wife of the Premier of Devils Cradle Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Devils Cradle, Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park Hours, Address, Devils Cradle Reviews . The Devils Cradle by Darcy Daniel Darcy Daniel s THE DEVILS CRADLE is one sizzling novel, with great characters, a break neck pace, plenty of sex and romance, and a pair of villains every bit as depraved as Hannibal Lecter The novel Devils Cradle Discover Tasmania Devils Cradle is committed to the conservation and protection of this now vulnerable species The centre operates a successful captive breeding program, ensuring the ongoing survival of Tasmanian devils The Devils Cradle, Thursley Updated Prices The Devils Cradle is offering accommodation in Churt All rooms feature a kitchen and a private bathroom, which is open plan to the bedroom area Free WiFi is provided At the guest house, the rooms are fitted with a terrace The units are fitted with a seating area Portsmouth is . miles from The Devils Cradle. Devils at Cradle Home Facebook Devils at Cradle, Cradle Mountain K likes Devils Cradle Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary The Devil s Cradle book English version Fryktos Burnings The Devil s Cradle book English version.The Story of Finnish Black Metal by Helsinki based journalist Tero Ikheimonen is a definite history of one of the most uncompromising and brutal music scenes in

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      117 Darcy Daniel
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    1 thought on “The Devils' Cradle

    1. 4.5 Gripping Stars!! Excellent psychological thriller! Bravo Darcy Daniel! Review to follow* A copy of this book was provided by the author via The Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review*

    2. Darcy Daniel’s THE DEVILS’ CRADLE is one sizzling novel, with great characters, a break-neck pace, plenty of sex and romance, and a pair of villains every bit as depraved as Hannibal Lecter. The novel begins with two separate stories, which quickly merge into one. First, Nina Holt wants desperately to escape her abusive husband and his brutally vicious brother, both of whom have been holding her a prisoner in her own home for over a decade. Husband Michael Holt just happens to be the Premier [...]

    3. This novel rocks along at turbo speed from beginning to end and had me holding my Kindle with white knuckles. A word of warning though, this story is not for the faint of heart. It is very dark and there are several disturbing passages that were difficult to read, so viewer discretion is advised. I love it when a woman finds the strength deep inside her battered self to pull herself up and do whatever she must to save herself and her child. I also love a strong man with a strong definition of wh [...]

    4. I absolutely loved “The Devil’s Cradle.” Right from the start the novel just grabbed me. I was totally mesmerized. I eagerly kept reading on never wanting to take a break. “The Devil’s Cradle” is a riveting, engaging, and chilling tale of a woman held prisoner in her home, being mentally, physically and sexually abused at the hands of not only her cold-hearted, vicious husband, Michael, but also by Michael’s brother, Greg, whom Michael encourages to do as he pleases with his wife, [...]

    5. This story was so good! I've had this book sitting in my review pile for a while and when I finally dove in I just could not put it down! It is a long book but it didn't feel that way at all a real page turner, very engaging, and definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. Remember that movie "Sleeping With the Enemy" with Julia Roberts?? This had that kind of feel to it Nina was very much the trophy wife to everyone looking in but the truth behind what was really going on was a well hidden secre [...]

    6. The Devil's Cradle by Darcy Daniel is a thrilling suspense novel. The reader is drawn into the plot by the fact that Nina Holt has been held prisoner in her own home for ten years. Previous escape attempts led to brutal punishment by her husband Michael and his brother Greg.A second plot line develops as Case Herder, an ex-cop, discovers a lead in the two year old murder case of his wife. This lead involves Nina's brother-in-law Greg. Herder wonders if Nina can provide answers to some of his que [...]

    7. And I thought my family was nuts! :)Michael Holt, wealthy Tasmanian Premiere, has a secret. Or four. He and his older brother Greg, a highly positioned police inspector, are both killers. Only that isn't the worst thing they are guilty of. They both abuse and hold Michael's wife, Nina, against her will. The breaking point for Nina is when she realizes her 9yo son, Sam, is turning into a monster like his dad.Case Herder, a former police officer, has been searching for his wife's murderer for two [...]

    8. I read Darcy Daniel’s other book and thought I’d give this one a try even though it’s quite different. Result = I could hardly put it down! It sucked me in right from the start and never let up. I’m a big fan of Sandra Brown and found this just as good as her books. If you love staying awake all night, I definitely recommend this one.

    9. 4.5 StarsWow, what a little gem of a read, which I was lucky enough to stumble upon by accident on . I would describe this book as a romantic thriller, but is equally dark and disturbing, with lots of twists and turns.*********Nina Holt is being held captive in her own home by her husband (Tasmanian Premier) Michael, and is used and abused by him and his even more vile brother, Greg (a local detective). Nina and Michael have a nine year old son together, Sam, who Michael schools daily about how [...]

    10. Nina Holt didn’t start out life as the polished and poised woman she appears to be today. She was a runaway junkie thief who was caught by the wrong man – Michael Holt. He decided to take his new find and mold her into his perfect slave. A man high on the political totem pole, Michael is above suspicion, even if not everyone agrees with his politics. His brother, Greg, is a high-ranking police officer. Yet the Holt brothers are so much more – sadistic manipulators and criminals. Nina’s o [...]

    11. I hesitated to give the book a try because a) the cover could use some work and b) I wasn't sure I could handle the level of violence the book promised. But something about the premise compelled me, so I read it and it didn't disappoint.All the elements in this story work together to form a cohesive and gripping story. I root for Nina, the wife of an abusive politician. At first I didn't understand why didn't she run from him. And then I knew, the person she loves is the one who ties her and pre [...]

    12. Great read. Wasn't crazy about the abuse scenes but it helped you understand the character and her motivation for running. She was a very strong person and it surprised me that she handled both men on her own at the end.

    13. Fantastic book.Fantastic book.It was absolutely amazing, I had trouble putting it down. It is definitely a book that will stick with you for a good long while.

    14. Very enjoyable read!Thanks to Nina's boldness and faith in herself she changed her world for the better! Of course Casey & Sam helped!!!

    15. Wow! I mean really wow!Amazing book that has it all! Drama! Suspense! Romance! This was an awesome book and I wish there was another book that followed this one!

    16. This is a well paced easy book to read. Like other reviews, I would have been happy without the romance storyline but the author maybe felt it was natural to allow the story to go in that direction. It also appeals to a greater audience when you add the romance bit. It's definitely entertaining but not exactly thought provoking.

    17. Holy Snaps!!!!! Awesome book! Let me just give you the ending!!! Best ending ever!! "The End.But,"Come on with book 2, I can't wait".

    18. Terrifying and Emotional!!!The Devil’s Cradle by Darcy Daniel narrates the brutal tale of Nina Holt. To the outside world Nina leads the perfect life – a world of immense comfort, wealth and luxury as she is the wife of the Premier of Tasmania, Michael Holt. But the truth that is reveled to us is much more torrid and brutal. As a teenager Nina had run away from home and gotten hooked on drugs. To fund her habit, she and her boyfriend began to steal from wealthy people’s home. When she was [...]

    19. SuspensefulI could not put this book down. I liked all the twists and turns. Two really bad guys and a wife seeking justice. Excellent reading. Read the whole book in one day.

    20. This was quite a long book but it had me gripped throughout. Nina is married to Michael Holt, Premier of Tasmania (a state of Australia and the Premier heads the government of that state). She has a 9 year old son, Sam, and life is good - yeah? NO! Michael is a sadistic woman hater and sexual abuser, aided and abetted by his police Inspector brother, Greg. They "discovered" Nina when she was a drug addicted teenager robbing houses to score her next fix. Her gang had targeted Michael's house thin [...]

    21. I took a chance on a $.99 offering of The Devil’s Cradle. Boy, am I glad I did! This was a great thriller with a compelling plot and characters that you’ll get to know in depth. The heroine and hero are truly admirable and courageous. The villains are utterly despicable.Rescued off the street from a life of drug addiction and prostitution, Nina is saved by a powerful man who makes her his wife. But does she live happily ever after? Not hardly. Nina becomes his slave and an object of his ridi [...]

    22. FantasticCouldn't put this book down! The storyline was fast paced and I stayed up all night reading it. Will be looking for more books by this author!!!

    23. First off -- this book does not pull punches with the graphic content or "bad language". Scenes of violence and sexual abuse of women are graphically depicted. If this kind of content is upsetting for you, you don't want to read it.That said, this story of a woman (Nina) trapped in an extremely abusive marriage who finally finds the courage to try to run away when her 9 year old son begins to be exactly like his father. Her husband, the Tasmanian Premier, and his equally psychopathic brother, a [...]

    24. Romancebookworm's ReviewsNina Holt’s life and marriage seems picture perfect from the outside. However, inside, Nina lives a life that can only be called hell. She is cut off from the world around her. She cannot even watch TV, read the news or even leave the house. Her life is cooking, cleaning and taking care of her son, Sam. Nina endures thinking she is giving her son the best life she can. It also leaves her scared about the world beyond the walls of her home. How can she cope will all the [...]

    25. From the outside you’d think Nina Holt’s life was perfect, married to a politically powerful man, a young son and a beautiful home in Tasmania.Behind closed doors she is terrorised by Michael Holt her Husband and Greg his equally sadistic Brother.They seize every available chance to abuse her and force her to obey their every whim.An abuse she suffers away from the gaze of her son, who dotes on his Father.Kept away from everybody she has nobody to turn to, she begins to plot her escape.When [...]

    26. I was thoroughly impressed with this book. I have read various thrillers by different authors like James Patterson, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, et al.This book definitely stands out as one of the best of the genre I have ever read. The author manages to avoid so many of the cliche tropes that big-name authors fall into, and the plotline itself also has more originality than many thrillers I've read (despite the main character being an abused housewife)The author makes [...]

    27. GOOD LUCK PUTTING IT DOWN I love any book that can really engage me and this book delivers! I finished this book in one sitting (Well, sometimes I was cooking or doing laundry while reading. You know how we bookworms are ;).First, I will tell you that I just do an over-all analysis of the experience I had reading a book to help others choose. So, no spoilers. The plot was admirably well-crafted. The storyline pulled me in right away. Each chapter added to my curiosity and kept me flipping pages. [...]

    28. Great story, good writing. My only complaint is the narrator for the audio version. A little too much over-acting.

    29. This book contains some graphic violence and disturbing sexual situations. The spousal abuse is abhorrent. I was easily sucked into Nina’s story and became invested in the outcome early on. Nina has been living a nightmare for years; alienated and confined with virtually no hope for escape, she impulsively grabs her nine-year-old son, Sam, and takes off without any real plan for the future and just a small cache of savings. From the start her journey is filled with mishaps, distrustfulness, an [...]

    30. The Devil's Cradle tells the story of Nina who is trapped in an abusive marriage to the Tasmanian Premier, who has an equally psychotic Policeman brother. To make matters worse, her 9 year old son appears to have inhabited their worst traits. Nina eventually plucks up the courage to run away, enlisting the help of Case - the husband of one of the brothers' possible victims. She is unaware of her helper's ulterior motive, and so begins a tale of excitement, intrigue, and terror.This is a book pac [...]

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