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Murder in Dragon City

Murder in Dragon City When they find the extra finger forensic scientist Qin Ming and his team are stunned How could there be eleven fingers but only one corpse Though Qin Ming is no stranger to tough cases he has never

  • Title: Murder in Dragon City
  • Author: Qin Ming Alex Woodend
  • ISBN: 9781503939592
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Paperback
  • When they find the extra finger, forensic scientist Qin Ming and his team are stunned How could there be eleven fingers but only one corpse Though Qin Ming is no stranger to tough cases, he has never encountered one quite like this With no answers and no leads, Qin Ming must turn his attention to the many other homicides waiting to be solved His investigations take himWhen they find the extra finger, forensic scientist Qin Ming and his team are stunned How could there be eleven fingers but only one corpse Though Qin Ming is no stranger to tough cases, he has never encountered one quite like this With no answers and no leads, Qin Ming must turn his attention to the many other homicides waiting to be solved His investigations take him to back alley neighborhoods, the remote countryside, and even the expansive homes of the rich and elite But now it seems that every case in Dragon City contains a misplaced body part Is it a coincidence or a sick joke, or is the killer trying to send Qin Ming a message As Qin Ming and the police force work to unravel each murder, a killer zeros in on him Can Qin Ming track down the killer before he becomes the next victim

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      183 Qin Ming Alex Woodend
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    1 thought on “Murder in Dragon City

    1. This book was written by a medical examiner living in China. The ME and his team of forensic scientists go to murder scenes throughout the province, providing the police invaluable assistance in solving crimes. The book opens with the team at the scene of a fraudulent cooking oil factory. A human finger has been discovered and this leads them to murders committed by a serial murderer. While they track this murderer they respond to numerous other deaths and resolve those in one or two chapters. I [...]

    2. I would like to thank Netgalley and Crossing for an advance copy of Murder In Dragon City, a forensics procedural set in Dragon City, China.This is a most unusual novel and it held me fascinated. It is basically a series of short stories woven into a serial killer investigation. There appears to be a serial killer on the loose in Dragon City. Medical Examiner, Qin Ming and his team, Big Bao, forensic intern and Lin Tao, trace detective, know this by the M.O. of disembowelment and the finding of [...]

    3. ชื่อเรื่อง – คำให้การจากศพ 3 (The 11th Finger --- 尸语者3 : 第十一根手指)ผู้แต่ง – ฉินหมิง (秦明) เขียน ชาญ ธนประกอบ แปลตัวละครฉินหมิง อายุ 28 ปีหลี่ต้าเป่าหลินเทารีวิวหลังอ่านหลังจากอ่านเว้นช่วงจากเล่ม 2 ไปสั [...]

    4. Murder in Dragon City is a novel that reads like a memoir, or at some points, like an autopsy report. The author is a medical examiner in China and has published novels there. I think this is his first novel translated into English. The story is a series of short criminal cases occurring throughout one longer, more complex case. We follow a forensic team, including medical examiner Qin Ming, trace evidence specialist Lin Tao, and intern Big Bao as they move from town to town within their provinc [...]

    5. Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. This book is an English translation by Alex Woodend of Chinese medical examiner's case narrative of a serial killer. The book begins with the gruesome find of a dismembered body - with an eleventh finger. Qin, the MC, and his forensic team are hot on the trial of a serial killer who has a penchant for dismembering bodies. The team (I can't really call them characters because they are real people) has a good camarade [...]

    6. I won this e-book in a Giveaway for an honest opinion. It is a book of short stories woven into a serial killer investigation. Qin Ming, the author, is an actual medical examiner by trade and his perceptive analysis of countless bodies earned him another name - The Corpse Whisperer. Some of the cases were solved a bit too quickly for me and there are some gruesome details so if you are squeamish, it might not appeal to you. It was an OK read for me. Some of it got bogged down with technical ter [...]

    7. This book is written by Qin Ming, a Medical Examiner in China, nicknamed "the Corpse Whisperer". He is also the main character. Although it is fiction, it is based on numerous cases he has solved as a forensic scientist, and is, I'm assuming, realistic. Of greatest interest to me was the setting in China. I enjoyed learning how this type of crime scene investigation is done there. Many of the techniques are similar to those I've seen on CSI-type programs, as well as in true crime novels I've rea [...]

    8. I picked this book up because there is a really good Chinese drama that was based off of this book. Since I have only read the translation, I don't know if my grips with this book are because of how it's written or how it was translated. This book has a really interesting story line it is based off of the life of the writer who is a forensic pathologist. However, the book doesn't spend a length of time on any of the crimes that are presented in the book. I understand that the overarching story i [...]

    9. Excellent! The author let his encyclopedic knowledge of forensics shine through each case in this novel. I found it fascinating to compare Chinese police procedures to American procedures and also note how Chinese customs play a big part in solving mysteries. While the translation was slightly choppy, I appreciated the translator (and editor) leaving names in the proper order. I'll be looking forward to more of Qin Ming's books.

    10. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review but unfortunately the gruesome details the book opened with were more than my weak stomach could handle.

    11. Is there a killer on the loose in Dragon City, one that’s trailing body parts everywhere he goes? I received my DRC in exchange for this honest review, thanks to Net Galley and Crossing. This collection of stories l is written by a Chinese medical examiner, translated to English by Alex Woodend. I’m always up for something new, and so I took my galley and curled up. Unfortunately, this one just never gelled for me. I tried setting it aside, reading other things and coming back to it, hoping [...]

    12. Wow! If you are into the whole CSI thing, you will love this one. If you are into crime fiction, you, too, will be impressed. I have been a nurse for years and worked alongside of law enforcement, so this was right up my alley.The serial killer mystery was developed in such a way as to gather momentum and keep drawing the reader in. Very well done! With each new set of evidence, a little more insight gained.As police procedural, it's positively delightful to have a window into how things are don [...]

    13. The book was not quite what I expected it to be. The setting is LA which is often referred to as a city of strangers and I guess I expected it to be more of s story of how lives become entwined in the metropolis. Instead it is a story of immigrants, mainly Chinese, a story of Chinese gangsters and the people who are invisible. It is unexpectedly a story about Catholic clergy and making a life in a lonely city. The story begins with the murder of a catholic priest and the desire of another priest [...]

    14. Great reading, and informative. Informative enough that I know I would not make it as a medical examiner. CSI seems ok on the telly but as described in this book it takes a stronger constitution then mine. An engaging plot as a serial killer toys with the police and especially Quin Ming. Yes, he is a medical examiner and the author of this book. Can’t get more authentic than that. I will say the unbelievable speed at which some of the crimes are solved seemed over the top, but most criminals a [...]

    15. CSI ChinaThis book read like a fantastic TV show. The forensic techniques were modern, the science was sound and the characters were terrific. I hope someone does a film of this.

    16. I was very happy to win this book from the giveaways. The book has two things that I enjoy reading about crimes and forensics. It was exciting for me to see a story from China as I haven't ready any story from there yet. The book has a lot of humor and is written in a very light manner. The forensics team from Dragon City works on cases in their home base and drives to smaller towns to help out as well. Perfect for a relaxing reading at the end of a long day. The characters are likable and one f [...]

    17. An interesting forensic book with many cases. The forensic detail was a learning experience and the characters defined. You can't help getting involved with their personal stories. The main case was convoluted and the ending surprising. The only problem for me was it was a bit too much forensics and not enough characters, so while I enjoyed it, it sometimes became a bit too dry. Perhaps, something subtle was lost in the translation.

    18. This book was fast paced and I learned so much about forensic pathology (probably more that I bargained for!). It was really interesting reading about the different methods to determine cause of death. The characters grew on me and you really get a sense of what it must be like to work in a busy pathology office in China. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes shows that center on forensics. Thanks to NetGalley for giving me a copy in exchange for my honest review.

    19. Enjoyed "Murder in Dragon City". Not quite what I expected but worth the read. There is a case that runs through the book but most of what we read is short individual cases that are solved quickly. Not sure how to describe the writing style but it has the feel of a novelized introduction to forensics 101. I suppose that was part of what I enjoyed. Simple explanations of the process of forensics. Part science, part observation, part intuition, part experience.

    20. Won free in a Giveaway. Not terrible, but in need of a few rounds of serious editing. The author obviously has some interesting ideas, but he wasn't able to cohere them into a book very well. This is the second similar experience I've had with Crossing, and makes me hesitant to read another book published by . I like the idea of translating books that might not usually have that opportunity, but isn't there any selection criteria?

    21. A shade too far on the lecture-y side - things get real technical, real fast and hang out there for quite some time. Interesting, but you've got to be super into the science because the writing is not extraordinary.I received an ecopy from the publishers and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    22. I don't know whether to fault the author, the translator, or the editor for the clumsy language but I do know that the book itself was just not one I wanted to continue to read. THanks to Netgalley for the ARC. This was a rare misstep in the Crossing program of bringing world literature to English language readers.

    23. One corpse, 11 fingers and missing body parts takes Qin Ming, The Corpse Whisperer and his team searching down back alley neighborhoods for missing parts. its a story of murder, mystery and a roller coaster of a ride for our intrepid forensic scientist.

    24. On the fence on this one. There were parts I really enjoyed and others not so much. In the middle Three stars.

    25. 作者慢慢变成有点写小说的样子了,整体串联的第十一根手指的案子不错,但每一章的小故事的起承转合仍待加强

    26. The plot is super granular and the narrative voice is a bit all over the place so sadly it doesn't fit in my reading life right now. Maybe some other time.

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