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Watch Her Disappear

Watch Her Disappear YOU CAN RUN FROM YOUR PAST BUT YOU CAN T RUN FROM MURDER The body is found by the river near a spot popular with runners With a serial rapist at work in the area DI Zigic and DS Ferreira are initial

  • Title: Watch Her Disappear
  • Author: Eva Dolan
  • ISBN: 9781910701027
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Hardcover
  • YOU CAN RUN FROM YOUR PAST BUT YOU CAN T RUN FROM MURDER.The body is found by the river, near a spot popular with runners.With a serial rapist at work in the area, DI Zigic and DS Ferreira are initially confused when the Hate Crimes Unit is summoned to the scene Until they discover that the victim, Corinne Sawyer, was born Colin Sawyer.Police records reveal there have beYOU CAN RUN FROM YOUR PAST BUT YOU CAN T RUN FROM MURDER.The body is found by the river, near a spot popular with runners.With a serial rapist at work in the area, DI Zigic and DS Ferreira are initially confused when the Hate Crimes Unit is summoned to the scene Until they discover that the victim, Corinne Sawyer, was born Colin Sawyer.Police records reveal there have been violent attacks on trans women in the local area Was Corinne a victim of mistaken identity Or has the person who has been targeting trans women stepped up their campaign of violence With tensions running high, and the force coming under national scrutiny, this is a complex case and any mistake made could be fatal

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      236 Eva Dolan
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    1 thought on “Watch Her Disappear

    1. Well. I say this is one to watch in 2017 but actually Eva Dolan has been one to watch for a few years now – this the 4th novel in the Zigic and Ferreira series, a series that just increases in both quality and storytelling power with each new instalment.Watch Her Disappear yet again takes a difficult subject and tackles it with sensitivity and grace but more to the point with true authenticity. Eva Dolan walks where others fear to tread – using her characters to speak truth, layering her plo [...]

    2. BLURBYOU CAN RUN FROM YOUR PAST. BUT YOU CAN'T RUN FROM MURDER. The body is found by the river, near a spot popular with runners.With a serial rapist at work in the area, DI Zigic and DS Ferreira are initially confused when the Hate Crimes Unit is summoned to the scene. Until they discover that the victim, Corinne Sawyer, was born Colin Sawyer.Police records reveal there have been violent attacks on trans women in the local area. Was Corinne a victim of mistaken identity? Or has the person who [...]

    3. Corinne's body was found by the river, near a spot popular with runners. The woman was flat on her front, damaged face. Her nose broken, her death was probably strangulation. You need to respect the fact Corrinne wasn't a woman she was a him. Was Corrinne a victim of mistaken identity? Or what if her killer knew she was a trans, and hated her because of it? I like this story because it was fresh and different with Corrinne being under a surgeon for a more finer, prettier face and to want to lead [...]

    4. For me, this was a book the started out slowly but once all the players were fully introduced it came into its own. It was at least as good as the only other book in this series i've read, After You Die, and maybe even better. It's probably a bit late to call Eva Dolan one to watch but put her on your list; she writes the kind of intelligent, probing crime fiction that makes her stand out from the crowd.In choosing to make her focus Hate Crimes, Dolan turns the spotlight on people who live on th [...]

    5. We are now at the fourth story in Eva Dolan’s superb series set in a Hate Crimes police department in Peterborough, with Watch Her Disappear. Dolan has her finger on the pulse of what is hot. Therefore it is of little surprise that this time, her subject is the trans community and LGBTQ hate crime.The story follows the murder of a trans woman, Corinne Sawyer. Corinne was previously Colin. She has a complicated personal history, with a soon to be ex-wife and children plus a new partner. Her dea [...]

    6. Reuniting DI Zigic and DS Ferreira for the fourth outing in their capacity as detectives heading up the Hate Crimes Unit in and around Peterborough, this is a series which has succeeded largely because of Eva Dolan's hard hitting realism and her failure to flinch from the issues that surround the controversial cases they work. The previous novels in the series have focused on an array of harassment aimed at just about every minority group, but I confess to finding the subject matter of Watch Her [...]

    7. Book reviews and more on snazzybooks Watch Her Disappear, the fourth in the DI Zigic and DS Ferreira series, is another great Detective novel by Eva Dolan She's an author I've only read one other book by (After You Die - read my review here) so far, which I also hugely enjoyed!DS Ferreira is back, and still a really cool character - strong, opinionated and fiery - which makes you want to read more about her and her working relationship with Detective Inspector Zigic, who I also really like. Toge [...]

    8. This is a brilliant fourth book from one of my favourite writers I have yet to meet; it continues with the focus on DI Zigic, a Serbian and DS Ferreira of Portuguese heritage working in Peterborough in the Hate Crimes Unit.The subject is a bold one and the writing never falls short in delivering on plot that is not just contemporary but is a potential minefield within the LGBT community. Even this label used to represent those within an area where oppression and discrimination continue in our 21 [...]

    9. Corinne Sawyer sets off for a run one morning and never returns. She is found murdered, strangled and viciously beaten. What would have been a case for CID is passed to the Hate Crimes team when it emerges that Corinne was born Colin Sawyer. Is Corinne's death related to a series of violent attacks on members of the trans community? Or could the rapist who has been attacking young joggers finally progressed to murder? Zigic and Ferreira must find out before anyone else dies.The novel is a commen [...]

    10. Dolan has become one of my must-read crime authors since she first burst onto the scene: she combines a traditional police procedural with a social conscience which explores fraught issues of prejudice, here focused on transgendering. Alongside the entertainment, then, is a committment to exploring and normalising the marginalised. Here Zigic and Ferreira are dealing with the murder of a transgendered woman called Corinne who has a complicated personal life. Alongside this, Ferreira is drawn int [...]

    11. Locations in the novel on The Literary Travel Agency: Visit WHD here Eva Dolan for me writes a very unique brand of crime fiction. It’s gritty and very hard hitting yes, but it manages to include some of the most marginalised people in our society in a way we start to understand them in new ways. Some writers would be afraid to look at how transgender people are treated – but not Eva – and kudos to her for that. The uncomfortable nature of these issues and the way Eva writes about it in th [...]

    12. Excellent novel about hate crimes against a trans woman - or is it something much more personal? I love the way in which Dolan's novels allow us to follow the course of an investigation but also contain deeper prejudices, social issues and characters displaying complete lack of empathy (and yet you still manage to feel sort of sorry for them). Very skilful writing and a wonderful Christmas Day reading treat!

    13. Watch Her Disappear – Another Dolan MasterclassEva Dolan has once again hit crime gold with the fourth in the Peterborough Hate Crimes Unit bringing back DI Dushan Zigic and DS Mel Ferreira in Watch Her Disappear. Once again Eva Dolan is on the pulse of what is happening today in the society around us when the transgender community are central to the plot, and how they are not only misunderstood but excluded from mainstream society.Zigic and Ferreira are in the midst of an investigation in to [...]

    14. I would like to thank Netgalley and Random House UK, Vintage Publishing for an advance copy of Watch Her Disappear, the fourth novel to feature DI Zigic and DS Ferreira of the Peterborough Hate Crimes Unit.A woman is attached and murdered while out jogging. Zigic and Ferreira don't understand why they have been called out to a "standard" murder until they learn that the murdered woman is transitioning from Colin to Corinne. As a transgender victim Corinne could easily have been the victim of a h [...]

    15. Even though Watch Her Disappear is the fourth book in the Zigic and Ferreira series, they all read easily as stand alone’s, but as it’s a great series I would definitely recommend reading them all.The author has yet again come up with a gripping case for the detectives to work on. As stated in the description, this is certainly a complex case and nothing is straight forward, which makes things even harder for the two detectives.There was something quite chilling about the whole story line. I [...]

    16. The fourth book in the DI Zigic and DS Ferreira series and it was great to pick up with the Hate Crimes Unit again. This story set amongst the LGBT community was quite intense with characters who felt very real to me and a plot that could be happening all over the world today.Normally with any crime novel I'm constantly trying to work out who committed the crime, but with this book I forgot about that focusing instead on the characters and the intricacies of the plot.Once again I felt as if I'd [...]

    17. Eva Dolan chooses issues that are very up to date for her Hate Crimes Unit to investigate. Zigic and Ferreira are called in when a woman, who was out running, is found murdered. It comes to light that the woman Corinne is transgender and hence the detectives involvement. CID are also involved in attempting to deal with a number of rapes and attacks that have been committed on memebers of the trans community. Crimes against the trans community are fairly new in crime fiction and Dolan treads well [...]

    18. It was a difficult read for me. I was getting confused when a murdered man is called "Mummy" of the victims's son :-) But then there was a murder and an investigation to do. Tad long, drags at places Nothing much to take away from this one.

    19. My rating strategy:5 stars = An all time favourite, I could tell you about this 10 years later.4 stars = Loved this, really gripping/fun/exciting, will remember long term.3 stars = Definitely enjoyed, might forget quickly though, but happy to read more by the author.2 stars = Likely to have some good points, but it didn't properly captivate me.1 star = Not my cup of tea at all, wouldn't return to the author.

    20. Another exceptional offering from Eva Dolan. She has used her books to explore the lives and crimes comitted on those looked down on by society, as investigated by a Police Hate Crimes Unit. This time is was the Trans community. Not that their status is used for sensationalisation, but just as coincidental targets, giving her the opportunity to enlighten people to the horrific transphobia and prejeudice that this community suffers. It also explores domestic and sexual violence more broadly when [...]

    21. This is the new book in the Zigic and Ferreira series and although I've only read one of the others- this is easily read as a standalone. It is well crafted and builds on the suspense as y0u get further into the book so that you are keen to keep turning the pages and find out who is behind the crimes. The Hate crime unit are called in when a transgender woman is found murdered. There have been a series of violent rapes and they have to discover whether it is all related.You are introduced to the [...]

    22. All of my reviews can be found in full on jenmedsbookreviewsIf you are looking for a book which challenges assumptions and prejudices and tackles a very difficult subject in both a sensitive and yet brutally honest way then look no further. ‘Watch Her Disappear’ is the skilfully crafted tale of family at war with itself and the impact on them all of the decision by the family’s patriarch, Colin Sawyer, to finally allow himself to become his ‘true self’ Corinne. It is also a sharp and b [...]

    23. 3.5* rounded up.Zigic and Ferreira investigate the murder of a trans woman, Corinne, and wonder if her death is linked to attacks on other trans women and/or to a series of rapes.I found this novel dragged quite a lot; Corinne was killed and then the police questioned the same family members over and over again until (view spoiler)[one of them confessed. Brynn's motive for killing Corinne had not (unless I am particularly dense) been foreshadowed in any way and did not provide a satisfactory con [...]

    24. The 4th book featuring DI Zigic and his partner in Peterborough's Hate Crimes Unit, DS Ferreira, is another hard hitting, topical case. When Corinne Sawyer, a trans woman, is found murdered while out on her morning run, and circumstantial evidence points towards a well-known serial rapist, Zigic and Ferreira begin to suspect that it is not as cut and dried as it seems. Corinne's family seem to be hiding something, and recent attacks on members of the local trans community point them in other dir [...]

    25. This is the fourth book in the series of DI Zigic and DS Ferreira of the Hate Crimes Unit at Peterborough Police. This book builds on the previous books and this story tackles the subject of trans gender and cross dressing males. Don't be put off by the subject matter. The story revolves around murder and rape in the fair city of Peterborough (UK) and how boyhood friendships evolve over a number of years, how the two detectives try to solve these crimes whilst dealing with their normal today to [...]

    26. Started off well and a bit of a surprise when we discover the murder victim Corinne is a man, it started to get confusing especially with the use of he and she wasn't consistent.It was an interesting idea to have a hate crime section away from normal CID activities and the constant threat of that unit being disbanded.The plot seemed to meander a lot with too many dead ends and was a tad too long at just over 400 pages. In the end it became a bit of a chore to finish the novel.

    27. Great series. This is the 4th. I think I enjoyed it the most - I believe that is because I am so familiar with the characters. In this novel the hate crime is against transgender people. Since more transgender people are coming forward - and is being accepted in some circles - this is a very current topic. Well, all hate crimes are current right now - unfortunately

    28. DI Zigic and DS Ferreira are called to investigate the murder of a trans woman in Eva Dolan’s fourth novel set in Peterborough police’s Hate Crimes Unit.Once again Dolan gives us an evenly paced police procudural full of twists and turns, believeble characters and a stong sense of place and time.Engrossing and moving, Watch Her Disappear is another gritty gem from Eva Dolan.

    29. I've liked this series, but this one seemed a bit draggy in the middle -- with too many theories that went nowhere. And then when the final solution was revealed it was slam-bam-thank-you-ma'am, without a lot of explanation (and not more convincing than the other theories.)

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