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The Thrill of Victory

The Thrill of Victory A love story where betrayal is only a heartbeat away from desire and love can be found in the most unexpected of places

  • Title: The Thrill of Victory
  • Author: Erin St. Claire Sandra Brown
  • ISBN: 9781551666723
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A love story, where betrayal is only a heartbeat away from desire, and love can be found in the most unexpected of places.

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      142 Erin St. Claire Sandra Brown
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      Posted by:Erin St. Claire Sandra Brown
      Published :2019-05-13T06:24:31+00:00

    1 thought on “The Thrill of Victory

    1. I quite enjoyed this one. It was written back in the day when Ms Brown was writing Romance without any real suspense or mystery. It was a feel-good read and I liked both characters.He was attractive in a disheveled, disreputable, range-wolf way. Debonair he was not. But he was sexy. The chip he carried on his shoulder only added to his appeal. So did his arrogance.It began to rain. Great, splattering drops fell onto the flowers that Stevie had so painstakingly cultivated."Oh, God." Groaning he g [...]

    2. Sorry to say I was not impressed by this story. I've read what a wonderful author Sandra Brown is and I guess I was expecting much better. Typical plot, she wants him, he doesn't want her, he wants her, she doesn't want him. While this is a perfect storyline when done right, when it's not it's meh. Being the Christmas season I decided to be generous and give it two stars, but it was more like a one. I will give it another try with this author but if the next book is anything as trite as this I w [...]

    3. Una linda novelita de Sandra Brown, de las más antiguas, creo.No hay otra trama de misterio como esta autora gusta hacer, pero es entretenida igualmente. Los protagonistas son queribles y el epílogo es muy dulce.

    4. ¡Es una historia muy dulcee! Está muy bien llevada; el antagonismo Judd-Steve y como van llevando su relación hay crecimiento y evolución.No dice nada nuevo ni descubre la pólvora: es una novela romántica que está muy bien escrita y nos deja con una sonrisa y una sensación cálida en el corazón al terminar. Me encantó ^^

    5. Tennis pro, Stevie Corbett, suddenly collapses on the court. It’s the opportunity Judd Mackie has been waiting for! Somehow, if he can get close to her and learn the truth, he’ll scoop the story of the decade. When Judd breaks into Stevie’s apartment, he finds her angry, bristling and wounded. Something is terribly wrong with her, something with the potential to ruin her career and perhaps end her life.Judd becomes an unlikely hero to the ailing tennis pro, stealing her away from cameras a [...]

    6. If you love classic romances, you'll love this easy read by Sandra Brown. Stevie Corbett is a famous teen player who collapsed during a match. Judd Mackie is the journalist who's scooping her story. They have a love/hate relationship, as they became friends, when she reveals about her ovarian cancer and the worries about her losing her dreams of having a baby. During the two weeks, they get to know each other better. They fall in love, while decisions are made, and Judd writing a novel, while ta [...]

    7. RECEIVED BOOK FREE THROUGH FIRST READ.What is it about summer and romance books? I don't know and don't care. All i can say it Sandra Brown is a FANTASTIC read, not matter the season.This story is about a tennis star and an ill-mannered sports writer who has taken it upon himself to knock her down at every chance. Before he succeeds an event happens and welly gets girl, girl gets boy etc etc!An easy, relaxing read.

    8. Here we have a not so young (but not so old) female tennis star who collapses on the court. The popular sportswriter who doesn't write nice things about her (for what reason you need to read the story) missed the story. Now the sportswriter finds the tennis star and the truth and finds himself helping her instead of throwing her to the wolves. Of course, the story leaks and now what do they do? Read the story and find out.

    9. Masih termasuk SB favorit saya.Judd harus memutuskan antara kepentingannya sebagai wartawan atau hubungannya dengan Stevie, seorang petenis yang memiliki rahasia yang dapat menghentikan karirnya sebagai petenis yg sedang menanjak.Stevie juga harus membuka hatinya, terhadap ketulusan Judd, dan rasa curiga atas motivasi Judd mendukungnya selama.

    10. Just read this on a recommendation and to distract me from the vampires. I liked this cute little story but there wasn't really a plot. Fluff read.

    11. A classic love story by bestselling author Sandra Brown, where betrayal is only a heartbeat away from desire, and love can be found in the most unexpected places.Stevie Corbett is in jeopardy of losing everything she's sacrificed and worked so hard for -- her career, her reputation, her future. Her life. Now she has just two weeks to make a monumental decision, but her fate rides on keeping the truth a secret. Judd Mackie's job is to uncover secrets. He's spent the past few years trailing Stevie [...]

    12. El Precio de la Victoria es una novela romántica de esas de toda la vida. Chica odia a chico pero después se termina enamorando y tienen un final feliz. Si eres feminista te recomiendo que no leas esta novela, está plagada de machismos y aunque la protagonista está muy enterada de esto, no le importa porque ha empezado a quererle «aunque hay que darle puntos, porque hay una parte en la que Stevie incluso dice que Judd es demasiado machista y él mismo se arrepiente de lo que hace pero le ha [...]

    13. In the mood for a quick romance read? This is the book for you. Nothing earth-shattering--bad guy gets the girl but an enjoyable read.

    14. To the Victor go the Spoils **4.5 STARS**“The Thrill of Victory” by Sandra Brown (published in 1989 under pseudonym, Erin St. Claire) is on my keeper shelf and I recently re-read it because I had fallen out of love with contemporary romances & wanted to know if it was as good as I remembered it. It is.The story is about Stevie Corbett, a tennis pro who’s risked everything for her sport; the possibility of family, husband, and children had fallen to the side as she trained year after ye [...]

    15. Доста добра книжка. Чела съм и много по-добри произведения на Сандра, тази беше малко по-лека, в смисъл, нямаше много задълбоченост в самия сюжет, както я има тази задълбоченост в другите й книги. Затова давам 4 звезди, а не 5. Но тя е около 250 страници, т.е. не е никак много и може [...]

    16. Stevie Corbett is in jeopardy of losing everything she's sacrified and worked so hard for--her tennis career, her reputation, her future, her life. Now she has just 2 weeks to make a monumental decision, but her fate rides on keeping the truth a secret. Judd Mackie's job is to uncover secrets. Then a chance meeting with Stevie offers him the story he's been dreaming of. He has waited years for an opportunity like this to fall into his lap. Now he has the chance to scoop the story of the year- A [...]

    17. A very fast read as it is only 105 pages in the e-book version. I did not like the abrupt changes from physical loving or romantic conversations to anger with absolutely no transitions. Perhaps this was due to the shortness of the book? No time to build in any transitions? Some of them left me totally confused. Also found myself having to reread many conversations to see who was talking. This could have been due to the e-book formatting. Least favourite Sandra Brown book I have read, and I have [...]

    18. sweet, light, short, dated. fun but forgettable read/listen. narration is pretty good, but given the dated plot (e.g. in the Epilogue, bookseller guy is surprised hero "lets" the wife work) . . . overall good for listening while on the go/commuting/mind on other tasks. i enjoy tennis, followed some of the Olympics, so maybe i was just in the right mood to listen to this, though there isn't much sports itself. . . maybe the appeal to me was i kept picturing Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany in that [...]

    19. I couldn't put this book down but had to force myself several time. This author is also Sandra Brown and Rachel Ryan. (Forgive me if I spelled the name wrong.) I was in complete shock that it was same person - I love Sandra Brown. If you are into romance book - definately get this book. I can't spoil the surprise between those 2 crazy people. The woman is into Tennis and the guy is Journalist. The rest, I'll leave it to your imagination until you get this book. Worth to read!

    20. A nice little no-brainer of a read though I would have liked to see better character development and the plot was, at times, quite honestly implausible. I enjoyed the banter between the main characters. This book is from very early on in the author's career however and I'm excited to see she has moved into different genres since too. I have a copy of Envy waiting for my attention which I have high hopes for.

    21. Sandra menggabungkan dan mendramakan dua profesi yang bertolak belakang dengan tidak kehilangan romance-nya sama sekali. Petenis kelas dunia yang cantik dan Jurnalis yang urakan. Seperti biasa, imajinasi pembaca diliarkan dengan penggambaran setting oleh Sandra yang detail, dan seolah-olah tempat serta suasana yang diceritakan memang benar-benar ada.

    22. I loved the book with a passion! The words "A Classic Love Story" may be scary if one dislikes romance, but this one is tasty and twist-ful, and a feast to read.Progressing slowly and climbing up to a line of sudden events that leaves your mouth hanging open, it is loveable from the beginning to end, not forgetting all of the middle along with that.

    23. I received this book through a First-Reads Giveaway.It was a cute story and definitely had the fluff I love in Romance. It wasn't a spectacular story, but sweet and gave me the break I needed between heavier and longer reads.I'd recommend it if you have the urge for a quick, fluffy read.

    24. Sometimes it takes very little for an author to ruin a story for me. (Yes, I can be very anal retentive.) Really bad research will do it. Total disregard for reality will as well. In this case, it came at the very end of the book when the heroine feels her baby move for the first time. The hero immediately puts his hand on her stomach and feels it too. Pul-lease.

    25. Not really good. The characters in one moment are interesting but most of the time boring. There isn't really character development! I only finished reading this book for the sake of finishing a book I start reading!

    26. Another compelling book by Sandra Brown. What I did notice in this book is that her romantic descriptions did not go on for pages and pages and I preferred that. I would rather have a good story line that endless pages of romantic sensations.

    27. I thought the book was great. Especially when the sport writer became more consider with the patient ( Tennis Star Stevie ) then the story he was suppose to be writing about her and quit his job . Came back and took her to the country to rest and relax.

    28. Muy romántica y bonita. Justo lo que necesitaba para relajarme el fin de semana. Algunas imprecisiones en cuanto al aspecto deportivo dentro de la trama, pero igual vale. Un poco flojo el final pero todo lo previsible que se podía esperar.

    29. Started this book earlier this week and finished it in no time. An earlier book of Browns so it is more romance than mystery and as usual in romance books you can guess the ending. I did enjoy the chain of events that it took to get to the ending though. A fast and easy read.

    30. It was a quick easy read. I love Sandra Brown. I found for this one, I got really irritated by both main characters. They fought pretty much the entire book. I know sexual tension or whatever it was meant to be but it became tiresome. Also to keep in mind, this was written a number of years ago.

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