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Jughead, Vol. 2

Jughead Vol JUGHEAD VOL is the second collection of the historic JUGHEAD series relaunch featuring the talents of comics superstars Chip Zdarsky Ryan North and Derek Charm This series is true to the spirit an

  • Title: Jughead, Vol. 2
  • Author: Chip Zdarsky Ryan North Derek Charm
  • ISBN: 9781682559987
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • JUGHEAD VOL 2 is the second collection of the historic JUGHEAD series relaunch, featuring the talents of comics superstars Chip Zdarsky, Ryan North and Derek Charm This series is true to the spirit and characters that all Jughead and Archie fans know and love while reinvigorating its essence and humor through the talents of some of the most popular creators in the comicJUGHEAD VOL 2 is the second collection of the historic JUGHEAD series relaunch, featuring the talents of comics superstars Chip Zdarsky, Ryan North and Derek Charm This series is true to the spirit and characters that all Jughead and Archie fans know and love while reinvigorating its essence and humor through the talents of some of the most popular creators in the comic book industry In the grand tradition of comic book reboots like ARCHIE VOL 1, Archie Comics proudly presents JUGHEAD VOL 2 from the super team of Chip Zdarsky HOWARD THE DUCK , Ryan North THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL and Derek Charm REGULAR SHOW New story New arc New creative team Let s not compare them too harshly with the old creative team though they were awesome This new team is pretty good too though, lots of talent and they really do try their best.Collects issues 7 11

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      433 Chip Zdarsky Ryan North Derek Charm
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    1 thought on “Jughead, Vol. 2

    1. Jughead and Archie go camping. Then Jughead accidentally goes on a date with Sabrina and she decides to magic? her revenge when it doesn't go well.The best part about this book is Derek Charm's art. It's simple and clean and works very well for the setting. But these stories are just as boring as Jughead has been for the last 75 years. They aren't funny, however hard they try to be. You could consider that a trademark of Ryan North's writing. North brings along his little footnotes in the margin [...]

    2. My son and I enjoyed this second volume of Jughead - and in particular how they brought Sabrina into the story! The artwork was fun and refreshing. It felt more like the old Archie Comics than Vol 1. The bonus Josie and the Pussycats was fun too, but aimed at a slightly older audience. Now we have to decide if we read more Sabrina or Afterlife Archie!

    3. Introduction: It has been awhile since I had last read the reboot of the recent “Archie” comics and at the same time, I was reading the reboot of the “Jughead” series, which I had enjoyed! Now, I finally got the chance to read the second volume of the “Jughead” reboot series and I must admit that I have enjoyed this volume even more than the first volume!What is this story about?The first half of the volume starts off with both Jughead and Archie going to Camp Lucey to spend some tim [...]

    4. HOLY COW! That was 1000% better than the first volume. No offense to the first writer and artist (I really do like Chip's other work) but the story was better, the art was better, the whole experience from reading this one was better.I loved the addition/introduction of Sabrina into the new Archie world. I loved the exploration of Jughead's asexuality as well. A+++I highly recommend picking up this volume!

    5. An improvement over the first volume, which was already good, silly fun. The decrease in weird fantasy segments probably helped.

    6. Another fun volume with Jughead and his pals! I particularly loved that we got to see Archie as the girl-crazy guy he and get called out on it to boot. I loved seeing another side to Reggie.I also liked seeing Jughead contend with these new "feelings". And Sabrina the teenage witch makes an appearance! I always crave a burger after reading these.

    7. a million stars for Jughead himself. not that many for this volume tho :/ the art is consistently fantastic. i like zdarsky's issues more than north's. i don't think either one of them are the right people to be writing Jugheadis is something i posted on my tumblr (long story short: too much blame is placed on Jughead for his aroaceness. The other characters are the problematic ones, not him):I just finished reading Jughead vol. 2…Jughead is honest to god, such a sweet character. He’s hilari [...]

    8. So much better than the first volume, both in the story content and in the artwork! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this volume. Jughead is quickly becoming my favorite Archie character!

    9. So I couldn't help but notice that IMMEDIATELY Chip Zdarsky left the run, the next plot was a "will-he-or-won't-he" arc about Jughead maybe falling in love. We had all of seven issues without romantic subtext before the hilarious hijinks of Jughead on a date. Thankfully it didn't end up with actually erasing the character's explicit (as of the zdarsky run) sexuality, but first we just had to attempt to trap Kevin in a date with a girl, have a love spell rebound off of jughead, and have Sabrina t [...]

    10. This volume is a mixed bag. The first two issues, written by Chip Zdarsky, feature a story about Archie and Jughead getting lost in the woods. Unfortunately, that story wasn't so funny. It focuses too much on Archie being girl crazy, which in the end wasn't so entertaining. For the last three issues, written by Ryan North, the story focuses on Jughead's inability to form a romantic relationship with Sabrina. The hijinks start when Jughead sees a mysterious girl dressed in a burger costume. Who c [...]

    11. I liked this way better than the first one. It’s hilarious and to bring Sabrina the Teenage Witch into it was awesome.

    12. i enjoyed volume 1, and i wasn't expecting to, but i loved volume 2. both arcs in this are explicitly about Jughead's asexuality, and both handle it much better than i thought they would. i was a little put off by ryan north's opening for his run being about Jughead going on a date, ngl, but for what it was, i loved it. Jughead and Sabrina end up having a really sweet friendship once they get over their assumptions (a friend for me who is a burger! / a guy who dates!) and understand each other. [...]

    13. Jughead faces his biggest challenges yet - Archie's girl problems, and Sabrina The Teenage Witch!The first two issues of this volume wrap up Chip Zdarsky's eight issue run with a camping trip into a Mantle Family Reunion and a run in with Mr Weatherbee, while Ryan North arrives for the final three issues that has Jughead trip into a date with Sabrina, and hell hath no fury like a Teenage Witch scorned.This volume feels a lot more consistent than the first, probably due to each issue not having t [...]

    14. I think I am now a fangirl for Jughead!! Chip Zdarsky's Jughead Volume 2 tells two stories: The first is about Archie and Jughead trying to participate in fun Summer activities instead of Archie working all of the time. Thet decide to head up to a friend's cabin where they get a rude awakening: they are adjacent to Reggie Mantle' s family reunion. In an effort to get away, they get lost in the woods where they deal with a fissure in their relationship and are saved by an unlikely ally. The secon [...]

    15. I’m just so thrilled that Archie and Jughead have been rebooted. It is such fun revisiting these old childhood friends!And, in this volume, we get another character returning to the fray: Sabrina the Teenage Witch! Terrific fun read. Always sorry it is awhile between volumes!

    16. This series continues to be so much more hilarious and charming than should be possible?? I mostly loved the Sabrina crossover arc except (view spoiler)[I did get a little frustrated that Jughead didn't just come out and tell her he was asexual? Since he's identified that way openly in other comics in this series? But then I guess there wouldn't have been such HIJINX (hide spoiler)]

    17. 4.5 stars. This cemented Jughead as my favorite Archie/Riverdale character. I wish this version of Sabrina had her own comic instead of The Chilling Adventures, but at least I got 3 issues of witchy goodness.

    18. I'm in love!!! Must keep reading, but must pace myself so I don't run out of issues to read! #sendhelp

    19. The main comic was amusing, but nothing mind blowing. The inclusion of an unrelated (and irritatingly written) Josie and the Pussycats story was just disappointing page filler.

    20. I was sad to see Zdarsky go, but Ryan North is hilarious. His commentary and his new humor brought so much to the already amazing series. I absolutely adore the humor and the Sabrina arc in this volume, and am already enjoying the new arc that I'm reading issue by issue because I just can't wait anymore. I loved that we saw Jughead on a date, and how he handled telling Sabrina that he doesn't actually go on dates and aaaaaaahhh it's such a great exploration and representation of asexuality and m [...]

    21. Jughead was wonderful to read as always and I love his love of food I wish they would add that to the tv show. I love the cover of this volume too.

    22. It's really fun seeing the world of Archie through Jughead's perspective. Very reminiscent of seeing Buffy through Xander's eyes in "The Zeppo" (or Andrew's eyes in "Storyeller" for that matter). The second part of the Sabrina segment seemed out of character for her and a bit of an overkill but overall this is a solid addition to the burger filled world of Forsythe Pendleton Jones III

    23. I'm not sure how I didn't know that Ryan North was now writing this book. Don't get me wrong, Chip Zdarsky did a great job with the first volume (and the first two issues in this volume, featuring a Jughead/Archie camping trip that goes awry in multiple ways, and features a great couple of moments with Weatherbee), but Ryan North is my favorite 'funny' comic writer, and Jughead is a great vehicle for him. Especially with the presence of Sabrina. North manages to perfectly encapsulate multiple pe [...]

    24. I love everything about Jughead comics. Seeing Sabrina made me want to see her on Riverdale. Maybe in season 2/3? If Dilton got a few minutes of screen time, why not the teenage witch?

    25. These new Jughead comics made me fall in love with the character that I'd only just liked as a child. My favorite part is that he makes no apologies for being who he is, and these comics celebrate the craziness that is Jughead--even when cursed by a witch, he's able to succeed with flying colors; when submitting an art assignment he makes a statue of himself entirely out of food, and wins first place; and when heading to Pop's for a burger, he completely misses the giant new mascot standing outs [...]

    26. While I really disliked volume one of this series, I had faith that Zdarsky could win me back, and, lo he did. The first third of this collection is Zdarsky exploring Archie and Jughead's friendship during a camping trip rife with Riverdale cameos (cameos of other Riverdale residents, not any of the actors from that CW show where they all make out with teachers, murder each other, and simultaneously look like hot thirty-somethings and exhausted teenagers). It's much more in keeping with the styl [...]

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