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La reina del Tearling

La reina del Tearling Kelsea Glynn es la nica heredera del trono del Tearling Tras la muerte de su madre la princesa fue criada por dos fieles sirvientes en una caba a oculta en los bosques Durante casi dos d cadas el t

  • Title: La reina del Tearling
  • Author: Erika Johansen Gemma Rovira Ortega
  • ISBN: 9788415831877
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kelsea Glynn es la nica heredera del trono del Tearling Tras la muerte de su madre, la princesa fue criada por dos fieles sirvientes en una caba a oculta en los bosques Durante casi dos d cadas, el t o de Kelsea ha ejercido la regencia, pero no es m s que el t tere corrupto de la Reina Roja, la taimada y desp tica hechicera que ostenta el poder en el feudo colindante deKelsea Glynn es la nica heredera del trono del Tearling Tras la muerte de su madre, la princesa fue criada por dos fieles sirvientes en una caba a oculta en los bosques Durante casi dos d cadas, el t o de Kelsea ha ejercido la regencia, pero no es m s que el t tere corrupto de la Reina Roja, la taimada y desp tica hechicera que ostenta el poder en el feudo colindante de Mormesne El d a que Kelsea cumple diecinueve a os, los maltrechos restos de la guardia de la reina acuden para sacar a la joven de la clandestinidad y escoltarla hasta la capital As empieza el turbulento viaje de Kelsea al coraz n del Tearling para reclamar su trono, ganar la lealtad del pueblo y rescatar su reino de la corrupci n y de la magia oscura Armada con una voluntad de acero, la joven se someter a una aut ntica prueba de fuego que puede convertirla en leyenda o destruirla.

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      432 Erika Johansen Gemma Rovira Ortega
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    1. What does [that lady] see when she looks in the mirror? Kelsea wondered. How could a woman who looked so old still place so much importance on being attractive? Kelsea saw now that there was something far worse than being ugly: being ugly and thinking you were beautiful.Because how DARE anyone ugly have confidence in themselves.When I die, I want inscribed on my gravestone "She Read The Queen of the Tearling." Call me unambitious, but that shall be counted among my proudest accomplishments, beca [...]

    2. WARNING: RAGE RANTFirst of all, to the shitstick in the PR department that labeled this the “The Hunger Games meets Game of Thrones”: Second of all, FANTASY NOVEL FAIL.Look, I’m a hardcore fantasy fan but I’m not a snob. High fantasy, light fantasy, urban fantasy, science fantasy; I’ll read it all. What I look for in the world an author builds, in the story that they tell, is creativity, believability when it comes to what they’ve created, accuracy, consistency, and COMMON FUCKING SE [...]

    3. A bit on the slow side, but I loved the political intrigue and the super interesting world! Kelsea was such an awesome protagonist and there were lots of other great characters, each with their own interests and conflicts. I still have so many questions about the magic system and the history of this world--I kind of liked that not everything was spelled out directly and given to us, though I do hope we get more answers in the sequel. Will definitely be continuing with this series ASAP!

    4. 4.5 stars Well, clearly I'm going to be kicked out of the cool kids' club, because I fucking loved this book. A good reminder to always try things out for yourself to see what you think.The pacing and more introspective heroine will likely be issues for some readers (and I fully admit that I think this would have worked better as pure historical fantasy, rather than middle-ages-in-this-weird-future-time period), but I can tell you that these were not problems for me at all, being that I devoured [...]

    5. $1.99 today on ! Definitely one of the Top 10 of my 2014 favorites!Word of warning, thoughI'm seeing tons of 1 star reviews. Evidently, this is one of those Love it or Hate It books. I've pawed over the other reviews, and I'm honestly not connecting with any of the other reviewers' problems with this one.I didn't think the heroine had low self-esteem.I didn't think parts of it were far-fetched or full of plot holes.I didn't think it resembled other books (maybe because I haven't read them?).Butd [...]

    6. Really interesting plot, but went a little slow for me! Here's my full booktalk! youtube/watch?v=1DtCU

    7. For the most part I enjoyed this story. I think it was a solid start to this series, but I do feel like it was missing something. I'm interested to see where this trilogy goes!

    8. 28 Feb '14blog | Disclaimer: This is a review of an uncorrected Advanced Reader Copy.Long rant ahead, folks. Don't say I didn't warn you.So some time in the future of earth, when the world has gotten so messed up and irredeemable, a man named William Tear gathered up his people along with doctors, scientists, and other citizens of some value, and took them on a huge boat.With the intention of building a new democratic civilization founded on world order and socialism(?) William Tear and his peop [...]

    9. “You win your people or you lose your throne.”Fantasy.Adventure.Politics.Plots.War.Magic.Outlaws.Corrupted priests.Betrayal.And a young,plain girl in between.You've gotta love The Queen of the Tearling!“The shipment nears,the cages fill,A voice rings out across the Tear,The cages burn,the Keep Lawn still,The Tearling weeps,the Queen is here.”Kelsea was raised by the Glynns,hiden away from her ambitious uncle and the Red Queen in a desperate effort to keep her alive so that she would clai [...]

    10. This was a long one and I spent all day today reading it and wow I'm so upset that it's over and if I didn't have such a ridiculous amount of books already I would buy the sequel and read it now. I've seen a lot of people reading the third one so I'm not sure how many people haven't read this one or aren't familiar with it, but the book is about Kelsea who was hidden away as a child for her own safety and is now being taken back to the kingdom to reclaim her thrown. The writing unfolded slowly a [...]

    11. Buddy read with the bombastic Figgy! I'd also like to dedicate this review to her, because without her support and lovin', I sincerely believe I'd be in a boredom-induced coma.I received this book in the First Read giveaway.And because of that, I can safely say I'm glad I didn't spend any money on this. This is the most boring, dumb, confusing book I have read so far this year, and I've read a lot of boring, dumb and confusing books.For the record, when someone gives me a book and tells me it's [...]

    12. Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsFirst and foremost, you need to know that The Queen of the Tearling is NOT a YA Fantasy. As far as I can tell, HarperCollins is not marketing the book that way, but when I read this, "Young Adult" was listed as the second shelf on the ' genre list (which of course means that users are labeling it that way), but it absolutely isn't--Kelsea, the MC, is 19 y.o. and an adult, there is language that at times borders the obscene, and there are circumstances and (hideous) war s [...]

    13. Don’t you just hate book labels?Many other reviews seem to centre on the point that this is labelled as a cross between The Hunger Games and A Game of Thrones. I’m just absolutely sick of hearing such things. Anybody who has read more than ten pages of either will realise the statement is completely untrue. It’s quite an annoying comparison. Certainly, you could say it’s like The Hunger Games insomuch that it has a female character as the protagonist. Such a parallel isn’t it? And I su [...]

    14. (2/5/17) After this reread, I definitely have to bump up my rating to a full 5 stars. Kelsea is one of my all-time favorite characters, and I have spent so long over the last few days gushing about how much I love every part of this book. The character development: amazing. The world: original and fantastic. The political elements: EVERYTHING I WANT IN POLITICAL FANTASY.I could honestly gush for hours about this book. I can't wait to finish the series. (11/13/15)4.5/5 Absolutely fantastic, I des [...]

    15. After 6 months, I've finally found a novel worthy of 5 stars. It took me that long to finally get out of the dreaded reading slump. It should've been obvious though, because one of the options to get out of the slump is to go back to your roots. My roots being Fantasy. I shouldn't have looked elsewhere.There is a bit of a story when it comes to why I bought and eventually read this novel. Let me try to keep things short though so that I can jump in to the review. I was having a normal day, brows [...]

    16. Well, this was terrible. I hated everything but the cover.I’m proud of myself for finishing this The Queen of the Tearling even though it’s turned out to be one of my most disappointing reads this year. HarperCollins was really pushing this title marking-wise, and while it’s not considered YA, they did offer it to quite a few YA bloggers for consideration for review. I had to be the special person to request it. I wish I hadn’t have done that.The Queen of the Tearling tried to do a lot o [...]

    17. I really like the book's potential, but wasn't that into the actual story.Everything was just SO PAINFULLY SLOW. I called this book a DNF earlier this year because it just wasn't going anywhere. Nothing was bad it was just boring. I'm glad I finished it now because the second book seems like it will be interesting, but the pacing really never picked up. Like they spend the first 1/3 of the book just traveling. And then more standing around and thinking ensues. SO MUCH USELESS DESCRIPTION. But so [...]

    18. Let's get one thing straight"The female version of GAME OF THRONES" is GAME OF THRONES. Putting that aside, I'm only excited for this book because of one thing. Emma Watson. Who has reportedly signed on to star in the movie adaptation. UmYes, please. hypable/2013/06/13/emm

    19. "We don't always choose, Majesty. We simply make the best choices we can once the deed is done."•I'll start with the bad because yes, I am that obnoxious. The book is set in this kingdom, the Tearling, which, along with other kingdoms and empires, was born and grew on a previously unknown land after the so-called Crossing. We are told very little about this event: we only know, basically, that said Crossing was made by the Americans, and that some bits of the late America's culture still last. [...]

    20. I, as Emma Watson also said, devoured it in less than a week, couldn’t put the bloody thing down,I wanted to end it, yet for me, for a different reason.Like her, I couldn't hate it, but can't love it eitherThey called it "Feminist Alternative To 'Game Of Thrones'"!!Come on, it's a "Mini-Game of A Throne" full of feminism, Rant, and even out-cursed GOT.The StoryA Queen is back when she's turned 19She must claim her Throne from her evil Uncle/RegentShe must look for her Kingdom, The Tearling mus [...]

    21. Edit : 25/12/2017 : I have a copy of the second book but I have no interest in reading it. So I'll just abandon it. 3.5 Stars rounded down to 3 StarsWhen Kelsea Raleigh was a baby, She was smuggled out from the palace for her own safety and since then she was fostered by two servants who pledged their lives to raise her and protect her until she claimed her throne.when she was 3 year old her mother, Queen Elyssa Raleigh died and Kelsea's uncle, Thomas Raleigh was in charge since thenxteen years [...]

    22. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm warning you: This is a rage rant.Let me present you the future:No, really. That's the future according to this book – I'm not shitting you. Our future is a freaking Medieval town.Kelsea was raised alone with two guardians. She believes herself plain and ugly and totally unimportant. Tunrs out she's a special snowflake: She's the long-lost heir of the Tearling. Now she's the queen and she's getting back to “civilization.” (haha, what civilization?)The synopsis didn [...]

    23. This book has rendered me speechless. Oh, my bloody god. If you could see me now, I'm already having withdrawals, because the moment I finished, the first thing I blurted out was, "I need book two. STAT."I avoided this book like the plague. Shortly before its release, one star reviews were popping out left and right, many from my trusted friends who share the same likes and dislikes as me. Because of that, I didn't want to read it. It was absolutely at the bottom of my TBR, but the other day, I [...]

    24. 5000/5 stars“The Queen held up her hands for silence. At that moment, Javel knew for certain that she truly was the Queen, though he never knew why or how he knew.”Holy shit. That was the most beautiful thing I've read in such a long time.How is it possible that my heart feels broken and whole at the same time?My eyes wont stop watering yet I can't help but smile like a Cheshire Cat.I had put this book off for so long and I'm kicking myself for not picking this up sooner!Seriously Taylor, wh [...]

    25. First things first, more Fetch please.Review also found at the Dust Off Your MacHalo blog.Here we have a book that dares to cross genres. It’s a fantasy/dystopian blend that is mostly-vague about the origin details. We know there was a world very similar to ours, same country names, technology, books, and culture. Then, “something happened” in an event known as The Crossing and we lost technology, electricity, advanced medicine, and were reduced to living in a world with torches, swords, a [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this book! The concept was great though it wasn't without its problems. Full review to come soon :)

    27. I am so glad that I don't weigh other people's reviews heavily when I decide whether or not I am going to read a book. If I had, I probably would have never tried this series. As it happens, what I discovered was a deep, complex, interesting, and engaging post-apocalypse fantasy that I flew through in four days. It also shattered my expectations and made me want to immediately start book 3. Erika Johansen is one heck of a writer and I am anxious to see where she takes this series. Reading an int [...]

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