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Alex + Ada: The Complete Collection

Alex Ada The Complete Collection From JONATHAN LUNA THE SWORD GIRLS Spider Woman Origin and SARAH VAUGHN Sparkshooter Ruined comes ALEX ADA a sci fi drama set in the near future The last thing in the world Alex wanted was an X

  • Title: Alex + Ada: The Complete Collection
  • Author: Jonathan Luna Sarah Vaughn
  • ISBN: 9781632158697
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From JONATHAN LUNA THE SWORD, GIRLS, Spider Woman Origin and SARAH VAUGHN Sparkshooter, Ruined comes ALEX ADA, a sci fi drama set in the near future The last thing in the world Alex wanted was an X5, the latest in realistic androids But after Ada is dropped into his life, he discovers she is than just a robot Alex takes a huge risk to unlock Ada so she can tFrom JONATHAN LUNA THE SWORD, GIRLS, Spider Woman Origin and SARAH VAUGHN Sparkshooter, Ruined comes ALEX ADA, a sci fi drama set in the near future The last thing in the world Alex wanted was an X5, the latest in realistic androids But after Ada is dropped into his life, he discovers she is than just a robot Alex takes a huge risk to unlock Ada so she can think for herself and explore life as a sentient android Can they survive the consequences This oversized hardcover collects ALEX ADA issues 1 15.

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      345 Jonathan Luna Sarah Vaughn
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    1 thought on “Alex + Ada: The Complete Collection

    1. Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn have written and illustrated a masterpiece. I rarely use that word, but here it's deserving. In 376 pages, this book somehow philosophizes reality, sentience, agoraphobia, sexuality, love and hate, relationships, civil rights, Slavery, the Holocaust, technology, politics, and fascism. How is that even possible? And it's not heavy handed allegory like Alan Moore. It's as subtle as a fresh breath of air. The story is about Alex Wahl, a disaffected, depressed but good [...]

    2. Even though I own all the single issues, AND the 3 trades, I nonethless felt compelled to grab and read this gorgeous compilation. (At a huge discount, to be fair!!)And it captivated me just as much as before (if not more!)Highest of recommendations.

    3. A great book to start a new year. Had been hearing about this one for a long time, but it was actually after reading Donovan's review that I decided to pick it up. Glad I did.Just like Donovan said, the book touches upon so many topics and it's so relevant given the current state of the world.Besides being a beautiful allegory of the issues of the modern world, there were some moments here which just blew me away. They may seem far-fetched, but just hear me out.Firstly, the sentient android Fran [...]

    4. I read this entire book again seriously this is the best graphic novel I read.Perfect read for an AI lover

    5. I personally love to watch science fiction movies and read books from that genre - especially those targeted on AI so you can imagine my surprise when I came across this graphic novel series! I started reading it almost as soon as I discovered it and could. not. stop!! My only wish is for it to have been longer because damn it ended too quickly 😭 The plot was very well thought out and the complicated relationship between Ada and Alex was amazing to read about y'all that ending gave me so many [...]

    6. সায়েন্স ফিকশন মার্কা ফিউচারের কাহিনী এটা। আমাদের এখনকার সময়ের সাথে মিল রেখেই আগাইসে এই কমিকের কাহিনী, এখনি মানুষ যেই পরিমাণ সেলফ-অবসেসড আর সোসাইটি থেকে দূরে থাকতে পছন্দ করে, পছন্দ করে সোশ্ [...]

    7. More like 4.5 stars. There's been plenty of praise for this story and I can see why; it was well written, engaging and just a great narrative. I was close to giving this 5 stars but I thought the ending could have had a bit more. It felt a bit rushed to me, but still closed out the story how you would have wanted it. The artwork was beautiful and consistent start to finish. You could easily read this in one shot if you have the time; I read it over a few days to enjoy and thing about the story & [...]

    8. Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn created a beautifully sad tale of what it means to be human. This book is part science fiction and part romance. That's a sentence I never thought I'd write but here we are and I thought it was a very good book. The book eschews from some obvious choices and they pay off so well. The art by Luna is incredibly beautiful. Overall, I was surprised how much I enjoyed the book.

    9. FINALLY, one of the Luna brothers ends a series in a satisfying way! (Sorry, Luna brothers, but I still don't forgive you for Girls.)I read most of this in single issues, but got busy with life and things before it wrapped up. It's a great imagining of how the robot civil rights battle may play out in the future. I'm trying to get on your side, robot friends, I really am! This story helped me along that journey.

    10. This was actually quite an interesting read. With the many technological advancements being made across the world, its kind of cool to think about where it will go. It's also nice to see a world with AI that don't turn out to be Skynet/Terminator-esque, lol.

    11. I didn't see this book coming.I picked it up at my local library, one night before it closed expecting just a typical science fiction story about a man falling in love with a robot, and instead the story was a narrative with incredible depth about what is it that makes humanity, what is real sentience and intelligence, what are the morals of living in a society with machines that can think for themselves, and then how does society react and operate in such a set of conditions. Every page offered [...]

    12. This is just so I can review the series as a whole, instead of by volume. Thoroughly enjoyed it, though it went by so fast and now I'm sad I don't have more. Though I'm not sure how else the story could be expanded. Maybe have an even longer epilogue? The only quibble I have is that the plot was pretty cliche as far as A.I. stories go, exactly what you'd expect (i.e. A.I Bicentenniel Man, Ex Machina, i Robot, etc.). But I'm pretty biased when it comes to sci-fi, even if it's more of the same.

    13. There's an absolutely fantastic episode of the sci-fi anthology series "Black Mirror" called "Be Right Back," about a woman whose husband dies so, in her despondency, she buys an android replica of her spouse that's imbued with his personality (or, the social media equivalent of his personality); in the end, she laments that the robot isn't capable of being enough like her husband and she's forced to move on with her life. I thought a lot about that episode while reading Jonathan Luna' and Sarah [...]

    14. The story told here is honestly so beautiful and touching and thought-provoking. If you’re able to get a hold of the complete collection digitally or a hardcopy or the volumes to read I would recommend that just so you can experience more of it at once.The story of Alex + Ada is set in the near future where artificial intelligence is integrated into almost every part of life, if you want it you can have it. So, it’s dealing with a lot of the issues people worry about currently with AI like h [...]

    15. Não é todo dia que se mata uma leitura de 376 páginas em 24 horas. Alex + Ada é a série mais subestimada da Image dos últimos anos. Um sci-fi, que assim como outras grandes referências do gênero, tal qual Blade Runner (1982) e Ela (2013), trazem a tona excelentes discussões políticas e filosóficas. Mesmo presente na trama: androides, replicantes e inteligências artificiais não existentes, não significa que nunca passamos por aquilo em algum momento da história. Ódio, racismo e me [...]

    16. I was really excited when I learned about this book, especially right after reading The Vision by King & walta. unfortunately I didn't find much new AI storytelling here and it was very straightforward. it was a cute story, but didn't go as deep into the implications of sentient AI as I expected. It flirted with those ideas, frequently bringing up what the definition of living was, if robots were alive, etc, but did not delve into those questions. The art was clear and lovely, but the book o [...]

    17. I'd like to say I'm well versed in the genre of "AI". Its been a passion of mine since i saw my first few episodes of "Ghost in the Shell".This series reminded me of the anime "Eve no Jikan" but with an illegal twist thrown in. Actually it's more like a hash of the movie "Automata", combined with "Time of Eve" and the movie "ai" but without being too in your face futuristic, so this felt a bit more possible than those universe's. Oh, also throw in that movie/book "i,robot" because what's a compa [...]

    18. This is not a flashy, action packed adventure between two star-crossed lovers.This is a thoughtful, philosophical look at what would happen if robots were made sentient, given the chance to live as humans live.And it is very interesting.What Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn have created in this limited series is something quite special. Filled with human nuance and conversation about what it is to be alive, ALEX AND ADA sets themselves apart from other comic books in a good way.This won’t replac [...]

    19. Enjoyed this complete collection much more than my original reading of volume one, although my complaints about the bland drawing style and repetitive panels still sits. This is much more a love story with background in AI rights than one that fully immerses the reader in robots and becoming sentient. Had it been from Ada’s POV throughout, it might have added a twist. I did appreciate the parallels between robot rights and modern grievances but it seemed to be skimmed over, especially in the f [...]

    20. I started this series a few years ago, then stopped when I couldn't get my hands on the 9th issue. I'm so glad I found this at my local library. It's a brilliant story, full of big questions regarding what makes us human, what rights we give sentient technology, and what relationship might look like in regard to sentient tech and humans. The art wasn't anything jaw-dropping but the utilitarian style of Luna's illustrations, along with his clean, simple scenery, allow for an easy focus on the plo [...]

    21. I enjoyed this book, but the male lead is so passive and pathetic most of the time that it is hard to root for him. Though his personality does help explain how he copes with events near the story's end. He's pretty used to putting his head down and moping his way through the bigger things happening around him. I agree with other reviewers here on the art: the backgrounds were pretty sterile and the use of repeating static panels got tiresome by the end of the book. I give this book a three-star [...]

    22. Tfw your grandma buys you a sex robot and you're first reaction is, "I gotta make it sentient."I'm feeling very mixed about this. On one level it is part of that overworked "forbidden robot human love" genre. The creepiness is also intensified by the fact that Alex pretty much only love Ada because he created her. But also the ending got me in the feels and I was invested in the political storyline. I thought the art was decent. There is successful world building. So I enjoyed reading it. There [...]

    23. Existen historias de amor clasicas en las que todos sabemos quien es el bueno y quien el malo esas donde todo es blanco y negro. Sin lugar a duda esta no es una de esas ya que a lo largo de sus 15 numeros esta historia tiene de todo para ser llamada una obra maestra dentro del mundo del comic espero llegue a mucha gente esta hermosa historia que llego a tocarme en lo mas profundo de mi ser.

    24. Holy crap that was glorious. It touched all the right points and made the necessary mentions concerning our future and the life we are going to experience with androids. Although the art style was a little bland for my taste, the story itself was so great that artstyle no longer mattered after a while.

    25. I did not like Girls. So, I steered clear of the Lina brothers. I got Alex + Ada for my birthday and I loved it. It has great storytelling and world building. Probably the best robot story since Asimov.

    26. This would make for a long and great Black Mirror episode. I loved this book and the way it made me think and consider relationships, free will, and some of the inevitable future rights issues.

    27. Excellent graphic novel about the lives of a human and robot coming together, breaking apart, and falling in love with the backdrop of a time when sentient robots are illegal.

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