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Alien Paladin's Woman

Alien Paladin s Woman Sometimes what the galaxy needs is a hero no one s ever heard of Tieran the Commander of the Palian paladins has never been allowed to have anything of his own other than the blade in his hands an

  • Title: Alien Paladin's Woman
  • Author: Vi Voxley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sometimes, what the galaxy needs is a hero no one s ever heard of Tieran, the Commander of the Palian paladins, has never been allowed to have anything of his own, other than the blade in his hands and the honor he serves with But a feisty, curvy, and utterly impossible human woman is about to change all that He never thought that he d desire something or someone as mucSometimes, what the galaxy needs is a hero no one s ever heard of Tieran, the Commander of the Palian paladins, has never been allowed to have anything of his own, other than the blade in his hands and the honor he serves with But a feisty, curvy, and utterly impossible human woman is about to change all that He never thought that he d desire something or someone as much as he needs her and nothing will take her from him Even if he has to slay the most feared enemy ever known for her Audrey Price has seen a lot of hard work and cold times as a governor of ice planet mining colonies She never expected to be in the middle of the greatest hunt in the galaxy, though One moment, she was protecting her miners from an alien threat, and the next moment, she s tied to said threat, with only one man capable of keeping her and the rest of the universe in one piece The sexy, infuriating paladin who makes her core pulse as hard as he makes her want to wring his neck Coming to grips with the fact that she s the key to tracking down one of the most mysterious and horrible races known is no easy feat, but that s nothing compared to dealing with the fact that she might be falling for the paladin And when all eyes are on them, including a pair that can see through space and leave havoc in its path, Audrey and Tieran are in the fight of their life Not only for their own safety, but for that of the galaxy as a whole Alien Paladin s Woman is a full standalone scifi Alien Human Military Suspense romance novel It can and should be read as a standalone Guaranteed HEA and no cheating.

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    1 thought on “Alien Paladin's Woman

    1. When I first read about the Palians in the Brion Brides, I thought, "man it'd be great if the Palians weren't so "un-warrior-like" and they could have their own bada** soldiers." Well, you know what they say about being careful what you wish for? Vi Voxley delivered!!! I guess it shouldn't have been surprising that the Palians didn't leave themselves defenseless in the galaxy that they basically ruled. To think that this entire time they had warriors that rivaled the likes of the Brion Generals [...]

    2. The best! Who would have think that Palians can be sexy and commanding? Not me, until I read this latest book by Vi Voxley. I want more Paladins in the future but I am so glad the next book will be the Brions.

    3. Tiernan and Audrey are quite a combination and I truly enjoyed this book. I've read most of the books in this series (and in no way do you have to read the series for this book, but they are great Alien romances) and the Palian's have been in all of them but never the focus. It was great to learn more about them and see the tough side of the Palians. Tiernan is your typical alpha alien and Audrey is a spitfire who stands up to the tough guy, which makes for an entertaining read. I really enjoyed [...]

    4. I just have so much fun with this series!Where did that book go? Oh, I read it already. So fun!The hero is this one is a super smart warrior from a race of peacekeeping geniuses. How dope is that? He is very pragmatic.The heroine is an adventures organizer who is appointed governor of far flung colonies. How dope is that? They make a wonderful partnership in this non stop action adventure and save each other many times. Yea! PS the chest veins on the cover creep me out. That is all.

    5. all of her books so far to me have been great. in this one the race if usually small meek men but the warriors that everyone thinks is just rumor r not. they are never seen because they r the weapon to save their race. in this book he was sent to protect a lifestone if it was ever found but meets his fated when they finally meet face to face. hoping that there will be more of this race warriors cause it was really good. after reading this one i read the whole series of her other alien books

    6. Love the PaliansI just new they had to have some warriors somewhere! The palians Poland for everything and the Paladin is the beyond topped shelf result. Absolutely one of my favorite books I have read this year(about a book a day habit). VI Voxley just keeps perfecting her worlds for us to become even more enthralled with them.

    7. Fabulous bookThis book is fabulous. I had a very hard time putting it down. If you like action and romance this is the book for you. Characters are believable. This book is very well worth your time.

    8. Well, I'm a little torn on this newest release of Vi Voxley's. It was very well written, as are all her books, with only a few grammatical errors. However, it was very different in content. Instead of an alien romance story with action, it was an alien action story with romance. In my opinion, way way too much violence. In fact, if it weren't for the ending, I probably would have given it 3 stars. The ending had a twist that really brought me back to liking it more than all of the graphic violen [...]

    9. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. In this book we meet Tieran, the Commander of the Palian paladins and Audrey Price governor of ice planet mining colonies. Audrey is working on the ice planet Verien and trying to see if there is anything of any value to this planet or if she and her miners need to move to another planet. They have been with this mine for a year now and have found nothing but just as they are about to give up they find the greatest discovery in the Union it is [...]

    10. What would you do to ensure peace if the stakes were so high that the very survival of everything was at risk. What if you everything you did was for the benefit of peace and justice? Would you understand that with that quest for peace and justice comes great responsibility and it often comes at the expense of mercy? Readers of Vi Voxley’s series know that the Palians are known across the solar systems (plural) as a technologically advanced race who has (somewhat) willingly shared their knowle [...]

    11. This is another great sci-fi romance by Vi Voxley, who has become one of my favorite authors. It is fast paced, action packed and ties in with her other series. It can also standalone. We have come to know Palians in previous books as a peace loving race that values mercy and kindness. In this book we learn they also value justice, and in order for them to dispense justice they have engineered elite warriors called Paladins. Paladin's are tall, broad shouldered, strong, logical, selfless and emo [...]

    12. At times like this, I wonder if I have read the same book that other readers have rated and reviewed. Audrey's thrilled to be governor of the icy mining planet Verien, but isn't sure about Tieran, the aloof paladin who's responsible for protecting her and the miners. As chief of the paladin contingent who is charged with guarding the mining installation, Tieran's surprised by his reaction to the capable and confident Terran governor. However, when precious lifestones are discovered, Audrey's ama [...]

    13. An ice planet with an unique powerful stone, so powerful it can destroy the galaxy in the wrong hands. A vicious enemy wants it and cause death and destruction. The Paladins are the peace keepers of the Palalian race. They are myths and rarely seen. Audrey is the terran governor that touches the stone and is linked to it and the alien enemy. Together they must save their world and the galaxy. Along the way they discover each other. Lots of action and the love that grows between the two is sweet. [...]

    14. I'm loving how Ms. Voxley's books are all starting to intersect now. It's a huge universe out there and she is really showing us that with these series intersecting now. I love it! Can't wait for more from her to see what happens next.

    15. Who would have thought the peace loving Palians would have such strong, handsome and honourable warriors. The Paladin Warriors are giving the Biron Generals some real competition with being the best at saving the universe. The Paladin Warriors have been specifically engineered to be bigger, stronger, and more intelligent so that they can be on the front line for any conflict when the Palians need more than diplomacy and Tieran a Paladin Commander is one of their best. He is about to meet Audrey [...]

    16. I loved this book!I liked the idea that the even the "Palians," who preached Peace, had an elite group of warriors.Who would expect that ? Definitely a game changerTieran + Audrey complimented each other.They could be fierce or compassionate when asked for."Fearless" was something out of a nightmare.Great ending for this book.I hope that we can read more about the Paladins.Will Pelar get her own mate? How about a Brion for her mate?

    17. I loved this book. The heroine, Audrey, is the governor of the mining planet that this story takes place on. The hero, Tieran, is a warrior of a race of people that are not warlike. Tieran and his fellow warriors are a well-kept secret. However, given the situation, an evil monster trying to take over the planet and expand into the galaxy, the secret warriors are exposed. There is a happy ending. The excitement is in getting to the end. I received an ARC. This is a good book and a great series.

    18. This was my first read by Vi Voxley. I enjoyed the story and look forward toward reading more of Ms. Voxley's work. The writing was well done. I didn't come across any errors that pulled me out of the story or slapped me upside the head. If there were any, my mind auto-fixed it as I was reading.I found the main characters Audrey and Tieran quite interesting. I enjoyed their love story and appreciated that it wasn't "wham bam thank you ma'am." Audrey is a strong, intelligent female who only had a [...]

    19. Audrey is a Governor of Verien, it's an ice world but working with the Palians. They were looking for a very rare and powerful stone called the lifestone. They found it on Verien problem was a very dark force wants it ALL of them to and one of his beings is there when they find it. Tieran is a very well kept secret to everyone. He is a paladin, warriors of the Palians. He and his men are the ones that keep balance. He has been a signed too protect all the mining sites looking for the lifestone b [...]

    20. Love, anything Vi VoxleyI only watch action movies and I mostly read romance. Vi Voxley writes action with a side of romance so well. This book seems to have the most action out of all the others, it starts early on and continues until the end. As always the H is a alpha, but unlike some of the others the h is mature and sure of herself. Their relationship is mature, she's not drooling over him, or waiting to be chased or rescued by him, but she's also feminine and recognizes and acknowledges th [...]

    21. This book introduces into the universe of the Galactic Union, the rarely seen, powerful protectors, the Palian Paladins. Tiernan, commander of the Paladins, and Audrey, the strong and forceful governor of the ice planet mining colony he's assigned to, are perfectly matched as they join forces in love and in war against the Fearless, an ancient and formidable enemy. Tiernan and Audrey also manage to find time for some steamy romantic moments while saving the galaxy in exciting and sexy scifi roma [...]

    22. I recieved an eARC in exchange for an honest review. This book was fantastic and held me totally captivated right from the very first page.Tieran is a big, strong, sexy, palian paladin. He is on a mission to protect Audrey and the ice planet safe from invaders.Audrey is a curvy, feisty, and beautiful human woman who is in charge of the planet and all those working there. When these two finally meet it is fireworks and not just because of the invaders, but because of their attraction to each othe [...]

    23. This series is a smorgasbord of magnificent warriors and strong beautiful women.If you have read other books in the series you will be familiar with the evil and ruthless Fearless. Once again it rears it's ugly head and the main characters fight for their lives and the safety of the galaxy. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and recommend it to Alien Romance lovers like me.

    24. Vi Voxley has done it again with this new part in the Galactic Union Universe. The characters are well developed and have the reader cheering for them from the start. Unlike the other books, the storyline is left open somewhat and opens the door for the next Brion book. We are introduced to a new warrior type in this book called the Paladin which is a closely guarded secret of the Palian's. If you are familiar with the other books from this universe you know that the Palian's are a peaceful huma [...]

    25. Vi Voxley has always had GREAT books and this is just one of those books. Alien's, war and love what more do we want. O yes we like heroes of the galaxy and this is the book to give it to you. As they meet and fall in love with each this couple has to overcome obstacles that cross their path. They have to fight not only for the galaxy, but for them to stay together; knowing that neither has ever asked for anything but to do their job and help others. This couple fights for they believe in. This [...]

    26. ABSOLUTELY ABSORBING READING BY VI VOXLEYEven though it is a standalone with an HEA . She has expanded the storyline of characters that are wonderfully portrayed in her prior series continues with Alien Paladin's Woman. Which will continue with her Brion General looking for the young girl who also has touched the stones. So check out this fantastic reading and look forward to the next addition to this EXCELLENT READING EXPERIENCE BY VI VOXLEY!! DEFINITELY WORTH EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF READING!

    27. This story takes place in the same world as some of the author's other books, but is more of a spin off than part of a series and is very easily followed without reading any prior books. I enjoyed the book, but I wouldn't say it's anything that will stand out, or I'll want to read again. Although there is a relationship with erotic encounters, there is no conflict between the two protagonists - and the emphasis is on the fight against evil. In many ways this story struck me as inspired by the Lo [...]

    28. Love this seriesLoved Commander Tieran. The Palian engineered the ultimate peacekeepers in the Paladin's, the best of the Palian's and the Brion's combined. Governor Audrey Price is the perfect mate for the Commander. Strong, smart, and a great leader. The fearless was even more frightening than General Worgen. Loved Tieran and Audrey's story, fun, fast paced and steamy. Can't wait for General Brawn and Naima's story!

    29. I do not understand other reviewers' effusive praise of this book. I've enjoyed Vi Voxley's other books tremendously, but this one could have been written by someone else. Cheesy dialogue scenes that drag, poor world-building, and two-dimensional too-good-to-be-true characters had me alternately frustrated and rolling my eyes. Either this work was rushed to publishing and deprived of editing time or her intern wrote it.Retread some of her other great books and steer clear of this one.

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