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His Brother's Bride

His Brother s Bride Lyla Duntston has come to Sanctuary Montana to be courted by and marry Glenn Williams She wants a marriage like her parents have but when she meets Glenn he is cold and standoffish He d told her he

  • Title: His Brother's Bride
  • Author: George H. McVey Sr.
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lyla Duntston has come to Sanctuary, Montana to be courted by and marry Glenn Williams She wants a marriage like her parents have, but when she meets Glenn he is cold and standoffish He d told her he was shy but this farmer isn t shy he s clueless Can she give her heart to this man or will his handsome brother steal it Greg Williams returns home after four years as a cLyla Duntston has come to Sanctuary, Montana to be courted by and marry Glenn Williams She wants a marriage like her parents have, but when she meets Glenn he is cold and standoffish He d told her he was shy but this farmer isn t shy he s clueless Can she give her heart to this man or will his handsome brother steal it Greg Williams returns home after four years as a cowboy to start his own ranch He just happens to arrive as his brother s Mail Order Bride gets off the stagecoach He s smitten at once Will he step aside for his brother, or will he think of his own wants and desires to woo His Brother s Bride

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      335 George H. McVey Sr.
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    1 thought on “His Brother's Bride

    1. This is volume 2 in the author's Mail Order Brides of Sanctuary series and it tells the story of twin brothers Glenn and Greg Williams with great humor, suspense and a wagon-load of romance. It seems quiet, shy Glenn has requested a mail order bride and ends up with sweet, adventurous and lively Lyla Dunston. His brother Greg has just returned to Sanctuary from 5 years of adventuring with cattle drives and bounty hunting. He wants to settle down and start a horse ranch. By chance he meets Lyla g [...]

    2. Let me start off by saying I loved this book! It was written extremely well. Its different than other books I have read, but I can not pinpoint how. This author is fantastic. Just from reading this book, I want to read others by him. He captured the characters in this book amazingly. They are ones you can relate to. I thought while readingI know this person. They felt real. I actually had my mouth agape when Lyla goes off on Glenn. I laughed out loud! My first thought was man can write this unle [...]

    3. I loved the last chapter!! Such a confounded mess at the beginning but leave it to George to give it a Happy Ever After! I can't wait to read the next book and see how the other brother becomes the groom he wants to be! It takes a great author to write these books knowing the first two were taking place simultaneously! Just enough details of each story were given to remind you of the big events they share, yet focusing on the main scenes and characters from the perspective books! Brilliant!!

    4. Filling His Brother's Bride with family dynamics, emotion, and romance, McVey's second book in this series, will grab your attention immediately. McVey did a splendid job crafty a shy inept character in Glen. Clueless in his pursuit of Lyla, or should I say non-pursuit, he fumbles his way along; frustrating Lyla to no end. I really did not like Glen when I began this book, however, by the end, McVey matured Glen into a likeable man, as he realizes the situation and takes steps to resolve it. Gle [...]

    5. The twist in this Mail Order Bride series is that a pastor from the Sanctuary area (west) contacts other pastors he knows (in the east) to ask if any women in their congregations would be interested in marrying Christian men. The pastor encloses letters from men (whom he vouches for) for any congregants interested to peruse and answer. If the correspondence goes well, the women will have a ticket to Sanctuary paid for as well as a guarantee of a return trip if the engagement/marriage doesn't wor [...]

    6. "His Brother's Bride" (Mail Order Brides of Sanctuary Book 2) By George McVey is just as good as the first book in this series. I guess a reader can enjoy the book as a standalone but personally I recommend reading book 1"The Pastor's Replacement Bride" first because it is a continuation of the first book.What I loved about this book : The charters were real people, I mean they are like us and not super heroes and such. The plot is who is the right brother for Lyla. This book is written so well [...]

    7. What is a woman to do? Lyla accepts an invite to travel to Sanctuary as a mail order bride. The letter was written by Glenn's mother,(odd right) but she goes on to explain that he is very busy with the farm and is very shy. Hense her writing the letter of introduction. Stepping off the stage coach she finds that her intended isn't there. Instead, Glenn's mother and brother(Greg) are there to pick her up. She will meet him at dinner and the dance that will be this evening. Question though is, wil [...]

    8. Unique styleI really enjoyed reading His Brother's Bride. I liked that it didn't really follow the same format as most mail order bride stories. I liked the idea of the Bride house. Greg was a very likable character, while his brother Glenn wasn't easy to care for, although the sneak peek at the next story in the series has me rethinking how I feel about Glenn. A great historical mail order bride story that leaves me anxious to read the next book in the series.Another great book provided by my k [...]

    9. Part of a Series: Bk2Setting: few years past 1863 in Sanctuary, MontanaHero: Greg- Came back to town the same time his Twin brother Glenn’s mail order bride did. He felt instant connection to Lyla. Heroine: Lyla- was Glenn’s M/O bride , she was apprehensive with Glenn (they just didn’t click) and afraid of pursuing Greg because she “belonged” to GlennCharacterization: 4.5* - Likableplot/storyline: 4.* - Slow and kinda repetitive of the 1st book (which I read the day before) Ending- A g [...]

    10. Book 2 in this wonderful series. Lyla comes to Sanctuary to be a mail order bride for Glenn. But when she arrives sparks fly between her and Glenns twin brother Gregg. They attempt to avoid it but the heart knows what it wants. Lots of nonstop action and sweet clean romance. Very enjoyable read I would recommend for all.

    11. This is the second book in the series. George McVey develops his characters well and has a lot of insight into the way people think. Again, I wanted to finish the book after I began reading, but took a third day to finish it because I was busy. It is hard for me to lay down any of McVey’s books and wait until another day to read more.

    12. BeautifulThis book was so funny and enlightening. Everything was well written and kept me on the edge of my seat. I just can't wait until the next book in July. You have a fan for life. I have my sister loving your books. Thank you for blessing me!

    13. Promised to one but in love with the otherLyla is full of energy an need of adventure but the man who sent for her is not he's shy and not ready for a wife .His broher adventurous and full of life hope and dreams and in love with lya. Its a wonderful story.

    14. Great readThis was a great story, I really enjoyed it. Poor Lyla is torn between two brothers, one who she came there to marry and the other who makes her heart beat.

    15. Very good bookI really enjoyed this book and all the different dynamics going into each character and their differences in how they looked at relationships.

    16. His Brother's BrideExcellent! Enjoyed every step of the way. Am anxiously waiting for the next book in the series. Well done Mr McVey!

    17. Great BookAnother great book in the Brides of Sanctuary Series.This mail order bride can't makeup her mind between two brothers ,twins to boot.

    18. Very good reading!Can't wait to read more from this author. Good clean reading. So interesting that I read straight through once I started.

    19. Funny and frustratingWhen clueless meets daring is there even a smidge of doubt where it will go?Brotherly love or not the right bride must get the right groom.

    20. Loved it!!!Keep writing George! I love these stories! I'm so excited for the next one! Thank you so much for writing and sharing them with me.

    21. Loved itJust as good as the first book and I am so glad it was. Now into the next one I hope. Will wait if I have too.

    22. SanctuaryThis was a great book to read. How brides came to Sanctuary to marry. Glenn is shy and rude. Greg meets Lydia before Glenn does.

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