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A History of the Jews

A History of the Jews This historical magnum opus covers years of the extraordinary history of the Jews as a people a culture and a nation showing the impact of Jewish character and imagination upon the world

  • Title: A History of the Jews
  • Author: PaulJohnson
  • ISBN: 9780060915339
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • This historical magnum opus covers 4,000 years of the extraordinary history of the Jews as a people, a culture, and a nation, showing the impact of Jewish character and imagination upon the world.

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    1 thought on “A History of the Jews

    1. Un libro bastante largo, pero a pesar de eso, no es lo suficiente para escribir acerca de toda la historia de una religión. Un gran historiador como Paul Johnson supo resumir todo esto en un solo libro (1 tomo). Uno se da cuenta que está influenciado desde el lado arqueológico y bíblico. Siempre es difícil explicar objetivamente el significado de una religión, pero Johnson lo hace a través de pruebas y hechos tácitos, lo más objetivamente posible, a pesar que cuando se habla de un tema [...]

    2. This review is dedicated to the Jewish Nation, reborn as a sovereign people, in the Land of Israel.In this work Johnson undertakes a comprehensive study of the Jewish people (from the route word Yehudi, meaning people of Yehudah (Judea), popularly referred to today as the West Bank, the ancient cradle of the Jewish people.He begins the book by referring to the town of Hebron, where the founder of the Hebrew Nation is buried with his wife Sarah. Johnson refers to the previous occupiers of Hebron, [...]

    3. This history of the Jews is written through the ideas of a devout Christian who believes, i think wrongly, that Jesus intended to abandon Judaism in order to start a new religion . Yet, Johnson's own account of Jesus' ministry confirms that Jesus, a student and follower of Hillel, had as His mission the aim of getting Jews to practice what they preachedBefore enlarging upon this perhaps controversial claim, we should consider Johnson's reasons for writing the 4000 year recorded history of the Je [...]

    4. I'm not really reviewing this book, I'm explaining why I abandoned it pretty early on. This book is not for me, and personally I feel it shouldn't be for anyone, but you can draw your own conclusions. I abandoned this book when it became excruciatingly obvious that Johnson was cherry-picking historical arguments to find archaeological and historiographical support for Biblical events, and reducing more than a century of criticisms of this approach to Biblical archaeology to straw man caricatures [...]

    5. This book was written by one of the most prominent historians of the 20st Century, and as a best-seller in the late 80s, has certainly been read by a large number of non-Jews. But this book should be read by every Jew who lacks a full appreciation for what Judaism has contributed to modern civilization. And the vast majority of Jews fit that description.It isn't so much what Johnson will teach you – it's how he says it, how he transmits the essence. To wit, here is part of his description of M [...]

    6. This is an excellent book, and for anyone interested in learning about the Jews, this is an excellent book. Paul Johnson has covered the saga of the Jews in an admirable way. Having said that, it is a heavy read, and may require one or two re-readings after a space of time, to fully understand the book. This, I write from the perspective of an Asian who has read about the persecution of the Jews, but who's knowledge is sketchy.The manner in which I approached the book also made it a bit confusin [...]

    7. This was very well done. The author seemed to mainain his objectivity, although that is always up for debate, I guess. I found the ancient history and the modern history equally enjoyable, perhaps because I have some basic knowledge in these areas, but the middle history (1000-1800) was pretty much all new to me and helps complete the picture. I remember a plant from my childhood that we called a "Wandering Jew" and I finally understand the meaning of this phrase (if not why it is applied to tha [...]

    8. Very interesting and rather complete and sometimes complex review of the Jewish history. I would have given it five stars except for the reader which I found very hard to understand at times. Obviously I did not read this book but listened to it on audio.

    9. The first three parts of the book were very interesting and I especially enjoyed learning about the prophets as actual people, as well as all the variety of Jewish sects that sprung up in antiquity. Where the book runs out of steam starts in the fourth part, when he starts to get bogged down by continuous listings of dates and cities of expulsions and pogroms. We get it, already! Listing dates and locations doesn't make for an interesting book. He also gets bogged down with listing all these peo [...]

    10. This is a marvelous history - of a people who happen to share a name with mine but otherwise bear no resemblance to them. Johnson is a wonderful historian, but he clearly has never read the Talmud or Kabbalah. He writes of the rationalist and irrationalist strains of Judaism without realizing that Kabbalah - which he deems irrationalist- actually addresses some of philosophy's hardest questions and brilliantly refutes such notable philosophers like Aristotle and Spinoza. He assumes that the frin [...]

    11. An incredibly detailed yet comprehensive guide to the history of the Jews, starting with Genesis and heading up through the creation of Israel. It details these constant nomads experiences though the early possession of Israel, to the diaspora, to settling throughout Europe and the persecution that found them there. The creation of Israel i found particularly fascinating. It's a long book, and there was a lot, I'll admit, I didn't absorb as much as I'd have liked but it's an excellent tool to le [...]

    12. Why did I read this book? Not sure. I suppose I wanted to know more about Jewish history, which is probably the best reason for reading a Jewish history book. How do you talk about an entire religion and culture within the single volume of a book? You don't. Instead, you do your best to provide thoughtful summaries that serve as bookmarks for the reader, remind the reader to go back and find out more about the subject that appeals to him or her. Paul Johnson is a famous British historian who tur [...]

    13. Paul Johnson ah, this man is a treasure. The only thing I can think of that comes close to being as good as reading a book by Paul Johnson is reading a book by David McCullough -- and I read David McCullough mainly to console myself after having finished another book by Paul Johnson. Johnson brings a relentlessly moral worldview to his various surveys of history, and he has just enough difference in temperament and worldview from me to keep me reading critically. I have come to look forward to [...]

    14. This is not just a history of the Jews. It is a history of Western Civilization. It covers so much, it is at times overwhelming. It is hard to sum up one’s response to a book that covers nearly 5000 years and every major event in the West. I can do no better than quote Johnson from his Epilogue: “It seems to be the role of the Jews to focus and dramatize these common experiences of mankind, and to turn their particular fate into a universal moral” and “The Jews believed they were a speci [...]

    15. This caught me up on Biblical mumbo jumbo, the dawn of rabbinism, all the juicy violent tidbits about the Spanish Inquisition, Russian pogroms, French conspiracy theory, and Holocaust. Finally it updated my about the origins of Zionism, and helped my have a deeper understanding of the ongoing Arab/Israeli conflict. This book does seem to have a Jewish favoritism thing going ont it was written by a Christian. You sort of get to see the dilemma of the religion of Judaism, and the race of Jews, who [...]

    16. Now, I have a confession to make before I begin my review. I did not finish this book. I could not finish this book. My rabbi asked me to go through the books they recommend as resources and see what I thought of them. I think the publisher should be sued for false advertising. They described this book as a "history." It is not a history. It's a mix of Christian biblical literalism and thinly veiled Christian supersessionism. Very thinly veiled. At one point, he says, apparently with no self-awa [...]

    17. Basically what you would expect -- a very able historian giving us a 4,000 year history in 600 pages. As a narrative, the book would have worked better had Johnson been less focused on dates and devoted more time to some of the key figures of Jewish history. I also fault him for being too credulous when discussing biblical events and for not being more evenhanded when writing about the Israel-Palestine conflict.

    18. This is one of a minority of books that are more an experience than a narrative. I honestly feel awed. Nadia May narrates excellently.

    19. What is the greatest contribution of the Jews? Paul Johnson considers it to be ethical monotheism, or the application of reason to divinitya surprisingly Hellenistic formulation, which is also ironic given the conflict between the Jews and Greeks in the ancient world. But problems immediately ensue. First, how can one uphold the ethical standards of the religious law while enjoying the protection of a state that may violate it? This conflict destroyed the First and Second Jewish Commonwealths an [...]

    20. This is a book written by someone who believes the (mostly) literal truth of the Bible, and where archeological evidence is lacking, or disagrees with the biblical narrative, the Bible is presented as evidence in its stead. That alone would be enough to stop reading. Unfortunately, that's just the tip of the iceberg.The author dismisses, wholesale, all non Judeo-Christian people as backwards, uncivilized barbarians. He dismisses Islam as a fringe group of uncultured Jewish heretics. He nonchalan [...]

    21. Great book! Thanks to Paul Johnson for his thorough research over the long history of the Jewish race. From it's beginnings, when God called Abram out of the land of Ur, Abram followed God's instructions and thus started a new race of a people of whom God continued to revealed Himself, giving them a new way of life different than all the nations of the world. The way of peace with their fellow man, with the giving of the Ten Commandments and the revelation of one God with the way to worship Him. [...]

    22. Excellent book. Like any history that covers such a wide span the closer it gets to recent times the more detailed it gets, sometimes just a little tediously. This book raises interesting and provocative questions about the implications of retaining a group identity of possessor and guardian of truth and consciously pursuing separatist ideals as a minority. This is germane for LDS today and increasingly so for observant Christians. How does our revelation bless the world and how do we propagate [...]

    23. Paul Johnson's book is a masterpiece on Jewish history. Containing everything one needs to know from Antiquity/Biblical times to the 20th century. A must read for anyone interested in Jewish culture/civilization.

    24. An excellent book. May be it is not the definitive one but it certainly gives the reader a comprehensive overview on the subject. I will always recommend it.

    25. If you've ever wonder why it's important to walk in another's shoes this completes the feat. Proud to be a member of the tribe. We are a force.

    26. This book is a worthy read. As abook of history it exsplains a lot about the history with why the Jewish people have survived while all other civilizations have declined and disappeared.

    27. Super denso pero también muy interesante. 4,000 años de historia condensados en 600 páginas.

    28. The only way to get through massive volume like this quickly is to listen to it, which is what I did. You can discount all the negative reviews that say "just read a Bible!" because biblical history is only the first 15% of this book. Most Protestants have never read Maccabees and are generally unaware of the history of Israel between Micah and Matthew, making it hard to understand the contextual backdrop of the Gospels. Johnson comes from the Catholic tradition and almost assumes the reader has [...]

    29. Paul Johnson has once again attempted a daunting task, and succeeded. Having previously read other comprehensive studies of Jewish history, this is the far superior comprehensive study on the market.The opening chapter, Israelites, follows the Biblical narrative of the founders of the Hebrew nation, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David and Solomon, and then later, at the time of Isaiah, the narrative changes from when the descendants of Abraham became known as Jews, rather than Israelites. The chapters [...]

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